Hi, guys! This is my first SM fanfic, and I won't reveal much about it because it's supposed to be surprising (just in this part).

This is a character study, and only a three-parter based on events in the manga.

It's complete, so I'll update daily.

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It's the blue, she decides.

A dark blue, swirling behind unraveling painted whites, supporting rich greens and browns.

How beautiful. As if it were a gift; unwrapping its clouds and discovering both rough browns and soft greens coloring the dark blue waters with its vibrant, welcoming embrace.

She should not have looked.

It would have saved her from eternal damnation.

Not once does she think of it.

The absence. It is not silent where she stands, but the loneliness so heavy invents a vibrato of pure emptiness. She does not think of this.

If this is her destiny, so be it. If anything, this is the one truth the world provides.

Her thoughts always wander to the beautiful planet, of all things wild and free. She's older now, and she still thinks the clouds unravel, but instead of a present, it is a mystery; of beasts and magic and heroes and warriors. There's a story in the soil, from its core, and its trees carry the wind and the ground holds the planet itself-the planet has a soul.

She longs to meet it. She feels as though she already loves it.

She is already in love with it.

She is unsure what is happening.

There is a ball, or a party, or some sort of entertainment. She knows it because she hears it.

She likes to think she would wear blue, like the ocean. Or green-brown, like the land. White belongs to the purest, and if she were not gazing at the sea and the way the winds are beasts at one point and tame in the other, she would have thought she deserved to wear white. But she is not.

Standing beside the doorway, listening to the rhythm of the waltz thumping through the exquisitely carved designs, she pictures herself dancing with Earth's soul. Does he move like the tamed winds, or like the beast of the seas? Does he sing like the grass shaking in the wind, or rough like the soil beneath his fingertips?

Vaguely, she wonders whether others ponder over the beauty of the planet as she does. The Queen, the Guardians, or...

Behind her, the door opens, and she twirls around, surprised. Her eyes widen as she observes her companion, and her heart and her soul pounds for him immediately.

A young boy stands, a few years younger than herself, dark black hair slick with sweat, a bow tie messily pulled apart hanging from his neck, his tuxedo much too elegant for his age, dress pants drooping to the side, much too large. His cloak-it is black, like the color of the sea at night. Perhaps it is the tone of midnight; and his eyes are as endless as the depths of the ocean.

"Who are you?" asks the boy, a voice thick like the soft mud of Earth.

Her heart thumps. This is the soul she has fallen in love with. She can feel it in his, lively and mysterious like the scent of the Earth, an emotion too hungry and powerful to put into words.



He cannot be here.

And the voice comes that reassures her that her destiny, her unmei, has a high price to pay.

"Prince Endymion!" The Queen arrives, silk dress floating behind her, hand clutched in a fist to her chest. "You cannot be here, if anyone not of the Silver Millennium enters that doorway…"

Something inside her clicks, snaps; and she remembers her training. With a gasp, she drops to one knee, talisman straight in her hands, holding her still. "Gomenasai, Queen Serenity. I was startled someone had come and opened the door so hidden in the palace. This ignorance will not occur again."

A breath. "That's alright. I will discuss this further with you later, but know that I understand your reaction. It's a miracle I came at the right time." The Queen laughs her light chuckle, elegant even in her relaxed state.

"Come, Prince Endymion. You must not wander through the palace unattended; where are your Shitennou?"

The murmured reply comes as they walk away, leaving her in her solitude at the door once again.

Her purple eyes were downcast, so she did not know what the Queen's expression is, but she knows it was of pity. The Queen has seen her, assigned her this position-no, destiny appointed her for this role; and the Queen cannot imagine the willpower it takes to stay on guard in this place.

The place where silence weighs heavier than her heart.

The place where the isolation has only two solaces: the Silver Millennium family (their source of light and hope, after all) and the white wisps inviting onlookers into the deep sea of dark blue and fertile soil of Earth.

This is the place where light clouds of pink hues cover the storms and bends of time, where she stands at duty with her Garnet Rod (sometimes entertaining herself with its magic, flowers, surprises), where she must kill whoever trespasses into the roads of time, a violation of any law.

The Queen's voice was churning of pity and dripping with reluctance as she outlined the rules to her. The three Taboos.

She won't commit them, she decides.

After all, this is her duty: to stand at the guard alone, never to control time, never to travel it. With all her keys jingling against her waist, with all this power held in her hands in her talisman, she is never to use it unless in extreme purposes.

She is the goddess of time, the power and authority passed down from her father Chronos. She is Sailor Pluto.

And yet she is not the goddess of time, the controller and guardian of her powers.

This beautiful time and space; her longing to touch it, to travel through these shortcuts she has at her hands, to Earth, where her soul belongs and yearns to join with. But she cannot.

Is this destiny, too, then? That her power teases her, dangles the keys in front of her eyes, pops flowers and magic from her Garnet Rod, but never to let her use it? Is this a blessing or a curse?

And the boy. His soul, so rich; his eyes, such a dark blue of the sea, captivating and drowning her in its depths. She longs for him, this prince of Earth-what was it? Prince Endymion?


Endymion. She smiles. She will remember that name.

It's not breaking Taboo. Of course not.

It's observing.

Her Garnet Rod, she discovers, can be used to cross space and watch without leaving her place at the time door. In the Orb, she can see Endymion as both of them mature, grow taller and older. And she falls in love without ever leaving her station.

His eyes, his warrior's cloak and uniform, growing up with his Shitennou (she knows all their names by now: Kunzite, Zoisite, Nephrite, Jadeite), learning to lead his planet; his own soul, in effect. She admires him ardently, because it was Earth she fell in love with, and he embodies the planet brightly.

However, she feels he is no match for her own princess, as she observes her as well. Princess Serenity (though loud and childish at times) lifts souls into a breathtaking delight of hope. Happiness and joy are too different to be compared. What her Princess brings is joy and hope. What the Prince brings is happiness, a temporary oasis from the loneliness.

Soon, they all grow old, and her green hair is long and free, ranging down to the tops of her black boots. They are strong (at least, her and Endymion; the Princess, she is not sure, but eventually, her time will come; she can feel it in her bones), and she has beaten more than a few trespassers coming her way.

Her duty is acceptable, as long as watching from afar is enough right now. She is certain they are soulmates. The Earth is so far away from Pluto; but who is to say they are not kindred spirits?

But, she learns later, she did not pay attention.

If she had, perhaps it would have lessened the pain of eternal damnation.

She watches as they fall in love. As Princess Serenity travels freely to Earth (wreaking havoc among her four Guardians), as they lock eyes, as they fall deeply and irreparably for each other and eventually in each other's embraces, she watches.

At first, there's shock.

Then, there's ridicule.

Did she really think they would ever have a chance to see each other again? Did she ever truly entertain the thought of him falling in love with her, or ever speaking to her?

Stop dreaming.

This is her destiny.

To guard the door of time and halt any disruption of time and space and eliminate those who threaten the past, present, and future.

This, and only this, and nothing more.

No Endymion. No Earth.

She is never to leave her post.

He is never allowed here.

Since when was fate so cruel? Princess Serenity, in this way, is just like her: fascinated by the lovely planet of white, blue, green, brown; the colors of the white blending with the dark blue, swirling in a mass of inviting destruction; the blue, so dark, deep, drowning in its temptation; the crust of the rough Earth enticing her to grab on and filter the soil through her hands. They both fell in love with Earth and the man with its soul.

She envies such freedom. Somehow, she prays for it not to last, because she, too, has fallen irrevocably in love.

But then-she can look, can't she?


That's Taboo.


They broke their laws, did they not? Humans of the Earth and humans of the Moon...is that not Taboo for them?

She closes her eyes, denying this dark desire, this selfish yearning. This is not her destiny, her fate, her duty…

Oh, damn those words! She wants to scream out into the heavy silence, but she knows no one will hear her. No one ever does, ever will. So her fingers close around a key on her belt, feeling its cold metal and the roughness of the rigid edges. Her body moves to its own accord, to its own mind, and her conscience screams at her not to use it, it's Taboo; but this is her choice.

How unfair fate is, destiny's absence of equity, duty's lack of empathy.

She breaks the first Taboo. At the moment, there is no regret. For the first time, she sees her power at its work. For the first time, she sees.

The anger, adrenaline, and anticipation dies soon. The future is not what she wanted it to be.

She should not have seen this. No, this should not have been seen.

This future...this is not for them; no, her Prince and Princess deserve much more than this deception.

And like before, she watches.

As some deceptive gypsy lures the Shitennou away, as Endymion protests because of his soul's righteousness, as they rebel against the Moon Kingdom, as Endymion dies protecting Princess Serenity, and from her anguish, she drives a sword into her heart.

The bloodshed makes her stumble as she sees her fellow Guardians, bodies strewn across the marble palace steps, dead. Jupiter, succumbing from wounds to the knees and finally, the stomach, lying face down next to Mercury, slain from a slash to the abdomen. Mars and Venus are dead above them, blood seeping out from various wounds; too many to count and too much blood to trace the origins to which wounds.

Pluto drops to her knees, shaking as the scene changes.

The Queen, crying; deciding to seal Artemis and Luna away, telling them their mission and her plan. Using the last of her energy to restore Earth and send all of them there, hoping for a better life without restrictions for her daughter. Closing her eyes. Dying.

Death reeks on the Moon, a scent never introduced to its peaceful glow before. The last Guardian, Saturn, raising her Silence Glaive; producing a heavier, horrible silence than at her station.

She sees them, throughout Earth's ever shifting and yet repeating history; they try at forbidden love, but somehow one of them dies, and the other cannot live without the other. Somehow, they think it better to die than live in torturous conditions without the other. Sometimes, they are Romeo and Juliet; other times, they are Cleopatra and Antony.

She watches in anguish and remorse, as her Prince and her Princess fail and die over and over again in a sick pattern of reincarnation and fate's intervention. Her quivering hands cover her mouth from sobbing.

But then-a new image passes by. The 20th century; the end of it. And she watches, as they meet again and fall in love; but now, she is a soldier and the enemy-their old enemy, of deception and bloodshed, attacks. She sees the birth of Sailor Moon and their first awakening in thousands of years. She sees how the truth pines away at her, but now, instead of falling, she perseveres. Her Princess is now a soldier, not a child. She will go on.

She sees as the final battle approaches, and sacrifices are made, and Queen Metallia is at last defeated. Peace is achieved. Through her tears, Pluto is relieved.

The vision stops.

Pluto cries, sobs, collapses on the floor as any last bits of her joy and her jealousy dissipates.

Such violence, pain, horrid events in the future.

But there is one hope.

Sailor Moon.

There's be more soon. Hope you're intrigued.