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A small lightbulb hanged by a sting in the middle of the room but did little to scare away the darkness. Lucy's eyes quickly adjusted to the lighting thanks to her enhanced senses. The wooden floor was scattered with papers and disregarded furniture.

At the back of the room a large wooden desk stood towering over Lucy's head. Walking towards the desk she covered all emotions. It was more a habit than anything else from the days her father taught her to hide weakness. Pulling herself onto the desk, she stared cross-legged at the man with fiery red eyes and a head like a potato who sat in front of her. The strange man quickly rested his elbows on the table and interlocked in fingers. A position that reminded Lucy too much of her father.

"What's your name child?" his voice was surprisingly soft compared to his large build. "Do you have any family? Relatives?" He continued to question as Lucy remained silent thinking over her answers.

She wore the same denim dress she ran away from home in, her feet bare and scratched. Her dress was torn and stained with blood and dirt while her shoes were discarded in the cave when she outgrew them months ago. She never missed the fancy dresses in the mansion or the fancy food. She liked her life with the Dragons. Her magic grew and she learnt to control the massive amount of power inside her. The power that wasn't even supposed to be there.

After her rampage when she first met the dragon council Grandine looked over her and learnt that her tremendous power was from her already large magical container and her father not only unlocking her second origin, he also implanted a dragon slayer lacrima inside her. She didn't want to go back to her cruel father that experimented with her magical potential without her realising.

"Child do you have any family?" he questioned her once again, breaking her out of her train of thoughts.

Narrowing her eyes she glared "My name is Lucy. I'm not a child and my father is a cruel man, I will not go back to that life" she stated strongly, leaving no room for the man to disagree.

"What about siblings?" he continued to question, unfazed by the strong willed girl in front of him. The question stirred something in Lucy's memories. A single tear falling broke the mask she put up. How could she forget? A lot happened after her mother's death but to forget something so important. It broke her already shattered heart.

Memories of a blonde boy playing with her and her treasured doll Michele brought more tears to her eyes. He was her only friend. Her brother. Back before her mother died, when they were a happy family, before her father drove him out. Just like he drove her out.

"I do…and I will find him" she stated, surprise and pain etched in her voice as she wiped away her tears.

After discussing her brother with the guild master, she quickly jumped off the desk hurrying to get outside to find her bag and collect supplies from the guild so she could start her journey. She was buzzing with anticipation that she didn't notice the whisper that escaped the knowledgeable man's lips.

"I'm glad you didn't stay here. You have seen more than your fair share of death"

Lucy quickly weaved through the trees, following the directions of Ikuraga to where she found them. Arriving at her destination she dug her feet into the snow, stopping in her tracks with wide eyes at the sight before her. Dried blood was splattered everywhere, dead bodies lay scattered with multiple wounds to their bodies and their eyes rolled to their back of their head.

'Did I really do this?' Lucy thought to herself in horror, bile rising in her thought as the image was imprinted in her memory, against her will. 'Don't lie to yourself. They deserved everything they got and you enjoyed every second of it' a thought cruelly chuckled back at her. Clutching at her head Lucy fell to her knees' in the snow.

"No, it wasn't me. It wasn't my fault" Lucy whispered, rocking back and forth in terror.

'Watching their last breath leave their lungs, the thrill of the kill. You loved it all and crave more.' The voice in her head continued to taunt her.

"Go away! I didn't do it! It was you! You did it!" Lucy yelled clutching at the dragon scales around her neck.

'Maybe so but I am you…' The voice echoed before fading, disappearing in the wind.

Quickly getting up after realising the voice wasn't coming back, Lucy brushed the snow of her pants and ran to the cave. Her eyes clamped shut to stop the tears as she ran the rest of the way, relying on her other senses so she didn't have to look at the corpses littering the ground.

Only when she was deep in the cave did she give herself the luxury of sight. She quickly found her backpack, slinging it over her shoulder as she ran out of the cave. Snow had starting falling once more as she ploughed her way through the sea of white, eyes shut tight.

Her fingers and toes were numb by the time she reached the guild. Snowflakes that had decorated her hair fell to the ground by her violent shaking, as her teeth shattered quietly.

"Lucy!" Ikugara shouted, voice laced with worry. Bringing her inside the guild, warmed by the fireplace. Ikuraga's eyes locked onto the fairy hanging off Lucy's shoulder, mouth gaping slightly at the pink object.

"Lucy, where did you get that?" She questioned the blonde girl, grabbing the backpack from her.

"My mother made it for me. Now give it back!" Lucy barked, jumping to try to reach the pink fabric object held high above Ikugara's head.

"Lucy this is the mark of the fairy tail guild! This a clue, maybe your mother told your brother about it" Lucy's eye's widened at the idea provided by the older pink headed girl in front of her.

Quickly, with the help of Ikuraga, Lucy grabbed medicine, food, water and other supplies the guild master allowed her to take. He was kind enough to also give her one of his snow jackets that dragged along the floor as she walked but kept her warm and covered her torn dress as well as a map to 'fairy tail'.

Lucy waved goodbye to her new friends that desperately tried to make wait for the snow to stop. She was too eager to find her brother to wait for the raging winds and heavy snow fall to stop their battle. She had to keep moving, otherwise the tears would start again, the memories of death would fill her head, and the pain would never stop.

A small hopeful smile tugged at Lucy's lips "I'm coming, please wait for me…Laxus."

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