Chapter 10

The One that lurks in light and darkness

Mikhail nodded "So before this heated conversation continues how about we make something clear."

The devils looked confused.

"First Rias," Mikhail turned towards the surprised she-devil "As the host you should at least show some manners and respect towards Riser Phenex-dono."

"What, Mikhail?"

"Oi, Mikhail!" Issei cried out, severally pissed.

"Rias, I know you don't like him, but as a lady, you should have already learned to interact with person you don't like." He looked to Riser to confirm that he didn't insult him.

Riser shrugged with his shoulders.


"No, buts. And why are you getting so emotional, because he made an empty threat!?"

"A threat, he…"

"He what!?" Tried to hurt your peerage before the eyes, of the head maid of the Gremorys and the wife/Queen of your brother, the Maou Lucifer….

"You, you know!"

"Of course I know, Grayfia-sama told me…"

Rias took a step back and looked to the maid, who nodded.

"Wait up, the wife of the Maou and he is Buchou's brother!? I thought she comes from the Gremory family!"

Kiba whispered "When the original Maou's died, other strong devils, from different families took over their names and positions. Rias-buchou's brother, Sirzechs Gremory became Sirzechs Lucifer and Grayifa-san is his wife and Queen.

"Oh!" Issei nodded and put his fist on his palm.

Meanwhile Mikhail continued to scold Rias "Yet, you act childish and too emotional, and here I am, taking care of your mess, again!"

"I….I…" Rias looked away.

"HA!" Riser laughed "You are getting talked down by a servant, Rias?"

"And you Riser Phenex-dono!"


"You are coming, uninvited, without compensation or a gift and showed zero respect for your fiancé and her peerage!"

Riser tried to talk back, but Mikhail's authority in the voice of the person and his instinct said him not to utter one wrong word.

Mikhail continued, causing more jaws to drop "And here are spouting threats with death, before the eyes of the wife of Lucifer…" Mikhail turned to Grayfia "Tell me Grayfia-sama isn't this more or less like spitting on the face of the Maou?"

Grayfia almost took a second to recap what just happened, almost. In her mind she thanked Mikhail "Yes, it is. As Mikhail-kun said, I will not tolerate any pointless violence. Both of you are representing your family, so you should act like that.

Rias nodded.

While Riser "As you wish Grayfia-sama, I don't want to feel the power of the strongest Queen."

Grayifa looked to Riser "Risers-sama, I think I am at least the second person in this room, you should fear."



"Yes, Grayfia-sama?"

"I would be thankful; if you could also cancel the ice spell you casted under Riser-sama and his peerage.


"Roger!" Mikhail saluted and snipped with his finger.

Under Riser and the girls appeared a large white magic seal and with the sound of shattering glass, it broke into tiny pieces.

"What in the name of the Satans!?" Riser was startled. Because of two things, the first was, when did Mikhail casted it, and second he could feel that those spell would have injured him very bad.

Not just him. The feeling of extreme coldness and purifying light burned and stabbed the skin of the devils.

"An ice spell with combined with holy energy." Akeno verified it, while holding her hand on her mouth, while taking a step backwards. As a magic user, she was more affected.

"Yup, capable of killing powerful fire demons." Mikhail smiled at her.

"Then, please I would continue from here."

"Very well, but then I should bring the food."

Grayfia nodded and Mikhail called out "Bring the food!"

Now the maid was again, surprised.

"Coming!" A new voice was calling out, and it was familiar, too familiar.

"Here is the food."

The person, looked exactly like Mikhail, no was an almost perfect image of him, walked out from the kitchen. The only difference was that this Mikhail and short wavy golden hair, that went to his shoulders. On his forehead was the roman number one.

"Mikhail!?" Rias looked bewildered to the person.

"Yes?" 2x

Both of them answered.

"How!?" She looked nonstop between the boys.

"Hau, two Mikhail-sama's!" Asia did it as well.

Issei almost passed….fainted again "Holy shit!"

"Ara, ara, what a surprise." While Akeno smiled and imaged some things.

"Utahime-kun, you have a twin?" Called Kiba out.

"Nope. He is me…" The long-haired Mikhail pointed to the short haired one.

"And I am he." The other pointed to the long haired Mikhail.

"I don't understand…but well I already gave up. Understanding you and your weird powers Mikhail, is like teaching us devils to read the bible." Rias sighed but she looked amused at the dragon.

"Finally!" Said Dragon smiled and snipped with his fingers. The short haired Mikhail dispelled into hundreds of crimson flower petals, causing some of the devils to widen their eyes, but not the Gremorys.

"Me, too, I give up…" Kiba smiled and shook his head.

"Unh,…. Unfathomable…" Koneko said casually.

"Certianly." Akeno smiled and put her hand on her cheek.

"What is with those casual responses?" Said the Riser's sister while sweatdropping.

Mikhail clapped again his hands together "Well as the cook of the food, I would appreciate it, if you eat it. No one can think with an empty stomach, "Then he smiled towards the Phenex peerage "Ne?"

"Kyaah, he is so cute!"

"I want to touch his hair!"

Rias and even Riser were taken back from the squealing of the girls behind him.

'Forget it, that guy would be more of a devil than I am….' The Gremory devil massaged her temples. "I understand Mikhail….."

"What just happened!? Why can I not talk back to that guy!?" Riser thought. "Fine…."

While both High-Class Devils are thinking, another one was now over with his patience.

"What the hell Mikhail!?" Yelled Issei "Why are you so friendly with that guy, don't you understand that the tries to force…"

"Ha, I have enough. Issei…" Everyone tensed up. Mikhail called Issei's name with an icy voice, the same he had in the church…"I appreciate it, that you want to protect Rias…." He didn't even turn around to him, and Rassei who woke up flew out from his shirt, towards his mistress, Asia.

"Rassei!?" The little dragon shivered, as if something monstrous woke him up.

"But now, how you are and also weak you are you only make things more complicated.

The ORC members were taken back, Mikhail was completely different. No one would think that he said something like that.

Grayifa couldn't also hide her surprise.

"I am what!?"

"Weak…a low-class devil…..just sit down and let me handle…." He waved with his hand, signalizing that Issei should just shut up.

"Hell no!"

Mikhail who still didn't turn around, became slightly angry. He cracked his neck and called out…."Ddraig…"

"Eh!?" Rias composure broke and she looked with wide eyes to the person who called out the dragon inside Issei's hand.

'He knows the name of the Sekiryuutei!' Thought Grayfia, it seems more information about him is needed.

"Oi Mikhail!"

"Ddrag stop ignoring me, I know that you are awake, come out!"

Immediately a red gauntlet with a green gem appeared on Issei's left hand.

Riser grimaced "That scum is the wielder of the Boosted Gear!"

"What….is….it…Mikhail…" The green gem glowed.

"Sekiryuutei!" Said Rias.

"It spoke! Wait he knows Mikhail!?" the knight looked distressed.

"I am….how do I said it…." Mikhail circled with his hand "A little bit, yes…annoyed. So I would appreciate it if you could restrain your host….."

"What, oi Ddrag!?"

Not one second later, Issei's arm moved around, the gauntlet opened his palm and gripped the neck of his wielder.



"Silence!" Ddraig shouted.

No one dared to move.

"Partner, what did I say to you, what did I tell!? Do not make Mikhail angry, I warned you!"

'Wait, Ddraig warned Issei from Mikhail!?' Rias turned to the mentioned person.

"Kneel, Issei….. and be silent" It was not said with wrath nor with frustration. Mikhail gave an order as if he was accustomed to say it.

Issei's gauntlet glowed red, he kneeled without hesitations.

"Issei!" Rias threw a glare to Mikhail "What are you doing to him?"

The dragon just smiled "Showing that I am stronger, besides, I hate when somebody is interrupting me. Also if he behaves like a brat, then I will treat him like one."

"Issei-san!" Asia run to the brunette devil and tried to bring him up. But he was stiff like a statue. "Mikhail-sama, he doesn't move anymore!"

"Like I said no moving and shutting his mouth…..don't worry…." He sighed "He is okay. If he calms down, I will release him.

"But Mikhail!" Rias huffed.

"Up, up, up!" The host of the Black Flower wiggled his forefinger "If I let him move, he will just throw a tantrum."

Rias gasped and then looked at Issei who didn't make a move. She bit her lip "I understand. You are right….."

"But Buchou!"

"Enough Yuuto! Mikhail is right, he was right the entire time. Don't forget what he did for us!"

Yuuto twitched, guilt overcame him. His King was really right. He rescued Issei and Asia. Brought him and the others back to life and now it seems that he wants to protect Issei, before he would get hurt. "You are right," Yuuto bowed to Mikhail "I am sorry, Utahime-kun."

"No worries!"

"Ufufufu, as I thought, Mikhail-kun has a wicked and strict side," The Yamato Nadeshiko had a startling smile on her face and walked to him and placed a hand on his cheek "How about it, Mikhail-kun, do you want an affair, with me?"

Rias and Koneko stared with disbelief and a wide open mouth at the Queen. Did she really just say that!?

Mikhail tilted his head slightly and then smiled bashfully, causing even Akeno to blush. He touched her hand and then *Chop* a chop on her head. "Bad timing for your weird fantasies, Akeno."

Akeno taken back was surprised and countered with an alluring smile "My offer still remains…as ever." A wink followed.

Mikhail shook his head slowly "Like I said the entire time, I am and will always lying on the top….,"

"Pffuuuu!" Kiba choked on his saliva, while Koneko and Rias couldn't believe what he just said.

"And besides, I am always the S in a relationship…"

Both girls and the blonde boy stumbled, while Asia was still worried about Issei.

"Ara, ara, ufufu, your defiance is remarkable. I look forward to break it one day." She smiled sadistically.

While Mikhail smiled beautifully back "You may try."

Riser and his peerage could only observe that spectacle, between the unknown boy and the Lighting Priest, with astonishment. "Ne Yubellena?"

The Bomb Queen answered her King "Yes, Riser-sama?"

"It is just me, or am I getting ignored, and seriously is that guy flirting and talking about S&M with the infamous Sadistic Queen?"

Yubellena frowned "I fear, you are not alone, Riser-sama.

Rias who regained her composure had enough "Akeno, since when did you and Mikhail had such a discussion!" Koneko was also curious as well and nodded vigorously.

Riser couldn't ignore the jealousy in his fiancé's voice.

"Now and then, Rias." Mikhail shrugged with his shoulders.

"Yes, Buchou," She placed a hand on her cheek "We are just flirting."

Mikhail nodded "Harmless flirting, indeed."

"Since, when is talking about being the S or the M harmless flirting!" She childishly stomped on the ground.

Both Akeno and Mikhail looked to each other and blinked, and then they faced Rias and Koneko simultaneously "We always have a heated discussion, who would be the S and the M, if a relationship would happen and then one thing to another and went on dates."

"WHAT!?" 2x

The heiress and the nekshou shouted.

"You see….."

"I HAVE ENOUGH!" Riser who couldn't bear it, to be ignored while looking at the cliché-like romcom, in that even his fiancé was participating. "Girls!" He turned around to his peerage and was flabbergasted. His girls were currently eating the food and sweet that Mikhail and Grayfia served. "What in the name of the Phenex Household are you girls doing!?"

"Ah, Rwimser-smawa….gulp," Nel who spoke with full mouth gulped the Macaron down, "This food is delicious!"

"Yeah, delicious!" Her twin sister confirmed her.

Riser Phenex's knight, a woman named Karlamine who took a bit from a sweet, which looked rainbow-colored star and moaned "This is….!" Tears formed from the corner of her eyes "This is one of the best foods I ever ate, a tidbit worthy of a knight!" She hammered her fist against the chest and tried to hide her tears.

"Mmh, how formidable!" Ravel Phenex finished a cupcake and held her hand on her cheek.

The ORC looked to Mikhail, who just smiled back. Well there was a long story why he was so good, but in short. He once visited a world, free of any supernatural or dragonic existence and met a talented cook named Yaiba Jōichirō. He saw Mikhail's talent and taught him cooking.

"Hm, how is Jōichirō doing? If I didn't make a mistake with the calculation of the time flow, his son Soma must be already sixteen years old…."

"Ravel!?" Riser shouted towards his sister "You, too!?" The yelling brought the Holy Dragon out of his thoughts.

"Onii-sama!" The girl called him out "You must take a bite from this food!"


"Yeah, Riser-sama it is incredible!" A woman with a mask that covered half of her face begged him.

Riser furrowed his brows; he sighed and walked towards his peerage. He took a chocolate ball "Is this really good?" He eyed the sweet and took a bite, then "OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?" Riser could swear that the moment he tasted the food, his clothes exploded and his fire wings emerged from his back. He opened his eyes "INCREDIBLE!" He took another one and another one "I Riser Phenex, never tasted anything like that!"

Rias and her peerage were speechless "Akeno…."

"Yes, Rias?" The Queen still smiled.

"Remind me, that we need to join Mikhail in my peerage fast as possible…"

"Ara, ara, you are right, I want to eat from his food, too." Then she licked her lips."

"Guh!" Koneko puffed her cheeks, she was jealous. Mikhail's food was how she could say it, heavenly no divine. And now the Peerage of that guy is eating it.

Kiba, who saw everything could only facepalm. 'Since when did everything become so ….so…mikhailed?' This was the only word he could say.

Asia still paid attention to Issei, who was not moving.

Mikhail sighed and clapped his hands again, to gain the attention "Well everyone, I glad that you like my food, but now how about we continued with the juicy part, ne?"

Riser coughed in embarrassment and turned to Rias and Mikhail "I don't know who you are servant but you are right. Rias my love, it seems you found, besides your Queen a good peerage member. I look forward to it when he serves the Phenex household with his cooking.

Akeno just chuckled at tried to cover it with her hand, while Rias shook her head.

"Riser, I think there is a misunderstanding."

Riser looked confused.

"Hah, Mikhail is not part of my peerage."

The Phenex peerage looked at each other and some whispered things.

"Then why is he here?"


"If I may interrupt Rias?" Mikhail raised his forefinger and faced to the other party "I just happened to bump into Grayfia-sama and talked about some things, because there is a possibility that I join the Sitri Household…,"

That caused the Gremory to widen her eyes. Mikhail just couldn't stop to tease the girl.

"So, while in short, I helped Rias and Sona out with some stray devils and fallen angels." Mikhail shrugged "I am just a simpleton, with weird powers who happens to walk in one mess to another…..

Riser crossed his arms and looked to Grayfia. The maid nodded in agreement and faced the humanoid dragon "Then, what is your relationship with my fiance, Rias?"

The temperature of the room started to go up, a bit. Rias twitched at that sentence and her eyes, like the others, turned towards Mikhail.

Said person, was quiet. His eyes were covered by his bangs and he spoke "My relationship with Rias….mmmh…." His eyes were visible and he had a thinking expression on his face. He placed a finger under his chin "We are just classmates and acquaintance….friends?" He shrugged.

Rias suddenly felt a stinging pain in her chest when Mikhail said that.

The Phenex nodded in satisfaction and nodded "Good, but let me remind you…" His face turned serious and he tried to intimidate Mikhail "Rias is mine, only mine, do you understand."

But Mikhail just snorted.


"Well," Mikhail smiled, but there was no gentleness in that smile, "I can see that she doesn't love you,"

"You dare!" A tall young woman with long black hair with a dark blue tint and brown eyes spoke up. Her hair featured five thin ponytails going around her head, which are held up by a golden hair accessory on top of her head. Her outfit consisted of a white top with black accents that is modeled after a Chinese cheongsam, red shorts, and armored, knee-high boots with matching gauntlets. The top features were diamond shape on the chest area, which gave view of her breasts and cleavage.

Riser held his hand to silence her "It's good, Siris, he isn't wrong…."

"But, I also can see, that you don't give one ounce for her….."

"Someone like you can't understand it," Riser interrupted him "The Underworld needs to hold the number of pure-blooded devils. Rias will marry me and a weak piece of shit can't do anything. I don't even feel a bit of your power. Maybe the spell from before was just a good illusion and I don't even know with what cheap tricks you just scared the Red Dragon Emperor." Riser thought he put him in his place, but wrong.

"Riser, I don't like you, but I think you should really…."Rias tried to stop Mikhail. She knew that he was someone out of Riser's league.

"Weak..pfuuhh!" Mikhail almost laughed, but almost.

"Yes, weak, weak, weak. So what?" Riser smug-smiled. But he didn't expected, when he felt bloodlust…..and killing intent so dense and strong that he fell on his butt.

"Silence." Mikhail looked menacingly at the devil. All members of the ORC suddenly shuddered by the immense bloodlust Mikhail emitted. Riser and his peerage reacted not better. Grafyia, one of the strongest devils, felt something she never felt a long time…..primal fear.

It was the feeling of a predator that could paralyze his prey, with only a glance.

"W-what are you?" Riser asked, in a demanding tone.

Yet, this question caused the ultimate dragon to smile "What I am indeed?" Then he began to chuckle "Maybe I am a god?"

All devils in the room began to feel uncomfortable, especially Grayfia. Even Rias, who wanted to know what Mikhail actually was, felt her heart skipping a beat…in fear.

"Maybe I am an angel?" He smiled at the irony.

Now the devils in the room felt less uncomfortable, but still uncomfortable.

"Maybe I am a devil?"

Eyes widened at his sudden words.

Mikhail then shrugged "Or maybe I am just a human? Who knows? I don't even sure about myself?" He stretched his arms and groaned "But I know that I am Mikhail, nothing more, nothing less.

Mikhail's face became softer "So enough," He smiled at everyone. Also I am sorry but how do you and Rias want to solve that problem?" Said girl tried to keep her composures. He looked to Mikhail who, winked at her, but quickly. Then she smiled.

'Mikhail is still Mikhail, no matter what he says or does.' Her cheeks became red.

Riser blinked, he shook that what he heard before off "W-what do you mean."

"A rating game."

When the dragon said this, the room had become quiet. The devils recovered through the sudden tension in the room.

"A rating….game?" Riser raised his eyebrow "Sure, why not?" He smiled and shrugged. He looked to Rias and her peerage "But with the number of pieces it will be quick. Just give up, my love."

Rias threw a dirty glare to Riser and tried to say something, but Grayfia held her hand up "Sirzechs-sama knew that something like that would happen, he already prepared everything for this Rating Game."

"Onii-sama did!?"

The maid nodded "Only a date, for the Game, is needed."

"Ha!" Riser laughed "Fair enough, tomorrow or later, the result is the same, Rias."

"We will see!" Both pure-blooded devils glared at each other, until the Phenex made a proposal.

"Then as a gentleman I will give you…mmh yeah, 10 days how about it?"

"One month…." Everyone's eyes wandered to Mikhail "One month, nothing more, nothing less, just one month."

The Phenex raised an eyebrow "Why should I?"

"The difference, she is a beginner and you are more experienced, am I wrong?"

The devil's eyes narrowed "I ask again, why should I?"

"Because you are a gentlemen, and a gentlemen doesn't bully a young woman?"

He snorted "Even my patience has its limits." The temperature in this room began to rise up.

"Mine,….too….."Then the temperature dropped immediately. Riser took a step back, while his peerage made themselves ready to fight. Grayfia wanted to intervene, yet the fear she felt…..her instincts as an old devil screamed one thing 'That boy means death for everyone in this room, when picked wrong.'

"Onii-sama!" Cried Ravel out, she couldn't bear the pressure from Mikhail anymore, it was suffocating.

"Good one month."

"Eh!? Why Riser-sama!?"

"Enough Yubellena, it doesn't matter. One week, or one month I will win." Riser's blue eyes looked to Mikhail "But how about I bet?"

"Riser what are you doing?" Rias wanted to interfere, but….

"I am fine, with that, but what does a noble devil wants from this humble dimwit?" Mikhail asked.

"Simple, one it seems that my girls took a liking to your cooking and second you are strong and have at least something in your head, the Phenex household needs someone like that. Also I want to have a bodyguard for my mother.

"For our mother, Onii-sama?"

"Yes, mother is always traveling, and at least I can make that guy suffer when he becomes our servant." The wrath and hate in the eyes of the Phenex devil were immense.

'Man what an ego, and I thought Cent was a prideful idiot.'

"I am for it!" Nel called out.

"Me, too!" Her sister confirmed it

"With this food, I can be a better knight, for Riser-sama!" Karlamine hammered her fist again on her chest plate.

"Me, too, nya!"

"Yes, nya!" The fake cat girl twins were also for it.

Riser grinned "So what do say, take the bet and I will give Rias one month?" He held his hand up.

Mikhail closed his eyes and turned around, he looked at each member of the Gremory Household and then lastly to Rias.

"Mikhail…" She shook her head slowly "Don't do it, please, I can win, even with ten days!"

The dragon faced Riser and took his hand "Deal!" And smiled, the first step of his plan was made. And he would make sure, that those devils would think twice, to mess with him.

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