A sudden gust of wind suddently ruffles my hair. The leaves and bushes, hit by the aftermath of said wind, make the so typical sound that echoes through the train station. We've been here numerous times, but after a year of absence from Tokyo, these places look so alien to me. It's almost like I'm stepping in my first room after 10 plus years.

The display of the incoming train clearly says that our train is about to arrive, yet the minutes feel like hours while me and Sousuke wait, sitting serenly on a bench. The events in front of the school haven't sunk in yet, in both of our minds. As before, this feeling feels so strange.

Together, in peace, with zero worries.

No Leonard, Sophia or their utopic plans. Just me and Sousuke, together in more ways then one. Even as we traveled back to the station, none wanted to utter a single word. Perhaps it was us enjoying the peace after the storm, or maybe we're just getting ready for the final part of our get together.

The talk that is bound to happen.

A part of me feels tense at the thought, yet I know that I shouldn't get too worked up about that. Sousuke went to Hell and back for me, there's no way this talk will change our situation. He's not part of Mythril, I'm not a Whispered anymore. The only thing that awaits us is the vast future in front of us.

"Hey, Sousuke?"

"Yes, Kaname?"

It's so weird to me that he calls me Kaname instead of Chidori. I know that I shouldn't be surprised, but still, it feels so weird yet so amazing. Things are indeed looking up, huh?

"I-I wanted to know... What now?"

He answers me with a raised eyebrow.

"I mean, do we just go back living a normal life? After all that happened? I... really hope that we could, but..I'm not sure. Are you?"

He deeply sighs, apparently hinting that not even he is sure about it.

"I'm not sure, but I do know that I'm willing to try... but."


"But I don't want to do it alone. Will you join me?"

He lends me his hand, scarred, rough but that always found his way to make me feel safe. This time is no different, yet I don't fee like a damsel in distress, but as his equal. I bet he feels the same, otherwise he wouldn't have sighed just some moments ago, giving away his insecurity. Maybe I was wrong, perhaps this isn't the end, but the start of something new. A new chapter that doesn't start with me being alone, but together with the love of my life, as strange as it may sound. My unsecurity is finally gone, as it is my foolishness. I don't want a perfect high school life, but the one I currently have. I don't want 'pretty and perfect boy Sousuke', but the ex mercenary that always finds ways to make me feel special and my days unique. I don't want to leave this world, but to live it with him.

"You're damn right I will!"

A smile, a kiss and a promise. This is how this new chapter starts.