This is going to dissapoint many of you, and for that, I am sorry. But, seeing as it's been nearly 2 years, and for those of you that have stuck around and understood my patterns of taking months off regardless, it shouldn't come to a surprise.

I am officially ending Y'Know Nothing Jon Snow!

I do not come to this decision lightly. It's been weighing over my head for over a year now, and though I greatly enjoyed what I've made, the simple fact of the matter is that I no longer enjoy writing it. I've attempted to add that extra chapter at least 20 times, and each time I get going, I just... I get bored. Jon does a lot of fun things, but he's a character that doesn't really require much development, and based on the way chapters have been written, the side characters involved similarly don't. Jon's Pokemon, while strong, are moreso characitures of what I was hoping to make. And now that I have given a good long think, I feel as if it's time to hang this piece up.

This isn't a point of arguement. This is the perspective of the author.

I want to be clear that I still greatly love Pokemon. The community has been nothing but welcoming, and I do genuinely enjoy being a part of it.

With that said, I am making one last attempt into playing with writing a Pokemon story. I have added a new story to my page titled The King in the North! In it, we will follow a new character that, though similarly motivated, will have a different, and hopefully more realized, journey.

In time, we'll see how this pans out. Regardless, it's been nothing but a pleasure to have the chance to share something with you all, and I look forward to your own contributions to FanFiction.