Tomorrow was the day. Finally, after waiting 10 long years, tomorrow would finally be the day. He had hoped to get some sleep for the big day, but his excitement was preventing him from doing so. The entire day, all he could do was wait anxiously for tomorrow, as time was going as slow as possible. Even now, time felt as if it was going at a Slowpoke's pace.

He wondered if his closest friend felt just as excited as him, but he noticed that his friend was already snoozing, giving him his answer. He just sighed and looked up the ceiling, thinking to himself.

Five years. It has been five years since I met him, and I couldn't be happier. Together, I know we can win the league.

He smiled to himself, happy that he had made such a good friend. He looked at the clock, noticing it was almost midnight. His mother had already warned him to get some sleep in preparation for his big day, and he didn't want to be scolded for waking up late or being too tired, thought to be honest, he figured he could rest once his journey actually started. He closed his eyes again, finally falling asleep, as he started to remember those few days that changed his life.

The ever-energetic five-year-old was becoming more and more excited. This was a special day for Ash, as he was going to see the Pokémon up close on his own now. He always loved visiting Oak's ranch and looking at all the cool Pokémon there. He never could get close to them on his own though, as his mother told him he was still too young, but since he turned 5 just a week ago, his mother decided to allow him to be by himself, although with the smaller and friendlier Pokémon.

Delia watched her son with a big smile on her face, still remembering how ecstatic her son became when she told him what she had been planning. Ash was her baby boy, and she didn't want her son to be accidentally hurt by some of the bigger Pokémon. However, she noted that the Pokémon seemed to take to Ash quite well, and they enjoyed playing with him.

She smiled inwardly, as her son's behavior reminded her of his father, as both seemed to have boundless energy and a natural love of Pokémon. It didn't matter what type or what species, they just wanted to be close to them.

Ash was already at Professor Oak's door while Delia was only halfway up the steps, urging his mother to hurry up.

"Come on mommy, I want to see the Pokémon!"

"Calm down sweetie, the Pokémon aren't going anywhere." Delia replied.

Delia finally made it up the steps and knocked on Oak's door, which the professor opened after a few moments.

"Good morning Delia. I see that our future Pokémon trainer is getting rather anxious to see them all." Professor Oak said with a kind smile. He chuckled at Ash's behavior, seeing as the boy was jumping up and down, trying his best to hold back his excitement that had begun to grow since this morning, but failing miserably.

"Mom, can I go see the Pokémon now?" Ash pleaded.

Delia looked to Samuel, who gave her a nod, and looked down at her son again.

"Ok sweetie, you can go, but I want you to keep your promise to me, ok?" Delia said sternly.

Ash happily nodded, remembering that she made him promise not to go near the big Pokémon and only play with the smaller ones, like the Rattata and Oddish. She warned him that if she found out he broke his promise, he wouldn't be able to play with the Pokémon for another year. Needless to say, Ash made a mental note to stay clear of the bigger Pokémon.

With that, Ash ran past Oak and into the ranch, leaving the two adults to catch up. He stared with big eyes at all the Pokémon that roamed the ranch. It didn't matter how many times he saw them, he was always amazed. Soon, some of the other Pokémon that he usually played with, like the Eevee and Rattata, saw him and ran over, happy to see their playmate again. For several hours, they played tag and engaged in tickle fights. Overall, Ash was having a great day. Then, they decided to play hide-and-seek, with Ash being the seeker. After counting for 20 seconds, he began to look, but they were more elusive than he thought. He began to search near the edge of Oak's ranch near the forest, but he still had no luck.

"Where could they be?" Ash asked out loud to himself.

Suddenly, Ash heard a cry from within the forest that he didn't recognize. At first, he thought he misheard, but he heard the same sound, but a little fainter. Ash was about to go underneath the wooden fence to find the source, but he suddenly thought about his mother, wondering what she would do if she found out he left the ranch. He was ripped from those thoughts, however, as he heard the cry again and noticed that it was a cry of pain.

All other thoughts were quickly forgotten and he rushed towards the source, hoping that whatever was making that sound was ok. He ran for a couple of minutes into the forest, but suddenly came to a halt when he heard the cry again, but this time, it was extremely close. He looked towards where he heard the sound and peeked behind the bush in front of him.

In front of him was a rather small looking Pokémon, with it having yellow fur, black-tipped ears, a black tail, and pink cheek pouches. At first, he thought it was a Pikachu, since it looked very similar to one, but it also looked smaller than the ones he had seen in pictures. The young Pokémon was huddled in a fetal position, and was visibly shaking. Ash was wondering what was wrong with it, but then noticed that part of its body turned purple for a brief moment.

Ash barely knew anything about type weakness or ailments that could be afflicted to Pokémon during a battle, but his mother and Professor Oak had talked to him many times about being careful with the Pokémon, and he remembered that if a Pokémon turned purple, it was poisoned.

Suddenly panicking, he rushed to the young Pokémon, hoping that he could somehow help it. However, it noticed him, and believed the young boy was there to harm him. In its panic, it charged up an electrical attack. Ash stopped in his tracks, but it was too late to run away. He closed his eyes tight and tried to shield himself with his arms, but after a few moments, he opened his eyes again when nothing had happened. He noticed that it was on its stomach, crying out in pain again. It seemed it was too weak to launch its attack.

Ash approached it more carefully, trying his best to approach the Pokémon slowly, as if showing he meant no harm. He managed to pick up the young Pokémon in his arms, looking down at it with worry. It opened its eyes and looked at Ash. For a moment, they just stared into each other's eyes. After what felt like an eternity, the young creature suddenly went unconscious.

Ash once again panicked. He had no idea what to do in this situation. He only knew what was wrong because of what Professor Oak had told him. Wait…that was it! Professor Oak should have an idea of what to do.

Ash stood up and hugged the Pokémon close to his chest, running back to the ranch as fast as his little legs could take him. He soon reached ranch, but he didn't stop until he had reached Oak's lab. He let one arm go and started to pound on the door.

"Professor Oak! Professor Oak!" Ash shouted.

"Ash? What's wrong?" Oak replied.

Samuel, along with Delia, heard Ash's shouting and rushed to the door, fearing something had happened to the boy. He quickly opened the door and saw Ash, panting and holding something in his arms.

"Ash, what happened?"

"Professor, the Pokémon is sick! Can you help it?"

Oak looked down at the Pokémon that Ash was holding in his arms, quickly discovering what was wrong and hurriedly rushed both of them inside. He quickly took the young Pokémon from Ash and placed it on top of a nearby table. While Oak was working to heal it, Ash was explaining to his mother what had happened, hoping she wouldn't punish him for leaving the ranch without her knowledge beforehand.

After a few moments, Ash noticed that Oak stepped away from the table, and that the Pokémon was now sleeping peacefully. He quickly rushed towards him, hoping to hear that it would be okay.

"Professor, will the baby Pikachu be ok?" Ash asked worriedly.

"Yes Ash, it will recover. Most of the poison is gone now, but it was injured quite a bit, so it will take some time for it to fully recover. But that isn't a Pikachu Ash, that's a Pichu."

"A Pichu?" Ash asked. He had never heard of one before. He knew what a Pikachu was, and he heard about its evolved form, Raichu, but not Pichu.

"Yes, it's actually the pre-evolved form of Pikachu…though it's strange that one is here in Kanto." Oak said, muttering the last part to himself.

"I'll keep it here so I can run more tests and make sure it has no other injuries. You should go home Ash. It is getting rather late, and you have had quite the little adventure today."

As soon as he said it, Ash let out a big yawn, proving his point. Ash said goodbye to Oak and left with his mother. As they were walking down the steps, Ash still had an expression of worry.

"Mom, will the Pichu be ok?" He asked, looking up at her.

"Don't worry honey, I'm sure it will be fine. We can go visit again tomorrow." Delia said with a sweet smile.

Ash got a big smile on his face and happily nodded. He was looking forward to meeting Pichu again.

A small, yellow blur was passing through the forest at a fast pace, weaving in-between the trees with remarkable agility. It stopped momentarily, looking around frantically, hoping to find her baby boy. She had enough trouble fending off the Beedrill attack after accidentally coming into their territory, but now she was actively running around in it with little regard to her own safety. It didn't matter at the moment; she needed to find him as soon as possible. She hoped that none of the Beedrill took him to finish him off, but she hurriedly pushed that thought out of her mind.

It was getting late, and this constant running was tiring her out quickly. She stopped for a moment to catch her breath. She used this moment to listen to the sounds around her, hoping to hear a certain cry, but she got nothing. At this rate, she would be too tired to run by morning, and if the Beedrill found her, she would be a goner. She decided to rest for the evening, and continue her search in the morning. All she could do now was to hope that her son was safe.