Well, it's been awhile, hasn't it, my friends? This tale is about Tuck Everlasting, one of the movies/books that I remember loving as a small child. I never liked the ending so I decided to create my own. (The usual disclaimer that I own nothing about Tuck Everlasting, characters or otherwise.) Without further ado, I give you my new story!

Part one:

Winnie Foster sat in the formal living room of her home. Her mind wandered as she surveyed the early afternoon landscape out the window. Sunlight played with shadow, little creatures frolicked through the yard, only a few wispy clouds interfered with the pale blue sky. The forest, stoic and mysterious, still called to her beyond the fence separating her world from the life the Tucks knew. That fence stood as a reminder for the border between two lifestyles, between two worlds.

Winnie heard her mother calling, but didn't answer. Winifred. Would she ever escape that name? She had for a while with the Tucks, but now she was back to the old Winifred. The Winifred who dealt with the upper-class manner that dominated her every moment from waking, the old way of dividing her time into inconsequential niceties, the pretense.

Life was stifling; even more so because she had felt the freedom that had been denied to her her entire life. She had had a taste of what life could be with the Tucks. What life should be. No day went by that she didn't think about her friends. Especially Jesse.

One question always seemed to rise to the surface of her mind. Could she do it? Could she become immortal just to be with him for all eternity? She had the bottle Jesse gave her safely stored away in her room, but she just couldn't bring herself to drink the liquid inside. Not yet, at least. Doubts and questions haunted her.

Did she really love him enough? What if she regretted the decision for the rest of eternity? Was dying such a bad thing? She wasn't seventeen yet, so she still had a little time to think.

"Winifred?" Her mother's voice interrupted Winnie's silent musing, and she turned to look at the woman who had entered the room. "Winifred, your father and I would like to have a word with you, please."

Winnie could see worry on her mother's face, that much was clear. Guilt pressed down on her conscience, her parents didn't deserve having a run-away daughter who disappointed them at every turn. They deserved an obedient, respectful, thankful daughter. Her parents gave her a good life, filled with opportunity and privilege, even if it was slightly oppressive to her free spirit. Why did she want to leave this life so badly?

She had been silent too long. Her mother was starting to eye her questioningly. "Sorry." She said as she stood, turning away from the warm sunshine and the reminders. "I'm coming."

They walked wordlessly together into the study where Winnie's father was waiting for them. He motioned for them to sit, then positioned himself by his wife on the sofa.

"Winifred, we know these past events have been… difficult for you." He paused, brow furrowing in thought for a moment. "Your mother and I have been talking and we decided that a little holiday would be good for all of us. We could do some traveling, see the wonders of the world." A smile flashed across his stern face for an instant, reminiscent of a giddy schoolboy too shy to admit he was excited. "Wouldn't that be splendid?"

Traveling? Perhaps she could see the same sights Jesse had seen in his travels. Why did her mind always find itself tangled in between thoughts of the Tucks?

"We could take a year away from Treegap." Her mother continued, after sharing a significant glance with her husband. "What I am trying to say, Winifred, is that we want to spend time with you. We want to know you better and make some nice memories. We don't want to waste this time with you, as we had before."

Her parents were willing to try and understand her? That alone was astounding. Winnie's time with the Tucks didn't change only her, as she had thought. Perhaps she could meet them half way and try to understand them as well.

It took only a second to decide. Winnie smiled brightly, the first time since the Tucks left. She actually felt excitement, excitement for life, for the future. "That sounds absolutely marvelous."

Her parents smiled at her and each other, noticeably relaxing. "We will leave as soon as we can." Her father said, "I'll have the servants start helping us pack this afternoon, and we can discuss where we want to go."

Winnie knew exactly what she was packing first. The vial from Jesse would accompany her in her handbag the entire time. Maybe she could make up her mind while on the journey.

"Mother, Father," Winnie said, cautiously. This would be the first step to having them understand her. "Would you mind calling me Winnie?"

There you have it, dear and patient readers! I'm not sure how long this little story will be, but there's the start of it. As always, thank you for reading, and for your continued support! Give a review, perhaps, and tell me what you think so far? Cheers!