Title : MESSIAH14 User
Anime : Brother Complex
Author :Aira Aura
Disclaimer :
Brothers Conflict Japanese Novel series created by Atsuko Kanase, written by Takeshi Mizuno and illustrated by Ukyo. I don't own anything but my Oc Diana.





"Really? You going to come here? Japan?", Ema talk in on the phone rather loudly, happy and excited. Juli and her other brothers look at her what make their new sister happy. She put away the phone and skip happily toward the living room.

Yusuke the first one ask her question. "Who's that?", his voice full of jealousy.

She smile "My online friend going to come here..",

Wataru then ask "Who is it? Is it boy or girl? Is she good in game?".

Ema eyes sparkle at that question "SHE REALLY AWESOME! Every game she play.. She master it! She a true gamers!".

"Heeh…. So.. your friend is a girl. Natsume might get interest with that friend of yours", Tsubaki say gesturing to his twin.

"Maybe I could use your friend to test my new company game.. And some question", Natsume mumble.

Azusa then smile "Where is she from? Your friend?"

"She's from Malaysia. Ahh… I need to ask Masaomi, Ukyo and Kaname-san", she rose from her sit and walk to the kitchen to talk with the elder brother.

"Masaomi-san, Ukyo-san, Kaname-san…. I want to ask if I can let my friend from overseas live here for awhile. She coming from Malaysia", she ask.

"Sure .. Why not?", Kaname smile.

"A girl huh? It's rare to see people from there.. Sure", Masaumi give a small smile.

"It's okay if she don't make a ruckus. When she going to come?", Ukyo ask after he done cooking.

"Thanks…She going to be here tomorrow morning. I will get her from the airport", she say that and walk toward her room.

Louis look at her before asking her "What is her name?"

Iori then ask " Yeah.. I want to know too"

Ema froze and scratch the back of her head "Well.. Actually…. I don't know her name…."

"WHAT?!", they all yell.

"..She just love to use name MESSIAH14…. Well…. We going to meet her soon.. I really want to know how she looks like", she smile brightly.

Subaru sweatdrop, Hikaru chuckle and Fuuto sigh mumbling she is an idiot. "That means they are stranger", they all say in their head. Ema blink when look at all of his disappoint look.

Next morning




The triplet offer to company Ema to fetch her gamers friend and Ema gladly accept it. On the way, Tsubaki keep filtering with him and Azusa knock his head hard making the oldest twins whine. Ema and Natsume chuckle at their antic. Ema startled when her phone received message. She flip her phone over and the two elder twins look at it too.

From : MESSIAH14
To : Chii
Chii…. I already arrived. I'll wait for you here..
Call me if you already come.

She smile and quickly replay her web friend message.

From : Chii
To :re : MESSIAH14
I will arrive shortly.
My brothers come with me..
Just wait for me.

She send and humming happily. The twins smile looking at their sister happy. After 5 minutes they arrived at the airport. She look around and remember that she don't know her face. MESSIAH14 certainly know her face because she send her picture to her once. She open her phone to call her friend when she get a poke at her cheek. She turn , Tsubaki, Azusa and Natsume shock when they looking rather a shady person really close to Ema. That person wear a cream long sleeve turtle neck shirt , a light brown long hood cardigan, a black jeans, a peach colored shawl wear around her head and a black headphone around the neck . She wear sunglasses and face down and take the sunglasses from it face. They look at the person suspicious when the person look at them and Ema in the eyes.

The tri-twins gape at the sight of the lazy chestnut orbs looking straight to them. Her skin is pale white. Her lips really seductive and pink. The girl look at Ema , her lips parted saying "Chii…". Ema nod happily and take the stranger hands to shake. She turn around leaving the Asahina' staring at her back while she take her bags and walk toward them again.

"Can we go now, Chii?", her attention on Ema only ignoring the boys. Ema nod and lead her to the car. The stranger put her sunglasses back to her eyes and wear the headphone with music blasting from the speaker. The twins look at each other after a girl , 'more to a stranger girl' not effect of how charming they are. The follow the girls from behind. All the way to the Sunrise Residence Complex the stranger girl fall asleep with the headphone on her head and lean towards Ema then To Azusa (Since Tsubaki on the front and Natsume the driver) when the car turn to another direction. Azusa jolt looking at the girl face. "Cute", he thought.

Stranger POV




I'm awake from my slumber when someone shake me to wake up. I open my eyes slowly, the music sound still blasting except my headphone already fall on my neck. Maybe because I asleep. I follow Chii and take my bags with me.

"Let me take this.. I hope you don't mind", the glasses one talk. I look for quite sometime making the boys sweatdrop then I gave him my bag. I don't really know how to social. You can't blame me for being a hardcore gamers.

"Welcome to Sunrise Residence , Messiah~~", Ema smile at me.

I smile back… "Thanks…."

They lead me to the place. Looking at the Orange and White haired man walk alongside with Ema. The black haired one walk side by side with me. I can feel the glasses man gaze on me. But I try to ignore it. I can't blame them. Maybe they weird seeing someone from other country. And I wearing Hijab (shawl).

We enter the lift and walk to a living room. I saw soo many man, boys and kid. Ema really don't liying when she say she had 13 brothers.

"We home!~~~", the white haired cheer.

"Tsubaki… Act a little bit mature", the orange haired say.

Suddenly, a boy run towards me. He look up at me. We both stare at each other. I can say he really cute for a boy.

"What's your name? Nee-chan said she don't know your name but you know hers", the boy blinking.

I down on his level and ruffle his fluffy hair. "My name is Diana Binti Ahmad… I'm from Malaysia.. It nice meeting you all", after I said with a soft and alluring voice, I can see the little one blush and when I eyed the others. Some of them gaping, widen eyes and flush. I never know I can do this much affection. I never really talk to person before. I sometimes don't even recognize my voice.

I ignore it and talk again "I'll be living here for a little while… I have work to settle here. Until then.. Please endure it with me". I bow slightly looking at the others. I look at Ema "Chii…. I'm tired… Can I go asleep now?"

"Yeah sure… Minna.. I'm going to take Diana to her room a sec", she gesture me to follow her. I take my bag from the the black haired glasses man .. "Thank you….", I look at him until he awake from his day dream and giving his name "It's Azusa"

I walk away and say "..Thenn… Thanks Azusa…" and leaving the others of Ema brothers. On the way to my room.. I see a squirrel hop on Ema shoulder. I think it my hallucination for playing games for soo long. I think that squirrel talk to Ema.

"This is your room… If you have anything.. Tell me", Ema smile.

I put down my bag before smiling softly at her "I will Chii..". Then then say goodnight and close my door. I'm really exhausted. I take off my shawl and don't even bother my long till knee hair fall. I fall asleep quickly on my bed. With my hair all over my body.





I don't know what I have done…. But I want to write it…. Stupid me… Okay … Please me suggestion on how Diana will interact with all Asahina sibling when she going to live there.