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It was a hot day in Namimori. Those who weren't at home enjoying the air conditioning were either at the mall or the pools.

Tsuna was actually at home preparing to take a walk. He put on a pair of tan shorts that cut off at the knee and a sleeveless faded orange shirt with a cartoon lion on the front. He placed his house key and some money in his pocket and left his room. Down the stairs he saw his mother humming away in the kitchen.

"Going out for a bit Mom. I'll try to be back by dinner," Tsuna called out, heading straight for the door.

"Alright Tsu-kun take care," she replied.

A few blocks from his house Tsuna waited a few more minutes just to be sure his mom didn't call him back. As he reached an area that even if she shouted it would be just somewhat hard to hear her, he knew the coast was clear. He fist pumped the air and gave a silent 'woot' before jogging the rest of the way to the park.

Reaching the park in record time, and sweating heavily because of it, Tsuna zeroed in on his destination. He slowed down and waited for his breathing to even out. Then, as casually as anyone who knew what they were doing was wrong, Tsuna walked up to the ice cream vending machine. Before taking out his money he looked around cautiously. The park was mostly empty, a few people here or there but not the normally crowded area as it usually was. He then tapped into his intuition deeply and didn't feel as though something would ruin his afternoon.

It was with a smile of satisfaction that Tsuna bought a lemon ice popsicle from the machine. Already he could taste the sweet tangy flavor of the treat. His guilty pleasure in hand, Tsuna walked to a remote part of the park that had no shade but was also mostly hidden from the rest of the world.

"This should be good enough," he said, then unwrapped his treat.

Seeing that it was already melting Tsuna quickly put the whole thing in his mouth so none of the melted ice would get on his hand. His eyes fluttered closed as his tongue burst with the flavors of sweet ice and sour lemon. The taste filling his mouth and making it tingle with cold as well. He then slowly pulled it out, tongue swiping around both sides to get as much of the dripping ice as possible.

'I don't know why mom thinks I shouldn't eat these. There's nothing wrong with them.' Tsuna thought with a moan, eyes half lidded as the tip hovered just in front of his lips. He sucked on it for a bit then tilted his head and licked a long line from the bottom of the ice pop to the top, twisting it so that he got all sides.

Full concentration was given to the popsicle, his tongue dancing around it and on all sides. Little moans of happiness escaped him as he kept his eyes closed to enjoy his stolen moment alone. Already he could feel that the ice was no longer a long circular stick of sweet lemon. With the heat and his own tongue he had diminished it to the tip of the wooden stick just peeking out at the top. Tsuna stuck the whole thing in his mouth and slowly slid it out with the wooden tip still lingering in his mouth. He slowly dragged it back into his mouth and this time clamped his lips tight over the bottom. He then began pulling the ice off the stick and completely in his mouth, swallowing the slush as it gathered in the back of his throat.

Tsuna leaned his head back as the wooden stick left his mouth. With a few quick swallows the slush was gone. He then licked the sides of his lips to catch any dripping liquid and smiled in contentment.

"I think I have time for one more," Tsuna mumbled to himself. With a hum he opened his eyes and found his guardians and Reborn staring right back at him.

"Hieeee!" Tsuna screamed, a hand grasping his heart.

Looking right back at them, Tsuna flushed realizing they may have caught him eating his favorite treat.

"Uh how long were you all standing there for? Why didn't you say anything?" Tsuna asked. He stood up from the bench and tossed his stick into the trash can next to it.

Getting nothing but silence back Tsuna huffed and folded his arms.

"It's not illegal to eat ice cream ya know."

"With that display it should be," Reborn commented. His fedora tilted to hide his face.

"Eh? You guys are acting weird again. Well I'm going to get another one, does anyone want one too?" Tsuna asked, heading towards the vending machine.

"Er Jyuudaime you can't uh.. there's … uh.."

"I would EXTREMELY advise against it Sawada!"

"Kufufufu, I would rather share yours Tsunayoshi."

"Omnivore you are disrupting the peace of Namimori."

Tsuna turned to look at his friends in bewilderment and confusion. He was about to say something but a tap on his shoulder made him turn.

"Sorry Tsuna but the machine is broken. I tried to grab one earlier but it started smoking," Takeshi said.

Tsuna looked to the side to see a small plume of smoke rising in the distance. He pouted and turned with a sigh.

"Oh well. At least I got to enjoy it once. You all coming over for dinner tonight? Mom would love to have you."

"You can think about dinner after running a hundred laps around the entire park, Dame-Tsuna," Reborn replied in a calm tone.

Having gotten to enjoy his treat in a peaceful setting for once, Tsuna didn't argue at all. He gave an answering nod to Reborn and began running.

"Looks like fun I'll join you Tsuna!" Takeshi began running too.

With various other replies Tsuna's guardians joined him, he couldn't help but laugh in happiness as the warmth of being surrounded by his friends urge him on.


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