It was a warm Monday morning, the sun was up high in the sky, market people preparing their stores for a busy day ahead. Meanwhile in a familiar blonde hair girl was sleeping in her bed dozing into her dreamland. As the rays of the sun shined through her curtains, it glittered through her hair which made it seem golden and angelic. As the beautiful sight of the blonde haired girl sleeping, she finally managed to wake up from her slumber.

Lucy POV.

My Name is Lucy Heartfillia , I'm 17 years old, its been 10 years since I've seen Natsu and I truly miss. I hope he still remembers me when he returns. I live alone in my apartment because my father told me that he has to take care of the company and that he doesn't have time for me, so he sent me to a public high school called Fairy High which is actually really amazing. I've made lots and lots of friend in Fairy High and I can't wait for this new school year, I hope it would be filled of adventure,fun and happiness and maybe just maybe a bit of love.

"AWWWWWWWWWWW" As I managed to wake up from my slumber. I got out of bed and started to do my daily routine. I went over to my closet and collect two pairs of towel and made my towards the bathroom to take a nice quick shower.

15 minutes has past since I finish taking a shower. I went outside of the bathroom and started to do my make up and started to putting on my uniform which consisted of a white top, black skirt, black/leather shoes and black blazer . After I done my hair into a side ponytail, I made my way downstairs to make myself breakfast and eat and head towards Fairy High which is my high school were I go to. As I was about to walk downstairs I went over to my closet and searched and found Natsu's scarf which I always wore; It just gave me hope that one day he will come back to me so we could be together. Like he promised me.

After I finished my breakfast, I grabbed my bag and headed towards the door to head to school. As I walked outside I locked my door and walked on the path towards Fairy High. As I was walking, people greeted me 'Good morning' and 'Hello' so I just returned it and smiled at them.

When I arrived in front of the school entrance I was greeted by my bestfriend, levy. She was happy to see and so did I.

"Hey Levy, How've you been?"I asked her while she came running towards me giving me a quick hug.

"I'm great Lucy chan"She said whiles me and Levy made are way to our class. Whiles me and Levy were talking about what we did over the holidays. Levy told me that all she did in the hoilday was read, read, read and homework and that was it! but that was the same for me, I would rather stay in bed and read a good book than go anywhere.

"Hey Lucy chan, did you know that theres going to be a new transfer student" I glanced at Levy and she seemed pretty excited for the new transfer student.

"Apparently its a boy and his going to be in our class" Levy said whiles looking at me in mischievous look. Oh no I thought. Oh Levy please stop this little game of yours, you and mira always do it. I just want to become friends with the new student not fall in love with him!. What if his hot? What if his my type? NO NO NO bad Lucy bad I though.

As I was in thought of the new student, I saw Levy at the corner of my eye that she was grinning at me like a maniac. Me and Levy made are way towards are class as the school bell rang for the start of school. As we arrived, we made are way over to are seats which was right next to each other. During that time our teacher made there acquaintance; Our teacher was called Mr Clive Gildarts he was a very funny and caring teacher but he was kind of stupid at times. His also our Home Room teacher.

Gildarts POV.

"Alright brats settle down!"As sir gildarts shouted at our class we finally made settled down waiting for what he might say next.

"Alright, today we have a new student in our class so please be nice and welcome him to Fairy High!" Sir Gildarts said.

Lucy POV.

At that moment the door shoot wide open which made everyone focus on the door way which revealed a pinked haired boy with black onyx eyes and a wide toothy grind spread across his face and a very handsome face which made me blush a bit. This guy seems really familiar but I can't put my finger on it I thought.

He was wearing the school uniform which was a black blazer, black trousers, black/Leather shoes, white top and a black tie. He looked so Handsome In the Fairy High school uniform. It feels like I've known him for so, so long but I just can't remember I though.

Natsu POV.

As I got out of my black Ferrari LaFerrari, I immediately got my backpack and locked my car. As I was walking to the entrance I saw the words 'Fairy High' on top of the gate, of that in sight made me grin widely, knowing that I was in the right place. I reached into my pocket and found my schedule for school which was given to me by mail. I glanced at it for awhile, trying to talk all the information in finally I got it all in and went inside the school which was very welcoming. I'm excited to start this school year and meet new people and make new friends, I can hopefully find Lucy, my fiancé I thought.

I walked towards my Home Room and opened the door wide open. I grinned widely at my new classmates.

I walked over at the middle of the classroom and introduced myself. Everyones eyes were on my but I didn't care.

"Hi everyone I'm the new transfer student! my name is Natsu, Natsu Dragneel"I said whiles giving everyone a friendly grin. As I finished my little speech nearly ever girl was screaming my name. I sighed. I took a quick glance of my new classmates when I saw a very familiar looking blonde girl wearing a scarf which kind of looks like my scarf that I gave to Lucy I thought. I glanced at her and she glanced at me for a while too. I squinted my eyes at her and remember that the scarf she was wearing was my scarf! the one that I gave to Lucy that day 10 years ago.

At that very moment my eyes widen and tears started to builded up at the corner of my eye. I started crying of tears of joy. Everyone in the room looked at me confused and concerned of why I was crying. I managed to wipe the tears away and dashed myself at Lucy giving her a tight embraced that she was shocked of my actions.

Lucy POV.

At that very moment when he said that he was 'Natsu Dragneel' I glanced at him once more to make sure that he was the real deal but when I glanced at him, he was looking straight at me as well. I saw him squinting his eyes at me trying to examine me I suddenly saw him crying! wait! his crying? but why?

I suddenly felt two warm arms around me which I was a shocked from. I looked up and saw those mesmerising eyes that were staring into my chocolate brown eyes that nearly made me melt.

He suddenly leaned in and kissed me cheek which made me blushed of his actions.

Natsu/Lucy POV.

As I kissed Lucy on the check, I laid my head at the crooked of her neck. As I inhaled her scent which was surprisingly pleasant to inhaled.

"Hiya Luce, I missed you" I whispered into her ear so that no can hear what we were talking back. I pulled away so I can that beautiful face of hers that I haven't seen in ten years.

As I pulled away I saw Lucy wearing my scarf that my father gave when I was younger. So when I left, I gave my precious scarf to the person that I cherished most.

Upon hearing those words that came out of his mouth made me smile in shocked that my childhood bestfriend still remember the nickname that he has given me when we were younger, I though. During the time Natsu slowly pulled away NO! NO! NO! NO! don't let me go Natsu, I've miss you so much and your warm and cozy hugs are the best that I just don't want to let you go I though. Natsu slowly moved his hands down to my waist and pulling me closer towards him, during the time I our bodies touched I could feel the warmth that was radiating from his body which was surprisingly comforting.

At that very moment I was brought back to reality, I was in my little world thinking about me and Natsu childhood. I just realised at the very position of me and Natsu were in which made me blush so badly that I had to look down at the ground in embarrassment. In the background I could hear some of my classmates whispering.

"Does Lucy know the new transfer student?" someone asked.

"Awwwww, they'll make such as cute couple"someone said with a hint of excitement was heard.

"Hey isn't Dragneel the worlds richest company in the world?"someone asked.

Whiles I was looking down at the ground Natsu took his right hand away from my waist and manoeuvred it towards my chin, using his index finger he lifted my head up so he can look at me. As I looked at him he had wide toothy grinned across his handsome face which I've missed so much, I thought. while my brain was thinking about Natsu it made a small blush on checks. Natsu chucked a bit seeing me blushing.

"Don't hide your face Luce, your to beautiful to hide it" I said to her, trying my best to comfort her but it didn't it just made her blush even more. It just made me laugh seeing my childhood bestfriend blushing.

Gildarts POV.

"Sorry to disrupt your little moment but WERE IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS HERE!" I said shouting towards Lucy and Natsu. As the both of them pulled away I told Natsu he could set next to Gray Fullbuster.

"Alright today were going to learn about algebra"after saying 'Algebra' everyone was moaning in disappointment.

Natsu/Lucy POV.

"Sorry to disrupt your little reunion but WERE IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS HERE!" Mr Gildarts said. after me and Natsu parted ways he told me something that shocked me.

"Do you still remember our promise, the one we both promise together?"He said whiles walking over to his new seat which is located at the window side of the class and he was seating to that stripper boy called Gray. I quickly grabbed his wrist to tell him my response to his question.

U-u-um yeah Natsu, I still remember. Can we talk about it later in at break time? I asked nervously, still remembering that day we promised each other.

"Okay Luce, I'll talked to you later about it, okay?" he smiled at me and kissed me on the check whiles I just stood there shocked of what just happened but Inside it made me fell so happy, excited yet nervous of what happen next. As I was stood there stunned of what just happened, I suddenly felt a tug on my blazer, I looked down and saw that it was Levy telling me to seat down. So I brought myself back to reality and sat on my seat and listening to the Sir Gildarts.

Levy POV.

Oh My God Lucy's childhood bestfriend Natsu Dragneel kissed her TWICE on the check OMMMMGGG, I've got to tell Juvia, Erza, Mira and Lisanna about what just happened!. I just sat there looking back and forth at Lucy and Natsu of how cute of a couple they would be if they actually got together. Meanwhile Lucy was there staring at Natsu liked she hasn't seen him for years but she hasn't seen him though. This so exciting, I can't wait to tell my besties.

Lucy POV.

As the lesson progress, I would glance at Natsu admiring his handsome and mature features, whiles turning to Sir Gildarts taking notes from the lesson and writing them inside my notebook.I just can believe that my childhood bestfriend would turn out to be a sexy and looks like a gay guy made him in his laboratory I thought. Of the thought made me giggle and blush.

Gildarts POV.

"That's all BRATS!, now you can go to your next lesson"I said.

Natsu POV.

"I think I should ask Luce what lesson she has next, we might have the same lesson together"I muttered quietly to myself and smiled at myself of the thought of me and Luce. As I made my way towards Lucy, a few girls were just muttering to themselves of how I looked blah blah blah. This just pisses me off because I've got a finance and I don't want to break our relationship and our wedding because of some girl that wants me in her bed I thought.

What will happen next and who's Natsu Finance?...