My baby brother

Chapter 1: I'm your big brother and the sad truth.

Wyatt was now sitting with his mommy on the Hospital bed while his daddy held the baby in his arms and mommy kept watching the baby with a big smile, and running her hand in my hair. I still don't know his name or what his face looks like but daddy looks sad and happy at the same time I don't know why I thought.

"Leo let Wyatt see baby Chris" mommy said when she took the baby back to show me, but I was confused how can this baby brother of mine have the same name as my playmate big Chris who got hurt by daddy's friend [to be honest daddy's friend scared me every time I saw him, last time I was scared of him was when big Chris got hurt by that man, I tried to sense Chris but it was very faint so I can't tell where he was. when daddy's friend took me to the underworld as mommy would call it. I hope daddy saved Chris, because he was hurt bad and I was worried]

"Look Wyatt, this is your baby brother Chris. Oh look, he's looking at you" mommy says and true to her word the baby's green small eyes look at me and I feel the need to touch him, to protect him, to love him. Just like my aunt's and mom and dad do for me.

I smile when I touch his small hand, he shows a small smile and closes his tiny fingers around my hand and suddenly I feel the need to hold him closer to protect him; I hear daddy say "oh Piper look at that, our boys already have a bond just like your sisters"

"Yes, my angles will grow up in a better future then the other Chris. Speaking of him where is that boy, you'd think he want to see his baby self and Wyatt bonding?" she saw Leo's face fall from happiness to pure pain "Leo, what happened, where is he?" Piper asked the last part slowly and scared as she saw tears in her husband's eyes as he bit his lip as if trying to hide something that might/would hurt Piper at the moment of Chris's birth [no he and paige will tell her later at home when both their boys were asleep.]

"Piper maybe it is best if we talk about it at home ok" Leo finally said looking in her eyes

"sure, the doctor said I would be able to be home later tonight so then we can talk while the boys go to bed" when she looked back towards the new baby she then noticed the baby was asleep but somehow Wyatt pulled him on his little lap and now was sleeping next to the baby with one arms wrapped tightly around his brother as to protect him from the world, this made both parents smile with that in their minds that their two boys would be best friends if not then powerful brothers the magical world will know and the underworld.

The Twice-Blessed and the now Third-Blessed children were not just mere magical kids but powerful. Wyatt still holding his brother promise he would protect baby Chris because he was the big brother that mommy told him he would be when the baby would come and now he was here. [I promise to be the best big brother you will ever have, to protect, love and teach you to use your powers Wyatt knew he would have soon. He just didn't know what Baby Chris had]

Later at the Manor…

Later after piper had been released, so the family returned back to the Manor with the new member of the family in his mother's arms while his brother kept watch on the little boy, as they entered the house both aunts went to the kitchen to make tea and comfort food that might help their sister and maybe them to stay calm while Leo would tell them what really happened to Big Chris seeing as he saw the most of it then Paige.

Ten minutes later…

Leo put both boys in their beds and was walking down the stairs to find the girls sitting on either side of Piper, tea and cake was put on the table not far from them. Leo just walked in the lounge and three heads looked at him one confused look, one still trying to keep it together and the last hardly doing any better than Leo was doing as he took a set in front of the girls with a sad face but tried to give Piper a smile but failed miserably.

"Leo, where is Chris? And why do you three look like someone took something important away from us?" Piper asked at this Phoebe rubbed Piper's back, while Leo and Paige shared a quick look that said 'should you start to tell her or I' so Paige started first "because they and when I mean 'they' I mean Gideon did, Chris is dead Piper" tears quickly fell from all three faces that heard or saw what happened to him.

"is this true Leo is my son from the Future dead? And w…why did Gideon do that, I thought he was your friend?" Piper asked trying her best to understand what was happening and how this happened when she was in the Hospital giving birth to baby Chris [which unlike Wyatt's birth Chris was in giving her more problems than her first born]

but like all Hallowell's death always takes the young and strongest of the family away and even though Wyatt had more powers then he did, Chris came from a dark future and took every hurt remark they said or not trusting him or even not listening to him until they knew who he really was the only one who did not treat Chris badly yet not knowing him at all was Victor the girl's father.

"yes it's true, but I don't know everything that happened so I found someone who could show us what happened the Seer Kara" Leo answer when she saw that it was how they could learn the truth, they could also make sure no one touches Chris again. They all nodded mostly Piper seeing this had hurt her more then she thought a more who feel for a child at the age of 23 coming from the future, so yes they would go see Kara and find out how it happened.

But since Leo killed Gideon they thought maybe best to help Chris with his new life and a good Wyatt to make it a change future for all of them.

To be continued…