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"Oh no! A monster is attacking!" Tsuna said. He looked up at the huge beast that started crashing buildings and descending upon the town of Namimori. He brought his wrist up to his mouth and pressed a button on his watch.

"Calling all Vongola Rangers. It's Elements Time!"

Tsuna then tapped the top of his watch and a ring popped out. He slipped it on his middle finger and held his fist into the air.

"Sky Powers GO!"

In a flash of orange light he was suddenly dressed in a skin tight all orange outfit. An orange helmet appeared over his head in the shape of a lion.

"Natsu arise from your cave!"

A metallic roar filled the air as a giant robot shaped like a lion all in orange arrived. With a burst of power, Tsuna transported himself into the driver's seat.

"Jyuudaime, Storm Ranger is here!" A red cat robot walked up and sat at the lion's right side.

"Rain Ranger ready to go!" with a bark a blue robot dog sat on the other side of the lion.

"The EXTREME Sun Ranger has arrived!" a bright yellow Kangaroo robot jumped into the scene.

"Lightening Ranger has come to save the day!" a Green bull charged up.

"Hn." The ground shook as a purple robot hedgehog rolled in.

"The Mist Rangers have come." An indigo Owl robot was flying in the air above the lion.

"All right team let's get this thing. ULTRA VONGOLA MERGE TECHNIQUE GO!"

All of the robots jumped into the air and change shape to connect to one another. Once the robot had fully formed it landed on the ground facing the monster that was still destroying the town. The Rangers were sitting in a large room each manning their own controls with Tsuna at the front.

"We can take this thing guys. Primo Fist of Fire Attack on three!"

Flames erupted around the robots hands and after the count of three it quickly released several successful punches to the monster. A defeated wail left its throat and with a final dying attack it poofed into dust. The large robot shook with such force the Rangers were tossed out of the control room and it was only their fighter reflexes that most landed on their feet, or in Tsuna's case his butt. The large giant robot disassembled into the smaller giant robots who returned to their hiding spots.


Tsuna woke up suddenly and shook his head.

"Geez what a weird dream," he mumbled. With a yawn he snuggled back under the covers and went back to sleep.


"Ow!" Tsuna cried, sitting up in bed. Floating in front of his face a tiny chameleon with a little black fedora on its head stared at him.

"Really Leon? It's the weekend and I don't have school please can I go back to sleep?" Tsuna asked.

"No you must collect all of the Sky Cards in order to complete the set. It's your fault they got scattered in the first place," Leon said in a scratchy smokers voice.

"It's not like I know where any of them are," he grumbled but still got up out of bed and ready for the day. Luck was not on his side though as he had just sat down for breakfast when Haru burst through his door.

"Tsuna come quick. There is a disturbance at the park. Don't worry I already have your outfit all picked out for you. My bodyguards are pulling up the van as we speak."

"Aww Haru do I have to? Your outfits make me feel….girly," he whined.

Haru sniffed. "You…you….d-don't…"

A tear peaked from the corner of her eye.

Glass broke, the door flew off its hinges and Tsuna found himself surrounded by women in black suits pointing guns at him.

"I believe you need to rethink your statement Tsuna-san." Haru's head guard Kyoko said with a glare.

Shivering in fear Tsuna turned to his friend who looked so sad thinking he didn't like her outfits.

"O-of course I like your outfits Haru. Please let me try another one on."

With a bright smile her tear disappeared and she clapped her hands happily. Tsuna hung his head as once again he had been played.

"Now to the van!" with an about face she left the house. Tsuna close behind with several guns still pointed at him.

Just as the van pulled up, a gust of wind almost knocked it over. Camera in hand, Haru gave him a thumbs up and pushed him out the door. Tsuna huddled against the cold as the wind picked up speed.

"Geez did she even consider the weather when she thought of this outfit," he said while looking down. He was wearing pair of tight black leather shorts and a silk white shirt that only covered his chest leaving his stomach bare. A dark orange long leather jacket and boots completed the outfit.

A massive gray cloud separated from the storm brewing over the park and red eyes peered from its depths.

"That's the Storm Card. Tsuna call the power of the Sky and capture him," Leon said from his perch on Haru's shoulder.

With a nod he pulled out a ring on a chain around his neck. Tsuna felt the magic surround him as he closed his eyes and summoned his gloves.

"Primo Ring through the power of magic and might, I call upon the power of the Sky. RELEASE!"

The ring flared and a pair of gloves appeared on his hands. With a flick of his wrist a card appeared between his fingers. He flipped it up into the air and punched it.

"Sun Card shine a light within the Cloud. Sun I call thee!"

"EXTREME!" in a blaze of bright light the being in the card came out and attacked the large storm cloud.

"NO!" the cloud screeched as it began to slowly dissipate into mist and fade.

Tsuna ran up to it and held his hand out the gloves glowing. "Storm return to your card form."

The mist formed into a card above Tsuna's hand, the picture on the front of it showing a boy with silver hair and green eyes glaring at him from the side.

"You did EXTREMELY well Tsuna," The Sun card said, walking up to him.

Tsuna blushed at the praise rubbing the back of his head. He looked up at the Sun card and blinked.

"That's right I have to return you to card form a different way."

The pink across his cheeks darkened as Tsuna puckered his lips.

"You don't have to mmmphf..." Leon was gagged and hogtied by one of the bodyguards as Haru closed up on the two of them with her camera all the while giggling.


"Whoa!" Tsuna jerked awake hitting his head against the rock he had been napping against.

"Oww." He rubbed the back of his head and ignored the snickering and laughing all around him.

"Yea laugh it up guys. Let's see whose getting cuddles tonight huh." He threatened.

All of them quieted down.

"That's what I thought." He picked up the goggles he had taken off to sleep and placed them back on top of his head. After a quick breakfast Tsuna packed up.

"We all ready to head out?"

Various sounds of agreement met his question and with a nod Tsuna slipped on his orange backpack and started walking. As normal, barely five minutes passed when he felt something climb up his leg, around his stomach and settle on his shoulder. Glancing to the right at Pansage whom he named Lambo was purring and rubbing his cheek against Tsuna's hair.

Feeling another weight on his other side, Eevee or Yamamoto, was hanging over his shoulder smiling. Gokudera his Primeape walked happily on his right side. Tsuna knew to no longer attempt to put them in poke balls as they just left them all over again and then gave him grumpy looks for hours afterwards.

It was nearing noon when a Lucario crashed into him and Gokudera sending the group tumbling to the ground. The primeape got up quickly, face heated in anger.

"Idiot! You have hurt the Jyuudaime and I will never forgive that." Gokudera ran at the Lucario and began fighting him.

"Tsuna are you okay?" Yamamoto asked, looking him over.

"Uh yea I'm fine. Gokudera it was just an accident please don't fight," Tsuna said, patting dirt off his blue jeans. Lambo was using his tail to get what he could off of his black shirt that had a picture of several Pokémon on the front. He stood and attempted to get between the two fighting Pokemon but jumped back when one of the Lucario's attacks almost got him.

"Hey watch it," Lambo cried.

Lucario scoffed as he dodged another punch from the primeape and delivered one of his own.

Seeing that Gokudera wasn't in any real trouble Tsuna decided it was time for a break anyway and stepped a few paces away from the fighting duo and more closer to the lake they had been walking near.

"Ah this lake reminds me. Yamamoto, Lambo both of you need a bath as it has been several days."

With a shout of joy both Pokémon jumped into the water and began splashing each other. Tsuna just chuckled as he took his back pack off and began shedding his clothes as well. Changing into his swimsuit Tsuna joined the other two with soap in hand.

Lucario was barely paying attention to Gokudera as he dodged the hits and kicks. He mainly focused on how attentive and caring Tsuna was. The way he gently washed their fur and used his fingers to get any large tangles out. When a fist grazed his face, Lucario just knocked the fuzzy creature out so that he could finish his observations.

Tsuna had just finished Lambo up and was allowing the two a few more minutes of playtime when he felt someone standing next to him. Turning he saw the Lucario standing in the water and Gokudera struggling to rise on the shore.

"You are being given the privilege of washing me human," the Lucario said imperiously.

Staring into golden eyes Tsuna kept in his chuckles and just nodded seriously, taking up his soap again. Gently fingers carefully massaged his fur, cleaning all the dirt and grit after months of training and fighting large crowds. Just when he thought it was all over and he was going to dry off and nap in the sun, Tsuna produced a brush from his things and began combing him. There was no stopping the rumbling purr that erupted from his throat and he would have denied it all if Tsuna didn't finish it with a pleasure inducing scratch behind the ear.

Lids heavy from the thorough grooming, Lucario closed his eyes and slept.

Tsuna watched the Lucario fall asleep and smiled. He dug a blanket out to cover him with and then returned to the water to wash Gokudera.

The group hand lunch and started packing up again yet still Lucario slept. Tsuna didn't want to disturb the resting Pokémon but he had promised his mother to call at the next town which they would reach at the end of the day.

'I'm sure he can care for himself.' Tsuna thought, 'but just in case…'

A while later the group headed off leaving an unassuming bush surrounding a still sleeping Lucario. They were able to reach town to get the last bed at the Pokémon Center and Tsuna called his mom to ease her fears.

Ready for bed Lambo snuggled into Tsuna's hair for the night, Yamamoto curled up into the side of his neck and Gokudera was already snoring softly on the right side of Tsuna's chest with an arm wrapped around him. Just as he was drifting off himself, Tsuna felt another presence quietly make itself known on the opposite side of Gokudera. Blinking he looked down to once again see sleepy golden eyes staring up at him.

"I'll call you Hibari," Tsuna said, and was rewarded with a nod as those eyes closed and rested on top of his stomach. Content, Tsuna relaxed back into sleep.


With a blink Tsuna woke up.

"No more late night cartoonfests with Lambo and I-Pin ever again."

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