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Lucy took a deep breath, mentally going over her plan. Slowlythe six year old opened the twin doors that lead to her father's study.

She wore a strapless hot pink dress with pale pink lace around the hem and a red rose. She also wore her blonde hair in a neat bun with pearls lacing the head band that matched. Usually the blonde would wear what her father called 'commoners clothing'. This included a plain dress that ended above the knees, a jacket and a belt with her celestial keys attached.

She hated the fancy clothing she was constantly forced to wear. The said dress was the only one she would ever agree to wear because it used to be her mother's favourite when she was her age.

"Father" exclaimed Lucy as she saw Jude Heartfilia at his desk with a mountain of papers surrounding him. "Why did you kill mother?" her words dripping with grief.

"How many times have I told you not to disturb me while I'mworking?!" Jude screamed, annoyance and hatred evident in his voice. Lucy couldn't help but cringe at the harsh words."Anyway I have arranged a marriage for you, it will be held as soon as you're legally old enough to marry"

"Why did you kill mother?" Lucy repeated, she chose to ignore the marriage comment. Her father has attempted to get her a fiancée since before her mother died. Despite this, herface showed fake confidence but her hands were shakingviolently behind her back out of sight.

"She was being annoying. Layla went against me and my decision about your marriage, so I got rid of the problem" his words were icy cold and laced with venom, they pierced Lucy's heart. Small streams of hot tears began running down her face.

She gulped letting the horror in her voice fade as pure anger consumed her "Why!? Why did you do such a horrible thing to mama! She trusted you and this is my life, I'll chose how I live it. I don't need a big house or piles of money to be happy! And I don't need you to keep deciding my decisions and destroying everything I hold dear" She burst out.

Now tears of rage were pouring down her face. Before she could open her mouth again, a screech of a chair echoed around the otherwise silent office. Lucy couldn't help let out asmall gasp, her hand covered her mouth to try and suppress it.

Her father would usually ignore her and send her away, never did he leave his desk…but there he was. She was pulled out of her thoughts as she hit the cold marble ground below her.

Pain shot through her cheek bone and right shoulder as she collided with the hard floor. Shock replacing the anger that was burning inside her.

Her father stood beside her. If glares could kill she'd be dead…just like her mother.

Her father was a powerful man both in wealth and business as well as magic. Her father used gravity magic and was one of the ten wizard saints along with her late mother long ago. All Lucy wanted was to surpass her father and prove that everything he believed was wrong!

"Get out of my sight, and enough of this ridiculous conversation!" Jude voice raising in volume. That was the last thing Lucy remembered before everything went black.

When Lucy awoke, the sun was already lowering behind the mountains. Her head was throbbing but she didn't have a clue why. Suddenly all her memories of the last couple of hours came pouring back.

She always knew her father was cruel and abusive towards her but he always refused to use magic saying that wizards were pathetic beings and refused to use magic ever again.

Tears started to flow down the young girls face once again. She let her bangs fall over her honey brown eyes that were now red and swollen. She had to get away…she just had to no matter the cost.

She got changed into a plain navy denim dress, with sneakers and quickly packing her things, she stuffed them into a light pink fairy shaped backpack that her mother made for herwhen she was still alive and ran.

The small girl that was barely six ran as fast as her legs could carry her. She stowaway on trains and buses. She didn't know where she was going but she didn't care as long as she was far away from her father.

When she finally thought she was far enough away, the girl allowed her knees to collapse beneath her inhaling deep breaths. She was exhausted. In the mansion she wasn't allowed outside so she didn't know her way around and wasn't very fit.

Finally catching her breath she looked around her new surroundings. She was in the middle of a forest with mountains far into the distance. The thousand year old trees towered above Lucy's head, swaying in the breeze. The sky was barely visible because of all the branches but the little that could be seen was a dazzling blue.

Lucy wondered around the new environment intrigued in all the new sights and sounds. The smile plastered on Lucy's face never faltered.

She danced and sang around the tree trunks generally laughing for the first time in years, since her mother died. The only thing that would make the blonde happier would be to have someone to share it with…a friend.

Jude was furious when he found his daughter missing a week later.

"THAT BRAT!" he was furious, the last connection he had of Layla was gone. He knew he shouldn't have locked Lucy out from the outside world, but he couldn't afford to lose her like he did her brother. He couldn't afford to tell that her mother was murdered by one of the staff.

He had already sent 50 guards to search the town, mansion and anywhere she might be. He wouldn't admit it but he was worried.

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