Chapter One: The Silence is mine

The Devil's Flower

A young man sat before a small fire, surrounded by a dark desert. He was eating a roasted bird that he found and hunted down..

The young man was, despite being a male, really beautiful. He had short radiant golden hair and his skin was pure white.

He looked slender and feminine, but under his white silk garments, was a strong muscular body. His eyes were crimson red and the irises were slit. T

There was also a sword beside him. It was a semi-long scimitar. It was a beautiful sword. While the back of the sword was also pure-white, the sharp blade was pitch-black. The colors on the grip were reversed. The grip and the inside of the hand-protector were pitch-black and the outside of the protector were pure white. The sword was decorated with various symbols.

The young man had this sword always near him. Why? Because it was the last thing that remained from the person he most loved. It was a memento of good and bad times.

When the young man looked at the sword, grief clouded his face and he finished the bird. After that he laid down closed his eyes.

Inside the dream






"Oh dammit shut up! I already heard it the second time!"

"Sorry Zero!"

"And how much did I tell ya that you shouldn't repeat yourself!"


"What did I just say you idiot?


"What did I just say!? You dimwit! A forgot It what do you want? I hope you have good fucking reason to wake me up!"

"Yes look what I found!


"It's shiny!"

"It's a...stone!"

"But it's shiny!"

"I know, you just repeat yourself!"

"Aw, right!

"A forget it. Just let me sleep."

"But it is for you!"

"Don't need it!"



"Yes, Zero?"

"Just friggin' sleep."


A dream is just a dream

The Black Flower is the voice which abides in this broken eye, where it remained, since its creation awaiting its purpose.

Sometimes the things that we wish are not the things that we want any more when they are becoming real



"Yes Zero?"


"Hn… Good night, Zero."

The Devil's Flower

"ZERO" the young man awoke from his bitter-sweet dream, sweaty and with teary eyes.

After he realized that he dreamed again from that person. He held his head with his hands "Zero". Tears were streaming from his face "Zero why did you abandon me!" His voice was hoarse.

He was gripping the sword and hugged it.

Suddenly a powerful and earthshaking voice appeared "Am I interrupting….Mikhail?" A gigantic crimson dragon with four legs and four mighty wings was standing behind the young man. The crimson dragon had a horn on its snout like and mighty sword that would cut through anything. He was big really big, even mucher bigger than Ezrael, the black dragon-daemon from Three.

Hearing the voice, the face of the young man turned normal and stoic, like nothing happened he spoke "What do you want Great Red? Do you want fight again? Lose again?" He didn't even turn around to see the strongest red dragon, the true Red Dragon Emperor, the Dragon of the Apocalypse. These names were given to him from various people from various worlds and dimensions.

"No my eternal rival and friend" the last word was full of proud and respect.

"So you just wanted to visit me? Oh how lovely from you!" he didn't even turn around while giving a sarcastic answer "So what do you want Great Red?"

"I just came through the dimensions and wanted to give you my regards."

"So you threw Ophis out of our home?"

Hearing this, caused the Great Red to snort "Well she was always isolated, so I wanted give her chance to see the world."


The smile on the face of the Great Red vanished and he looked away "Are you still grieving for that girl Zero?"


"I know it must be painful…."

"You don't know!" Then the young man turned around, his red eyes were glowing with rage. A massive amount of bloodlust leaked from him. Around his body appeared a aura with pure-white energy. Not even this, the entire desert started to shake. Dark clouds appeared on the sky, the wind blew stronger. It was like the entire world would be destroyed through his anger. "You don't know everything.

"Mikhail….." the Great Red couldn't say anything. He saw only a broken person, no a broken Dragon.

This young man was the True White Dragon Emperor Mikhail, the Dragon of Chaos and the Partner of the Intoner Zero.

"Yes the Intoners." the Great Red said this on his thought.

The Devil's Flower

The Intoners were god-like beings. Normally there is only one Intoner. This person was chosen by an evil god or entity called the Black Flower. The Intoners are hosts of the Black Flower. The chosen ones were gifted with god-like powers and abilities. They could call angels and daemons. Even making them. Also the host are almost unkillable. Only a dragon or a weapon made from dragon bones could kill a Intoner. But the Intoners are only marionettes. The Black Flower slowly eats the person from the inside out and corrupts them. One signal of this corruption is the abnormally high sex drive of the Intoners. Because of this, they take male partner called "Disciple" as sex toys. In the end, the host becomes slowly violent, crazy, schizophrenic and even more powerful. But in the end when the Black Flower is mature, it will overtake the host and destroys the world. This repeat itself over and over the time and even worlds and dimension. It is an endless circle of death and destruction.

But in this world something happened that should have never happen. The Intoner of this world or circle named Zero gave birth to other five Intoners. Five, Four, Three, Two and One. The Intoner One gave even birth to her brother, Brother One, but he wasn't a real Intoner, because only women can be Ones.

Zero and her dragon partner Michael hunted down Zero's sisters to kill them. But in the end when Zero almost won, One summoned her daemon Gabriel. Gabriel destroyed Zero's left arm and killed Michael. But before that, Michael offered the greatest gift of his race. The Wish. He wished himself to be reincarnated, so that he could still help Zero, even though he would lost all of his powers and memories.

Then Mikhail was born. Mikhail looked like fresh hatched dragon-chick. With big eyes, small horns and grey scales. He was the direct opposite of Michael but he and Zero were still together. Even though they yelled each other, threaten each other even stabbed (mostly Zero) their relationship and bond had become stronger and stronger. Mikhail started even to evolve to a mature Dragon. In the end where he killed Two he almost looked like Michael.

Together they killed one sister after another and Zero took even their Disciple to satisfy her high sex-drive. Still after various near death situation and awkward moments from the perverted Octa, the masochistic Decadus, the sadistic Dito and the arrogant Cent, they still could laugh and find some awkward kind of companionship in this merry group.

But in the end there was betrayal and undying loyalty as well many curses and blood. After a long journey the group killed almost every sister of Zero. Only One remained. Zero and Mikhail fought a long battle with both and with the help of the mysterious woman named Accord, they could kill One who was on the brink of madness, because like the others the Flower started to corrupted her even though she found a method to prevent it.

After the battle, the Black Flower started to panic, because its hosts were disappearing. In the end Zero let herself taken over and transformed into a gigantic white statue with the lower body of a Flower with five petals. In the centrum of the giantic Flower and the five petals as well appeared Zero and her sisters. They started to sing the Black Song, which started the countdown of the world destruction. Only a Dragon could destroy it. Mikhail defended himself from the deadly but beautiful song, while awaiting the moment to destroy the evil being. But the song brought him almost on the brink of despair and sadness, the song of the six sisters was about him. In the end where he was almost taken over by his emotions, he used his special ability to destroy the Flower and sealing the Intoners away.

But in the end the Flower still lurked for another host, and that was Mikhail. But it backfired. As a dragon, Mikhail could seal the power within and he learned through the memories of the Intoners, which were also in him, to harness it.

Years, centuries and millenias passed since the destruction of the Black Flower. Mikhail evolved to a Legendary Elder Dragon, the most powerful One. With his power as a Holy Dragon and the Black Flower he was a being that was unrivaled. He became gigantic. His scales were harder than adamantium. No dragon-slayer weapon could harm him anymore. Not even the blood of the elven races, which was toxic for dragons, could harm him anymore. The ocean divided itself from his powerful existence. Tornados and dreadfully storms were formed from his gigantic white wings. The earth trembled from his divine roar. He could even take various forms. But he didn't like it. The power only fed his grief and sadness.

With his powers of the Flower, the Watchers kneeled before him, obeyed and worshipped him like a god. Mikhail had become literally the embodiment of Chaos. With his true form (The CHAOS) , mixed with his dragon and Intoner powers he even invaded the very heavens. Only to kill the primordial god. The god used all of his playthings to destroy Mikhail, but in the end, his creation, the Flower and the Dragons had become his demise.

But most of his powers were born from his sadness, sadness that was born from the loss of his most beloved person, Zero.

Then one day, a person appeared before him, in his human form, claiming that the power that slumbered within him would be his rightful legacy. Mikhail remembered the smell of this person. The stranger lifted the hood on his head and revealed his face. Seeing the face of One enraged Mikhail. A fight began, but it was short. He killed the person who claimed his power. Mikhail observed the corpse only to find out, that it wasn't One but her brother from One's memories. He devoured the corpse of the brother and gained more power and his memories, only found out that like he was grieving for the loss of his most beloved person, his sister One.

After many years of living like a god who was worshipped by humans, elves and even dragons, the Great Red and Ophis became alerted by this. Mikhail grew stronger and stronger, so that he could even travel through dimension. Where sometime he destroyed, killed or rescued and give birth to life. But he also looked for the Intoners.

The Great Red once challenged him, but almost got killed by Mikhail's monstrous powers.

Mikhail became friends with both Ophis and the Great Red. With their friendship he could almost forget his grief from Zero's death, but only almost. Ophis and the Great Red became vary of the madness and sorrow that lived in Mikhail.

The Devil's Flower

"So you came to give me your regards and now?" Mikhail asked with a stoic face, but a touch of curiosity could be seen from his face by the Great Red.

"I want to inform you, that there is fight between two dragons in another world."

"And you're saying this because…." he raised his arms with open palms to while shrugging his shoulders.

"One of them is a Red Dragon and the other is White Dragon"

Hearing this Mikhail snorted "Well despite that…it is a little bit funny" Mikhail shook his head and gave a smile.

"Yes their names are Ddraig and Albion"

"I heard from both of them, small fries, sealed away from an weak old wannabe almighty god. Always reborn in time when they are needed." When Mikhail let this sentence out, he sat himself before the Great Red. He looked at him, straight to the eyes. Eyes that belonged to one of the most powerful entities in the universe. "But there is also something other that you wish to talk with me, am I right?"

The Great Red snickered "Yes. It is about this "Flower"

Mikhail narrowed his eyes when he heard the word "Flower".

"The Flower you once destroyed was a threat, that could have also destroyed other world and dimensions."

"Yes I know it, I sealed it in within me."

Yes but the world I mentioned, with Ddrag and Albion, showed this abnormality.

"What do you mean?"

"I sensed some traces of a power that was exactly like the one within you."

Hearing this caused something in Mikhail. It was fear and panic, a power like the Black Flower, a power that only destroys everything and wanders to other worlds by finding a host. But it was impossible, are possibly the

"Red?" the atmosphere was almost unbearable for the True Red Dragon Emperor "Could it be coincidence that those events are similar in the world that you mention?"

"I don't know, that world has many dragon, but most of them are extinct."

"It doesn't matter. None of them would stand against the Flower. Especially Ddraig and Albion in their awful condition." Mikhail raised his index and middle fingers to give the word condition, more accentuation


"Show me this world."

Before both could move they heard another voice.

"Then let me be your guide!" This voice, Mikhail could remember this voice. It was familiar but not from an enemy. Both dragons looked at a female bespectacled figure that came out from the darkness, illuminated from the small fire. The woman had straight dark brown hair. She had pigtails that reached the end of her waist. She wore a loose white blouse with a short black necktie. She also wore a very short and frilly plaid skirt with and golden belt. She had white leggings with thigh high boots. The boots had little cut. In her hand she held a bag.

Mikhail's eyes were wide open and his mouth was agape "It can't be, ACCORD!?"

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