The scenery was a patch of hazy red sky.

"What a short life." With young and tender thoughts, he gave up on everything.

His vision was steadily fading, as though announcing to him, who could not even move one finger, that he was going to fade away.

He was not afraid of death. For someone his tender age, he did not even have the awareness to feel fear.

When it comes to life span, his clan was not a short lived kind. In fact, his parent also lived for a thousand years or so.

However, in the mad typhoon of violence, there was no meaning to having a long life.

Crimson, crimson, crimson, as everything was dyed red, causing the originally crimson world to become even redder, and he was going to be swallowed up by that red color.

Even if there was no fear and no sorrow, there was only one thing he felt regarding this fate-


A deep regret.

The soul currently residing in his own body, did it exist for the sake of being trampled to death by others?

Was it possible that all of his clan members lived till today, this moment, in order to die an unnatural death?

He had just become aware of 'himself', had just grown to be able to remember everything which 'he' had gone through, this life, just like the clouds breaking up in the sky, just like the wind which has stopped blowing, just like the sandstone which was currently absorbing his own blood, was going to fade away worthlessly and naturally.

Why did his soul had to descend upon this kind of place?

If the repeated birth and fading of a meaningless soul is the natural principle, then why must something like a soul inhabit his own body.

The red sky gradually dimmed.

Unlike the bright crimson blood dripping on the red earth, a transparent and mysterious thing reflected within his eyes.

In this instant, regardless of the red sky, red earth, red wind or the near dying body dyed red by him, something which was enough to push away everything controlled his soul.

The infinitely extending black sky currently had countless light spots shining in it.

Besides that, there were two particularly large round objects hanging there.

That place seems to be a place where many souls were gathered. Perhaps he will also head towards that place next.

That thing had colours which could calm others down and a charm which was difficult to describe.

That colour greatly surpassed everything which dyed him red and attracted him at the same time.

But he, who could not move his body or soul, could not stretch his hand out towards it at all. Even though the place which could allow his body and soul to rest looked so reachable.

That light which floated in the sky started to turn blur once again.

"…Sigh, but, it might not be all good things there you know? I think that in this world, there is no other term which is more suspicious than 'Utopia'.

The scene in front of his eyes quickly turned back to red.

Even though his whole body hurt and his consciousness started fading, he still heard it clearly.

"Even though things can change easily because of different opinions, but I actually feel that the red here is very pretty."

"…but…red, is scary."

"Oh? Scary, scary huh! How surprising. Even though this is the first time I've seen a demon who can cry, I never thought there will be a demon who cries and says that the colour which covers most of the Demon World is scary."

Since a voice was heard, that means someone was staying by his side. Even though he was going to die, lying defenseless on the ground still caused him to feel afraid.

Since he felt fear, it meant that his heart still wanted to live on, which meant his heart still hoped that his life could carry on.

With his blurred sight, he kept looking for the figure of the 'enemy', but unexpectedly, the strange 'someone' who was staring at him stood up.

That person's build wasn't much different from the young him, no, perhaps even thinner than him.

The 'enemy' whose appearance he never seen, smiled slightly and said,

"Do you want to know what the colour you saw just now was?"

Faced with the "enemy's" question, he was unsure why but he nodded without hesitation.

At least his soul had returned sufficiently for him to nod.

Afterwards, the "enemy's" hair, emitted a colour that was very close to the colour he wanted to know.

"This means you want to understand the world. As well as understand the other side of the red that you are so afraid of."

In a short moment, he was enveloped by a weak glow and he felt the the pain in his body start to fade.

"What is your name?"


Even though it was a very common name, the "enemy" still nodded in an exaggerated manner.

"What a good name."

Was it? It was the same name as the Great King who ruled over these lands a long time ago. It's such a waste to use it on a dying child from a weak clan, it did the name no justice.

"Later, I will pass to you the knowledge needed to understand the world. This is to let you experience beauty among this blood red violence."

After the person finished speaking, she broke into a smile and this was deeply burnt into his soul.

"The colour you saw is called…"

Vol 6 Chapter 1: The Demon King, returns to the workplace

From the outer appearance alone, it gave the impression that no huge changes were made.

But that was to be expected, even in a large scale renovations, there is no way they can carry out extreme remodelling on the building that was rented to them.

Even the outer walls which had nothing to do with the store were not repainted, and after seeing the year recorded on the building plaque, it was more difficult to hide that fact that the building was more than twenty years old.

"You have a look of disappointment on your face."

His superior had a large shoulder bag full of documents and so on hanging off her shoulder and she said that, smiling fearlessly with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

"Uh, yeah. Didn't we specially take a break just to renovate different facilities? If that were the case, the outside should look newer, I think."

Maou Sadao asked while parking his precious steed – the bicycle Dullahan II – at the employees' parking space like he usually does.

The Hatagaya McRonalds where he works is due to be reopened the following day.

At the current moment, the scaffolding and the netting have already been removed, and the new design of the signboard representing the new business direction which was one of the reasons for the renovation has been completed. Yet other than the fact that the shop was spreading out the glow of newness, the impression it gave is that there were no extreme changes.

But when one looks at it, the signboard which was the very image of this business gives off a very dull feeling. This is because of the location, the outside of the shop is unable to excape the effects of the dust in the atmosphere and ultraviolet rays, causing the sign to age and fade.

Just based on this point, it was obvious that the red of the new signboard is more vibrant and it gives off the atmosphere of a spanking new decoration.

Because the large window facing the road still has a protective plastic layer over it, there was no way to see the interior of the store clearly. But since the window frame and the location of the automatic door is the same as before, the interior decorations shouldn't have changed much at all.

From the fact that the location of the kitchen and the entrance used by customers remained unchanged, it shows that the movements of the customers will not change too much, it can also be seen that the interior structure with the seating arrangements as the main factor did not change as well.

"About that, for the details, you can comment about them after you finished looking at everything."

Maou's superior-Shop Manager Kisaki Mayumi confidentally squatted in front of the automatic door, and opened the door on the lock. It looks like even the location of the lock didn't change.

"Wait for me a bit, alright. If a special key isn't used to disengage the security company's security feature within 40 seconds of opening the door, an alarm will sound automatically. Uh~which one is it…this one?"

After Kisaki opened the door, she manually opened the automatic door which was not powered on and while mumbling uneasily, she pulled out a group of keys from her shoulder bag, walking into the darkened store, Maou also followed and stepped into the store.

Deep within the store, the continuous electronic sounds of the activation of the alarm equipment could be heard.

The heat of the summer had not dissipated at all, and Maou, who felt frustrated because of the heat quietly waited for that instant.

About 30 seconds later.


The lights of the store sudden turned on.

It was a light which Maou had never experienced in his daily life.

It was different from the fluorescent lights he was used to. Maou, who looked up towards the ceiling, realised that countless small lights, which resembled tiny lightbulbs, but produced a strong glow, were installed on it.

Even though every light source produced glaring strong light, but through the intersecting white light and orange lights, the illumination produced warmly and brightly lit up the whole store.

"This, is this the legendary LED illumination!"

Maou said this in surprise.

After that, all the furnishings which were lit up showed huge changes which could not be compared to before.

The synthetic leather sofas whose colour had faded with time in the past, had all been changed into a solid brown colour with a high quality leather feel.

The spinning chairs which would squeak once they knocked against the floor and was difficult to arrange, were also changed such that they were secured to the wall and had higher seating pads.

The colour of the wall which was difficult to judge if it was pink or skin toned, and became a mysterious colour with the passing of time, was also changed with yellow brick with warm flower patterns, matching with the lights and furnishings.

"So, do you still feel that your expectations were not met with this?"

Kisaki walked out from inside while spinning the keys, and Maou shook his head vigorously.

"Even though the facilities in the kitchen also changed their model, but the operation is almost the same as the old models. For the griddle, it finally changed to a triple grill surface, with this, it would be more relaxed during peak period."

"That's really great!"

Maou widened his eyes in surprise.

MgRonald's hamburger is made from the bread part known as round bread and a meat part known as a meat patty, besides that the ingredients also can be separated into cheese, vegetables and sauce.

The griddle is an industrial grade metal plate which can grill both sides of the meat patty-the common name for shell style double sided griddle, even though the small scale of the store in one of the reasons, but until today, the griddle within the store only had two grilling surfaces.

As the texture and taste of the fish based and meat based patties are different for grilled types, and special sauces might even be used depending on the situation, so after making these orders, in order to prevent these tastes from mixing together, the grill needs to be cleaned first.

When facing this situation during peak periods, situations known as 'backlog orders', also known as 'having to make customers wait for longer than what is needed', and would even cause a obstacle to the smoothness of business operation within the store.

Even the presence or lack thereof of one grlling surface was enough to cause a huge difference to the work time and pressure felt.

"The washing counter seems to have become wider as well?"

"The taps have been changed to automatic."


Maou exclaimed with feeling.

Basically, for Maou, an opening which drinkable water can immediately flow from when turned, and even the existence of taps itself, was a huge cultural shock he experienced when he came to Japan.

Forget about the five large continents of Ente Isla, even in the Demon World, there isn't any running water which is connected to various familes and can be turned on and off at will. Basically the water channels in the Demon World, from the water source to the underground water channels, referred to the facilities within the irrigation system, and only very few exits can be opened and closed freely with demonic magic.

Maou, who felt moved just by turning a tap, ever since he came to Japan and entered a public toilet for the first time and saw facilities for automatic water dispensing, was greatly surprised just by the removal of the need to turn the tap.

But right now, he already knew that the tap which has been touched before by unspecified people was actually more unhygienic than imagined, and added to the fact that MgRonalds has a rule where everyone has to wash their hands every hour, this automatic tap can be said to be a very important existence.

"It feels like improvements have been made in various areas!"

Kisaki, with a gaze filled with kindness, watched Maou who was sparkling as he stood in front of all the new equipment.

"Sometimes I feel that Maa-kun is really simple minded in some strange areas."


"No, it's nothing. By the way, number ten is in that corner. Together with the second floor, there are three of them."

Number ten is the code for the toilet.

Maou, who was prompted to walk into the toilet, hesitated a little.

"What's wrong?"

"Uh, that…something seems to be missing, did it become smaller?"

Even though there was a western style toilet bowl inside the toilet, but it was a bit different from what Maou knew about toilet bowls.

"Yep, that is the newest bidet toilet with warming seats and it doesn't need a water canister. As well as this."

Kisaki pointed to a panel that had many kinds of remote switches.

"You have to use that button to open the lid."


At this moment, even Maou was shocked. Even if he could accept the existence of automated taps, but why is there a need to purposely use a remote method to lift the lid right in front of you.

Perhaps Kisaki felt that Maou's reactions were amusing and she continued to say:

"By the way, if it was a guy going to do his business, he needs to use this button to lift the seat as well."

"…Then, the 'small' and 'big' buttons here are…"

"That's right, these are used for flushing."

Under Kisaki's prompting, Maou pressed the 'small' button, after that an amount of water with smaller flow than imagined washed the interior of the toilet bowl.

"If, if the toilet bowl at our house has this function, we might save a little on the water bills…"

Villa Rosa, Sasazuka, where the Demon Fortress is situated, is a sixty year old wooden apartment which is only a five minute walk from Sasazuka Station, and basically, the flushing handle of the Japanese style toilet did not differentiate between big and small business.

Even though flushing out smaller amounts of water during small business will damage the water tank, but even so, flushing at full power every time is really bad for the heart.

"…Erhm, is this design considered normal in this modern age?"

Maou temporarily put aside these household issues and asked Kisaki,

"Uh, even though the rather old standards at my home can't be taken as the standard, but for most public toilets, don't they come with a silver flush handle? With the design changed to this, wouldn't the older customers not know how to use it?"

"…I see, it is possible. At the start, it would be best to stick some instructions inside."

Kisaki nodded in agreement.

"Alright, the renovated portions until know can only be considered an opening act. The main point is the newly added and opened second floor."


They couldn't keep standing around and just talk about the toilet, so Kisaki brought Maou to the stairs situated next to the cashier counter.

"What comes next should also be new territory for you, a whole new battlefield to challenge our ability. Other than me, you are the first employee of the branch in front of Hatagaya station to step on the second floor, you should remember this well."

Maou sucked in a breath and followed Kisaki.

The two people grabbed onto the staircase railing, going up the stairs with the same colour as the tiled floors one step at a time and reached the second floor…

To the Demon King Satan who disguised as a human Maou Sadao in the foreign world Japan and depended on a salary to live, the way of living in early August was something he was not used to at all.

After ending the work at the beach house located in Choshi, Maou and the others faced another new and worrying factor.

That is signs of unstability started to appear in the situation of Ente Isla, and a separatist force from Ente Isla started to extend demonic hand towards Japan with solid action.

Taking the opportunity that these demons, Maou Sadao, Ashiya Shirou and Urushihara Hanzo have drifted to the foreign world Japan and were not in the Demon World, their ex-subordinates tried to control the Demon World on their own and rebel against the demon world entity built by Satan, creating an organization known as 'New Demon Army' causing the three people to increase their guard.

On the other hand, the human forces of Ente Isla-Hero Emilia a.k.a Yusa Emi, and the Inquistor Crestia Bell a.k.a Kamazuki Suzuno also chased after Maou and the others and came to Japan.

However, those two who should have the important mission of eradicating the Demon King, because the Hero's holy weapon had merged with Alas=Ramus, who saw the Demon King as a father, they were unable to immediately decide how to deal with the Demon King because of the family issues which were caused from this.

The two of them worried that Maou and the others would be kidnapped by the new Demon Army and pushed to be the leader because the problem was solved, causing the true Demon Army to be revived in Ente Isla.

Therefore the Hero and the Inquisitor had no choice but to give protection to the Demon King living a normal daily life in Japan to prevent the Demon King from being taken away.

During this time when the already complicated relationship between the Demon King and the Hero became more complicated, the angels from Heaven caused the situation to become even more complicated once again.

In the plan they carried out in a place which is completely unrelated to Maou and Emi, they actually involved the only high school girl who knew about Ente Isla, and the Demon King and the Hero in the whole of Japan-Sasaki Chiho into the situation.

Not only was Chiho poisoned by magic because of the angels' plan, she even got admitted to hospital because of this. For Maou and Emi, who were greatly angered by this, they decided to coorperate with each other on their own will and took action for the sake of preventing the angels from affecting Japan any further.

However, unexpectedly, during the process, it was discovered that Emi's father, who should have been killed by the Demon Army, is still alive.

Not only that, after seeing Chiho borrowing a mysterious person's power and actively taking action to push back the angel Raguel with their own eyes, Maou and Emi discovered that a will unknown to them or the angels is working in the shadows.

Even if Chiho smoothly recovered her health, but the situation Maou and Emi were involved it still became more and more complicated, and with this, the seasons came to the point where the hot summer air covering Japan started to show some signs of autumn, the late August after the Obon festival.

Ignoring the stormy situation from the foreign world, the MgRonalds in front of Hatagaya station where Maou Sadao works at, would reopen tomorrow…

"How should I say this, rather than saying that it no longer resembles Mags in a good way, it would be better to say that the whole space has become more refined without spoiling the casual standards of Mags!"

Even before noon, the sun had already mercilessly applied pressure, wearing a white T-shirt, work gloves and tying a towel on his head, Maou said this loudly.

"Because the road in front of the station can be seen, even though it's only the second floor, the view is still very good. In order to prevent the sunlight from being too warm, even curtains were installed, I really look forward to working here from now on!"

"Maou-san is so cunning, actually taking a tour on your own!"

The one who expressed dissatisfaction with Maou's excited discussion was Sasaki Chiho, wearing work gloves like Maou, a wide brimmed hat and sports attire.

"Oh my, Chi-chan is going to start shift work immediately anyway right?"

"It's right! But it still feels very cunning!"

As Chiho was an employee at the MgRonalds in front of Hatagaya station like Maou, she was obviously concerned with how the store was renovated.

"Also, it's called MdCafe right? Is it any different from the normal MgRonalds?"

Maou's trusted subordinate, Demon General Alsiel a.k.a Ashiya Shirou, asked this while using a T-shirt to wipe the large amount of sweat flowing from his head to his chin. Like Maou, he was wearing work gloves and tied a towel on his head.

"Hm, since it's called MdCafe, there will definitely be many times of coffee! Like Café au lait, Latte or Espresso can be ordered! Previously, there was only one type, white gold roasted coffee. The other food like menu items have also added hotdogs and pastries, café like food!"

Maou said this excitedly like he was really looking forward to the work in future.

"Alsiel, don't show your stomatch in front of Chiho-dono who came to help, it's unsightly! Demon King should just stop talking and start working!"

[Image of Chiho pouting and gardening]

The neighbour inquisitor Crestia Bell a.k.a Kamazuki Suzuno spoke and chided the two people.

She tied the sleeves of the kimono she wore normally and tied a handkerchief on her head, in her hands which had work gloves on was a broom almost as tall as her.

The four people were currently in the backyard of the apartment Villa Rosa Sasazuka where the Demon Fortress was situated.

As various cicadas frequently flew to the evergreen tree within the compound, so surrounded by the noisy cicada calls outdoors, they would need to talk very loudly in order to hear each other's voices.

"Alright alright!"

"My, my apologies!"

Maou quickly returned back to work, while Ashiya rearranged his clothes with a red face and apologized to Chiho for his careless actions.

"It, it's fine…I'm not bothered at all…"

Chiho, who blushed slightly, seemed to suddenly think of something and asked Maou,

"Then again…Café au lait and Latte, what is the difference?"

Maou, who was feeling excited, let out an airheaded sound,


Maou raised his head like he was searching his memories and paused in his actions.

"That, Café au lait has milk added, and for Latte, milk is added…eh? Even though both of them have milk added, but I remember that Latte added milk bubbles…ohh?"

"Simply put, both types are coffee milk right? Rather than thinking now, wouldn't it be better to move your hands!"

"Coffee milk…wrong, if it's like that, then it won't resemble a café anymore, it's not a bath house…ah~I want to take a bath…"

Maou, who grew frantic because of Suzuno's rebuke, started to feel concerned about himself sweating heavily, and decided to go to the bath house after the work was done.

Maou, Ashiya, Suzuno and Chiho were currently cleaning up the backyard of Villa Rosa Sasazuka.

Originally, cleaning the apartment's surroundings was not the job the tenants Maou and Suzuno, and as for Chiho, who didn't even live there, she was even more unrelated.

However, if there was payment, it was another issue.

As usual, the job this time was also because of the letter sent by the landlady who became more mysterious because of the existence of a mysterious relative.

In order to fix the huge hole caused by other people in the wall of the Demon Fortress, the landlady used her authority to request the tenants to temporarily move out of Villa Rosa Sasazuka. Even though the notice specified that the rent for the few days which they could not live there would be deducted, but in reality, Maou and the others and Suzuno only left the apartment for around four days.

Originally, it would be alright to just take away those four days of rent, but the landlady Miki, even though she had an abnormal appearance, relatives and mysteries, she was strangely honest in strange aspects.

"Even though it was a job requested by my side, but the promise was broken because of my niece's personal issues, I am really apologetic about this."

Simply put, she wanted to apologise for the shortened work time for everyone at the beach house 'Ooguroya'.

In addition, as a replacement, she hopes that Maou and the others could clean up the Villa Rosa Sasazuka backyard which could not be done during the summer, and from this, increase the rental waiver to complement the decreased payment.

According to the contents of the letter, as long as they are willing to help with the cleaning, the rent for August can be reduced by 15,000 yen to 30,000 yen. With regards to this content, Maou and Ashiya naturally raised their hands in approval without any conditions.

After all, just the income at the beach house had already caused them to fall short of their original target income, and a few days ago, they spent a large amount of money on the television.

Even though Maou had already supplemented the shortfall, but since they would be able to reduce their rent, there was definitely no reason to reject it.

However for the inhabitant in the other room, Suzuno, even though she had no interest in the reduction of rent-

"Cleaning the surroundings around the home originally should be the job of us inhabitants."

But she still accepted this job after saying this sentence.

Since this is an issue with money involved, Maou and Suzuno still visited the housing agent as representatives to the rooms to accept the job, and the work day was set as the day before Maou returned to MgRonalds, which was today.

However, strangely, on the day itself, someone who should be a tenant is missing, and conversely Chiho, would isn't even a tenant, was pulling grass and picking up stones with Maou and the others, energetically cleaning the surroundings.

The backyard, which would only be paid attention to when parking the bicycle, perhaps because of the long term neglect, not only have the weeds flourished till they grew to the height of Maou's knee, once the grass is parted, the interior side of the wall facing the road is also covered in PET bottles and empty cans which should have been thrown from outside.

Just as Ashiya tied up the garbage bag filled with these things-

"Café au lait is a French word, while Latte is Italian. The broad meaning for these two is 'coffee millk', regardless of which type, it is half coffee and half milk, but normally, the coffee used for the base of Latte is Espresso!"

Maou turned his head because someone answered his question from the chat under the sun from a completely urelated direction.

"If you want to boast that you're working in a café, at least prepare until you can immediately answer these standards of questions, right?"

The person over there, frowning because of the swealtering hot weather and looking at the four people was Hero Emilia a.k.a Yusa Emi, and-


Being carried in Emi's arms, who unaffectedly smiled even under the heat which would intimidate adults, was the young girl, Alas=Ramus.

"Ah, Alas=Ramus!"

Maou walked towards Emi and Alas=Ramus, who were sheltering from the sun rays under the tree where the colony of cicadas were, however-

"Hey! Alas=Ramus just got new clothes, don't cause her to get dirty!"

Once Emi saw Maou wearing dirt covered work gloves and a wet T-shirt because of all the sweat, she frantically put some distance between him and Alas=Ramus.

"Ohh, sorry, sorry."

Maou, who extremely adored Alas=Ramus, who saw him as "Papa", honestly backed off upon Emi's reminder.

"Yusa-san, hello!"

"Emilia, my apologies, is it time already?"

Chiho and Suzuno greeted Emi respectively, Emi also raised her hand and replied,

"Not yet, I just came a little earlier…but, why is Chiho pulling grass?"

Emi enquired in a loud voice not losing to the calls of the cicadas and glared at Maou and Ashiya.

"Even though I'm not to clear about the situation, but aren't you guys too reliant on Chiho recently? Why is one person missing? Don't tell me he went to slack off after letting Chiho help?"

Obviously, the person Emi mentioned, was another inhabitant of the Demon Fortress Fallen Angel Lucifer a.k.a Urushihara Hanzo.

With regards to Urushihara who normally lived a lazy life and did not hide his NEET personality, thinking that he is slacking because he is not present is normal behavior, however-

"From an objective standpoint, Lucifer definitely cannot be considered to be slacking."

Unexpectedly, the person who replied with a strict voice is not Maou or Ashiya, but Suzuno.

"It's just that he is of no use."


"Urushihara-san got heat stroke."

Noticing Suzuno's tone, Chiho said this with a wry smile.

"That guy, not even 30 minutes after he started working, collapsed. Because it's troublesome if he died, I let him go back to the room to get blown by the electric fan and get some rest."

Ashiya answered with a similar displeased tone and looked towards the window of the Demon Fortress on the second floor.

Even though Emi followed Ashiya to look towards the second floor, but for the fallen angel who almost ruined a whole continent to be so useless to collapse from heat stroke, she could only feel stunned.

"But even then, you shouldn't let Chiho help."

"Ah, I'm alright with it."

Chiho, whose face was red from the heat, replied with a wave of her hand.

"I came to help voluntarily, also…"

While speaking, Chiho peeked at Suzuno's face.

"With just this small thing, it's not enough as a repayment at all." "Repayment?"

Maou and Ashiya were confused because of the term which did not fit the current situation.

"About this, did Emi and Chi-chan come for something today? Uh, even though I'm thankful that Chi-chan could come and help."

Chiho seemed to arrive at the same time Maou reached home. From how she prepared the hat and work gloves beforehand, she should have heard about today from Suzuno.

Now since even Emi came, it really made Maou feel suspicious. ""…""

However, Emi and Suzuno looked at each other with complex expressions and did not say anything. "Now…it's still a secret!"

As for Chiho, she replied in this manner. "It a secret. Shh~"

It wasn't known how much Alas=Ramus actually knew.

"Alright! Letting Yusa-san and Alas=Ramus-chan wait isn't good, I'm going to do my best!"

Chiho, who forcefully ended the topic, picked up the other broom propped up against the wall, and started to flatten the soil which turned bumpy after the grass was pulled out.

Even though Maou looked towards Chiho, more doubtful than before-

"Hey, Demon King! Alsiel!"

But he still regained his wits with Suzuno's scolding and with Ashiya, slowly participated in the cleaning up activity.

In short, in the backyard of the apartment in the corner of the town, an inquisitor, high school girl, Demon King and Demon General were pulling out grass together under the sun.

Emi, who watched this scene in the shade of the tree-



With a volume such that the baby in her arms couldn't hear, she spoke to herself amongst the calls of the cicadas, "If I could just directly take the chance now and attack him from behind, who knows how easy it would be…sigh."

Her sights were focused on that back which wore a white T-shirt, which had completely changed colour due to the sweat and dirt.

"I didn't expect that there would be a bath house here. Even though it is so close to home, I didn't know about it at all."

Chiho looked at that building and said in awe.

About ten minutes walk away from Villa Rosa Sasazuka was a bath house which the inhabitants of the Demon Fortress go frequently, Sasa no Yu.

Even though it looks like a normal multi-tenant commercial building from the outside, not only was the nostalgic classic bath scenery preserved within, even the wall mural of Mount Fuji is still present.

On the other hand, there were also many types of bathing pools here, and other things like providing value of money return coupons, the mixed gender rest and waiting room with milk vending machines installed in front of the counter, as well as the selling of original products including soap and other special characteristics, showed signs of the strong businessman personality of the business owner for attracting new customers.

"The business hours here is very long, not only do they open very early in the morning, even when working until the last shift at night, one can still barely make it."

Maou, who changed into a shirt from this plucking grass attire, explained as he carried his bathing items.

"Not only does Sasa no Yu have different types of bathing pools, there are also standing shower cubicles, so it's very suitable for today's Chiho-dono. As Chiho-dono came to help with cleaning up, of course, I will pay for her portion."

For unknown reasons, Suzuno said this with a gratified look on her face.

"Why do you need to specially emphasise 'today's Chi-chan' and 'shower'?"

From Suzuno's roundabout way of speaking, Maou sensed something wasn't right and therefore asked this.

"Alright alright, there's no need to care about it so much, let's go in quickly."

"Bath, play water!"

However, Emi forcefully interrupted from behind, pushing Chiho and Suzuno into the female bath.

Eve though Maou did not particularly mind Emi joining in when she came over in the middle of cleaning, but the problem is that Emi had nonchalantly prepared to go to the bath house.

Other than Emi's commonly used shoulder bag, she even brought a plastic bag containing Alas=Ramus's towel and change of clothes. From this, it can be seen that Emi and Alas=Ramus were prepared to enter the bath house together.

Since Chiho and Suzuno had already predicted that Emi would come during the cleaning, perhaps these few females had originally planned to go out together.

But enquiring about this would be too insensitive.

"Hey, Urushihara, we're here already. Stand properly, you always trouble others sheesh…"

"Ah…I still feel dizzy."

Urushihara, whose heat stroke symptoms have already abated slightly, was currently shakily following behind the group with Ashiya's support.

Even though Urushihara barely did any work, but it will still be troubling if he died in the room when everyone went bathing. As long as he replenished fluids and take a cold bath, he should be able to recover.

"Sigh, I don't know what all of you are planning, but remember to act within reason."

Just as Maou reminded Emi and the rest, he was planning to take out the return coupon from his own bathing items-

"You're really relaxed."

He heard Emi mumble this.

Maou turned back on reflex, but the person who spoke acted as if he didn't hear at all, and did not even look in his direction.

"Isn't Papa bathing together?"

On the other hand, no one knew what was up with Alas=Ramus, she actually looked over Emi's shoulder and gave Maou an enthusiastic gaze.



To this, Emi and Maou let out confused noises at the same time. "Papa and Mama, are going to different bathrooms?"


This question which can be said to be too innocent even for an innocent question, caused everyone present to freeze.

"Uh, that, Alas=Ramus. Alas=Ramus must be with Mama and the other girls…"

Maou, who finally was the one who recovered first, answered with a stiff smile and soft voice. "Yeah! Papa as well!"

But Alas=Ramus still wouldn't give up.

"That, that is, Alas=Ramus-chan, Papa and Mama can't bath together, okay?" Chiho tried to dissuade in Emi's place, who was frozen in place.

"But, when I'm here, I bathed together with Papa! Alsiel and Lucifer were there as well!" Alas=Ramus stubbornly refused to back down.

"Alas=Ramus, adult men and women need to go to different bath rooms. Don't cause trouble to Papa and Mama, alright."

Even though Suzuno also tried to persuade and guide, but Alas=Ramus still pouted and mumbled, "Bathe…together with Papa…"

And she even had her head bowed and it looked like she might start crying any moment. "…Did you bring Alas=Ramus here before?"

Emi finally opened her mouth and asked Maou this.

"Yeah, when Alas=Ramus was still staying with us…because here, we can choose between warm or hot water."

Before merging with Emi's holy sword, in the short period when Alas=Ramus lived in the Demon Fortress, Maou and the others had brought her to Sasa no Yu before.

Even though Maou was the one who brought her along, but when work became busy, Ashiya will be asked to do so instead. Because they also occasionally asked Suzuno, so Alas=Ramus should have an impression of the men and women's baths.

"Alas=Ramus-chan should want to bathe with Maou-san after a long time right?"

Chiho looked towards Alas=Ramus who prused her lips with eyes which were becoming moist, and Emi also sighed due to this.

"Is that so?"


Alas=Ramus rubbed her eyes and nodded.

"Ne, Alas=Ramus."

"Together…with Papa."

Maou used an even tone to stop the girl's tears, which were threatening to spill.

"Do you normally bathe with Mama?"


"Is that so, then today, try to tolerate not bathing with Mama, and switch to bathing with Papa."

"Together with Papa?"


In order to meet Alas=Ramus's eyes, Maou knelt down, as for Emi, she watched this scene silently with a frown.

"After moving to Mama's house, did you learn to wash your body by yourself?"

"Uu…un. I can wash on my own too."

"I see, that's amazing. Then how about washing your hair?"

"I don't know."

The girl replied honestly, Alas=Ramus's hair was very long, so it should be a long time before she learnt to wash her hair on her own, Maou patted Alas=Ramus's head and said,

"Then let us practice secretly, and give Mama a shock."

"…Uu, practice, together!"

After Alas=Ramus, who finally stopped her tears said this, she tilted her head to look at Emi in an embarrassed manner.

"It's a secret okay?"


"Don't show that expression. Believe me, no matter what I also helped her bathe for a period of time."

This sentence was directed towards Emi.

"It's no use reasoning with a crying child right, don't you have something else to do later? If so, during the time when you ladies are busy, it should be alright for me to take care of her right?"


Emi looked at Maou and Alas=Ramus's eyes in turn. As for Chiho and Suzuno, they looked at this scene worriedly from behind.

"…In this area, it's not as if I don't trust you…"


Emi seemed to glare at Maou as she spoke, but Maou did not clearly hear what Emi was mumbling.

Emi looked at the hand Maou stretched towards herself with a frown.

"Mama, no?"

And then she shrugged her shoulders like she gave up everything because of this sentence.

"Don't look at me at that gaze, seriously…"

Making Alas=Ramus sad was not Emi's intention.

"…Then, I'll leave it to you."







Everyone other than Emi, including Maou who proposed to take care of Alas=Ramus, all let out sounds of confusion, so even Emi herself also became confused because of the five consecutive sounds of confusion.

"What, what's up with everyone…"

Even if she was very confused, but Emi still handed Alas=Ramus over to Maou, who was frozen to the spot with his arms stretched out.

"Together with Papa!"



"Emi, you…"


While using one arm to securely hug Alas=Ramus, Maou subconsciously reached the other hand towards Emi's forehead.



This time it wasn't just Emi, even Chiho who saw this scene from the side couldn't help but cry out.

"Actually saying you'll leave it to me, isn't that being too honest? Do you have a fever?"

"How, how is that possible! Don't touch me, okay!

Emi mercilessly pushed Maou's hand away, just from this, she didn't seem any different from usual.

"Su, Su, Su, Su, Suzuno-san, did, did you see that?"

"I, I saw. Clearly."

But Chiho and Suzuno still stood close to each other and discussed with each other in surprise from behind.

"Damn Emilia…you can't be planning anything bad right."


Ashiya and Urushihara also felt surprise and Emi's behaviour.

But this is expected, if it was the Emi a short time ago, she would not even have allowed Maou to touch her.

Even though till now, even if the two people who are enemies leisurely go to the bath together, it was also difficult to imagine that they would do sneak attacks to each other related to matters of life and death, however not only did Emi say "I'll leave it to you" to Maou, she didn't even react before she was touched by Maou, this could be said to be an unprecedented situation.

Maou also discovered the unmatching feeling in the surroundings.

He recalled that when he tried to help Emi treat her wounds, he was also rejected clearly.

"What, what's up with everyone…did I act strangely anywhere?"

This was no longer an issue of what is strange.

Not only that, Emi actually used the word 'everyone' when she spoke, from Chiho's point of view, it was also an surprising situation.

The Emi until now, even when she had no choice but to work with Maou and the others in order to handle the situation, she would definitely not include Maou, Ashiya and Urushihara as people who are related to her, which means she would not treat them as 'everyone which includes herself'.

To Emi, 'us' should refer to Suzuno as well as the humans in Ente Isla and Japan, and as for Maou and the Demons as well as the angels who are against Emi, they should have been categorized as 'them' on the other side.

"It's not strange at all."


Chiho replied with a warm smile to Emi, who looked strange no matter how one looked at her, causing Suzuno to get another shock.

"Maou-san, I'm sorry, Yusa-san and I still have to settle some things. During this period of time, we'll need to trouble you to take care of Alas=Ramus-chan."

"Ye, yeah…le, leave it to me?"

For unknown reasons, Maou actually answered with a question.

"Then Alas=Ramus-chan, see you later."

"See you later!"

Chiho waved to Alas=Ramus, and the girl raised her small arm in reply.

Maou, who waved his hand with her on reflex, watched the female members, who looked rather strange, disappear into the female bath.

Once the door was locked, Maou and Ashiya couldn't help but look at each other.

"What was that just now?"

"This is what is called ghosts will also get cholera, and that even the healthiest people can also get sick."

"Ashiya, that sentence shouldn't be used that way right. Sigh, but with regards to it possibly being a fever, perhaps it is considered correct."

Even though he was pale, but Urushihara, who seemed to finally recover to a normal state, still rebuked Ashiya.

"…Don't tell me, she is still bothered by that incident before."

Maou mumbled in a low voice.

That incident refers to the the incident in early August caused by the two angels making use of the television waves, at that time Emi seemed to find out the truth closely related to her reason for becoming the Hero from Archangel Gabriel's mouth.

Emi's father, who she thought had died in the invasion of the Demon Army, was actually still alive.

To Emi, who called Maou her father's killer in his face, her feelings must be very complicated.

Even though Maou did not have any obligations to be particularly concerned for Emi because of this, but he was still suddenly curious if Chiho told Emi about the truth she knew after that.

During that incident, Chiho suddenly received a strong power from a third party who did not want to show their face, as well as a message left for Maou and Emi.

Chiho had not mentioned if she had already told that message to Emi, and Emi would naturally not take the initiative to declare it, therefore Maou did not intentionally ask about it.

But from the minute changes in Emi's attitude, perhaps the reason was from that incident.

"Even so, her attitude towards us shouldn't soften up at all."

As Ashiya was also present at that time, he roughly knew what 'the incident before' Maou mentioned referred to.

"…Eh, if something is really wrong, I'll look for Chi-chan for confirmation later."

After Maou handed the return voucher and Alas=Ramus's entrance fee to the lady boss of Sasa no Yu, who was over 80 years old this year, at the counter, Madam Murata Fu, he walked towards the changing rooms of the men's bath.


"Hm? Madam Fu, is something wrong?"

Madam Fu, who normally didn't speak much, suddenly struck a conversation with Maou from behind.

"Is that your wife?"

Madam Fu gestured in the direction of the woman's bath with her chin. Maou shook his head with a wry smile and answered,

"Even though she is this child's mother, but she is not my wife."

"…Hm, it's good as long as the young child can smile happily."

Even though it wasn't known what Madam Fu thought, but after that she did not speak anymore and closed her eyes like she was listening to the broadcast program playing from behind the counter.

Madam Fu would also talk to other people occasionally, but all of them were roughly this kind of content.

Maou carried Alas=Ramus once more, and said enthusiastically,

"Alright, Alas=Ramus! Let's go bathe!"


"Ah~ I'm really dizzy, don't shout so loudly."

"Urushihara, you better not soak in the hot bath, else it would be troublesome going back."

The father, daughter and main servant who looked like they did not have much worries, entered the men's bath in a leisurely manner.

"Wah! Don't tell me we're the first batch of customers?"

Once they entered the changing room, which was bigger than what it looked like from the outside, Chiho cheered because there wasn't anyone to be seen.

"That's true. After all, not many people will think of taking a good bath in the middle of the day. This is really ideal for us."

Suzuno picked up the stacked clothes basket with practiced movments and quickly took up a space in the clothes cabinet.

"Even though there really isn't anyone on this side, but is it alright on the men's side?"

Emi pointed towards the wall facing the men's bath, and asked this to the relaxed Suzuno.

"There shouldn't be any problem. Even though we need to decide according to Chiho-dono's condition, but it's alright as long as we act according to the situation. After all…"

Suzuno looked towards Chiho with a wry smile.

"Since it has something to do with Chiho-dono, it's not possible to continue hiding it from the Demon King and the others. Therefore, making it an established fact first, and letting them confirm things subsequently would be less troublesome. They're not idiots as well, and would be able to understand after a good talk."

Even though Emi is asking this in a rather serious manner, Suzuno seemed not too concerned, and immediately started to take off her kimono.

"Er, erhm…Suzuno-san, Yusa-san, I'll be in your hands today!"

Chiho inexplanably bowed nervously.

Even though they came to the bath house to get rid of the tiredness from work, why is she being so nervous.

After Chiho looked at the two people with an extremely serious gaze, she stood next to Suzuno and also started to change.

In Emi's position, since the other party had already showed such a respectful attitude, it wasn't good for her to take any more defensive measures.

"…they would be able to understand, after a good talk huh…"

Emi suddenly glanced at her right hand, which had been carrying Alas=Ramus until just now.

"It feels like, I seem to be an idiot…"

"…Erhm, Yusa-san?"

Chiho stopped her actions of taking of her sports attire, and looked at Emi worriedly.

"Is, is it not alright…after all?"

Then she asked this kind of question.

Emi immediately shook her head and said,

"I'm sorry, it's not like that, it's a problem with me. If I'm not alright with it, I'm wouldn't have came here in the first place, and would not be brought that thing over as well.

Emi quickly kept her worried expression, intentionally replied cheerfully, and took a certain something from inside her shoulder bag.

Just from the appearance, that thing looked like a small bottle used to contain energy drinks which could be seen anywhere.

But the condensed product inside was something which logically could not exist on Earth.

"Chiho, this is the source of our power in Japan, Holy Vitaminβ.

Chiho gripped the small bottle which Emi passed to her and nodded in a serious manner.

"Since you want to learn, and Bell and I will treat this seriously, it's alright to proceed like this right?"


Chiho answered powerfully.

"Even though we don't know what Bell plans to do in the bath, we'll start Chiho's spell training."

The cause of this, can be traced to the day after Gabriel and Raguel were pushed back, also the day before Chiho was discharged from hospital.

On that day, Emi visited Chiho after work.

Even though the various tests showed that the body was very healthy, but from Japan's common sense, Chiho had fallen unconscious because of unknown reasons.

"I feel that this is really a bit too exaggerated."

"Every patient admitted to hospital says this. No matter what, you still pushed yourself in the end, so you better rest obediently."

Emi sternly advised Chiho who felt dissatisfied because she could not be discharged immediately.

The power Chiho showed at Docodemo Tower, and the two places Sky Tree and Tokyo Tower, was not something she could have achieved in one day and night no matter how one looked at it.

Even though Emi had a mountain of questions to ask Chiho regarding this point, Chiho could only give the same explanation she gave when answering Maou.

In other words, it was things about how she received this abnormal power, what she talked about to the person at the time and what she did before she met Emi.

And as for the person who lent Chiho that power-

"So in the end, I still don't know anything…"

Even though Chiho tilted her head upwards to look at Emi from her bed with a guilty look on her face, Emi only shook her head and said,

"No, thank you. This information is a good reference."

"…Is, is that so? Ah, also, that person left a message for Yusa-san…or rather, it is something which must be told to you."

"Why is it so vague, and what does it mean by saying it must be told to me?"

"That is…because there are other things which have to do with Maou-san…"

Chiho started to talk about the memories in her brain, other than memories which definitely do not belong to her, and that it was memories about Maou when he was young-

"That is, it feels like I need to tell Yusa-san…"

there were still remnants of other memories.

"I saw a man with large build. That person grew a beard, and tied his not so long hair slightly to the back, he was dressed like a medival European farmer, besides that his eyes are very thin and he looks like a kind person. Even though I don't know the location, but from there, it's seems like the golden rice shining under the sunlight can be seen…"


Emi's heart beat once furiously.

"E, erhm…it shouldn't be rice, but wheat right? Rice would sag downwards during harvest time, but wheat normally maintains their straight position."

"Then, perhaps it is like that. But the background is a little blurry…that uncle is holding a sword, and facing me…or rather he is facing my direction and speaking."

"Eh? Sword?"

Emi's heartbeat started to thunder in worry.

"Sword? Is that true?"

"Yeah, that is correct."

Even though Chiho was confused, not knowing what Emi was concerned about, but she still continued,

"But…actually that is all there is to it. These are the only images in my memory, after that there is…"

Chiho said to Emi, who found it difficult to hide her disappointment because of the lack of information,

"Aegis Ala."


"Aegis Ala. That man only said this."

"Aegis Ala? Aegis…is it central trading language? I'll ask Bell about it later."

Emi committed the unfamiliar pronounciation to her memory.

"I feel that I only must tell Yusa-san this…even though I was the one who said it, but in fact, I don't know what that means…"

Emi looked at the uneasy Chiho and thought for a bit.

Even though it was difficult to confirm because Chiho did not see the lady in the white dress at Tokyo Dome City, but there was a 8 in 10 chance that it was that person.

Even though it wasn't known what the person was planning to hide her own identity, but handing the 'Yesod' fragment to Chiho with a reason, and controlling a large amount of holy magic; and without considering Urushihara, but opposing Gabriel and Raguel; even entrusting the memory of the man with the wheat background to Chiho, there was only one person.

"Thank you for telling me these things, they're a very valuable reference.

Emi tried to show a smile- 'tried' to show a smile.

"…That, that is, Yusa-san?"

"Hm? What is it?"

Faced with Chiho's calls, Emi originally wanted to show a more cheerful smile, but Chiho shrank back in fright for unknown reasons.

"Are, are you very angry?"


"Uh, that, I'm sorry. Even though I have already apologized to Maou -san as well, actually running to the battlefield without going through any training, erhm, it must have caused all of you a lot of trouble, but, how should I put it, I'm sorry, I caused all of you to worry, er…"

Even though she was tearing up, but Chiho still frantically apologized continuously.

Emi placed her hand on her forehead in reflex.

"…Have I showed everything?"

"You're angry after all!"

Once she heard Emi say this, Chiho became even more afraid.

"I'm sorry, But, I'm not angry at Chiho."


Emi, who finally let herself recover her normal expression, after letting Chiho calm down, she sighed deeply.

"Even though this should be considered a worn way of though in Japan, but unlike how I appear to be, I actually think that children should show respect to their parents. On some level, they should do so without any conditions."

"Uh, yeah, I feel that it is still rather reasonable…"

"It's not because the parents help the children prepare food, provide a safe home or provide young children with an education yeah. I feel that the older one gets, the more they can appreciate how precious their parents or from their heart."


Because she did not know what Emi suddenly wanted to express, Chiho could only nod continuously.

"…But…after all, don't you think everything should have a limit?"

"Wha, what is that supposed to mean…"

Emi showed a dark smile. Even though it was a beautiful smile, but it actually caused Chiho to feel more terrified.

"Not knowing where she is wandering, spreading the embers of problems everywhere, and in the end, not only did she leaving the cleaning up of the mess to other people, she even scared the friend of her own child, leaving pointless rumours behind, did not say anything about the really important thing, and in the end, continuously caused trouble to the people of a completely different world…I really had enough!"

"Yu, Yusa-san, please, please lower your volume a little…"

It wasn't known what happened with the Hero from the foreign world, she actually grasped her head with both heads and shook her head roughly, and Chiho, who tried to calm Emi down, spoke to remind her while carefully paying attention to her surroundings.

"…why…even though she is watching from the sidelines, why hasn't she come to find me yet…"

But after hearing the words from Emi, who suddenly squatted down with her head in her hands, Chiho froze.

Because that sentence contained a difficult to conceal loneliness.

"…I'm sorry, I was a bit too worked up."


Chiho, who did not know how to reply, lowered her head in awkwardness.

"I'm sorry, logically, I shouldn't be ranting to you about these things."

Emi exhaled deeply to calm herself down, and picked up the paper bag next to her feet.

"This is a visiting gift. But because Alas=Ramus was the one who recommended it, so it doesn't really match."

From the paper bag, Emi took out salad Senbei from a high end dessert store. Seeing this, Chiho's expression relaxed.

By the way, even though Alas=Ramus was unfortunately continuously awake in Emi's mind when she was at work, she was taking a nap right now, so as a result, she is in a merged status with Emi like now.

"But thank you, thanks to Chiho, I finally understood many things. In addition, you look like you're in good spirits, so I should be able to rest easy for now."

Emi changed the topic, and Chiho also hugged the bag containing the salad Senbei, nodding her head lightly in reply.

"Erhm, Yusa-san!"


"This time, I'm really sorry. Actually doing such things so frivolously…..."

"It's alright already. After all, not only is Chiho safe and sound, it's not as if you weren't any help at all…"

Just as Emi saw that Chiho, in a rare action, was continuously apologizing for something which was already resolved, and planned to tell her not to mind-

"That's it!"

She immediately became stunned from fright because of Chiho's tone becoming stronger.

"Even though I am safe and sound this time, but if something happens again next time, it difficult to guarantee that there will be no casualties."

"What, what are you trying to say?"

Emi had a bad feeling from this dangerous atmosphere, and Chiho spoke while looking towards the ring on her left hand,

"Now, that power has disappeared completely. If you jump out of the hospital window now, I would probably die. After all, this is the third floor."

Even though the problem shouldn't lie here, Emi still decided to continue listening quietly.

"That…is it called holy magic? Maou-san told me before that I got a backlash of magic poisoning because I do not have a large enough capacity for this, so that power will definitely not become mine, it is really something which someone else temporarily lent to me."

Emi's bad feeling became worse.

"However, since Gabriel-san and Raguel-san have already took that standard of action, under these circumstances, if something happens again, I'm afraid it will not be a problem which can be solved by telling me not to go near Maou-san's apartment…"

"Stop! Stop! Wait a moment, wait a moment! I knew that you would say something like this!"

Emi pressed her hand against her temple and exclaimed,

"Let me guess what you want to say next! Is it 'so please teach me spells I can use to defend myself'?"

"Eh? W, why?"

Chiho's eyes widened in shock like someone hit the nail on the head, but to Emi, it wasn't a difficult thing to guess Chiho's thoughts.

"Chiho, you said so yourself just now right? That power is borrowed, and not a power that you can use originally. If you treat spells as a convenient magic, it would be troubling. Regardless of defense or battle spells, long periods of training on the spirit, technique and body need to be done, it's a technique which comes with danger."

To convince the articulate Chiho, the only way is to strike preemptively. Emi immediately spoke fluently,

"Since your father is a policeman, then you should understand as well right? Even if a high school student without any training was suddenly given a pistol, forget about 'battling', you can't even protect yourself. It's the same even if you have to knowledge of operating a pistol. A so-called 'battle', there will be situations where the opponent, without any restrictions, will use all kinds of methods solely for the sake of ending your life, and they cannot be reasoned with using calm words, can you imagine that kind of situation?"


Faced with Emi's stern tone, Chiho only quietly returned her gaze.

"Difficult to imagine just based on Japan's general knowledge, even 'battlefields' which 'one does not know what may happen' can occur. If Chiho is allowed to learn spells, it would be like letting you go into the minefield amongst a rain of bullets with only a pistol. With that, the people who are fighting there, will see the pistol as a 'weapon', and see Chiho as an 'enemy', attacking you with merciless killing intent, and not going easy at all."

Emi, who said all this in one go, took a slight breather.

"Whether it is Heaven, the Demon World or Ente Isla, they are still treating Chiho as a 'related person'. Even Gabriel and Raguel do not feel that the things which occurred at Tokyo Tower is a power which came from you alone. However, if you brought your own 'weapon' and appear on the 'battlefield', everyone will see you as 'an enemy which must be gotten rid of'. At that time, even the situation where salvation may come will also be abandoned."

After Emi finished this, she shifted her gaze to beside Chiho's hospital bed.

Placed there was a paper bag containing Chiho's necessities which was brought over by Chiho's mother, Riho, there was even a note on top with 'I will handle the change of clothes separately'.

"Your mother is really worried about you. Even though the fact of being seen as a 'related person' cannot be changed anymore, but we cannot make anyone develop hostility towards you. Oh, just on this point, I think the Demon King should habour the same opinion as me."

Emi intentionally used Maou's name, planning to make use of this to convince Chiho.

However, when Chiho, who originally lowered her head, tilted her head up again, a completely different strength was seen in her eyes.

"Thank you. It is like that. But this time, I finally found something which I should do!"


Even though Emi originally intended to lecture Chiho, but it seems like Chiho, on the contrary, though of something completely different because of Emi's words.

"Dad also said so frequently before. He said that the crime prevention methods or explanations on self defense skills published on the magazines is only empty talk for people who have not been trained before, useless and would only cause people to be harmed because of this. Yusa-san should mean this right."

"Uh…yeah, that's right. Even though the scale is a little different, but that is what I mean."

Emi felt troubled because she did not know what Chiho wanted to say.

"But, I still feel that if possible, I hope to be able to use spells like Yusa-san and the rest."

"About that, like I said…"

"When I was kidnapped by Sariel-san, Suzuno-san had taken away my mobile phone."


Emi panicked a bit because the topic had shifted to an unexpected direction.

"But I was not hurt or faced with life threatening danger because of this. That is because I am not an 'enemy', but just a 'related person' right."

"P, probably. Even though Sariel seemed to have thought of a lot of underhanded things…"

Becaue Emi was also kidnapped at that time, so she was unable to say anything more about it.

"At that time, because luckily, Urushihara was around, so Maou-san could come and save us. But if in future, if someone like Gabriel-san takes the chance when Yusa-san, Suzuno-san and Maou-sa are not around and kidnap me, and my mobile phone is taken away, then everyone would have no way to know my location."

"…yeah, that's true."

Chiho clenched her fists and spoke,

"Dad always tells me, if I feel the signs of a crime, I definitely cannot think about solving it on my own, but call the police without hesitation."

"Call…the police…?"

Emi subsconsciously repeated the term Chiho had said with all her might.

"So…if I am dragged into the commotion of Ente Isla, who sense related signs, I definitely won't think about solving it on my own. So…"

Chiho tightened her expression and looked at Emi straight in the eyes.

"In order to be able to contact Yusa-san and Maou-san quickly no matter what happens, please teach me the physic sensing skill which can establish communication between people of different worlds…'Mental Transmission'!"

"Men, mental transmission?"

"That's right!"

Just on the result-

"Where, where did you hear the name of that spell…"

"During that earliest incident, didn't Alberto-san mention that before in Maou-san's room?"

Emi could not convince Chiho at all.


Chiho wanted to learn mental communication for each other's safety, and Emi could not think of anything to make Chiho give up.

So Emi decided to save her reply for later, and on the way home, she made a detour to Suzuno's for a discussion.

With regards to Chiho wanting to learn spells, Suzuno, of course, maintained an objective stance, however when thinking about the reasoning of 'contacting' other people in emergencies, it was very persuasive to these two people.

Room 202 of Villa Rosa Sasazuka temporarily descended into a heavy silence because of this.

"The Demom King said to me before, since we have said clearly that we did not want the humans of Japan to be involved in the issues of Ente Isla, then why don't we erase Chiho-dono's memory."

"What is that supposed to mean…because if that is done, won't it…"

Emi suddenly remembered the conflict she had with Chiho when Suzuno first came to this world.

Thinking about Chiho's safety, Suzuno had originally planned to erase her memory, and in order to protect the Chiho who did not want to forget Maou and the others, Emi had said this before-

"Regardless of seeing sacrifice as a necessary evil, or ignoring a friend's tears, it is the same, I do not fight for that kind of peace."

Perhaps she remembered the same thing, Suzuno gave a rather embarrassed wry smile,

"If we just consider safety of the life, we should immediately erase Chiho-dono's memories and destroy the Demon Fortress right now, then return to Ente Isla. But Emilia and I did not choose to do this. Even though we have various reasons, but one of the main factors, is because we see Chiho-dono as a friend whom we can frankly say everything."

With regards to Suzuno's words, Emi also nodded in agreement.

"Is it us…who hope that she can stay that way?"

"That's right. So in order to protect that friend, we have an obligation to research on necessary countermeasures."

Saying this, Suzuno got up and took out the Holy Vitamin β from within the fridge.

"Even though this is my personal selfishness."

Suzuno smiled as she held the cool small bottle,

"But I am purely happy at Chiho-dono's respectable feelings."

"…That's true."

Emi, like she had been influenced, also slowly showed a smile.

When Chiho heard that Emi allowed her to go through spell training when she was discharged from hospital, she showed a smile resembling a flower and thanked Emi continuously, causing Emi to become flustered instead.

After that they chose a date where Emi and Suzuno were free, which was today, as the very first training day.

To be more specific, cleaning the backyard was like a replacement for Chiho's first lesson fee.

"Then Chiho-dono, before undressing, let's start from injecting holy magic into the body."

Suzuno, who looked towards the Holy Vitamin β, after retying the undone straps, let Chiho sit on the chairs of the changing room.

Suzuno first opened the top of the Holy Vitamin β and passed it to Chiho, then she grabbed Chiho's other hand and touched their palms together.

"Listen well, when you drink that, first do it little by little by keeping it in your mouth. Stop once you feel that something isn't right."

"A, alright…"

Even though she was the one who suggested it, but Chiho was nervous about coming in contact with an unknown power after all.

Suzuno grabbed Chiho's hand, and used the spell to examine the body, 'Sonar' to check out the situation.

Chiho drank the holy magic replenishing drink Holy Vitamin β in small mouthfuls to avoid exceeding the amount her body could contain.

After replenishing the holy magic to the limits of the body capacity, Chiho would finally start the spell training.

The meaning of the name 'Mental Transmission', is to synchronize the thoughts between two or more casters to carry out long distance communication, a spell to prevent miscommunication between people who use different languages.

Even though they can use fluent Japanese now, but when Maou and Emi first came to Japan, they also used Mental Transmission, letting the target they are talking to have the impression that they are speaking Japanese.

And the related reason which caused Chiho to be involved in the angels' plan and get admitted to hospital, comes from the fact that Emi's comrade Alberto used a long distance Mental Transmission.

If Chiho could learn Mental Transmission, if in the case that she gets involved in the commotion of Ente Isla, and finds herself in a situation which she loses her mobile phone and is unable to contact Emi, Suzuno or Maou, it can also be used as a backup measure.

"From the fact that no one is able to use spells on Earth, basically Chiho-dono's capacity definitely cannot be called big. Please take care not to drink too much."

"…But, when Chiho was at Tokyo Tower, she had used a very strong power, what was the reason for that?"

Emi asked while watching the both of them. Even though Chiho also did not understand, Suzuno replied like it was an obvious thing,

"The principle should be the same as what I am doing now. Right now, in Chiho-dono's body, other than the holy magic which was replenished just now, there is still sonar made from holy magic coming from my body and flowing back. But in the end, that is my holy magic, and does not interfere with the original capacity in Chiho-dono's body."

Suzuno held Chiho's hand, looked at something on the finger of Chiho's other hand holding the Holy Vitamin β and mumbled,

"In reality, that caster should have used that thing as a medium, and treated Chiho-dono as a path to let the holy magic flow back. To make things clearer, it can be said that at that time, Chiho-dono was used as a part of the caster's body."

With regards to Suzuno's analysis, Emi and Chiho's faces fell because of different reasons.

"What does that person treat other people's bodies as…"

Emi complained to someone who isn't present.

"So, I was controlled by someone after all…"

Chiho pressed her lips together because she was reminded of the danger of easily making contact with an unknown power.

"Sigh, it's good it wasn't used for anything bad, it can be said to be a blessing in disguise…oh, Chiho-dono, you should stop. Please do not drink anymore."

Suzuno stopped Chiho's hand.

"You drank quite a bit huh. About one third of a bottle."

Emi looked rather surprised seeing the bottle which Chiho put on the table.

Suzuno looked at the bottle while continuing to hold Chiho's hand for the time being, and said,

"In other words, this also means that the holy magic concentration of the Holy Vitamin β is not that high. Even drinking one whole bottle should also be unable to let Emilia recover to full power right?"

"Yeah, that's true…"

Even so, Emeralda still strictly warned Emi not to drink more than 2 bottles a day. Originally Emi had thought that if she drank more than 2 bottles, she would exceed her own capacity limits.

"Because this is still medicine after all right. It should be something which should be naturally recovered in the first place right? It should be the same as the notice on taking care of nutritional balance on the nutritional supplements."

"…I see."

Strangely, Chiho's words were very convincing, Emi also nodded vigorously in agreement.

After all, this is taking something which can be obtained naturally and forcefully concentrating it to a form which can be stored. If the intake amount was done wrong, it could cause problems with the naturally obtained portion instead.

"Good, it looks like the situation within the body is stable. Chiho-dono, do you feel any kind of discomfort anywhere?"

Being asked by Suzuno, who finally let her hand go, Chiho lowered her head, looking towards her hand and body and answered,

"No, it feels like there isn't anywhere which feels strange."

"I think so too. However, the basic preparations for using the spells this way have been completed. Then, for now, let's enter the bath first."

Suzuno announced this filled with motivation.

"A, alright!"

Chiho straightened her back and bowed to Emi and Suzuno.

"Pl, please take care of me!"

The two people looked at each other because of Chiho's honest reaction.

Till now, Emi did not know what the connection between spell training and bathing was, but Suzuno, no matter what, is a high level inquisitor, she must have her considerations in doing so. Since Chiho is already so motivated, Emi, of course, had no reason to be a wet blanket.

"So what should we do next? Don't tell me we have to go through the basic classes in the bath?"

"In the end, we can't continue conducting basic classes here without end. And even though it's not as if I do not trust Chiho-dono, but if we teach the classes first, it's hard to guarantee that she wouldn't discover other spells besides Mental Transmission by chance, more time should be sent practicing basic skills, and focus on the safety aspects of initiating a spell."

"It, it's feels difficult, I feel uneasy!"

Once again, Chiho's tone of voice had turned slightly stiffer compared to earlier.

Chiho placed a hand on Chiho's back, and kindly counsled her,

"There's no need to be so nervous. In the beginning, the most important thing is to relax. That's why Bell choose to practice in the bath."

"That's right. Alright, it's a rare chance to be the first one to soak in the bath in the afternoon, so let's relieve the tiredness from the work first."


Under Emi and Suzuno's advice, Chiho, whose nervousness was abated slightly replied energetically, and after that reached for the hem of her T-shirt.

In the next few minutes.


"Erhm…Yusa-san? Suzuno-san?"

Emi and Suzuno sat in front of the polished taps, washing their bodies and hair with imposing looks on their faces, and Chiho watched the two people in a jittery manner, whose demeanours had not changed since they had undressed.

The showerhead installed above the tap and the mirror continuously sprayed out hot water, and Emi and Suzuno hid their tears with their heads lowered in depression.

"Even though I had thought about it at the hotel in Choshi…but what kind of life must one lead to become like that?"

"Er, erhm…"

"Logically, just considering nutrition, we shouldn't have lost in that…what exactly is the reason…"

"I, I say…"

"No, thinking carefully about it, Bell. That, when in battle, must really get in the way."

"That, that's true. Since she's a non-combatant, then it can't be helped…can't…can't be helped…"

Then, in the spacious bath with no one else besides the three of them-


A heavy sigh was heard.

Chiho, who was the first one to wash finish her hair because her hair was the shortest, but felt that she could not leave the scene just like that, asked the two people jitterly,

"T, that, may I know what is wrong?"

Faced with that innocent question, Emi and Suzuno could not feel jealous or ridicule the other party. The two people, whose hair were still covered in soap turned towards Suzuno and said simultaneously,

[Image of Suzuno and Emi]

""Touch your chest and reflect!""


Chiho, who did not understand, panicked.

Seeing Chiho's cute expression of genuine panic because she did not know the reason for Emi and Suzuno's happiness, the Hero and Inquisitor from the foreign world started to reflect on their actions from a few seconds ago. After all, Chiho wasn't at fault.

"…Being pushed around by jealously even though I am an inquisitor, it's really too embarrassing…"

"Actually not even allowing people to feel jealousy…Chiho…what a scary child."

A few moments of silent hair washing passed by like that, after everyone finished washing their bodies-

"Now then Chiho-dono, let's start training!"

The still mentally immature inquisitor nonchalantly readjusted her posture.

"Ah? Eh? Alright, eh?"

"It's alright, Chiho, nothing to worry about."

Emi, with a smile like she saw through everything, comforted a teary eyed Chiho.

Even though Emi and Suzuno both used towels to tie up their long hair, but even if they had already entered the bath and washed their hair, Chiho still suddenly realized that Suzuno was still holding her usual hair accessory in her hand. Wouldn't it be damaged by the humidity like this?

"Now then Chiho-dono, please go to the shower stall there, and attach the showerhead to above you."

"Al, alright."

The fixed showerheads of the shower stalls in the corner of the bath and outside where different, it was a normal style with the hose, after Suzuno attached the showerheads to above them, she asked Chiho to stand underneath.

"Then again, why must we use the showerhead?"

Emi, who watched the two of them, asked this casually, and Suzuno immediately replied with a simple answer.

"When talking about training, of course there must be training under the waterfall right?"


Chiho and Emi immediately stopped in their actions.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh…

Chiho, unmoving with her eyes closed, was currently feeling the shock from the hot water raining down on her head, and after that, she immediately felt suspicious about Suzuno's teaching direction.

About this, Emi felt the same as well, soaking in the warm water bath in front of the shower, she was looking towards Suzuno with an obviously suspicious look.

Suzuno had a tendency, which is occasionally misunderstanding the Japanese culture in an exaggerated way and carrying it out seriously.

However, even so, because Chiho did see the images of training under the waterfall on television when she was young, and had experience of imitating this and playing in the hot springs or the bath, so her feelings were very complex right now.

Suzuno did not turn up the showerhead to its maximum strength but adjusted the water flow till large drops of hot water could drop on Chiho's head, and therefore there wasn't any feeling of being sprayed with hot water.

As if to speed up Chiho's suspicions, from the direction of the men's bath-

"Alas=Ramus! Training, we're going to begin training!"

"Demon King-sama! The water from that showerhead is very hot! If you want to imitate a waterfall, please use the one on that side!"

The anxious voice of Ashiya stopping the excited Maou was heard, causing Chiho to be further confused on what she exactly she was doing.

At this time, Suzuno suddenly said,

"Please listen to me like this. Chiho-dono, are you confident in your physical ability?"

"At, at least of average standard…after all I am participating in a sports club."

Faced with such a sudden question, Chiho maintained her closed eyes state and answered while being careful not to let the hot water enter her mouth.

"Even though the people who use spells…are called warlocks in Ente Isla, but spells have a fundamental difference from what this world calls 'magic'. Not only in Japan, I think on Earth, it is commonly thought that 'magician=a human lacking in strength'."

"…That's true, even though I rarely play it, but even in games, the magician characters will not really use weapons to attack their opponents directly…woah!"

Chiho seemed to have panicked a bit because the hot water flowing from her head entered her mouth.

"Warlocks are not like that. People who are physically strong and people who are not, even if they used similar spells, the person who is strong will definitely have the stronger spell effect, and their range will also be wider. In the world of spells, no matter how talented they are, there will not be a situation where a child warlock in stronger than an adult warlock."

"Bell, don't tell me you saw yesterday's western movie?"

Emi recalled that Suzuno had bought a LCD television together with Maou.

Yesterday night at 9pm, the first episode of a magician series movie popular overseas was shown on television.

"It was because the people next door were watching it so noisily, and I was just curious on what happened to make them so noisy, and in the end, I watched to the end by accident, causing me to oversleep a little this morning."

Chiho gave a wry smile with her eyes closed. Even though one cannot really tell, but Maou actually liked movies a lot.

"On the other hand, the news of elderly warlocks suddenly dying because they continued to use spells using the feeling of when they were younger and their body couldn't bear the burden is common. The age of using the spells with their maximum power without an amplifier is from 15 years old onwards, and after that, even if they use it conservatively and train continuously, they can only continue to about 40 plus years old at most."

"It, it feels a little like sports atheletes…"

"Yes. If a person is over 50 years old and can cast spells without an amplifier, they are already at superhuman level. Even though Emilia and Chiho do not have a good impression about this name, but on this note, Olba-sama who is close to 60 years old and still can maintain his full power of holy magic and spell power, is already considered a monster level."

"Sigh…he could fight Alsiel in his demon form with just his bare body after all."

Emi, who rose up from the bath, thought back to the battle Olba had with Ashiya underneath the broken city expressway.

Even so, for Olba who caused trouble in Japan, the reason for him using a gun, was probably because he considered his age after all and did not want to carelessly use holy magic.

"In reality, even if they are aged, but those called the 'Six Archbishops' are all people like that. But those are basically exceptions. Just like what Chiho-dono said, it's like a sport athelete. Just think of the power needed to use holy magic as a ratio of basic physical ability and muscle power. As for the reason…Emilia, after holy magic is absorbed, where will it be stored?"

Emi replied simply,

"It's the heart."


Chiho, who originally thought that the whole body will naturally encompass the unknown power, got a shock because Emi suddenly mentioned a normal organ.

"The principle is simple. The blood, which combines with the oxygen in the lung will flow through the whole body, and the assistant in helping the blood circulate is the heart right? When using spells, what is needed is not the whole body, but transporting the holy magic to specialized places. To be more specific, it should be said that the destination of the holy magic which flows back is the heart. This way you can understand why I said that spells are closely related to physical strength right? So…"

Suzuo continued to speak,

"To put it in a more extreme manner, once a certain amount of holy magic is spread to the whole body, even if the heart, which is the destination, is damaged, as long as the holy magic distributed through the whole body returns to the heart in one go, even this crude method of reviving the heart is possible in theory."

Of course, other than battling, it is hard to imagine other situations of causing the heart to be damaged, and normally, at that time, it would be impossible for them to still have a large amount of holy magic, however Chiho was still shocked speechless at this extreme example.

"Therefore, the holy magic is starting to circulate in Chiho-dono's body through the blood. Even if the amount isn't much, but other than using spells, holy magic can also be decreased through metabolism. Because I didn't specially notice this point because you can naturally gain it in Ente Isla, I only discovered this after coming to Japan. Because of this…"

Suzuno used her hand to touch her own palm.

"As long as the holy magic capacity is high enough, as a whole, the glow and suppleness of the skin will become better."


This time, even Emi also got a big shock.

"S, so…wah! So that is why Suzuno-san has such beautiful skin even though no makeup was applied…?"

Chiho, who forgot the hot water on her head and opened her eyes because of the shock, quickly closed her eyes again.

"Of course, I also did not forget to eat balanced meals, control consumption of rich foods and snacks, exercise in appropriate amounts and sleep and wake up early everyday."


Faced with Suzuno, who said this naturally, without knowing it was her nature or a taunt, the high school girl who likes sweet foods and pulls all nighters frequently and the working class who eats ready-to-eat foods or eats out because she is busy could not say anything in return.

"B, but recently, in front of Alas=Ramus, I do try to prepare meals properly…"

Not knowing what she was concerned about, Emi touched the back of her own hand with a stern look on her face and started to talk to herself. Perhaps she doesn't have the self awareness to know that her own skin condition is similar to Suzuno.

"As to why Emilia's metabolism did not change too much, perhaps it is because of Alas=Ramus, you know?"

Faced with Emi's self interpreted talk, Suzuno actually accepted it seriously.

"Hasn't Alas=Ramus merged with Emila? Since the Evolving Heavenly Metal making up the holy sword is already inseparable from Emilia, then it can't be denied that the replenishment of Alas=Ramus's holy magic is done by Emilia."

"Now that you put it that way…it seems like I get hungry more easily lately…"

"Yusa-san? Isn't that too strange this way?"

Because Emilia's contenance strangely became depressed, Suzuno returned to the original topic once again.

"In conclusion, the strength of the body is proportionate to the strength of the spell. And the important point of what I want to express is, using spells is a very tiring thing."

"I, I see."

Even though she felt that a lot of unnecessary circles were made before reaching this conclusion, but Chiho still accepted it.

"You might see that Emilia and I easily use spells at our will, that is because we have sufficient physical ability supporting us from behind. Because the metabolism caused by the holy magic distributed throughout the body can increase healing ability, so even if Chiho-dono and us obtain the same level of injury, we will not be as limited in movement as Chiho-dono."

"Th, then even if a bullet hit your shoulder, or having your arm cut off by a blade, and still be able to fight, that is because…"

"If we met with those conditions, it is painful by normal standards. This part will not be like the movies."

At least in front of Chiho, Emi and the others have not experienced battles to obtain that standard of injury.

"In short, the tiredness before getting used to controlling holy magic is more than what you imagined. First how to activate the holy magic has to be practiced, then how to roughly cast spells, and lastly how to use holy magic in an effective way…alright, the shower should have been long enough. Next, go soak in the warm water bath."

"A, alright!"

After walking out of the shower, Chiho originally wanted to dry the droplets off her hair and use the towel to wrap it up.

"Chiho-dono, don't tie the towel on your head. After drying your hair a little, just go in like this."

"Ah, a, alright."

Chiho dried her hair a little, and stepped into the bath while being careful not to let her hair touch the hot water.

"Then lean your head against the side of the bath…that's right, and relax your body until it can float. Then after that, try to imagine the holy magic circulating within your body, from head to toe."

Chiho followed Suzuno's instructions and relaxed her body in the bath with the impression of sitting in Seiza position in order to focus during her archery club practice.

The warm hot water made her skin feel comfortable, so even her body also floated reflexively in response.

In this process, the feeling left by the hot water continuously hitting the top of her head in the shower just now, made it easy to consciously feel the normally difficult to imagine 'top of the head'.

The reason for Suzuno's suggestion to imitate a waterfall, was probably for this purpose. Even though it was just a little, Chiho still apologized within her heart for suspecting Suzuno's teaching direction.

Because of the feeling of an unexperienced mysterious power within her body, the high spirits of stepping into an unknown world caused Chiho to smile naturally.

Even though the motivation of learning spells was very proper, but Chiho still couldn't resist feeling anticipation at learning something which she couldn't do before.

"Hm…looks like it's flowing back very smoothly."

"That's right, it's not messy at all, it's very stable."

When she came to her senses, Chiho then realized that Suzuno and Emi were holding her hands. They should be examining the situation within Chiho's body.

"Then, first is activation. In the beginning, there is no way to just use the amount of holy magic which is needed. In short, use all your strength when you're casting the spell, and once you're used to it, you'll be able to reduce the unnecessary power. With regards to the feeling, Chiho-dono should be able to understand since you participate in a sports club."

Since it is a power with the strength of the body as a standard, saying so is reasonable.

"Then take deep breaths like this. First use the nose to slowly breathe in, then slowly and thinly exhale from the mouth. From these actions, you'll be able to feel the air and blood circulating within the body."

"I understand."

Chiho, who maintained her current state and took deep breathes for a while, started to sweat slightly.

"Very good, just like that. Chiho-dono, open your eyes and get up."

After getting up according to Suzuno's instructions, partly because of the hot water, Chiho felt her whole body warm up moderately.

"Now Emilia, I'm sorry, can I trouble you to demonstrate a spell which doesn't require an amplifier?"

"A spell which doesn't need an amplifier? But basically I only know spells related to Evil Repelling Armour or the holy sword…"

Emi, who was originally watching exercise go through the preparation exercises apathetically, blinked because the topic suddenly shifted to her.

"Er, erhm, I'm sorry, may I know what an amplifier is?"

Chiho interrupted Emi's thoughts and asked.

"Ooh, I'm sorry. Honestly, it's a tool needed when activating spells. For example, in my situation…"

Suzuno lightly picked up the hairclip on the edge of the bath and swung it in the air.


The glowing hair accessory, instantly became a huge hammer.

If other people saw a huge hammer appear from nowhere within the bath, it would be impossible to explain, Chiho broke out in cold sweat, worried that new customers will come in.

"If the hairclip is used as a medium, the spells can be activated like this. Even though more will be explained later, but as long as there is an amplifier-also known as a medium, it will be easier to imagine when using holy magic. Just on the result, it will also increase the efficiency of the holy magic. As for the medium itself, it doesn't need any special tools."

Even though Suzuno's hairclip is well made, but it is definitely not a special spell casting tool of any sort, but something which she bought by shopping to her heart's content not long after arriving in Japan.

"Now then, even though it is better to activate together with the Evil Repelling Armour…Heavenly Boots!"

While talking, Emi also spoke softly to herself while sitting on the edge of the bath. Then-

"Yu, Yusa-san?"

After discovering that Emi's feet, submerged in the bath, were suddenly glowing, she actually started to float while maintaining the sitting position. In the end, Emi even left the water entirely, floating in the air above the bath.

A naked hammer lady and a naked floating lady suddenly appearing in a day bath. If someone who doesn't know anything sees this, it won't be something which can be explained away as a mysterious phenomenon.

"Actually this move should be used together with Evil Repelling Armour, so it became a little unrefined, but this is a spell which doesn't use an amplifier."

"Y,yeah…but when you say unrefined…what do you mean?"

In Chiho's eyes, even if she glanced at the entrance occasionally, Emi's spell was as beautiful as the magic appearing in movies, Suzuno approached the floating Emi, pointed at the light boots and said,

"Take a look at the edges of the light. Isn't is swaying vigorously like an open fire?"

"Ah, it's true."

Chiho tried to compare it with Suzuno's giant hammer.

Even though Suzuno's giant hammer can also glow, but its glow did not waver shakily like Emi's light boots, but swayed steadily like a flame generated by a gas stove.

"This shows that the energy output is not steady enough. Even though it cannot be generalized and is dependent on the spell, but if the same effect is to be shown, no matter what kind of spell, using a medium will still bring about higher efficiency and effects."

"Whew…using the spell alone is very tiring after all."

As Emi slowly descended to the side of the bath from the air, Suzuno also kept her giant hammer, causing Chiho to give a sigh of relief.

"Now then Chiho-dono, here is the question. Between the spells casted by Emilia and I, what is the difference?"

"What is…the difference?"

Chiho replayed the scenes of Suzuno and Emi activating the spells in her head.

"…Suzuno-san's spell, does it not have a spell name?"

This answer, caused Suzuno to raise an eyebrow in admiration.

"It's amazing that you discovered it in one try. Of course, this spell, in terms of type, does have a name called 'Holy Metal Hammer'."

"But you didn't shout the move name out while using it right? That is, is it because an amplifier resembling imagination was used?"

"That is correct."

Suzuno nodded in satisfaction.

"Using of spells, is actually fulfilling one's own imagination. If you wish to use holy magic to have the effect of materializing your own wishes, then polished knowledge of holy magic activation and imagination can be said to be very important. It's like using clay to sculpt out a statue. In other words, when using a spell without an amplifier, intentionally saying the name of the spell or effect, the procedure to make it easier to imagine the effect, becomes very important. In reality, whether the procedure is there or not does create a shocking difference in the effect and efficiency."

After the explanations, and seeing these phenomenon once again with her own eyes, Chiho deeply understood that Emi and Suzuno really are not humans from Earth after all.

"However, it is difficult to imagine the concept of activating holy magic, after all, amongst the actions of reality, imaginations of this type is rarely made. So compared to learning how to make holy magic flow, it would be better to try to let it activate on your own, which is the most effective way of learning how to handle the holy magic in your own body. Emilia, I'm sorry, can I trouble you to go to the changing room and attract the attention of the person at the counter? I will set up a barrier at the entrance and skylight."

Suzuno nudged her chin to show her intention, Emi nodded and stood up from the bath.

"E,eh? Why?"

"Even though this is a process which all learners of spells must go through, but if this is done in Japan without any reason, someone might call the police."

After hearing Emi say such a scary thing, Chiho started to feel uneasy.

"Wh, what are we doing next?"

"Easy, you just have to shout out loud."


Chiho looked at Suzuno and Emi's faces in reflex.

"You can shout anything. In short, you have to shout with all your power from the stomach."


Suzuno nodded nonchalantly. Emi also spoke without any doubt,

"You can't use too much strength in your whole body when you shout okay. Else you won't be able to shout out at all, so remember to relax your body."

"A, about that…"

Once Chiho thought about the actions which Suzuno and Emi were requesting, Chiho suddenly felt a surging feeling of embarassment.

This is a bath after all. Even if there were no other customers, there is was an old lady manning the couter at the changing room, and in addition, Maou and the others are at the men's bath.

As if she sensed Chiho's hesitation, Suzuno spoke with all seriousness on her face,

"Regarding the effect of shouting, whether it is in Ente Isla or in Japan, there has already been scientific proof. Even if it's a simple straight punch, silently punching and shouting loudly and swinging out your fists, there is a big difference between the power of the two things. High spirits will stimulate the activation of the cells, letting people feel a mental release, therefore shouting is actually a very effective method…but!"

Chiho stepped back subconsciously because Suzuno suddenly leaned in close.

"No matter what kind of exercise, if it is faced with negative feelings, the exercise will have less effect. Even you feel embarrassed by having the Demon King hear you shout loudly, it will be difficult to expect that you will be able to activate holy magic."

Chiho, whose thoughts were seen through, blushed.

"But if that is so, even if it doesn't have to be here, as long as we go to a karaoke compartment..."

Suzuno shook her head denying the depressing wishes which were not Chiho's style.

"The mental release from overcoming the conflicts from within and embarrassment, will always greatly surpass normal feelings, and it can be expected for effects to be seen in a short time-especially this situation where the Demon King is just opposite."

"This theory feels like even though it sounds complicated, but once you take one wrong step, it will become very dangerous."

Emi frowned as she watched Suzuno corner Chiho.

Even if she already spoke this far, Chiho was still blushing furiously and looked like she was going to cry, Suzuno could only shake her head helplessly.

"Seriously. Even though it's a virtue of the Japanese not to make a ruckus in public places, but this is the situation now. Let me demonstrate to you first, then you follow me later."

"Why, why is it like this…"

Most importantly, other than Maou and the others, there might be other customers in the men's bath. However Suzuno still mercilessly shouted at Chiho, who could not hide her feelings of uneasiness,

"Be louder when you answer!"

"Y, yes!"

"…Then to order to prevent others from disturbing both of you, let me go out to keep watch."

After giving a sideways glance at the Spartan Suzuno and Chiho, Emi quickly walked out of the bath.

"We're starting!"


Suzuno, satisfied at Chiho's answer, inhaled strongly with the intensity of a vaccum cleaner.

"Allrighhttt! Shout out loudly! HAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

"Uwah, ow!"

Urushihara, who was washing his hair, got a shock because of Suzuno's sudden shout from the other side of the wall, and as a result, the showerhead in his hand hit the big toe of his foot.

"W, wh, what was that sound just now?"

"Ene, enemy attack?"

However, Maou and Ashiya did not have the leisure to laugh at that kind of Urushihara.

Because it was within a large bath house, so the sound continued to echo, that sound which sounded like the launching of the main attack of the human Knights Order, caused the Demons to stand up in surprise.



After that, for unknown reasons, Alas=Ramus who had been sitting on Maou's lap with her hair tilted down while washing her hair, suddenly opened her tightly closed eyes, opened her small mouth, and shouted loudly with power.

With just this action, holy magic strong enough to deflect Maou away started to release.



What was heard next, was Chiho's close to screaming loud shout.

Even if Maou was in shock because he didn't know what happened, but worried that Chiho might have met with danger, he still passed the soap covered Alas=Ramus to Ashiya for him to watch, and without forgetting to wrap a towel around his waist, he ran to the counter locating outside the changing rooms at lightning speed.

"Hey! Why did you run out just like this!"

Emi, who had just finished bathing and changed into her shirt, was holding the hand of Madam Fu at the counter while glaring at Maou with a red face.

Even for Madam Fu, who other people can't normally tell if she was awake or asleep, it was impossible for her to not notice such a loud sound. So it was likely that Emi used a spell or used some trick.

"Eh, Emi? W, what are all of you doing next door?"

"I, I was careful not to let the sound transmit to outside, so it's fine! To play it safe, I also let the old lady at the counter fall asleep, so there won't be much danger…hey! Your towel is going to come loose!"

Emi, who tried her hardest to move her line of sight away from Maou shouted loudly. And when Maou held onto the towel, he also noticed one thing.

Even though sucha loud sound was emitted, once he walked out from the changing room, he could not hear anything anymore.

"Wh, what is going on…woah!"


Maou, who did not understand what was happening, once he entered the men's bath and stuck his head inside, he heard the shout again. In shock, Maou stepped on the tiles and slipped, falling to the ground in one go.

"De, Demon King-sama, are you alright! Wh, what is Bell doing! Actually causing trouble for the bath house…"


Even though Ashiya, worried for Maou's physical condition, wanted to head to the women's bath to protest, but because he was intimidated by Suzuno's shut and took a step back, the next thing he did was to step on the soap Urushihara dropped and slip.

"Wa, watch out!"

Once he saw Ashiya large build fall backwards, Usuhihara quickly ignored the pain in his toe-


And barely caught Alas=Ramus, who was shouting in synchronization with the women's bath, in mid-air.


As for Ashiya, he fell to the floor directly, and his head even barely missed the wall on the other side.

Just as Maou decided to pick up the fallen down Ashiya, the sound of Emi opening the door to the men's bath was heard outside.

"Hey, something really exaggerated was heard from in here, are all of you alright?"

"That is what we want to say! What is Suzuno and Chi-chan doing…"


What does that have to do with Alas=Ramus…"


"Emi, quickly explain this clearly to me…"




With Suzuno and Chiho's continuous shouting battle, Maou was completely unable to talk to Emi, just separated by a door.


"Alas=Ramus, don't join in!"

Alas=Ramus stretched her hand towards Maou while emitting holy magic.

"Hey, Emi! Even though I don't know what all of you are doing, but you'll cause trouble to others like this, tell them to stop quickly!"

"I set up a barrier so other customers cannot come in, so it's not a problem!"

"How is this not a problem! This is disrupting the business on two levels!"

"I'll explain to you after it's ended, so there's no need to be too concerned."

"Hey, you, don't run away!"

Emi did not answer the question at all and ran off. Maou originally decided to run out of the bath and chase after her, but Emi seemed to have forced the door closed, and no matter how he tried to open it, it wouldn't budge.



"Treating this place as an inn! What are all of you doing? Emi! Hey! Open the door! Open the door already!"

This rare scene of the Demon King being locked inside the bath by the hads of the Hero, probably only lasted less than 5 minutes.

Just as these two people exchanged words, and neither one wanted to back off-


Maou heard Chiho's scream in the middle to the two intentional shouts, and suddenly became uneasy.

"It's fine even if someone calls the police! Ashiya, lend me your shoulder! I want to run into the women's bath from here!"

"Pl, please calm down! If something accidentally happens when you barge into the women's bath, Demon King-sama will have no standing in society!"

[Image of happy Alas=Ramus]

"Then Urushihara, you should be alright, go!"

"I strongly protest against the saying and methods of treating other people's presence in society as garbage!"

"…About that, I already opened it on my side."

Just as the three great demons were going through a meaningless conflict on whether to vault over the wall and enter the woman's bath, Emi interrupted their conversation with a frustrated tone.

After the three people were stunned for a while, they discovered and the shouting match between Chiho and Suzuno had already ended, Alas=Ramus, carried by Urushihara also naturally quietened down.

"Wh, what happened?"

Ashiya, who finally stood up, looked at the wall separating the men and women's bath.

"Did you notice? Sigh, it is a small amount of power after all, so it can't be helped."


"Hm? Strange? Emilia is there, Alas=Ramus is here, then it's Bell and…eh?"

Urushihara was the first one to understand the situation.

He frowned and with a stony face, looked towards Emi, whose back was facing the men's bath.

"What are all of you thinking? Don't do such things in real situations. Don't tell me you want to diperse the fighting strength on the front line in order to protect the useless battle ability and dig your own grave? Do you guys have such leeway to do so?"

Even though Urushihara showed a rare stritct tone, but Emi, of course, would not submit herself to being lectured by others.

"How is that possible. She also knows this herself."

Because Emi also hoped that the situation would not turn out like this in reality, so she showed a strongly troubled expression in frustration.

"But just in case, she seems to wish to have the ability to 'contact' you or me in emergency situations."

"Contact…don't tell me?"

Maou, who finally started to piece together the situation, tilted his head upwards to look at the wall separating the baths.

"That girl knows how to act within her own power, and clearly knows what can and cannot be done. We trust that about her. But her most important reason…"

Emi looked towards the slient Maou.

"must be because she doesn't want to give you unnecessary trouble when she is pulled into emergency situations. After all, whether she has memories of us or not, she is already one of the people involved."

Maou seemed to not hear anything Emi said, and only roughly dried his body and put on his clothes, rushing out to the rest area next to the counter, Ashiya and Urushihara also followed closely behind.

Then the three people met Suzuno, who was holding the fan provided by the bath house-

"I will explain the reason later. But Chiho-dono definitely did not do with habouring a frivolous attitude, I just hope all of you can understand."


as well as Chiho, who was lying on the bench while gasping for air, with a face so red that it was impossible to achieve this even after just getting out of the bath.

Maou was completely lost because he didn't understand what was going on, Urushihara, who was beside him, pointed to Chiho's hand and said,

"No matter what the situation becomes, I'm not going to care, alright."

The direction which Urushihara pointed with an unhappy look on his face, was Chiho's left hand, resting on the table.

"Sasaki-san, don't tell me…"

Ashiya seemed to have seen something unbelieveable and could not say anything at the moment.

That hand, was currently housing gold coloured holy magic. And that holy magic was dancing around vigorously like a flame, making it obvious to others that Chiho could not control it entirely.

But that was not the unrealistic power which Chiho showed at the Tokyo Tower before, but the holy magic light which Chiho emitted with her own power.

"Be, because I…do not want to drag anyone down, and do not want to be everyone's burden…"

Even though she was still breathless now, Chiho still tried her best to smile and turned towards Maou.

"In order to be able to run away anytime…to let Maou-san and the others save me anytime…Suzuno-san, I succeeded. Next time…I want to…carry it out officially."

However, this was the limit.

Chiho's eyes closed, and she entered her dreams just like this.


Seeing Chiho, who still showed a satisfied sleeping face even though she was exhausting, Maou scratched his head like he surrendered.

"Aren't you worrying about us too much. We're monsters from a foreign world you know? You could just leave everything to us. After all, we were the ones who got you involved."

"Because it is Chiho, she is unable to do such a thing. Not being led by her emotions, only wanting to learn the spells to 'run away' or 'let herself get rescued successfully', seriously, there should be a limit to making other people love you."

Emi first said this to Maou with a wry smile-

"Amongst the lives you trampled in Ente Isla, there must be children like Chiho as well."

Then she added this sentence which only he could hear.


Maou, who couldn't help but turn around, only saw Emi walk towards Chiho, showing a nonchalant expression as if that sentence had already disappeared in the air, and help her wipe away the sweat appearing on her forehead.

He never thought that Emi, who showed a harmonious attitude, would actually suddenly throw out a strong barb which she did not say before.

"…Honestly, I do not understand you as well."

Maou's mumbled words, were not heard by anyone.

Vol 6 Chapter 2: Demon King and Hero, feeling suspicious about normality


Chiho's loud and clear voice echoed within the store.

Not only did this loud voice cause some customers, curious to know what happened, to turn towards Chiho, the customers who just came in also stopped at the entrance in reflex, Maou and the other employees, who were shocked, also nonchalantly turned their heads to pay attention to Chiho.

"Hm, even though I don't know what happened, but having good spirits is the good thing."

Only one person was unaffected-standing next to Chiho, Kisaki put her hand on Chiho's shoulder and said,

"But, you must pay more attention to the distance between the customers. Even if you don't shout so loudly, the customers can also hear you."

"Ah, al, alright, I'm sorry…"

Chiho, who looked like she was aware of her own volume, started to serve the customers in front of her counter while blushing.

And during this whole process, Maou kept watching Chiho worriedly.

It has been one week since Chiho accepted Emi and Suzuno's teachings on the activation of holy magic.

As a student, today is Chiho's first time returning to the reopened MgRonalds to work, as she frequently used a loud voice to shout like just now from the first day, she stood out a lot as a result.

Logicaly, Chiho should be a person who knows when was the right time and place to do something, but because she had just gone though a shouting match a few days ago, it couldn't be helped that it had caused her to become numb to the feeling of controlling her volume, even scaring the customers quite a few times.

"Even though it's good to have motivation, but it looks like I can't let Chi-chan take care of the café counter upstairs for the time being. Because there's not enough staff, so I was originally hopeful that Chi-chan could go upstairs."

Kisaki said with some regret. When Maou heard this, he immediately felt troubled because of his own powerlessness.

As to why Chiho greets so loudly, of course it is to carry out practice for holy magic activation.

However, considering the practicalities, there aren't many places in Japan where a person can shout continuously without getting suspected by other people.

Not only will the parents lecture her for making a lot of noise at home, it will also cause trouble for the neighbours. And if a girl at Chiho's age shouts loudly in the park, just this is enough for someone to call the police. Of course, the bath house used on the first day isn't an option.

Even so, Chiho should be unable to go to the karaoke compartment everyday to practice.

Therefore, Chiho could only choose times like this when she could shout loudly, but if being too passionate about practicing ends up disrupting every day life, it would be putting the cart before the horse.

After hearing the reason for Emi and Suzuno teaching Chiho spells, Maou and the others have mostly accepted it.

Currently, regardless of whether Chiho possessed memories of Maou and the others, it was their fatal weakness, and it was hard to ensure that Ente Isla and the Demon world, or Olba working in the shadows would not focus their attacks on this point.

If things turn to this, then letting Chiho preserve her memories and possess spells that could ask Maou and the others for help according to the situation could be said to be a very effective countermeasure.

Even so, to Chiho, school and work is an important normal routine which cannot be neglected.

"Chi-chan, can I bother you for a bit?"

Taking the chance of the thinning customers, Maou beckoned to Chiho.

"…I'm sorry, it's regarding the volume right."

Chiho seemed to know the reason for Maou calling her and answered with her head bowed.


Seeing Chiho's guilty contenance, Maou also felt very conflicted. After all, Chiho was only working hard because she did not want to became a burden for Maou, Emi and the others.

"As long as you know. But you must value your own normal life okay."


Chiho replied in a rather tired manner.

"If this goes on, Kisaki-san won't allow you to go upstairs."

"That's true…yeah, I have to adjust my attitude in a clearer manner right."

"That's right, that is how it is."

Maou, who nodded once with force, discovered Kisaki nodding her head in satisfaction in the edge of his vision.

"However…even if I put this matter aside first, I still do not think I will be able to go upstairs."

Chiho looked down, lacking in confidence, this action did not suit her usual style at all.

"Ah…sigh, it's not like, I don't understand it."

Maou scratched his face and agreed in a troubled manner.

The 'upstairs' the two people referred to, of course, is referring to the MdCafe on the second floor.

One week has passed since MgRonalds reopened.

Even if the working class in the business district nearby are not considered, because Obon Festival, the period of wallet tightening, has just passed, the business situation for the store at the beginning is still considered passable.

In addition to the regular customers, the price which was set lower than the competing café franchises greatly expanded the customer base with businessmen bringing their clients as well as housewives.

Because there isn't a strict division between the seats of the normal MgRonalds and the MdCafe, therefore there are also some customers who ordered a normal meal downstairs and brought it upstairs to eat, as for how to increase the table turnover of the coffee menu items, it was a problem of the future.

Since it is the opening after a long time, and that the shop manager Kisaki has been strictly supervising from the opening to closing, so the past regular customers have also returned immediately.

Some of the people were privately Kisaki fans to start with, and when they discovered the café counter on the second floor has a picture of Kisaki which was framed together with a green in-charge certification, they even took pictures with their handphone camera.

Even with these situations were considered, MdCafe is already thought tp have a barely passable start, but seeing the current situation, not only Maou and Chiho, pretty much all the employees did not have the confidence to work at MdCafe.

And the reason for that is…

"What should be done, to be able to make such good tasting coffee."

It wasn't strange for Chiho to be puzzled by this.

The coffee which Kisaki brewed, for unknown reasons, was delicious.

Even though it was the same with the white gold roasted coffee with the normal meals, but once the MdCafe café orders are made, there will be a huge difference between the finished products of Kisaki and the other employees.

MdCafe's coffee was different from the normal business model, paper cups are not used, but are served to the customers in a mug.

Even though it has taken the form of a café, but the unique points of fast food are still fast speed and products of uniform quality, and MdCafe is just one of the types of business types. The difference from the white gold roasted coffee is that MdCafe has its own specialized coffee machine.

Different from the drink bar model coffee machine which can grind large amount of coffee beans at the same time beforehand and dispose of them at a set time, because coffee beans have to be ground from scratch everytime with the MdCafe coffee machine, so there is a margin for personal technique to a certain extent, but that is still the usage of machines and not a specialized tool like a manual bean grinder machine.

Even though Kisaki had taught the shift workers how to use the MdCafe machine, but for unknown reasons, even if they took it and compared it with the normal cafés, every type of MdCafe coffee which Kisaki brews still surpasses them.

"Because we ground the same coffee beans, poured in water at the same temperature, and even used the same type of milk? Why is the result so different…"

Maou and Chiho don't drink coffee often, but after trying it personally, they could still taste that between their finished products and Kisaki's, there is an obvious difference in the 'quality'.

At least all the employees who tasted Kisaki's coffee before believe strongly, that just based on the standard operating procedure, they definitely won't be able to create the same taste as Kisaki's.

"But if we are still unable to arrange shifts, and we won't be able to do our job."

Considering that the reopening just occurred, Kisaki was frequently stationed within the store during operating hours, but since she is a permanent employee, it was difficult to avoid days where she was unable to stay within the store.

At times like this, it's not like they can close the MdCafe portion because Kisaki is not around.

"But between Kisaki and our coffee, which one is the taste which the company expects?"

"The taste which the company expects?"

Chiho, who could not understand the meaning behind Maou's words, tilted her head in thought.

"Oh my, MgRonalds is a franchise after all. Since every store needs to provide a uniform taste quality, then for Kisaki-san, it isn't 'uniform quality' no matter how you thought about it right?"

"Is that not allowed? If it doesn't taste nice, it will of course cause problems, but even though the price is the same, but it is tastier than the normal one."

Maou glanced at the MdCafe flyer placed next to the cashier because of what Chiho said.

Looking towards the outside from behind the counter, the prices of the food items mainly from MdCafe can be seen on the back of the flyer, the Café au lait and Latte mentioned before were priced at 250 yen.

"Even though it sounds good putting it that way, but from other point of view, it equates to the customers who could not drink Kisaki-san's coffee using the same price to drink a lower quality item."


After thinking for a while, Chiho finally understood Maou's meaning.

"Because MgRonalds is a large scale franchise after all. If the 'quality upper limit' is not made consistent, then the philosophy of providing uniform quality food will be broken. If the quality can be increased without authorization as long as the price is similar, then employees will be able to use their own money to secretly buy Blue Mountain coffee beans. But if every branch did this, then it can't be considered a 'MgRonalds meal' right."

On the other hand, even though there were many eat out franchises with flexible areas, stores or employee specialties, but at least MgRonalds did not employ this kind of operation direction.

As for whether Kisaki ignored the company rules and used other ingredients to brew the coffee…

"But for the coffee Kisaki-san brewed, she used the same machine, coffee beans, milk and cup as us right."

"…that's right…which is why it's so baffling."

After being retorted by Chiho, Maou became very troubled.

With this, it shows that something is lacking with Maou and the others, but for something to be lacking even though they strictly followed the standard operating procedure, they really don't know what can be done.

"Since it has nothing to do with my training, then why don't we try saying 'become delicious~' with feeling when we brew it…"

"Without talking about the heart, if they want to improve the quality by sound, then they should have done it whe planting the coffee beans right?"

"Or perhaps only when Kisaki-san is brewing the coffee, the background music within the store is Mozart or something."

"Impossible. And the effects of Mozart currently doesn't have any scientific basis."

In the end, with regards to the secret of Kisaki's coffee, there was no conclusion no matter how they discussed it.

Even though a lot of customers came before the end of the diner period, but it is already 10pm now, and the time which high school student Chiho should get off work.

Maou said to Chiho who changed into casual clothing and walked out of the employee room,

"Then, be careful when you go home okay."

"Yeah, thank you for the hard work."

Chiho bowed to Maou and the remaining staff.

"If something happens, then use the voice you trained before to shout loudly."

"Eh…ah, hm, how, how do you expect me to answer that!"

Chiho, who discovered that the other party was joking after thinking for a while, gripped her handphone while blushing furiously.

"Yeah, just be careful. And…"

"What else is there!"

Faced with an angry Chiho-

"I haven't said this to you yet, thank you for working hard for me."

Maou said in a soft volume which the other staff could not hear, and Chiho blushed this time for a reason opposite from being angry.

"It, it's not as if I only did this for Maou-san!"

Even so, Chiho still walked out quickly because she bore a grudge against the other party taking a jibe at her.

In a rare occasion, Chiho was carrying a large sized shoulder bag. Considering the time now, she shouldn't have any plans after this, so perhaps she must have practiced some place during the day.

Just as Maou shrugged and gave a sigh, and slowly started to make preparations for closing up-

"Ah…Chi-chan has already gone back?"

Kisaki came down from the second floor.

Maou became a bit doubtful. Because before Chiho changed clothes and prepared to knock off from work, she should have already reported this to Kisaki first.

"After that, did she continue shouting loudly?"

In a rare occurance, Kisaki asked about Chiho's situation in a tired manner without a domineering air.

"…Is something wrong? Do you feel sick?"

It wasn't strange that Maou would ask this before answering Kisaki's question.

Even Maou, as the Demon King, had never seen someone like Kisaki who did not know what being tired was. As the shop manager, there were times when Kisaki was not in the store for the whole day, and times when she was busy from morning to night because of shift arrangements, but it wasn't know what secret method she has, she had never shown obvious signs of tiredness in front of the employees.

And that kind of Kisaki, not only was she using her left hand to press against her temple, faint black eye circles also appeared below her eyes, even her voice had lost her domineering tone, causing others to be worried for her health condition.

"Ah…I'm sorry."

Kisaki's head shot upwards after hearing Maou's question, and in a rare action, frantically swept her eyes over the customer seating area, and lastly gave a sigh of relief for reasons Maou did not know about and showed a wry smile.

Just to mention, at the first floor seating area which maintained the normal business type, there were only two groups of young people, who look like university students, chatting, the remaining seats were all empty.

"Actually going all out, it's really not my style. But things are harder to handle than expected, how tiring."

Maou received another shock.

Without talking about going all out, depressing words like 'how tiring', it was difficult to imagine that Kisaki would say those words.

Maou tilted his head to look at the brand new LCD screen at the corner for the first floor cashier counter.

This screen is a newly installed equipment for the staff on the first floor to confirm the empty seats situation on the second floor, but looking over there, there shouldn't be anyone on the second floor now.

"Wh, what happened…"

Kisaki actually could frown and massage her own shoulders, even since Maou started working at MgRonalds, this is his first time seeing this scene.

Even though Maou's tone was shaky, but Kisaki only looked at Maou in an astonished manner, and did not answer his question.

"So what happened with Chi-chan later?"

"Y, yeah, even though there was some close shaves, but everything was normal after that."

"Is that so."

Kisaki nodded in amazement, and rotated her shoulders backwards with some force.

"It looks like Chi-chan has also found a new goal."


Maou widened his eyes in surprise.

Right now, Chiho was advancing towards a certain goal, and shouting loudly is also one of the stages.

Kisaki cooly used the first floor cashier machine to open up the daily revenue table for the day. Even though it looks like she only casually said the sentence, but why would Kisaki think that way?

After the short palpitation subsided, Maou sensed something strange in Kisaki's choice of words.

"May I know what you mean by Chi-chan 'has also'?"


Kisaki sucked in a breath because of Maou's question, and immediately shook her head as if in regret.

"Ah, I'm just a little tired, don't think too much about it."

Kisaki said in a low tone.

Just hearing this sentence, Maou's curiously took a 180 degree turn and settled down.

It looks like this question was more delicate than he thought. The relationship between Maou and Kisaki was not at the stage where he could continue asking about it.

"Then, can I ask something else which I am bothered about?"


"Chi-chan and I both feel confused, even though we are using the same machine to brew coffee, why is the taste between Kisaki-san's and ours…"


"so different…?"

A wave of fear like being attacked by someone even though his curiousity had turned a 180 degrees assaulted Maou.

Maou actually asked this question in a drive to improve, but after hearing Kisaki's answer, in a tone lower than before, and giving off a dangerous aura, his volume at the end of the sentence became softer and softer.

Kisaki shot Maou and gaze which was enough to cause the Demon King to tremble in fear.

In the eyes of a bystander, this period of time should not be more than one second. But to Maou, it felt an eternity.

However, in the next instant, Kisaki's gaze suddenly changed, even her line of sight started to waver.

Maou started to feel that there will not be anything else which would surprise him today.

Just as Kisaki's dangerous gaze shifted away from Maou for 0.1 seconds, wavering, and moved back to its original position, Maou felt as if he had seen a naked and unguarded expression which he could not imagine on the usual Kisaki.

"…I'm sorry, please wait for me a bit."

Kisaki closed the images of the daily revenue table, and walked to the employee room after apologizing honestly.

Kisaki should have noticed that Maou had already discovered her internal conflict. From how she had no intention to make excuses for it, it was still the usual Kisaki after all.

Maou felt troubled because of the various unfamilar expressions of Kisaki he had seen in the last five minutes.

Maou looked at the door of the employee room in a daze, and heard the turning of the old printer coming from within, then Kisaki immediately came out holding a piece of paper.

And when Kisaki came out, she showed a strangely embarrassed expression because she met Maou's gaze, this was surprising as well.

"If you're interested, do you want to try?"

Kisaki passed the paper in her hand to Maou.

Even though there were many things to be concerned about, but Maou still glanced towards the contents on the paper.

"MgRonalds Barista?"

After seeing the words on the title, Maou felt a little confused.

Talking about barista, the first thing that came to mind is the fixed ballista built on the castle walls or chariots.

(T/N: In Japanese, the characters 'R' and 'L' can be interchangeable to them, so barista ends up soundinglike ballista.)

Because Maou tried to imagine using arrows to shoot out the hamburgers, he almost laughed out loud.

"Do you know what a barista is?"

"It shouldn't…refer to arrows right?"

"What did you say?"

"No, nothing…I never heard of it."

Maou honestly answered Kisaki's question.

"Sigh, perhaps that term isn't that common yet. You just have to know that in Japan, it refers to someone with specialized knowledge of coffee."

"Specialised knowledge of coffee?"

Maou repeated Kisaki's words and browsed through the document in his hand.

It looks like this is an explanation extracted from the MgRonalds employee notice.

In other for business staff to be able to surely handle MgRonalds products and provide it to the customers, the domestic head company of MgRonalds and the various branches opened up related lectures.

Even though these lectures are basically open for regular employees to train, but it seems like as long as there is a certain standard of work experience and a set amount of learning fees is paid, even part time employees would be able to participate in this 'MgRonalds Barista' lecture.

As for the lecture contents, it teaches how to brew the coffee in the MdCafe series. By participating in a one day practice, specialized knowledge on operating the machine and processing the coffee beans can be learned.

"The company has set a rule that any branches with a MdCafe set up needs to be manned by a person with a 'MgRonalds Barista' qualification."

"I, I see…"

What is means, is that there is a fundamental difference between a barista and Maou and the others, who simply operate the coffee machine based on standard operating procedure.

Even though it's doubtful if such an extreme difference in taste can be created with just going through one day of lecture and practice, but in Maou's eyes, without considering if he could surpass Kisaki's coffee, just being able to obtain specialised knowledge on handling the products is already charming enough.

"However the term barista, originally doesn't refer to a specialist who has expertise in coffee."


Kisaki suddenly said, causing Maou, who had just confirmed the date of the lecture, to raise his head.

"The origin of the term barista, comes from Italian. As Italian bars are stores which provide light meals and drinks, so compared to the bartender, a professional in alcoholic drinks, a barista is a professional in all non-alcoholic drinks, including coffee, to serve customers. Even though the awareness in Japan is low, but the occupation of barista, chef, pâtissier and bartender is the same, they are professionals whom the food and breverage sector is proud of."

"Is, is that so?"

Maou felt intimidated because of Kisaki's sudden explanation.

"On the other hand, amongst the baristas working in proper bars, there are people who are unwilling to call themselves baristas. Because not only drinks, they even have to be in charge of the food, store facilities, tools and customer service, all the services, so they think of themselves as a professional in all areas. People like that are called barmen. They are a group of people to know the bar inside out-which is all the services within the store, focusing on handling everything based on the situation within the store, people who make it a goal to provide the highest level of service to the customers."

"O, oh…"

Not only did Kisaki get rid of the tiredness before, liveliness suddenly returned to her eyes, and she started saying this agitatedly.

Faced with Kisaki's multitude of expressions, Maou could only reply vaguely, but he did not miss the last sentence which Kisaki said with passion.

"My goal, is to become that barman!"


This could be the first time Maou heard the true personal desires of Kisaki Mayumi and not the shop manager Kisaki of the MgRonalds in front of Hatagaya station.

As expected of Kisaki, even her true desires has something to do with work.

"Then if Kisaki-san becomes very successful in MgRonalds, it must be very amazing."

The daily revenue of the store in front of Hatagaya station always surpasses the previous year by 100%, Maou could also understand how abnormal this is.

Maou frequently thought that with Kisaki's ability, it was impossible for her to continue being stationed in this kind of small store and should manage a larger area.

For Maou, who wishes to be a full time employee, Kisaki has always been his goal, but he couldn't imagine that Kisaki actually haboured such great ambitions.

Even though Maou was awed until he momentarily forgot that he normally declares that he is going to conquer the world, Kisaki actually looked at Maou in surprise.

"What are you talking about. How is it possible in MgRonalds…"



Maou felt that he seemed to have heard something which he shouldn't.

And Kisaki should be discovered it. It looks like Kisaki was really different from normal today.

"…Actually chatting with the employees even as a shop manager, I'm being such a bad example."

Kisaki quickly ended this topic, and awkwardly looked towards the explanation in Maou's hand.

"In short, if you want to catch up to my skills, why don't you try and participate? If it's Ma-kun, who has been a shift manager before, you shouldn't need to pay the lecture fees. Let me know if you want to participate."

"Al, alright…"

"Then I'll be going upstairs first. I'll leave the first floor to you."

Even though Kisaki acted like normal when she turned to go upstairs, but it feels as if her talking speed was a little faster than normal.

Most importantly, Maou did not miss the slight discrepancy in Kisaki's tone.

However, even so, he still prayed it was only his own imagination.


Maou, who returned to the apartment, momentarily felt confused when he discovered that the lights of Suzuno's room on the second floor are still on.

Because Suzuno, as an inquisitor, always slept and woke early, so normally when Maou reached home, her room lights would have been turned off already.

"Hey, what's up with Suzuno."

Maou asked Ashiya, who had came to the porch to greet him.

"Welcome back, Demon King-sama. Sasaki-san came just now, and the two of them seems to be doing something now, I guess they should be practicing spells again?"

Ashiya replied naturally.

"Chi-chan? Shouldn't she have gone home after getting off work? It's already past midnight right now. What is that Suzuno doing, let her go home already."

Actually letting a high school girl stay out so late, as a Demon King, it looks like he would have to lecture her a bit.

Before Ashiya could stop him, Maou had already put his shoes back on and knocked on the door of room 202.

"Hey, Chi-chan, are you there? It's already past midnight, you should go home already."

"You're noisy, Demon King."

Suzuno looked out from the door with an unhappy look on her face. Seeing that the kimono she wore was simpler than normal, it should be the casual clothes she wore at home or her sleeping clothes.

As for Chiho, she was looking in their direction from within the room with a troubled look on her face.

"Do you think you're her guardian. I have already received approval from Chiho-dono's mother, she has arranged to stay at my place tonight."

"…O, oh, I see."

"That's right…I'm sorry."

Chiho, who had just parted ways with him at the store, was bowing in his direction and apologizing while in pajamas.

It looks like the luggage Chiho carried when she went back were the things she prepared to stay over in Suzuno's room.

"Uh, erhm, how should I put this, please don't push yourself, okay."


"Even if you do not say it, I will also take good care of Chiho-dono. The training has already finished, and we were just talking happily about female topics. There's no need for you to interfere at all."

After saying this, Suzuno shut the door without waiting for Maou to reply.

"…what is this about female topics."

Maou mumbled unhappily and returned to the Demon Fortress feeling depressed.

"About that…Sasaki-san did come over here first to greet us and explained that she had gotten permission from her mother…"

He probably heard the conversation between Maou and Suzuno, Ashiya said this with a guilty look on his face, but Maou only waved his hand to dismiss him.

Glancing at Ashiya's back who was preparing supper with a gloomy contenance, Maou started to read the "MgRonalds Barista" explanation which he received from Kisaki.

"'Normality' huh, such a fated word."

"Why did you say such a thing all of a sudden."

Urushihara's sharp hearing picked up on Maou's mumble, and asked this.

"Hm? I just have a strong feeling that everyone has changed without being aware of it. Something like normality will not change at all, but only flows at a speed which the eye cannot see."

"Ah? What are you saying these all of a sudden. Even Maou has become strange?"

Urushihara laughed off the sadness Maou showed which was not Demon King like and all and said,

"But that is what makes it interesting, it would be strange if nothing changed at all."

"…I don't want to be told that by you the most."

Maou felt unhappy because his rare moment of sadness was actually concluded by a freeloading NEET.

"I think no one else would be able to as keenly aware of this feeling more than me."

"Then in order to be able to properly experience the changes in normality, why don't you help with the housework? Hm?"

At this moment, Ashiya also carried out rice dumplings filled with plum, dried fish and perilla as well as warmed up miso soup, and joined in the conversation of the two people, and Maou's sadness disappeared in the corner of his heart amongst his appetite and the quarrel of splitting the housework.

"But then again, I never thought that you'll be able to cause the holy magic to activate in a stable manner within a week. With this, perhaps you'll be able to start with the basic training for mental transmission."


Suzuno and Chiho held a glass cup filled with wheat tea with one hand and sat down facing each other next to the window.

Amongst the smell of the burning mosquito incense, the two people held fans in one hand and talked about things which had nothing to do with female topics.

"My club teacher had said before, when doing muscle training and flexibility exercises, if one is aware of the part of the body which moves during the exercise, then the effect will differ by a lot. So when I am shouting, I would always shout while paying attention to the changes within the body."

"Even so, it's not something which everyone can do, after all it will be a problem of feeling at that standard. If Chiho-dono was born in Ente Isla, you'll definitely become an outstanding warlock."

After saying her praises honestly, she intentionally showed a stern expression.

"Ah, but even then, I won't teach you spells other than mental transmission okay?"

"I know that. But I'm happy that I am able to get your praise."

Chiho drank one mouthful of wheat tea and looked at the summer night sky with a sigh.

"I'm not being anxious, but I still hope to be able to learn how to use mental transmission as early as possible-

while Suzuno-san and Yusa-san still have free time."

"Even though saying this is a bit much, but I'm quite free everyday, you know?"

Suzuno gave a wry smile. Even though she was a capable inquisitor in Ente Isla, but she is living a jobless life which is difficult to understand in Japan.

Especially since the reopening of the MgRonalds in front of Hatagaya sation, during the day, Maou would be near the archangel Sariel, who had the effect of suppressing the influence of the Demon World.

Because the chances of demons approaching Maou will be decreased as long as Maou stays within Sariel's range of influence, so Suzuno, who did not need to watch Maou, started to spend more and more time at home recently.

Even though behind the action of staying at home also includes watching and protecting Ashiya and Urushihara, but this job was not so demanding that she was unable to respond to Chiho's request.

"I don't mean it that way. But I feel…"

Chiho's gaze flickered as she looked at the sky, looking for a more appropriate explanation.

"Ever since that huge incident as Tokyo Tower, some things have become a little different from before."

"Some things…refer to?"

Suzuno raised an eyebrow, and drank a mouthful of wheat tea.

"Even though various commotions such as Sariel-san, Gabriel-san and the demons at Choshi have happened, but even so, Maou-san and Yusa-san have never quarreled directly right?"

Even though it feels that the two people should be arguing once they meet, but what Chiho wants to express should refer to battles where they really hurt each other.

"But ever since that incident at Tokyo Tower, didn't Yusa-san become a little strange?"


Chiho told Suzuno, that she had told Maou and Emi who had visited her about the memories which did not belong to her.

"Ever since then, Yusa-san and Maou-san seemed to be troubled over something…Suzuno-san, can you hear me out without getting angry?"

"This would have to depend on the contents."

Suzuno maintained a stable expression, and prompted Chiho to continue speaking in a bantering manner.

"Earlier, didn't everyone gather in Suzuno-san's room to eat, because a hole was caused in Maou-san's home?"

"Even though it's something which did not occur that long ago, but because a lot of things happened recently, so it feels like memories from a long time ago."

Suzuno and Chiho surveyed the whole room.

"Even though it's just my personal stubbornness, but I really feel that it would be good if everyone could forget the complicated matters of Ente Isla, and continue with that kind of normal life- Urushihara-san just caring about playing, causing Ashiya-san to get angry, and Suzuno-san having no choice but to clean up the scene, but because Maou-san spoilt Alas=Ramus too much, he would immediately get into an argument with a complaining Yusa-san…I feel that these things will not happen unless the relationship is very good…perhaps you may feel that I am too naïve…"

Chiho shrank back because she remembered the conflict she had with Suzuno in the past.

Even though Suzuno still remembered that incident, but today, she had no intentions to lecture Chiho. Rather than that, Suzuno started to feel a strong resonance towards this kind of thinking.

"It looks like I have fallen as well."


"It's nothing, and then?"

The bladeness fan placed near the kitchen circulated the air within the room, causing the incense smoke to slowly drift outside.

"Okay…but Maou-san, Ashiya-san and Urushihara-san, are still demons who caused great suffering to the people of Ente Isla, Yusa-san and Suzuno-san also have to defeat Maou-san and the others…I always feel very uneasy, I'm worried that this happy normal life will be destroyed by a certain moment, have a tragic moment occur, and perhaps everyone will disappear in front of me."


"After that incident on Tokyo Tower, Yusa -san has been troubled over a certain issue. That probably, has something to do with the information I told her…in the past, as long as Yusa-san sees Maou-san, she would rebuke him on reflex, but recently, she always acts like she is thinking about something when she talks to him…"

When Suzuno was listening, she started to admire Chiho's observation ability.

From the way Chiho spoke, Maou and Emi shouldn't have thold Chiho the true meaning behind 'the memories which did not belong to her'.

However, Chiho, who thought of the two people as important, still easily sensed that that incident was the reason behind both their odd behaviours.

"In the end, whether it is the war in Ente Isla, or the splitting of demonic forces in the Demon World, aren't they incidents which occurred in a place with no direct relation to Yusa-san and Maou-san? But for example, the person who lent me powers, the memories hosted in my brain, Gabriel-san and the other angel attacked by me…it feels that everyone is forcefully dragging Yusa-san and Maou-san back to the original painful location bit by bit."

Without being aware of it, Chiho started to lower her hand, talking to the tatami.

It was certain that within Chiho's heart, she probably still hasn't sorted out her feelings and thoughts. Her tone sounded like she was fumbling for something by asking and answering her own questions.

"Chiho-san, I, ever since I came to Japan, I felt that the belief within my heart has become fainter."


Suzuno's confession out of the blue caused Chiho to not follow the conversation.

"If God is really omnipotent, and everything on Earth is God's creation, then why isn't this world filled with people with kind hearts like Chiho-dono."

"Eh, th, there's nothing like that!"

Suddenly being praised so greatly like that, Chiho nearly spilled her wheat tea panicking from embarassement.

"Within the legends spead by the Church, there is a story called "Helorisas Scroll'. God commanded Herlorisas to take care of a scroll, and instructed him strictly never to open it. But in the end, Helorisas lost to his curiousity in the end and opened the scroll. Then he discovered that the various negative feelings gathered from all over the world was collected within it, and at the moment the scroll was opened, these negative feeelings materialized into languages and invaded human hearts. However, within the scroll remained the only thing which could suppress these feelings, 'Hope'."

"We also have a story called 'Pandora's Box' on our end, but the content of both series are similar."

"Thinking back carefully, the first time I doubted if God was really an absolute presence, was after I heard this story. If God is really omnipotent, then why would humans form negative feelings. And even though Helorisas lived in a world which not not filled with negative feelings, why would he develop a negative heart to disobey the command of God, this felt contradictory to me. Moreover, this feels like God pushed the responsibility of his bad management to humans, isn't this vexing?"

Suzuno said rude comments which were not inquisitor-like, and looked towards Chiho with a kind gaze.

"About that. Even so, I still cannot deny that there are people who do need religion in this world…or more like they need the existence of God."

"Being understanding of other opinions while maintaining one's own opinion, this is commendable. Maybe Chiho-dono should be worshipped as a god in future."

"Wh, what are you talking about!"

"What I mean is, when weak people lost the something they believe in, they need a more developed guidepost."

Suzuno finished the wheat tea in her cup and looked out of the window.

"Now, Emilia has lost her guidepost."


"Let me give you an example. Hypotechnically, if Chiho-dono worked hard with all her might, forgoing food and sleep in order to qualify for your first choice of university, and kept at it without slacking, but when you headed to the exam venue with vigourous spirits on the day of the exam, you discover that only the exams held on that day have been changed into a flower arranging competition, what would you think?"

"What kind of example is that?"

Chiho, who was too worked up when she rebuked, was close to dropping her glass cup once again.

"So I said it's just an example, just an example. If the exam you expected suddenly changed into a difficult topic of a totally different nature, causing what you learnt after sacrificing everything to be useless, what will you feel?"


Even though her brain was unable to keep up with Suzuno's extremely off topic example, Chiho still thought about it seriously.

"B, but I don't understand flower arrangement at all, and using that kind of content to decide whether a person passes is really not common sense at all, but I might not want to participate at all…"

"But you should at least know how to use flowers to express something right. If the other party prepared various kind of flowers in advance, would you still be unable to do it?"

"That's true, but…"

"University itself is still able to let Chiho-dono learn what you want to learn, this doesn't change at all. It's just that the exam subject at that time is changed from humanities and sciences to flower arrangement."

"That, should just be an example right? The important point is, even though I am chasing after a target, but because of a totally uexpected reason, I started to feel lost and confused about that target right?"

"Chiho-dono is really acute. So if I do not raise this joke like example, you might treat this matter too seriously."

Suzuno smiled and looked towards the wall closer to the Demon Fortress.

"The Demon King is not the enemy which Emilia always wanted to take revenge against."


Chiho was unable to understand the meaning behind this simple explanation, so she once again expressed her uncertainty.

"Not only that, Emilia's father, who she thought was killed by the Demon Armym seems to be still alive. Even though Emilia seems to be chasing and fighting the Demon King like this because she wanted to take revenge for her father."

Emilia is the savior of Ente Isla, and has always been fighting in order to defeat the Demon King, and Chiho also knew about this.

"Logically, as long as she kills the Demon King, Emilia would be able to achieve her goal, and truly end her journey. However, her father is still alive, and Emilia has lost her guidepost because of this."

"W, why? Since Yusa-san's father is still alive, then there should be no need to force herself to kill Maou-san who is living in Japan, and she just has to find her father right?"

"Then why does Chiho-dono dislike flower arrangement?"


Eve though Chiho still needed some time to understand the meaning behind Suzuno's words, but she still tried to reply,

"Because the things which I have done and believed, are all wasted…? Because all of this has become meaningless?"

"This is what should be felt normally. Even though other people are able to say flowery words like 'There is nothing is life which is wasted' or 'that experience will be useful in life one day', but the person himself is unable to be so open minded. Even if they are imprisoned by helplessness in the moment when they have to do flower arrangement is announced, and start to suspect what the worth of they have done so far is, who would be able to lecture that person."


Suzuno frowned sadly.

"What's worse is that, Emilia had already been betrayed by Ente Isla once."

Chiho remembered Emi's companions unexpectedly choosing to explain these things in the Demon Fortress.

"About that, is it referring to the Church lying by saying that Yusa-san is already dead?"

Suzuno nodded to affirm Chiho's statement.

"You are correct. If Ente Isla could give positive comments about Emilia's actions as the Hero, and allow her to receive the rewards she deserves, then Emilia could have used this support as backing to maintain her willpower in fighting the Demon King, letting him pay the price for the evil deeds he had done. However…"

Suzuno continued speaking with a dark expression,

"The reality is the opposite. The Church, with their strategic considerations, announced that Emilia is dead, and the people believed it. Including the Church, Ente Isla, who was saved by the Hero, judged that there was no need for the existence of a Hero after the end of the fighting with the Demon Army, and betrayed her."

Next, Olba, who knew that Emi was still alive, together with Heaven, set their eyes on the Holy Sword, and because they feared that she still had power after fighting the Demon King, sent assassins to bury her in the darkness.

"B, but aren't Emeralda -san and Alberto-san working hard to regain Yusa-san's reputation? Aren't they really amazing people in Ente Isla?"

Chiho tried to say this energetically, but Suzuno's expression did not change at all.

"But the results are not ideal. The authority and trustworthiness of the Church is that strong, and even Emeralda-san finds it hard to oppose the Church directly because she needs to worry about the reactions within the country. In reality, before I came here, there are already opinions appearing within the Church to brand Emeralda-san, who has repeatedly protested against the Church's opinions, as a traitor."

"How can this be…because, even though the one who is lying is…"

"It is the Chruch. But the Church cannot repeal the opinion which they have already stated. If the Church has stated that white is black, then white is black. That is our world, at least in the Western Continent."

Suzuno said in self-mockery, and poured more wheat tea into the glass cup.

Suzuno herself has already been disgusted with that kind of attitude with the Church.

After putting the wheat tea into the fridge, Suzuno, who returned to the window, sighed like she was readjusting her feelings.

"The reason for Emilia being able to fight as a Hero all this time, was because she had the goal of taking revenge on the Demon King who killed her father sooner or later. But in reality, that Demon King is not the killer of her father, and being unable to forgive the brutal actions of the Demon Army, the moral indignation she felt as a Hero was trampled upon by us who have been saved. But even so…"

"Even if she was told that the hatred and anger she held all this time has no meaning, she is unable to give up so easily right."

"But if she doesn't abandon these negative feelings, this time it will be Emilia who creates new sadness and hatred. So just use the memories of the victims, restore the fighting spirit of the Hero and fight the Demon King immediately!"

At this moment, it wasn't known what kind of expressions Emi and Maou would show. Even though it is just a hypothetical question, but Chiho still felt a strange bitter sense of pain.

"If the Demon King is challenged by someone, then Alsiel and Lucifer will not simply stand by and do nothing. However, the way they are now, there aren't a match for Emilia at all. Those three demons will disappear in this world. Can Chiho-dono forgive this?"


Unable to forgive, but forgiveness must be given. But in the end, forgiveness still cannot be given. Forgive who?

"To me…Yusa-san is also an important person…"

"Emilia also understands that, which is why she is in a dilemma right now. Logically, to Emilia, the fact that her father still lives is very good news. But she must be disappointed at herself who is unable to feel happy honestly."

"Yusa-san…she didn't tell Emeralda-san and Alberto-san about this…?"

"How can she tell them. Even if the two people are able to understand Emilia's true intentions, do you think they will say 'Since your father is still alive, then give up fighting the Demon King'?"

With Emilia's personality, she definitely won't be able to accept it at all.

"Right now, Emilia doesn't even know what colour of flower to choose, and can only stand at one spot without moving."

Simply put, this is the reason why Emi is showing such a difficult to understand attitude to Maou.

The wavering in her heart made her unable to maintain the hostile distance and let it down, and in reaction to that, she ended up being more severe with Maou.

Emi, who is uable to find a place for her heart, lost her goal just like that.

"Perhaps because of that…she decided to teach Chiho-dono spells."

Suzuno suddenly looked back towards Chiho's forehead and said this.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

Faced with the steady questioning, Suzuno used her finger holding the fan to point towards Chiho's head.

"The memories which Chiho-dono told Emilia…which is the man standing at the wheat fields; thinking about it normally, it should be Emilia's father. In addition, with regards to the term Aegis=Ala…"

Suzuno said so reluctantly.

"Aegis=Ala. In the Central Trading language of Ente Isla, it means 'Winged Blade'."

"Winged Blade?"

"Even though it cannot be understood by just looking at the words. But with us, there is someone whose name has something to do with 'Wings'."

Chiho, who immediately thought of the answer, sucked in a breath.

"…Alas=Ramus-chan…her name seems to be 'Winged Branch' right?"

Suzuno nodded, her face filled with admiration.

"That's right, there is an 80 to 90 percent chance that Aegis=Ala is a term related to Alas=Ramus or the 'Yesod' fragment. Kameo seemed to have mentioned that there are two Holy Swords."

Suzuno said for confirmation, and Chiho also nodded after hearing this.

"Perhaps this term Ageis=Ala, is the name of the other Holy Sword…no, perhaps it refers to an existence within the sword. If so, to Emilia, her father still being alive, Alas=Ramus appearing at the Demon Fortress, herself having the 'Evolving Holy Sword, One Wing', as well as Chiho-dono's ring, no matter how you think about it, these things happening around her are planned by someone beforehand, and the initiator might just be…"

Even if the last part of the sentence is not said, Chiho, who had witnessed every battle occurring in Japan, also knew the answer.


When Emi was in the hospital, she had subconsciously said one sentence-

"…why…even though she is watching from the sidelines, why hasn't she come to find me yet…"

Within those words which she squeezed out with effort, what kind of thoughts were embodied within them.

"Whether is it Sariel-sama, Gabriel, Raguel, Kameo, or Ciriatto, perhaps even Barbariccia and Olba-sama, can be said to have been manipulated by Emilia's mother in some way. No, perhaps the whole of Ente Isla is like that. After all, a war revolving around Emilia's holy sword is occurring now in Ente Isla. Chiho-dono, if it was you, how would you feel?"

"About what?"

"If Chiho-dono's mother left the house since you were wrong, never returned at all, and spread seeds of commotion everywhere which will implicate your family, friends, other people, or even the whole world, then pushed all the responsibility to Chiho-dono."

Chiho, who was asked this, tried to imagine.

If her own mother is actually a spy of a certain country, and after entering a loveless marriage with her father, her mother left her in Japan and left home, then constantly manipulated various conflicts in the background causing many people to die, and someday suddenly sent a letter to her with 'the fate of the world lies with you' written on it, throwing her into a war between terrorists with their sights on nuclear weapons, undergoing training strict and harsh enough to numb the spirit, becoming a member of the American Special Operations Team well known all over

the world, then after finding out that her father is actually the mastermind behind all the incidents, and her mother, after a process filled with fresh blood and tragedy, was hit by a bullet in a battle to stop her father, and died in her arms after entrusting everything to her.

"The only one who can stop father is me…I will not hesitate even if I have to perish together with him!"

"Why has it turned out like that, and where does your honourable father fit into all this."

Chiho blinked because of Suzuno's rebuttal, and then franctically pulled herself back to reality from her imagined Hollywood movie.

"Well, in short."

Even though the atmosphere was overwhelmed by Chiho's active imagination, Suzuno still coughed once and said,

"Because she is facing this situation, so Emilia is unable to act like her usual self. Considering the method of teaching Chiho-dono self defense, not only will it guarantee the safety of Chiho-dono, it can also be a change of pace for Emilia, of course, I had no reasons to strongly protest against this. Even though these words might cause Emilia to get angry."

Suzuno said with a wry smile.

"However Emilia, until now, has only being driven on by the thoughts of revenge and duty, and did not have the time to think or be troubled over her way of life. However, just from the result, it can be said because Emilia came to Japan, she received the chance to be able to re-think her way of life."

Suzuno stood up and took Chiho's and her empty glass to the vanity for soaking in water.

"In conclusion, it's best not to have Emilia and the Demon King interact for the time being. Luckily, MgRonalds has reopened, with this, I, Emilia and the Demon King would not need to be as wary again."

"Eh, what is that supposed to mean?"

"Do you remember those demons who attacked Choshi? It seems that a group of demons led by Barbariccia went separate ways from Kameo, and attacked Ente Isla once again under command of Olba-sama."

"Eh? Is, is it alright like that?"

The demons of the Demon World breaking away from the command of Demon King Maou and creating a new army, and actually being commanded by Olba from the shadows, isn't that a very serious situation?

"This is something to be worried about. But compared to the invasion now, Emilia and I are more worried about Maou and Alsiel being kidnapped by those demons and brought to Ente Isla to become the leader of the new Demon Army. Even if the Demon King seems to be unhappy with the actions of Barbariccia, but we still can't let our guard down."

"O, oh…"

Chiho was unable to understand why this situation, which made others feel like it was bad just hearing about it, had anything to do with the reopening of MgRonalds.

"Isn't Sariel-sama at the Kentucky opposite? Even though there is also unstable conduct from the angels, but their actions had nothing to do with Barbariccia's group. If they wish to attack the Demon King while he is at work, then it would definitely involve Manager Kisaki, if so, Sariel-sama will definitely not ignore this. Even though I am rather apologetic towards Manager Kisaki for one sidedly giving her the responsibility of being something like a defense mechanism."


"Of course, I do not feel that Sariel-sama and the Demon King will be standing on the same line, but as long as the Demons discover the holy magic presence at the level of Sariel-sama, they might be too afraid to approach. No matter how Olba-sama and those demons evaluate, they should not want to take the risk of provoking an archangel. If they're not careful, Heaven might end up making Barbariccia their target."

Chihio tried to imagine what kind of standing Sariel had in Suzuno's plans.

The important thing is the hope that Sariel, who had no direct relation to Olba and Barbariccia, would be able to have a deterring influence.

And one the keys is Sariel's deep affection for Kisaki.

Chiho, who instantly understood the situation, subconsciously commented because she remembered a certain incident,

"Ah…th, then the situation right now, might be a bit bad."


Suzuno, in the kitchen, turned around and asked in confusion.

"Sa, Sariel-san… right now, might be unable to fight no matter what happens."

To Suzuno, Chiho's words were like a bolt out of the blue.

"Wh, what is that supposed to mean?"

"Ac, actually, the day before we went to Choshi…"

Chiho told Suzuno, that Kisaki, after seeing the scene of Sariel harassing Chiho, forbidden him from entering MgRonalds, and Sariel had entered a good-for-nothing state because of the overly huge shock.

"After that, even though I have seen Sariel-san a few times, but everytime he always showed a depressed expression which can make others think 'so people can also be depressed to this point', even if he wore the striking Kentucky uniform and goes out, his presence is so weak a dog took him for a telephone poke and peed on him."

As this situation really sounded so pathetic, Suzuno was momentarily stunned in disbelief.

At the same time, a worrying memory surfaced in Suzuno's mind.

Suzuno remembered the strangely weak reaction she found when she transmitted a sonar at Yoyogi Docodemo Tower during the commotion caused by Gabriel and Raguel.

"Hahaha, st, stop with the jokes. No matter how he fell, he's still an archangel yeah? How can it be…"

Even so, Suzuno still confirmed it again because she found it hard to believe, Chiho shook her head with a pained expression and replied,

"And that was a Chihuahua."

Not only can this not be considered an answer, it was also the most unimportant information to date.

"Welcome, there's a clearer menu here."

The next day. Even though the time not being dinnertime yet is a factor, but Kentucky at Hatagaya station was only half filled with customers.

Even so, the atmosphere within the store was still very bright, the female employees at the counter also greeted Chiho and the rest with cheerful voices.

To make it easier for the customers to see, the newly fried chicken were clearly placed behind the counter to whet the appetite, however it was a pity that these three new female customers did not come for the chicken.

After Chiho, Emi and Suzuno ordered three cups of iced coffee, they took up seats near the counter and entrance, looking within the store for signs of Sariel.

"He's not here. Is he at the back? Or in the kitchen or second floor."

"I hope it's not like he's not in the store…"

It was until today did Emi hear the shocking news from Chiho, and so she rushed here once she got off work.

As Emi also placed her expectations on Sariel, and hoped that he is able to cause a strong deterrant effect for the Demon King or the forces of Ente Isla, so she naturally was unable to ignore him entering a good-for-nothing state because he was dumped by Kisaki.

"No, even though it's weak, but there are traces of him somewhere within the store. Perhaps he is hidden in the cervices or shadow of the furniture."

Even though it's not as if they are looking for pests at home, but after hearing Suzuno's words, Emi naturally surveyed her surroundings.

"It's true…but to only sense this standard of power even though we're nearby, it looks like his situation is really bad."

Chiho did not know how the two people sensed Sariel's existence.

"Is this also a spell effect?"

After Chiho asked this, she discovered both of them looking at each other with trobled expressions.

"It's…a bit different from spells."

"This can only be described as using one's feeling…that's right, Chiho-dono, do you remember when the Demon King transformed above the Metropolian building and caused you to find it a bit difficult to breathe?"

"Ye, yeah."

Chiho remembered that during the battle with Sariel, she had breathing difficulties because she could not resist Maou's demonic magic after his transformation, and was protected by Suzuno's barrier.

"Even if you're not particularly skilled in spells, your body condition will still change because you sensed demonic magic right? We have simply trained that feeling, and sharpened it through experience."

"Don't you feel that there is a strange feeling here?"

Emi suddenly pointed directly between Chiho's eyebrows.

Chiho shifted her line of sight to Emi's fingertip on reflex, then she felt a slight pressure like the cumulation of blood in a place which she couldn't name, whether it was the muscle between her brows, skull or nerves.

"Ye,yeah there is, I keep feeling there is an unclear feeling. Augh."

Chiho couldn't help but rub her forehead.

"Even though though holy magic is harmless to the human body, but it will still transmit traces resembling presence. So it works as long as you look in the general direction…"

"Shh, he appeared!"

Chiho nodded in response to Emi's explanation with an uncomfortable expression on her face, then tilted her head upwards because of Suzuno's reminder.

The small sized Sariel, wearing a suit, was really standing in the direction which Suzuno had looked towards.


"So gloomy…"

"He really looks like a totally different person from before."

The change in Sariel's appearance was really huge enough for Chiho and Emi to subsconciously show a blank expression.

From those ghost like steps to the gaunt face, the playboy aura where he wants to flirt with every girl he sees from before could not be sensed at all.

As he had gotten fatter because of his biased preference of eating MgRonalds 3 times a day, his slimmed down appearance looks even unhealthier.

"Thank you for the hard work."

And without even knowing if he heard his employee's greeting, Sariel walked out of the store door without any reaction at all.

"What should we do?"

"It's obvious, of course we chase after him."

"Wh, why do we chase after him?"

The three of them got up frantically, and left Kentucky chasing after Sariel.

Sariel, who walked without energy, wasn't that fast, it looks like losing him is not a worry.

"It looks like before anything troublesome happens, we have to find a way to lift his spirits."

"For me, I already think the situation is troublesome enough now…it's hard to handle him."

"If possible, it's best we talk to him when no one else is around. Let's follow behind him first, if he plans to go home, then we can just intrude into his house."

"That's true. Even if a battle unfortunately occurs, Alas=Ramus should be able to handle his sickle."

The Hero and the Inquisitor discussed what sounds like the dangerous topic of burglary, causing Chiho to break out in cold sweat because of this, then as if she suddenly remembered something, she flipped open her mobile phone to confirm the time.

"Ah…it's already 6 o' clock…"

Because of this sentence, Emi looked towards the MgRonalds opposite.

"Is that so, Chiho has to work later?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry…I don't think I'll be able to make it if I went there first and came back…"

"Sorry, it's because I am unable to get off work earlier."

"Don't be, Yusa-san has a job as well, so don't worry about it. However…"

"I know. We'll follow first to see the situation. Chiho-dono should do her best at work today."

"Alright, I'm sorry, being unable to help."

"It's nothing like that. Because of Chiho, we know that that idiot angel has become so pathetic, what comes next is our job."

Emi spoke to assure Chiho, who was feeling down.

After saying farewell to Chiho in front of Kentucky, Emi and Suzuno started to follow Sariel, who walked listlessly.

Both of them used their mobile phone GPS function to confirm the route while passing through the shopping street, after walking past the pedestrian path, they reached an old residential district. And walking further up, they could see an apartment.

"Is it that block?"

Even looking from afar, they could see that the exterior of Sariel's target apartment is very new.

Even though it's a low story apartment with land use restriction problems, but from the window design, it can be seen that the partitions within are more spacious then Emi's room.

From the fact that the front had a single straight two way road which looks like it has a lot of traffic volume, and that the first floor is leased to shops, this place does have a city apartment feel.

One of the two leased shops, is a small convenience store which sells fresh foods.

"It seems to be really convenient for rainy days."

Suzuno voiced her thoughts filled with daily living.

As for the other side, it was an empty store with a lease notice attached to it, from the atmosphere given off by the exterior fixtures left behind, Emi could deduce that this originally was a café.

Sariel, who looked like he didn't notice Emi and Suzuno, crossed the pedestrian crossing and walked straight to the entrance of the apartment.

"It looks like this is the place. What is this Heaven's Chateau…"

Heaven's Chateau, Hatagaya.

Just as Emi felt dissatisfied about the ironic name of the apartment, she suddenly gasped,


"What is it?"

Even though the two people intentionally missed a green light to avoid being noticed by Sariel, but Emi widened her eyes because she saw a familiar person who actually walked out from the convenience store below Sariel's apartment.

That person did not walk in the direction of Emi and Suzuno, and only walked along the path. Emi instantly thought that if they brushed past each other, she should give a greeting, so she temporarily set her line of sight on the other party.

"What is it?"

"You didn't notice because she's wearing casual clothing? That person is the shop manager of MgRonalds. Kisaki-san, is it?"

Suzuno heard this and looked over following Emi's line of sight, but that person had already crossed the next pedestrian crossing, and left their range of sight.

"Kisaki-san…why would she come to this apartment?"

"…Who knows? I do think it should have nothing to do with Sariel."

"But, are there any other possible reasons?"

"B, but if it is like that, then Sariel shouldn't be in this gray-man state right?"

"Th, that's true."

Just as Emi and Suzuno were discussing feverntly-


The traffic signal had already changed into a green light without them noticing, and when they did, it was already flashing.


The two people, who decided to frantically cross, had only taken one step when the signal changed completely to red, and they could only stop in their steps.

"…It should be impossible. I don't think Kisaki -san will take notice of a person like Sariel-sama. And according to Chiho-dono's information, Sariel-sama became like this because of Kisaki-san's cold treatment right?"

"That's true…even though I never really spoke to Kisaki-san directly, but from the impressions I get from what I hear from the Demon King and Chiho, she shouldn't be interested in weak men who are troubled to this extent once they are dumped."

Emi and Suzuno, just like this, temporarily became engrossed in their complex emotions.

"Sigh, let's think about this at a later time. It is still more important to make sure of Sariel-sama's condition."

"I wonder if we can get his room number from the mailbox. Ah, but what if an automatic lock is being used?"

Since it's a new apartment, then it's possible that they can only enter after getting the resident's permission. If the target is just Sariel alone, then the two of them will not feel any guilt if even they barge in directly, but they cannot cause trouble to other residents because of this.

Just as the both of them were thinking of other methods to be able to enter Sariel's home in a reliable and convenient manner-


Emi and Suzuno cried out at the same time.

They didn't think that the key person Sariel, actually walked out from the apartment once again.

Even though the suit he was originally wearing is able to barely keep his normal appearance, but once he changed into sports wear and a wrinked T-shirt, it was really difficult to compliment.

"Messy clothes are the proof of a dilapidated heart."

Suzuno voiced an unnecessary opinion, it looks like Sariel had something to do and walked towards the convenience store which Kisaki had just walked out of.

"From his state, Kisaki-san shouldn't have come to look for Sariel."

"That's right. Emilia, it's a green light now, it's rare for him to come out by himself, we better catch him quickly…"

Suzuno had not finished her sentence when the traffic signal changed to green, just as the both of them decided to walk across the pedestrian crossing quickly-


Sariel stopped in his steps in front of the convenience store.


Don't tell me he discovered that he was being followed? Even though to Emi and Suzuno, who intended to look for Sariel, it didn't matter even if they were discovered, but he showed no signs of noticing this side.


Suzuno gingerly initiated a conversation with Sariel, standing stunned in front of the convenience store.



"Was my goddess just here?"


Sariel, with bloodshot eyes, suddenly turned agitatedly and grabbed both of Suzuno's arms with force.

Suzuno panicked because of Sariel's sudden violent action.

"What are you doing! Let go of Bell quickly!"

"Answer me, Crestia Bell! She's here right! My most beloved goddess was here just now right?"

"Pl, please calm down, Sariel-sama! T, the goddess you're referring to, is it MgRonald's Manager Kisaki?"

"Is, is she here?"

Once Suzuno said this in confirmation, Sariel's attitude suddenly softened and looked at Suzuno and Emi with a pleading gaze.

"So what if she's here! Anyway, let go of Bell quickly! If not, I'll call the police!"

Even if it's the police, they should be able to handle the Hero and an Archangel, however Sariel, in an action more honestly than imagined, just let go of Suzuno.

"No…she's here…I can feel it."

Sariel's words were filled with sadness, such that even the harassed Suzuno couldn't help but feel pity for him.

"This is the smell of my goddess…the smell of coffee made by my goddess's hands."


Emi, who couldn't take it, mercilessly criticized, Sariel slowly sat on the ground.

"Ahh…she was actually in a place I could reach just now…if only time can be turned back…ahh…"

"Hey, Bell, what's wrong with this guy?"

"I don't know. Even though I don't know, someone might call the police if this goes on. Sariel-sama, for now, please stand up first."

"…Yeah, I'm sorry, I lost control of myself. I'm not buying things anymore, once I think about my goddess, I don't have the mood anymore."

Emi and Suzuno silently watched Sariel unsteadily walk back to the apartment.

The two of them decided that it would be best to just affirm Sariel's current state and residential address for today. Even though there are other things which they wish to ask about, but right now, it looks like Sariel cannot be communicated with at all.

"Room 302 huh."

From outside, Emi and Suzuno confirmed the mailbox which Sariel checked, and decided to return home.

But it looks like Sariel's state was worse than imagined.

Even though they know the reason for this is being dumped by Kisaki, so logically, they just have to think of ways to repair their relationship, but Emi and Suzuno only met Kisaki a few times, so they won't have any way to ask her to forgive Sariel.

[Image of shouting Sariel]

But if this goes on, Sariel would not carry out his function of being a defense mechanism, which would give the demons a chance.

"…Why do we have to go through such headache inducing things for the sake of protecting the Demon King."

Emi mumbed with complex feeling in a volume which Suzuno couldn't hear.

"Eh? Kisaki-san didn't come today?"

When Chiho changed and got ready for work, she discovered that Kisaki was nowhere to be seen in the shop.

After asking her work senior at the counter-

"She said she wanted to go out during break time, now Maou is taking care of the second floor."

Chiho received this answer.

"Is that so? That's nice, I also wish to go to the second floor soon."

Even though she said to Maou that she had no confidence a few days ago, Chiho still wanted to man the counter of the new operation model.

But that work senior gave a wry smile and said,

"Is that so? After drinking the coffee made by Kisaki-san, I don't wish to go up to the second floor anymore. If someone complains that the taste is dfferent from Kisaki-san, I wouldn't know what to do."

"Such a thing may happen."

Chiho gave a wry smile because everyone was thinking of the same thing. Following that-

"Hey, what do you mean by complain, it should be customer's opinion."

It wasn't known when she came back, they only saw her, with her employee vest and hat taken off, with a sunlight resistant shawl draped over her shirt, standing there holding a plastic bag from the convenience store.

"Ah, welcome back. You returned quickly."

"Hello, Kisaki-san. Did you go out just now?"

"I had some private matters to handle. I'm sorry, I wish to stay in the employee room for the time being. Everything should be alright on the second floor right?"

"Yeah, Maou is barely able to handle it."

Kisaki glanced at the monitor showing the situation on the second floor.

"Yeah, but we have to let everyone be able to go to the second floor sooner or later, or else I wouldn't be able to arrange shifts."

"Then again, Maou seemed to have mentioned a kind of specialized MdCafe license?"


The work senpai said something unexpected, after Kisaki glanced at him, she nodded nonchalantly.

"It's not as if you can't enter MdCafe without it. But at least, those people who participated in the lecture, would be able to obtain a rather cool looking accreditation certificate."

"Accrediation certificate…is it the thing placed on the second floor with Kisaki-san's photo on it?"

"That's right. That is only for placing within the store, with just that, customers would know that there is a professional employee within the store."

Because she didn't pay attention to the contents, Chiho had always though that the certificate with Kisaki's photo, is a certificate of the branch store in charge.

Kisaki printed out the explanation given to Maou and passed it to the two people.

"MgRonalds Barista…Maou-san plans to take this?"

"Yeah. He registered for this lecture very quickly. If all of you are interested, do you want to take part?"

"Would I be able to brew coffee like Kisaki-san's if I participate in this?"

Chiho casually asked as she read the explanation, and Kisaki hesitated a bit when she replied.

"…At least, it should become a bit more similar."

"Looks like it still won't even be close."

Her work senior did not look that interested, probably because she sensed something in Kisaki's words for her to feel a self-conceited confidence.

Chiho thought about it for a while, nodded, looked up and said,

"Can I participate as well? Even though it says a certain standard of work experience is necessary on it."

"It'll be fine as long as there is a recommendation from the branch store in charge. For Chi-chan's case, because you're not a permanent employee like Maa-kun with shift manager experience, so the lecture fee cannot be subsidized, if you don't mind even then…"

"It seems interesting, I wish to take part and see."

"Is that so. Then please stamp on this application form, and submit it tomorrow. If the registration is done now, you should still be able to attend the same class as Maa-kun."

"I understand, thank you."

After folding up the registration form carefully, she walked to the employee room and put it into her bag.

Wanting to train her techniques and knowledge as a MgRonalds employee, this wish is not fake.

However, Chiho still has another motive.

"…I wonder what Maou-san is actually thinking."

Chiho wanted to find a place where Emi, Ashiya, or even where all the Japanese without any relations to Ente Isla were not around to confirm Maou's views about the current situation.

Even though the answer to Chiho's confession is still not hold, but not because she was self-conceited, Chiho believed that Maou must like the normal daily life where she is present.

When Chiho found out that Emi was troubled about the future when she lodged in Suzuno's rooms, Chiho was suddenly curious about what Maou thought.

Thinking about it carefully, from the beginning, Maou wasn't that hostile to Emi.

Even though he tried to destoy human society and conquer the world, but right now, Maou living in Japan did not seem to hate humans.

Even though it's not as if she couldn't go to the Demon King and ask Maou out, but Suzuno would definitely grow suspicious because of this.

Including the fact that Emi is unable to feel hostile towards Maou, about the Demon Army starting a war in Ente Isla in the place Maou didn't know, the situation of Chiho planning to learn spells which did not exist in Japan, and the normal daily life which was starting to change, what did Maou think about these.

Chiho wanted to choose a time when there are only two of them, and hear the answer from Maou's mouth.

Only two of them…only two of them…?

"Is, isn't that a da…"

"Are you troubled by anything?"


Chiho, whose thoughts moved further and further away from their original direction, jumped because someone suddenly initiated a conversation with her.

Looking back, Chiho's gaze met with Kisaki, who came in from behind, currently leaning against the table and eating something like a convenience store sandwich.

"Mumbling to yourself after keeping the registration form, you deserved it. If you forget that it's working hours right now, I would be troubled you know?"

"Ah, did, did I zone out for that long?"

Chiho, blushing, patted her own cheeks because she was overly embarrassed.

"To the point which one who feel that it's not like the normal Chi-chan at all."

Kisaki gave a wry smile and drank a mouthful of the PET bottle red tea.

"Do you have to take academic tests after the end of the summer holidays?"

"Eh, why do you ask that?"

Chiho was confused because of the sudden question.

"Oh my, because you look like you are troubled recently. Even though it's the same now, but even since the reopening, Chi-chan has been showing an expression reserved for people who have reached a bottleneck. And when you laugh, your eyebrows don't move at all.

Even though she intentionally hid her own worries, but she was still easily seen through by Kisaki, who logically should not know anything, it looks like she is really a simple person.

"It's really easy to see. Even though this isn't like me, but I feel rather anxious lately as well. At times like this, strangely, the sense for the same feelings will be particularly sensitive."

"Kisaki-san can also feel anxious as well? It's difficult to imagine."

"Hey hey hey, I'm a person too you know? Of course I have times when I feel anxious. Sigh, even though I frequently bear in mind that when I take action, I have to show as if I am not lost about the way I live."

Kisaki took a big bite of the sandwich, and matching it with the red tea, swallowed it in one gulp.

"Let me give one piece of advice to a young person of 10 plus years from a life senior around 30 years old. Everything will work out in the end. As long as it doesn't concern lives, it's not so easy to meet things which are irreversible."

"Is that so?"

"Even though you will not fail as long as you do not take action, but if so, nothing will change. On the contrary, as long as you're willing to take action, change will happen regardless of whether you succeed or fail. If you're afraid of change, then it would be painful to live in this era."

"But…I'm not…afraid of change…"

After Kisaki saw the troubled Chiho, she nodded lightly.

"If you're unable to immediately find an answer after troubling over it, then focus your attention to the work in front of you. What Chi-chan should do right now is the MgRonalds job in front of you."

"Ah, th, that's right. I, I'm sorry, actually lazing around here."

After looking at the clock, Chiho discovered that she was feeling vexed in the employee room for almost 10 minutes.

Watching Chiho's back as she frantically ran out of the employee room, Kisaki swiftly took out the employees' interview resumes from the drawer.


As she read Chiho's resume, Kisaki thought about Maou, who was currently working on the second floor.

"Chi-chan also wishes to participate in that lecture?"

Maou heard from Kisaki, who had ended her break and returned to work, the news that Chiho also wished to participate in the MgRonalds Barista lecture.

"Yeah, and she'll be taking it on the same day as Maa-kun, it's a rare chance, the both of you should just attend it together."

"That's true, let's arrange it that way then."

Kisaki lowered her head to look towards Maou, who answered in a relaxed manner and suddenly asked,

"Oh yes, Maa-kun, do you know when Chi-chan's birthday is?"

"Eh, no, I don't know."

Even if he felt a little confused, Maou still immediately answered Kisaki's sudden question.

Seeing Kisaki's rather reproachful expression, Maou immediately knew he said something wrong.

"I wonder if you're too dense, or if Chi-chan is a late bloomer, it's so difficult to tell."


Maou's airheaded answer caused Kisaki to shake her head like she had given up.

"I can only tell you that it's coming. After all, in this age, we can't carelessly leak the personal data of employees."

"Is that so?"

Of course, Maou knew that in the common knowledge of Japan, there is a habit for celebrating birthdays. However, even so, he never paid much attention to the birthdays of other people.

"I'm not sure why, but recently, every time I see both of you, I feel that Chi-chan has helped Maa-kun more than any of the others. Just treat is as a reciprocation of her usual caringness, and show me your manliness."

"Y, yeah…"

"Anyway, the reason why Chi-chan has been acting so strange lately, it must have something to do with you right?"


Maou couldn't help but look up towards Kisaki's side profile.

Even though Maou didn't think that Chiho would tell Kisaki the truth, but it looks like even the Demon King, couldn't hide anything from Kisaki.

"I know even if both of you do not say anything. It feels as if the atmosphere betwee the two of you have changed a lot before the reopening."

"…Is, is that so?"

"It's not a bad thing. Humans will be lost and troubled no matter how old they are. But whether there is anyone next of them during these times would cause a huge difference in the results."

Kisaki, who showed a sly smile, nudged Maou with her elbow.

"Occasionally, you should take the initiative and help Chi-chan solve her troubles. There will be a lot of points like this too."

"…Kisaki-san, sometimes gives the impression of an old uncle."

Maou retaliated with all his might, but Kisaki nonchalantly answered,

"This is also a way of handling matters. As long as a woman's personality changes to that of an old uncle, a lot of trouble will be saved. Even though it's difficult to find a partner that way."

It was difficult to react to this question.

"Anyway, as long as you can get the MgRonalds Barista license, then the people who can man the second floor will increase. Eve though it shouldn't be that difficult, but go there and learn well."

"I understand."

Perhaps she felt Maou's hesitation, Kisaki continued on with the topic.

"But a gift…what kind of gift should be given?"

Even in Maou's eyes, compared to the girls similar in age, Chiho's character was obviously cultivated in a more wholesome manner, so giving her something too feminine may be too impractical.

"Thinking about practicality, it should be 10kg of rice and salad dressing gift box."

"It's not as if it's the Ghost Festival!"

Kisaki rebuked in a dumbfounded manner.

"But for accessories, the taste differs from person to person, even if I want to give her recently popular books, Chi-chan might already have it, but even so, wouldn't giving flowers make it easy for people to misunderstand?"

"True, based on the subtle distance between the two of you, perhaps there is some difficulty."

Kisaki also thought about it a bit, but of course, she had no intentions of telling Maou the answer.

"To put it in a more extreme manner, for things like gifts, it is best for the other party to be able to use it, if you put too much thought into it, it might cause a burden to the other party in the end, the important thing is the intentions. Just pour your feelings into it and choose one appropriately."

At this moment, a new customer approached while directing the airconditioning to his face. From how the customer did not order anything downstairs, he should be a customer of MdCafe.

Even though Maou had never spoken directly with that customer, from his face, Maou could confirm that he is one of the regulars before the renovation.

Even though it is the height of summer now, and that customer looked covered in sweat, but everytime he orders white gold roasted coffee, he would insist on 'a hot one' and would never drink iced coffee.

In Maou's heart, he secretly gave him a nickname of 'Hot Coffee-san'.


Kisaki and Maou bowed respectfully in unison.

"Medium sized Cappucino, hot one."

Following his habits, the customer ordered hot coffee and Maou couldn't help but smile.

"I understand. Do you need anything else?"

After Maou helped the customer take his order, he ran towards Kisaki.

"300 yen in total…I received 5000 yen. Please check."

By MgRonalds' rules, when high value bills are received during payment, they have to ask other employees to confirm the number of bills when giving change.

Kisaki turned around at Maou's request, for unknown reasons, she was rubbing the bottom of the specialized MdCafe mugs placed on the rack in order with her fingertips.

"No problem."

Kisaki touched the coffee mugs as she confirmed Maou's change.

Just as Maou handed the bills and small change to the customer, Kisaki suddenly said,

"If you don't mind, please wait at your seat, we will send it over to you later."

After the working class guy took the number plate, he looked for a new coffee seat which looks comfortable and bouncy and sat down.

After confirming the customer's location, he used the corner of his eye to watch Kisaki's actions when brewing coffee.

Kisaki, who took a cup out from the middle of the rack, for unknown reasons, started washing the cup with the hot water used to brew the red tea.

After the whole cup was doused in hot water, Kisaki used her thumb to touch the spot above the handle.

She nodded like she understood something, and then walked towards the coffee machine, and following the orders, placed the coffee beans used for Cappucino into the coffee machine to extract concentrated coffee. After adding the milk bubbles beaten out by the steam powered milk bubble machine, the Cappucino which Maou had followed the standard operating procedure to brew everytime was done.


Kisaki nodded in satisfaction, she personally walked to the customer seating area, picked up the number plate and placed the mug on the table.

Maou stared at the customer without tearing his gaze away.

Hot Coffee-san, who looks like he just wants to rest, took his mobile phone from out of his pocket, looking at the screen on his mobile phone, not even giving the mug a glance.


However, after one mouthful, his action of returning the mug to the table stopped.

His gaze left his mobile phone, and moved the mug which he wanted to put on his table to his mouth.

Seeing Hot Coffee-san willing to put down the mug only after drinking a mouthful larger than the first one, Maou slowly understood that the taste of that Cappucino is very different from his.

"I wonder what is the difference…"

After he participated in the MgRonalds Barista lecture, he wondered if he would be able to unravel the mystery a little.

Seeing Kisaki walk back with a look of satisfaction on her face, Maou couldn't dispel the uneasiness in his heart.

10pm at night, Maou, who had worked from morning till now, started to make preparations to go home together with Chiho.

The two people left the store under the gaze of Kisaki, who looked rather happy.

"Then let's go back."


The route home for Chiho and Maou was the same until the halfway point.

Chiho, who did not know beforehand that Maou's shift ended earlier, thought that she might not have to wait until the day of the Barista lecture, perhaps she might find time to talk properly with Maou today.


However, when Maou took Dullahan II out from the parking lot, he suddenly showed an expression like he had expected to drink wheat tea, but made a mistake and drank soba sauce instead.

"Oh my, the two of you have got off work already?"

"…Don't misunderstand, we're not waiting for you." Suzuno and Emi said boldly in a thick skinned manner.

No matter what they thought, the both of them are waiting for Maou and the rest to come out.

From the fact that the two of them are still nearby at this time, Chiho could deduce that Sariel didn't revive that quickly after all.

Suzuno and Emi probably stayed here to keep watch to prevent Maou from falling into the hands of the demons of Ente Isla.

But from Maou's viewpoint, he did not remember doing anything which would cause Emi and Suzuno to suddenly bother him, so he sighed like he had give up and said,

"What business do you have?"

"Didn't I say before that it's not to wait for you." "…Yusa-san?"

Chiho suddenly sensed that something seemed to be different from normal.

Even though Emi's normal tone of voice towards Maou isn't that good to begin with, but there was something a bit different today.

"Emilia is correct, the person we are looking for is actually at Sentucky. Even though the issue was settled earlier, but we have been chatting about female topics afterwards."

"Do you like the term, female topics, that much?"

Maou threw Emi a gaze of confirmation in a fed up manner.

"Have you done anything before which will cause us to have to find you?" Having seen said that by Emi, the Hero, Maou, the Demon King-

"Sigh, too many to count."

He could only answer in this manner. "…That so."


Logically, if it was Emi in the past, it wouldn't be strange even if she shouted 'Then go and die' to Maou on the spot, however she looked away slightly in a bored manner and said,

"Then what business do you think we have with you?" "Ah?"

Maou's eyes widened because her direction of rebuttal was too unexpected. Looking over following Maou's eyes and line of sight, Chiho finally realized it. Today, Emi had not looked at Maou's eyes at all.

Normally, Emi would have aimed directly at Maou, whether it was her gaze, hostility or finger, but this time she avoided Maou completely.

"Uh…about that, how should I put it."

No knowing if he discovered the strangeness in Emi's attitude, Maou scratched his head and said,

"Because I am going home together with Chi-chan, so you're worried I would do something inappropriate on the way."

"You, who cannot look up in front of Chiho's mother, would you be able to do such a thing?"

"…or you're worried that I'll do something bad on the second floor which cannot be seen from Sentucky or the bookstore opposite."

"You obviously hold so much respect for that shop manager, and you can still dare to say such a thing." "Then you're looking for trouble like usual?"

"What do you mean looking for trouble."

Emi did not hide her frustrated attitude and said hatefully in a small voice with her head lowered. "Why does the Hero have to think of a reason to look for the Demon King?"

"For a person to come over without any business is also a bit strange too right." "Didn't I say before that I have business with Sariel?"

"What's up. You've been a bit strange recently you know?"

Maou, who became more and more impatient, started to speak in a fierce tone. "…Ugh!"

Emi, who looked up because of Maou's stern tone-

"Yu, Yusa-san?" "W, what is it…" "…"

There were tears in her eyes.

When was the last time he saw Emi's tears.

Maou actually gradually sensed the reason why Emi became strange recently.

Emi's father seems to be still alive, perhaps after finding this fact out from Gabriel, the heart of the young Hero was shaken greatly.

Maou could understand the vengeful feelings arising from a parent's death becoming the motive for action.

As the Hero, Emi naturally has a heart of justice, it looks like taking revenge for her father getting involved in Maou's conquest occupied a large part of her heart.

Thinking to this, Maou finally remembered.

The tears which the Hero had let the Demon King see.

When did this happen.

Then again, Emi at that time was also-

"Why are you so kind to me, to humans! Why are you able to be so kind!"

She cried as well.

"Why did you have to kill my father!"

The Hero's pained cries and voice with unsuppressed hopelness echoed in Maou's mind.

"Hey, Emi."

"…What is it."

Emi suppressed the certain feeling which were going to overflow from her with all her might, but Maou's tone was unexpectedly kind.

"Conquering the world fits my personality better after all."



"Demon King…?"

The scene was instantly filled with a dangerous atmosphere that even Chiho and Suzuno, observing the situation, could not help but feel shaken.

"Perhaps the human world really doesn't suit my personality, and there are still many people waiting for me. After all, as long as I want to, it's not that difficult to contact Kameo to get me."

"Ma, Maou-san? Y, you aren't serious about it, aren't you?"

Maou said calmly, on the contrary, because Chiho was too shaken, even her tone has started to shake.

"Chi-chan, basically, this is strange in the first place. I, who rules hundreds of Demon clans, and am at the top of a 50,000 strong Demon Army, actually wanting to learn about the human world."


Maou's tone did not change at all, causing Suzuno's gaze to show some signs of wariness. Chiho was the same as well, unable to read Maou's true intentions.

"The Hero and Demon King are existances who canot get along after all. I will do evil things to conquer the world, so just come again at me and kill me. Doing that should be more normal right."


"I'm sorry, Chi-chan."

After patting Chiho's shoulder, Maou walked past the three ladies, and started to push Dullahan II to leave.

"Ashiya should feel happy. Taking the chance that the restoration isn't complete, perhaps the invasion will be carried out easily."

"…You clearly…"

"I might as well ask Kameo to send more people to get me. As an appetizer, it seems good to cause chaos in Japan."

"…You clearly won't…"

Emi spoke in a soft voice to Maou's back, who was talking to himself.



Ignoring Chiho and Suzuno's call, Emi looked up, directing a sharp gaze towards Maou, and shouted to his back, clothed in a UNIXLO T shirt.

"You clearly won't be able to do things like that!"


Maou stopped walking, and directed his gaze back at Emi.

"And…you don't intend to do it at all…!"

"If you shout too loudly, Kisaki-san will run out here you know."

"Would someone who doesn't dare to anger a mere shop manager be able to conquer the world?"

"Everyone has someone whom they do not want to offend."

"What do you plan to do?"

"Didn't I say so, it's to conquer the world."

"I don't mean that. I'm asking what you plan to do after conquering the world!"


Suzuno and Chiho were shocked by Emi's question.

"The demons in the Demon World do not need food as long as they have demonic magic. Even though this doesn't mean all of you woud be able to fit into human society, but to all of you, what is the importance of the lands and the treasures of the human world? Controlling that world which has no other charms other than killing humans, what are you planning to do?"

Just like Suzuno's investigation, there is a huge difference in the values of the Demon World and Ente Isla.

"How about hunting down and killing humans, letting despair spread across the entire world?"

"The instant you said this sentence, it's already clear that it's not your honest words."

Emi continued speaking with an expression that she couldn't accept it,

"Maracoda's invasion of the Southern continent, can only be described as blood rain, the onslaught of Lucifer's army at the Western Continent was also very fierce. But compared to Maracoda…Adramelech's army at the Northern Continent did not attack anyone other than the Knight Order, and logically, the Eastern Continent, which should have been under control for the longest time, is still being ruled by the Unifying Azure Emperor and his clan members."

"…As expected of the Hero who has travelled the world, you do know a lot."

Emi did not hide her tears at all, and glared at the Demon King, who showed a mocking smile.

"If…if you're really a cruel Demon King who really thirsts for blood, then I…then I don't have to be so troubled!"


"Ever since you said in front of me, that you want to become a permanent employee in this world. From then, I should have thought it was strange! You don't want to conquer the world at all! You only…"

At this moment, for unknown reasons, Emi first looked back to glance at Chiho, before continuing,

"Only want to do something amazing, then let other people acknowledge you right?"

The effect of this sentence was immediate.

The expression on Maou's face disappeared completely, Emi, Chiho and Suzuno could see it, this was a tell tale sign before the explosion of strong feelings other than anger and embarrassment.

However, in the next instant-


"Ma, Maou-san?"

Maou, holding his bicycle, disappeared in front of the three of them without any warning.

"W, what…?"

The one who was the most shaken, was Emi, who had been quarreling with Maou.

The Maou just now, was definitely planning to protest against Emi about a certain matter.

From how he took a deep breath beforehand, he must be preparing to rebuke Emi's theory.

There were no traces of Maou activating demonic magic at the scene. However, even if they looked upwards or surveyed their surroundings, they could only suspect that Maou had escaped with some kind of abnormal methods, but Emi immediately realized that it was not like that in reality.

"Ma, Maou-san?"

Chiho shakily walked towards where Maou originally stood.

However, on the bricks of the pedestrian path which Maou was just standing on, there were no signs left at all. Even if Chiho stood at where Maou just stood, nothing happened at all.

"W, what exactly happened?"

The town at night, operated normally like usual.

Unending sounds from the cars can be heard from Koshu-Kaido, and new customers, ignoring the three bewildered people, walked into MgRonalds.

Only the presences of Maou and Dullahan II disappeared from the scene like an illusion.


Chiho subconsciously placed her hand on her shoulder which Maou had touched before he disappeared.

"E, Emilia, can this be…"

"Even though I also thought so for an instant…but is this kind of thing possible?"

Suzuno and Emi originally deduced that it should be Barbariccia's forces kidnapping Maou.

However, whether it was just now or the present, the two of them did not even sense any holy magic, let alone demonic again.

"…The Demon Fortress should be fine right?"

Suzuno's words caused Emi to suck in a breath.

That's right, perhaps something strange also happened to Ashiya and Urushihara.

Even though it's something strange, but if what Emi and Suzuno thought really happened, then to Maou and the others, it should be considered normal instead, anyway, the situation right now was really complex.

"I know Lucifer's Skyphone number, as long as that Neet is playing on the computer like normal…"

Emi took out her own Slimphone, and dialed Lucifer's Skyphone number.

However, for unknown reasons, her mobile phone did not produce any dialtone at all, Emi, who sensed something wasn't right, looked at her screen once again, and found out with surprise that the screen was displaying 'No signal available currently'.

"Eh? N, no signal available?"

"Let me see the number! I'll use my mobile phone to…"

Suzuno snatched the phone from Emi's hands and flipped open her own mobile phone.

"No signal available…"

Seeing this, Chiho also flipped open her own mobile phone, and was surprised at the display of no signal.

"H, how can this be. Normally when I leave the store and am about to go home, I would always call my family to let them know!"

Even if Chiho stared at the screen for some time, the signal showed no signs of recovering.

Not only that-

"Eh? H, hey…ah!"

A young lady walking past Emi and the others frowned and looked towards her mobile phone.

"Oh my, the signal cut off."

The lady waved the mobile phone in the air while she walked, and after walking some distance away from Emi and the others, she repositioned the mobile phone next to her ear.

"There's signal over there?"

The distance between them was 50 metres.

Emi and Suzuno ran over behind the lady, and at the spot where the lady moved the mobile phone to her ear, they discovered that the mobile phones have regained their signal.

"E, even though I don't really understand, but we would be able to make calls now."

Emi, breathing a sigh of relief, called Urushihara again, as for Suzuno-


For unknown reasons, directed her attention to the area around her feet.

With an action like she had stepped on something, Suzuno took one step back from where she had stood.

"How strange."


Even though there was a dialtone, Emi still felt very anxious because Usushihara still hasn't picked up the phone after a long time, after that, when she looked down, she noticed that Suzuno was squatting and looking at the ground in concentration.

"Bell, what are you doing?"

Suzuno did not answer Emi's question and took a small stone on the side of the road without consulting anyone else and placed it on her own palm.


Suzuno shouted lightly to raise her aura, and the small size started to glow faintly. Looks like she had injected holy magic into the stone.

Then seeing Suzuno flick her fingertip, the small stone flew outwards at low altitude.


Emi widened her eyes in shock.

Not only did the small stone with Suzuno's holy magic get bounced back in mid air, a blue flame like thing wavered in front of Suzuno at the same time.

"…It's a barrier."

"Ba, barrier?"

Compared to the shocked Emi, Suzuno, sucked in a breath with a sterner expression and said,

"And it's not demonic magic. This…is a spell barrier! The Demon King has been trapped in a spell barrier!"

"But, by what you said, the boundary line should be here right? Why are we able to freely enter and leave the barrier?"

Emi hung phone the phone when no one picked up, asking Suzuno, but before that-


"Bell, did you say something?"

"No, that isn't Emilia's voice?"



That sound came from the sky behind them.

"My goddesssss!"

An unlovable voice passed over Emi and Suzuno's heads.


Without even confirming, they could tell the person fallig from the sky is Sariel. Not only were his eyes bloodshot, he even tightened up the gaunt face resembling a spirit, his expression looking much exaggerated.

"I'm coming to save, pwah!"

Suzuno subconsciously swung her holy hammer towards Sariel's face.


Sariel was thrown backwards mercilessly by the giant hammer and then bounced backwards.


And like that he hit the concerete boundary at the side of the pedestrian path.

"…he, he's still alive right?"

Like she was demonstrating the spell on using amplifiers, Suzuno beautifully used her holy hammer, then panting, she confirmed the situation with Emi.


"He's up!"

But Sariel himself looked like he wasn't seriously hurt, and even jumped up from the ground with vigour.

"W, what is going on!"

Sariel waved an arm, asking this to Emi and Suzuno.

Just that action, the holy magic wave spread out from Sariel's arm engulfed the area.

That wave of holy magic seems to have the similar effect as the spell Suzuno casted earlier, causing the boundaries of the barrier to appear. It was a dome shaped holy magic area extending down the road.

"Ugh, we're the ones who want to ask you what's going on…"

"My goddess, my goddess is alright right?"

"That, that store is unharmed, let alone shop manager Kisaki…"

While talking, Emi and Suzuno looked towards the place where Maou had just disappeared, and discovered that not only did not look totally normal like earlier, there weren't traces of any people…

"Eh, Eh?


Chiho had disappeared.

Logically, when they mentioned that the mobile phone could not receive any signal, Chiho should have been next to Emi and the others.


Emi frantically ran back to where Chiho originally stood, and even if her shoulder bag had hit Sariel, who had wanted to get up from the ground, she didn't care at all.

For unknown reasons, Emi and Suzuno were not restricted like Sariel, they are able to freely enter and leave the boundaries of the barrier.

As expected, there were no traces left at Chiho's previous location. Eve if they flipped open their mobile phones, similarly, only this place could not receive any signal, but when they looked towards MgRonalds, they noticed that the employees within are still working normally, and the customers are still eating normally.

"What's going on? Even though it's just a barrier, why will people disappear?"

"I, I don't know either! If it's purely a barrier, then the Demon King and Chiho-dono shouldn't have disappeared, but stayed where they were…no, wrong, basically, if this is a barrier, we shouldn't be able to enter and leave freely!"

"This is not an ordinary barrier!"

Sariel shouted while maintaining his position on the ground, causing the working class who are heading towards Hatagaya station to go home to show suspicious gazes, intentionally walking around to avoid him.

"This is a dimensional phase shifting barrier! Didn't I use it before at the Tokyo Metropolian Government Building?"

"Dimensional phase shifting?"

Whe Sariel kidnapped Emi and Chiho, Suzuno had seen him set a barrier which emcompassed the whole Tokyo Metropolian Government Building.

But compared to Maou's barrier, Sariel's barrier did not have a clear boundary, and it looked like it only caused the people around the Metropolian Building to suddenly disappear.

"I, I thought Heaven set up this scheme to cause harm to the goddess who might become an obstacle in order for me to return, causing me to frantically run over to save the goddess…"

Emi and Suzuno ignored Sariel's half finished dreamtalk and warily surveyed the surrounding situation, their backs to each other.

Even though they can't see it, but the other party is definitely here.


Whether it was MgRonalds, the street scenery of Hatagaya, or the positon of Dullahan II, which leaned against him, it all stayed the same.

But the sounds and the presence of people disappeared.

As for Emi, who was crying and stepping bare footed into his heart, she had disappeared as well.

Even though Maou's heart was still beating vigorously, but the reason behind his huge shock, wasn't the surprise he felt at the strange scene in front of him, but because he never expected that his own heart was so useless that it felt shaken by one sentence from Emi.

Maou used his hand to wipe off the sweat because of the hot weather, and had the illusion that the blood rushing to his head might just turn into horns-the scene was filled with a huge amount of negative energy.

"I'm rather troubled on how to judge this."


"I was talking about important topics with other people just now, but because I momentarily became a little worked up, so I could have carelessly said some unnecessary things."

Maou put down the foot rest of Dullahan II and let go of the handles.

"Even though I might have avoided letting something slip because of this, but I also lost the chance for rebuke, so from the results, I am unable to digest my feelings right now."

Maou used the sleeve of this T-shirt to wipe off the cold sweat on his forehead, and turned around to face the people standing in the middle of the road.

"Who are you people? First a simple introduction and an explanation of your purpose, then go away after you're satisified. If not, I might just vent the undigested portion on you."

There were two silouettes there.

And the two of them were 'humans' whom Maou had never seen before.

One of the youths was wearing a suit which looked really hot, and his well oiled hair was parted in 30-70, it looks like he had applied hairgel which young people now would not even want to use. In addition, even though he also wore large silver framed spectacles which doesn't look like something which will be worn by young people, but even if Maou looked over from where he stood, he could tell that they were decorative spectacles without any degree.

Not only did the strangely bright dark blue suit not look polished at all, after matching it with a simply designed black briefcase, it gave an impression that the era was mistaken, looking like the classic look of the working class 40 years ago.

But that is still considered quite okay, because the other person's mistake wasn't just a 40 year gap.

It was a warrior who had mistaken the era so much that he was over 200 years off, covered in armour-and he was a small child.

It's not a person of small build like Urushihara or Suzuno.

From the bone structure of his shoulders and the proportion of his head to his body, this was entirely a small child.

Even so, that child's body was covered entirely in red armour, and even took the care to don on a mask imitating the model of an evil demon.

Not only does it feel hot and heavy, it seems like the front cannot be seen at all.

"The two of you actually dressed in something that looks really hot. Are you angels, or demons, which part of the North, South, East, West Continent did you come from?"

"You don't look that shocked."

The Showa Era male in the suit opened his mouth and said.

(T/N: Showa Era refers to the years between 1926 and 1989.)

"I'm surprised that the two of you actually transformed into this state. Did both of you pass at the beginning? Even though people who participating in the transformation channel, are able to obtain better comments than both of you."

In a summer special project of the television station, there was a variety programme which allows people from outside the industry to undergo transformations for entertainment, Maou used that programme to mock the two people.

"I'm proud that I have never been suspected by others."

"That's you. But, that brat over there shouldn't be able to pull that off right?"

"We don't always work together."

From the beginning, the man in the suit had been using polite language to talk to Maou in a hospitable manner.

Using such an exaggerated way of speaking even though they are meeting for the first time, this caused Maou to glare at the man in the suit, saying,

"You're a demon right."

"This is my first time paying respects to you, Demon King-sama. My name is Farfarello, currently taking the position as a chieftian of the Malebrache."

"As expected."

The other party is a strong demon who is a chieftain like Ciriatto who had attacked the beaches of Choshi. Logically, if they are the chieftains of the Malebranche under Maracoda, Maou should know all of them, however, he had no impression of that name at all.

"Farfarello…I'm sorry, I have never heard of that name."

Wearing a suit, the demon who called himself Farfarello and did not look at offended, replied,

"That is expected. Because I was promoted to chieftain after Demon King-sama personally led the army to Ente Isla."

"I see, then the May Doll standing over there, who are you?"

(T/N: When Japan celebrates Boy's Day in May, they would decorate an armour wearing doll for the boys in the family. This held on 5 May. Girl's Day is celebrated on 3rd March. Currently, Boy's Day was adapted to Children's Day, which now celebrates with boys and girls. )

"Please don't mind that person. He is only a guide from Ente Isla, not a person worthy of the Demon King's attention…"

"I'm asking who he is. And I'm not asking you, I'm asking that brat!"

After making Farfarello shut up, Maou glared at the armour wearing child.


Unexpectedly, the youth honestly answered Maou's question through the crevices of the red armour.

"Illuon. Are you human, demon, or angel?"


"Why are you acting together with a demon?"


"That so."

Finally Maou temporarily gave up interrogating the armoured youth who called himself Illuon.

Even if he worried for the future of the youth who he met for the first time, it would not be of much use, after all, regardless of what the youth called Illuon thought about the orders, or what effects were hidden behind those orders, it was not something Maou had the means right now to know.

"Then the dressed up demon and brat, what business do you have with me? You're called Farfarello right. I don't sense any demonic magic coming from you, don't tell me you degenerated into humans like us?"

"It is as what you said. Because from my analysis, one of the reasons why Ciriatto's action to invade this country failed, is because he maintained the form of a demon which could not adapt to this place. In addition-

Farfarello surveyed the street scenery of Hatagaya.

"I heard you gave Ciriatto orders, forbidding him for doing unnecessary harm to this country."

"Yeah, and I thought the Malebranche clan is filled with bloodthirsty fellas."

"You are correct. Even though other chieftains were doubtful if there is a need for such a thing, but after someone gave advice to Barbariccia, everyone diecided to follow this order. Demon King-sama seems to hold a certain conviction to this country, so you wouldn't forgive people who randomly destroys this place."

Maou mumbled unhappily,

"Is it Olba?"

"That's right."

Talking about the people who understood Maou's thoughts through their actions and have returned to Ente Isla, there was only Emeralda, Alberto and Olba. And of course, for Emeralda and Alberto, they definitely will not join the side which will betray Emi.

"You're really honest."

"I was given orders to answer honesty for the matters enquired by the Demon King."

"Honesty is a good thing. Then let's get to the main topic."

Maou narrowed his eyes, glaring at Farfarello.

"What business do you have with me?"

Maou did not feel surprised about Farfarello's appearance, ever since Kameo appeared in Choshi and reported that Barbariccia broke away from the Demon World, he had expected that this kind of thing would happen sooner or later.

The stuffy suit produced various sounds of cloth rubbing against one another, Farfarello kneeled down on the spot and answered,

"When we were feeling happy about Demon King-sama being safe and sound, the Malebrache have risked our lives, have successfully set the foundation for reinvading Ente Isla. Therefore, we wish to ask Demon King-sama…"

"I don't want to."

"to lead us again, and go to the Demon World with me, eh?"

Even though he heard Maou's interruption, but Farfarello's mouth did not stop and continued speaking smoothly, only when his brain finally understood Maou's answer, he let out an airheaded sound and looked up.

"What are you eh-ing about. I said no. Rejected, dismissed, go back."

"Is, is my Japanese vocabulary still insufficient…Demon King-sama, don't tell me, your meaning just now was reject…"

"That's what I mean. Go back quickly with that strange brat."


It seems like as long as he is not given orders, that strange brat will not take the initative to speak. The youth was silent, even if his expression is studied, his thoughts can't be read at all.

"W, why? The Unifying Azure Emperor of the Easter Continent has already sworn allegiance to us. In addition, we have also heard that Demon King-sama has not given up the aspirations of conquering the world. Not only that, don't you plan to rule this country one day?"

"That is true."

"Then, please come back with us, and command us to your heart's content! The Malebranche will assist Demon King's aspirations with all our might!"

"That so."

"…Ah, don't tell me, you're worried that the Hero of the Holy Sword is nearby…"

"Rather than saying that she is nearby, it's more like she's currently in the area currently. Even though…it's not as if it has nothing to do with her…but it's not anything to be concerned about."

"B, but…"

"But what. There is a saying in this country, even Buddha will get angry after getting its face touched three times. I don't have a third time, I refuse, go back already."

(T/N: Japanese idiom which means no matter how kind the person is, there is a tolerance to their patience.)

"W, why? Demon King-sama, please tell me the reason!"

Farfarello looked at Maou with a pale face.

Maou, stone faced, showed an expression of 'you don't even know about this' and said,

"You…I am Demon King Satan, do I look like a person with such small capacity that I will feel happy at becoming a sumo wrestler by wearing someone else's loincloth?"


Even though his appearance looked like a young man in his twenties, but Farfarello still swallowed his saliva at the piercing presence Maou emitted, and then-

"I, I'm sorry, Maou-sama."


"May I know…what 'someone else's loincloth' means…?"

He asked a very off topic question.


This unexpected reaction, caused Maou to feel a wave of tiredness

"Y, you should have learnt Japanese before right!"

"I'm ashamed to say this, but I did not have the chance to learn metaphors and proverbs…"

"Then why are you able to use polite language! Forget it, anyway loincloth is a type of underwear, and in a traditional Japanese fighting style competition known as Sumo, it is a rule that competitors can only wear a loincloth."

"Would they win as long as they destroy that thing called a loincloth?"

"No destroying! If you do that kind of thing, there will be no more live streaming of Sumo matches in future! Anyway, they have to wear that…using the term wear sounds strange, anyway they have to use that to participate in competitions! It means that I am unable to wear someone else's armour to fight!"

"I see. Since they use the method of wearing the protective clothing known as 'loincloth' to face battle to express this, that means that they need to snatch each other's item, known as 'Sumo' in the competition?"

"Even though it sounds like it's not too far off, but if feels that your brain has seriously misinterpreted it…then again why do I have to do something like having no choice but to explain the punchline to other people in a failed gag like a comedian!"

"Maou-san! What Sumo wrestlers wear are not loincloths, but 'MAWASI'!"

(T/N: The MAWASI worn by Sumo wrestlers are a specialized loincloth with harder material and are harder to secure.)

"Eh? Oh, I see, it's 'MAWASI'! Eh? Then why would they say that it's someone else's 'loincloth'?"

"W, who are you?"

"It seems like they also wear normal loincloths too? I am Maou-san's…uh…how should I put it, I, I am his junior!"

"That's right, this girl is the junior at my workpl…ehhhhhh?"

Just as Maou explained the loincloth, causing his rare cool sounding lines and stern atmosphere to all go to waste-

"Chi, Chi-chan? W, why are you here?"

Chiho had, without Maou noticing, appeared in this place as if it was natural to do so.

Even though Farfarello and Illuon grew wary because of this newcomer, Maou himself felt very flustered.

In order to cut off the connection between Maou and Japan, Farfarello definitely used a type of barrier, and in the beginning Maou had already made sure that Emi and the others-including Chiho of course-were outside the range of the barrier.

However Chiho had appeared without any warning.

If Emi or Suzuno broke the barrier, then everyone should have appeared at the same time, but unbelievably, only Chiho alone used some method to pierce through the barrier.

Chiho, who gave everyone a shock, naturally appeared on the battlefield, and even though her voice was quivering, she still said to the pair with unknown origins in front of her,

'Yo, you can't take Maou-san back to Ente Isla! Because Maou-san still has things he has to do in Japan, wah!"

"Chi, Chi-chan, that's enough! Get back first!"

Seeing that Chiho was going to run forward to reason with them, Maou couldn't help but push her behind him.

Even if Farfarello was in human form right now, but since he's a Malebranche, it's hard to say if he's hiding something behind his back.

As for Illuon, other than his abnormal attire, since he was introduced as a 'guide' by a Malebranche chief, he would also have an ability which cannot be ignored, and is not a normal child.

"Why do you want to protect that human?"

Dark flames burned in Farfarello's eyes, causing Maou to feel danger.

"Is there anything strange about that. Aren't you also acting together with that brat called Illuon."

"I didn't expect that you would think that way. I am only commading Illuon, how can I have a equal relationship with him."

Faced with Farfarello's statement, Illuon did not react at all.

"Demon King-sama, is what that person said true?"

"What do you mean."

"That girl said you 'still have things you have to do in Japan'. May I know what exactly Demon King-sama plans to do in this country known as Japan? When we had heard that you had obtained strong demonic magic once, we had high hopes that Demon King-sama would include this country into your plans."

Farfarello surveyed Maou from head to toe.

"Demon King-sama, may I know what exactly is this important thing you wish to do, that you rather dress in this non-glorious attire and even protect a young girl?"


Even though Maou really wanted to shout 'Apologise to UNIXLO' with all his might, the current atmosphere did not allow him to do such a thing.

"Pardon my honest words, privately, amongst the Malebranche, there are already people who suspect that Demon King-sama has already lost the will to conquer the world. Especially since Demon King-sama disallowed Ciriatto from returning to the Eastern Continent, and from how you also disallowed him from lending you his powers in this country, you must be carrying out some plan which exceeds our imagination…or is it…"

Farfarello shifted his gaze away from Maou, and turned towards Chiho, who was being protected by Maou.

"That Demon King-sama plans to abandon us demons…abandon the whole Demon World…."

In this instant, a dramatic change occurred in the aura Maou gave off.

"Are you kidding!"

Maou shouted from the bottom of his heart, causing Chiho, who was hiding behind him, to shiver once in fright.

"I…I have never forgotten my subjects in the Demon World who look up to me as King, not even for a moment!"

"If so!"

"There's nothing else to say! Since all of you are still loyal to me, then why aren't you staying under Kameo's command and waiting for my return!"


Now it was Farfarello's turn to be speechless.

"Barbariccia left the Demon World because he was influenced by Olba's instigations right? When I invaded Ente Isla, I should have left the left the management authority to Kameo. In other words, he is the Deputy Demon King! How do you expect me to trust the people who do not even listen to the orders of the Deputy Demon King!"

"Be as it may! Even if large groups of officials and soldiers from the Demon Army head towards Ente Isla, it doesn't represent the solving of the predictment ailing the Demon World! If Demon King-sama really perished at the battlefield, then the top priority should be dispatching second or third waves of armies! Kameo-sama doesn't have the mettle to do such a thing!"

You said mettle? In the face of meeting an exception like the Hero, even the elite soldiers led by the Four Great Demon Generals only lasted for less than 3 years! Don't tell me you have a plan to subvert this situation?"

"Even if we do not, we have to fight!"

Farfarello rebuked in a heated manner.

"Because of their sacrifices…the Demon World is able to continue on."


Maou did not miss the cry of surprise from Chiho behind him.

However the priority was to handle Farfarello, the one in front of him.

"That's why I said that all of you are too superficial! So what if battle forces are sent to Ente Isla a little at a time? If they continue to perish like this, the result is only the slow progress of the Demon World to its end!"

"Because we worry that it will turn out like this, that why the Demon Army must execute a second invasion! Even if the Malebranche have betrayed the Demon World, the feelings of caring for the Demon World have not changed! Even though the person known as Olba is the comrade of the Hero who caused the first expedition of the Demon Army to fail, but he is not an unreasonable person. Even if something does go wrong, once we obtain all the necessary knowledge and information he has, it would be easy to kill him! No matter what, please go back and reclaim your title as King!"

"Your way of thinking is basically wrong!"

Maou rebuked Farfarello's opinion with a tone which surpassed his.

"By depending on that method, there would be no way to save that world ruled by blood and violence! All this is for the sake of us demons to be able to live on as demons! Because they do not understand this, so whether it was Lucifer, Maracoda, Adramelech or Alsiel, they were unable to maintain their control, and in the end, even I was defeated!"

"It's different this time. We just have to gain control of the Eastern Continent and make the humans fight amongst themselves, and we would be able to bring blood and chaos to the whole of Ente Isla, creating a paradise for us!"


Maou's voice was filled with power.




Farfarello closed his mouth like he had been cowed by Maou's aura, behind Maou, Chiho screamed, and when Illuon, who hasn't moved until now, adopted a fighting stance.

With just the power of his voice, Maou caused the chieftain of the Malebranche to shut up.

This is the demeanour of a king which cannot be erased even if they are wearing UNIXLO.

"This is the result after doing so!"

Maou gestered to his own body.

"This is the end met by the king who doesn't even know the meaning of 'conquering the world', spread blood and tragedy and only planned on expanding the Demon World! The path you are preparing now is only the path of destruction like before, if I return to you just like this, I will only become a poor Demon King who harms his own citizens once again, if I am fought by a new Hero once again, the Demon World will only be faced with destruction! This will only cause the Demon World to return to its previous state where the citizens fight each other, and the sky lands and seas are dyed with one's own blood!"

"….Why…why won't you understand, we definitely will not repeat the past!"

"I will say it as many times as needed, all of you are only evading the experience of past failures, and think you are stepping on a different path! No matter how many times the map is changed, the real path will never change! Without the resolve to change the path itself, there will be no way to change the world!"


"…Change, the path itself…?"

Chiho and Illuon reacted to Maou's words.

However, even if he is still kneeling on the ground, Farfarello's eyes still showed the light of disappointment, it looks like Maou's words did not reach the depths of his heart.

"Let me say this again. No matter what Olba says, don't listen to him. Retreat from the Eastern Continent and return to the Demon World. Ciriatto can help in mediation, Kameo will not condemn all of you as well."

"…Looks like this is the limit."

Farfarello stood up slowly.

"Olba said that Demon King-sama has become weaker due to this country's restraints, I was reluctant to believe it when I first heard this…but I never expected that I will confirm this fact with you in front of me, are you able to understand the pain felt by your subjects?"

"What did you say…"

Kiling intent emitted slowly from Farfarello, causing Maou to reflexively push Chiho further back.

"This can't be true, if I do not let Demon King-sama restore his will to conquer the world…"

"…then what? Don't tell me you plan to kill me, and raise BarbariccIa up to be the new Demon King?"

"No, I figured that Demon King-sama's thoughts have changed only because you have turned into a human. So as long as I use the power of the Demon World to restore your body, it will allow your heart to recover its former power."

While speaking, Farfarello grabbed the helmet of Illuon, standing next to him.


After that the helmet and the mask seemed to be congulated by darkness, becoming a black orb.

"Please take this. I hope you'll be able to obtain Demon King Satan's valour and heart from before."

Farfarello threw the black orb towards Maou, but Maou let it drop to the ground.

The orb, the size of a rubber ball, rolled to the tree next to the path and stopped.


After the disappearance of the helmet and mask, Illuon showed his face for the first time.

Illuon was a youth after all, and he looked younger than 10 years old. Even though he had an appearance which could be described as innocent, but no emotions could be seen on his face.

Even though he looked towards Maou with red eyes, their gazes never met.


Seeing Illuon's face, Maou suddenly had a feeling that they have met before.

"It feels like…he is similar to a certain person…"

Chiho seemed to feel the same as well. She poked her head out from behind Maou and stared and Illuon's face.

Amongst his shiny black hair, only one portion is red like his eyes.

"Hey, what is this?"

Maou used his gaze to point towards the thing which was originally Illuon's helmet which had fallen to the ground.

"This is condensed demonic magic. It's said that this county has a habit of molding the main staple ,rice, into ball shapes to eat. I thought that if I let the demonic magic imitate the shapes of helmet and armour, I would be able to bypass the system."

"Tr, treating this thing as onigiri…then again, the main food of demons, is demonic magic?"

Even if Maou heard Chiho's mumbles, but his gaze did not leave Farfarello at all.

"You intend to ask the King to eat something which has fallen to the ground?"

"This is an emergency after all. And with the point of demonic magic, Demon King-sama shouldn't object right?"


It looks like the armour worn by Illuon, is condensed demonic magic.

The reason why Farfarello became human, should be because he extracted his demonic magic to his limit, and condensed the demonic magic to become Illuon's clothes.

That means if he is faced with an emergency situation, Farfarello should be able to release the demonic magic left with Illuon and become a demon again.

Even though it was like that with Ciriatto, Farfarello also had a means of maintaining demonic magic in Japan.

That youth known as Illuon, should be a key to this incident.

"…Alright, that thing will be left in my care for the time being. But my thoughts have not changed."

"Left in your care? Please don't say that. Please enjoy it on the spot. It should have been a long time since you've been in contact with pure demonic magic from the Demon World right?"

"…I wish to go home to wash it first before I eat it."

"You can't eat it here? If the taste is unsatisfactory, I am willing to accept any punishment, whether to be killed or cut, it's up to you."

"Why, is that a need for such urgency?"


"The situation where no one knows whether I am alive or dead have already gone on for more than one year. By now, waitng one or two days is not that much trouble right."

"That is because…"

Farfarello frowned, letting his guard down, just as he slowly opened his mouth and tried to say something-


Illuon suddenly looked up at the sky.

"It's going to break."


Farfarello grew wary because of Illuon's words, Maou and Chiho couldn't help but look at the sky as well.

"W, what's wrong?"

The crack, appeared in the sky.

The sky, which was devoid of anything, suddenly had a crack appear in it, and as the four people looked up to stare, it continued to grow.

"Heavenly Light Fangs!"

Golden lightning accompanied by a clear voice and aura descended between Maou and Farfarello.

"E, Emi?"


The person who came opened her red eys, silver hair swaying in the wind, that person is Emi, holding the shining Holy Sword, Hero Emilia.

Evolving Holy Sword, One Wing emitted a sharp holy magic, even Chiho had just thought of the sword as an 'amazing sword which can glow' until now, but she still had learnt the methods of controlling holy magic, so for the first time, she sensed that the power emcompassed by the holy sword and Emi had really surpassed what she had imagined before.

This should be 'feeling the pressure of the presence' which Emi and Suzuno had mentioned in the evening.

Immediately after, Suzuno also rushed in from the huge hole in the barrier from the sky holding the giant hammer, and as if they intended to protect Maou and Chiho, they faced Farfarello and Illuon directly.

"E, Emi, Suzuno!"

"…Are the both of you alright?"

Even though Emilia still didn't look at Maou's face, but from the voice heard from that back, the fact that she was slightly relieved could be felt.

"Emilia! Bell! This barrier is made by that brat!"

Hearing that voice coming from above, Maou looked up in disbelief.

Unexpectedly, even Sariel came.

Sariel spread his wings, causing his eyes to glow purple, and just like that, a hole appeared in the barrier.

"All, all of you actually acted in the middle of the streets…"

Maou spoke bluntly to Emilia and Sariel who emitted glows which did not look normal at all, and Suzuno who wielded around an abnormal looking weapon.

"The moonlight tonight, is the day where Sariel-sama can wield the full extent of its power. He cast another layer of dimensional phase shifting barrier over the existing barrier. Even if they destroyed this barrier, the most it will do is restore the signal of the humans' mobile phones.

Suzuno turned and glanced at the huge hole in the sky.

"…Acutally disappearing suddenly in the middle of our argument,talk about indigestion."

Emilia's tone still contained displeasure.

Then again, because Maou had such a heated argument with Farfarello, he totally forgotten that he was arguing with Emi about this before he was caught inside the barrier.

"Forget it, don't think about it so much. I caused a big ruckus in order to break this barrier, so I feel much better."

"What the heck is that."

Even if Emilia stubbornly talked to herself, Maou still laughed because this suited her better than her behaviour till now.

"Then…if our predictions are correct, then you are the envoy sent by the Malebranche to bring the Demon King back to the Eastern Continent."

"Who are all of you? Why do you know about this?"

Farfarello, wearing a suit and spectacles, placed his hand on Illuon's armour and adopting a fighting stance, he asked for Emilia's identity.

"Oh my, you haven't seen me before? You should be a demon right?"

Emilia's self introduction, filled with provocation, caused Farfarello to say with a stone faced expression,

"Don, don't tell me you are!"

"I am not so magnanimous as to allow demons to freely walk around in the human world. You should remember the name of Hero Emilia Justina, then die obediently!"

"Ugh! How, how can this be!"

Farfarello wanted to convert Illuon's armour into demonic magic, but Emilia's god like speed would not miss this action at all.

Only a soft step sounded and in the next instant, Emilia had already planted a punch into Farfarello's temple.

Farfarello, who lost his demonic magic and became a human, had just hit the ground when Emilia's shoe pressed itself against his back.


"If you're willing to forget everything you've seen in Japan, return to the Demon World and live out the rest of your life there, then it's not as if I cannot let you off. However, if you dare to do anything extra, then I'll chop off your head right now."

"When she talks, she still doesn't sound like a Hero at all…"

Maou mumbled nervously, but after he was glared at by Emilia's red eyes, he closed his mouth.

On the other hand, Farfarello only replied with one sentence,



Illuon immediately reacted to Farfarello's call.

The youth looked as if he was preparing to carelessly crash into Emilia.

"St, stop!"

However, Suzuno, who was standing on the side and tried to stop it-


She was thrown backwards.


Suzuno, running between the youth, who looked younger than 10 years old, and Emilia, could not stop Illuon's advance at all, and was knocked back like she had been hit by a car.


Suzuno was barely able to recover her stance in mid-air, but kneeled on the ground because she couldn't withstand the shock of landing.

"Wh, what?"

In a straight line, Illuon rushed towards Emilia like this.

Even though she let her guard down a bit, but Suzuno was still a first rate warrior who could defeat Heavenly Troops, seeing her being knocked away so easily, even Emilia started to feel a little shaken.

Even so, Emilia couldn't just release her foot pressed on Farfarello's back, so she activated the shield of the Evil Repelling Armour and prepared to receive the shock strong enough to send Suzuno flying.

Illuon's face did not change at all, and ran towards Emilia's shield in a straight line.


However even Emilia was knocked back from Farfarello's body, and her feet found air.

As a Hero, not only had Emilia transformed, she even used her full power, wielding the 'Holy Evolving Sword, One Wing' and Evil Repelling Armour. And because she had seen Suzuno getting knocked away, she didn't let her guard down at all.

The power of the shock spread throughout her whole body, causing Emilia to react defensively and swing her sword towards Illuon.

However, what happened later exceeded everyone's expectations.


Illuon actually used his arm to stop the holy sword.

And the thing which withstanded the attack wasn't the armour formed by Farfarello, the blade of the holy sword easily sliced through the arm guard and the cloth sleeve below it.

But even if direct contact was made with the blade, Illuon's skin was unharmed.


At this point, a voice which did not belong to Emilia was heard in her mind.

"Mama! Illuon! No! Don't fight with him! Don't bully Illuon!"

"Eh? Eh?"

Alas=Ramus protested in an unexpected manner. "Wa, wait a moment? What are you doing?"

The holy sword ignored Emilia's intentions and disappeared on its own.

"Please! Don't bully Illuon!"

"W, what is going on?"

Other than the fight with Sariel, this is the first time the holy sword ignored Emilia's will and disappeared on its own. "Ugh! Alas=Ramus?"

As if Illuon could hear the voice in Emilia's mind, he intentionally put a huge distance between him and Emilia. Not only that, he even shouted the name of the girl possessing Emilia's holy sword.

"Who exactly…?"

"Hey, why are you dawdling!"

At this moment, Sariel's voice was heard from above. "Evil Eye of the Fallen!"

Perhaps he got impatient, Sariel aimed at Illuon and shot the Evil Eye of the Fallen which could dissipate holy magic. "Ugh!"

Illuon, hit by the Evil Eye, kneeled down on the spot.

But perhaps because he is wearing demonic magic armour, so the effect did not seem as obvious as the time with Emilia.

Even so, Illuon glared at Sariel with an anger which he did not show when looking at Maou, Suzuno and Emilia. "I, Illuon…we're, retreating…"


But this sentence from Farfarello, fallen on the ground, immediately caused the anger on Illuon's face to disappear. Illuon jumped backwards to further distance himself from Emi, and waved a hand at the same time.

The presence of the barrier broken earlier by Emilia disappeared, and the feeling of the surroundings was replaced by the larger barrier put in by Sariel.

"De, Demom King-sama…I will come and fetch you again sooner or later." "Saying this on the back of a brat, it really doesn't have much persuasive power."

Farfarello, who was being carried on Illuon's shoulder, could not be considered to have any guts no matter what compliments are used.

Seeing Illuon and Farfarello slowly retreat, Sariel said proudly,

"Do you think both of you would be able to escape my barrier, ehhhhhh?"

Even though it is not known what scale of barrer Sariel had put down, it looks as if Illuon easily left the boundaries of the barrier.

Illuon instantly disappeared in front of Maou and the others, by the way the youth jumped, it was difficult to imagine that he was also carrying an adult on his shoulders.

"…You're really a useless person." "Wh, what did you say?"

Maou couldn't help but complain, from Sariel's slow reaction, he probably didn't expect the barrier to be bypassed so easily.

"Even so, I was still saved once by you, so let me thank you first. Suzuno, are you alright?" "Yeah…even though there's nothing wrong with the bones…but it still hurts quite a bit." "I'm amazed that you managed to be unharmed after clashing directly with that child." Emilia lightly rubbed the arm which held her shield.

From just this action, it could be deduced that the impact with Illuon must be massive. "But then again, Alas=Ramus, how can you keep the sword on your…eh?"

"Wh, what's wrong?"

After Emilia spoke to Alas=Ramus in her mind, she suddenly stopped talking and sucked in a breath, Chiho, sensing that something was up, asked this in concern.

"That child known as Illuon…is 'Geburah'?" "What is it?"

Even when she was answering Maou's question, Emilia found it difficult to hide her shocked expression. Illuon…might be of the same existence as Alas=Ramus."


It wasn't only Maou.

Suzuno, Chiho, and even Sariel, were shocked after hearing this.

"Even though because Alas=Ramus's way of expressing it isn't that clear, so it's not that confirmed yet…"

No one would be able to walk past them when within Sariel's barrier, even if it's summer now, everyone present still felt a strange chill.

"That child, Illuon…seems to be one of the Sephira, born from 'Geburah'."

Vol 6 Chapter 3: Demon King and Hero, taking a step towards new dreams

"Alright! One more time!"

"Er, erhm, Sariel-san, I'm sorry, but I'm really tired already…"

"What are you talking about! Time waits for no man! Hey, Bell! The phone, bring the phone over!" "Y, yeah…is, is it really alright…"

"Hey, wait a minute. Didn't Chi-chan say that she's tired? And the practice has already been going on for two hours, let her rest a bit!"

"Shut up, weak Demon King! Limits aren't something decided by oneself!" "It's useless if you can't clearly see where your own limits are right."

"For me, I think because your limits are too low, you have been training your tolerance limit all this time." "Alsiel, don't bully Lucifer."

"Alas=Ramus, don't spoil Lucifer too much."

"Hey, don't you think it's strange? Normally, it should be the other way round right? I'm the one being spolit by Alas=Ramus?"

"Alright, Sasaki Chiho! Shout out loudly again! We're starting!" "Be, before that, at least let me drink some water…"

"Stupid angel, know your limits! Do you want to kill Chi-chan!"

"If she can't learn this spell, then she might really be killed! Today's hard labour is tomorrow's food, and it is closely related to the redescending of my goddess! Alright, gather your spirits and continue practicing!"

"No one said anything about meeting life threatening situations!" "Er, erhm, Sariel-sama, I think it would be better to rest a bit…"

Chiho was currently receiving Spartan education from Sariel in a spacious gymnasium.

This place is 15 minutes walk away from the MgRonalds in front of Hatagaya station. Located near Sariel's apartment, there is a facility known as Hatagaya Sports Center.

Besides having various sizes of running tracks, basement warm water pools, martial arts training areas and other facilities, community events and exercises classes were also held occasionally, therefore it is normally free to use by residents.

Maou and the others were currently in one of the largest buildings, and they even booked this large gymnasium the size of two basketball courts for six hours.

They have only one purpose, which is to let Chiho completely learn Mental Transmission.

"WAHHHHHHHH…cough, cough…"

"It can't be helped! 10 minutes break!"

Seeing Chiho choke from forcefully complying with his unreasonable request, Sariel could only reluctantly let her rest.

"Short! At least let her rest for 30 minutes!"

"Shut up, Demon King! Are you this girl's chaperone or something? Ah?"

"At least right now in this situation, I am! I have an obligation to protect Chi-chan's safety!"

"You two, it's already hot enough here, if you want to argue, go to the side and do it. Chiho, are you alright?"


Chiho pushed herself and wanted to reply with a smile, but in the end, she ended up choking.

"Sasaki-san, you've worked hard. Please take this water and towel…"

Ashiya and Emi appeared from the side, and presented a towel and PET bottle, Chiho also accepted them with a groan.

"Oh dear, it seems like the battery is going to run out. Emilia, lend me your charger."

"Hah…I…I also need to charge…cough!"

After catching her breath, Suzuno and Chiho started to charge their mobile phones.

"Hey! Ten minutes shouldn't be enough to finish charging right!"

"Then before the charging is finished, let's go through the basic practices of mental focus…"

"You guys!"

Unexpectedly, from the beginning, it was Sariel who suggested going through the Mental Transmission training at the gymnasium.

After knowing the contents of Chiho's basic training, Sariel thought that in the gymnasium, whether it was shouting loudly or going through some reckless looking training, no one would become suspiscious, a good place for the casters to practice in a long distance setting.

Even though Maou didn't believe it in the beginning, after Suzuno expressed that this training was reasonable, he could only accept it.

Even so, it was still summer now. Just standing in the sauna like gymnasium has already caused Maou and the others to start sweating.

Even more so for Chiho, who had to shout loudly everytime she needed to focus because of incomplete holy magic training. Eve if she did take part in a sports club, as a normal person, Chiho still accumulated a lot of fatigue beyond imagination.

Sariel suggested to use mobile phones to carry out the imagination training for Mental Transmission.

Just as what the words meant, the basic imaging of Mental Transmission is the transmission of mental concepts. The important key to this spell is 'letting the mind and body know that even if a person doesn't open his mouth, he is still able to convey his thoughts to the other party'.

And this is natural, but normal people all know that if they do not depend on talking or specific actions, it would be difficult to correctly convey their meaning to the other party, and they understood that in their soul.

And trying to break this obstacle as this level of understand is exceptionally difficult. Because this fixed belief carved in the soul isn't something which can be gotten rid off at will.

Therefore, normal training will start with the casters touching their foreheads to each other, planting an impression with both their minds that their thinking can interact, however Sariel chose to use mobile phones as a replacement.

Communicating through the phone without seeing the other party's expression, it was harder than imagined to convey the true meaning of the information.

But on the other hand, even though the basis of Mental Transmissions are 'connecting with a specific target', 'and convey information', 'from a distance where the other party cannot be seen', characteristics which go against fixed beliefs, there is a tool which can allow people to accept these concepts - that is the mobile phone.

Therefore, Chiho and Suzuno would need to communicate via mobile phone first.

After that the two of them stepped away from each other to a distance where normal conversation volume would not reach, and placing the phone to their ear to experience the feeling of conection, they let the spell carry over using the electrical waves.

In reality, Emi had communicated with Emeralda with Mental Transmission by using her phone.

And also because Chiho did self training, even Sariel was shocked that she was able to easily activate holy magic.

However, when it comes to raising the level of the spell, it was another matter.

Even though it is just simple telepathy, but using spells to transmit voice is easier said than done.

Just like now, even if Chiho could smoothly activate the holy magic within her body, when she has to switch and use spells, even if they used a mobile phone with maintained communication, even if they were just separated by a short distance such as the opposite ends of the gymnasium, she was still unable to execute the spell.

"Ma, Maou-san, it's fine. I, I'll do my best…"

"See! She even said so herself! Maou, you can't impede other people's will to improve. Alright, leave the rest to me, you should just go to a corner and reflect on your past actions."

"Why do I have to be criticized by you about that matter, kapuh?"

"Alright alright, just this time, Sariel is correct, don't butt in."

"Papa, Chi nee-chan is working very hard. Don't scold her."

"Wr, wrong, I'm not angry at Chi-chan…h, ehy, don't grab the collar, it'll loosen that way!" Chiho breathed in deeply as she watched Maou being dragged away by Emi and Alas=Ramus. "Then-"

"A~new~mor~ning~has~come! A~mor~ning~of~hope!" She suddenly started singing.

"Oh?" "Ah~I see."

Sariel and Urushihara looked towards Chiho in amazement. "As long as the heart is loosened up, any method is alright." "Seems like it. That was a surprise."

When Chiho sang, her body emitted holy magic which was almost equal in amount to when she shouted.

Even though it wasn't that obvious, but it was more accurate to say that the holy magic now was more polished compared to when she shouted.

"I used to practice with the hymns of the church as well…but you probably haven't taught her that right?" Now, Emi, who was still grabbing Maou's collar, asked this, and Suzuno nodded in reply.


Even if Suzuno was also amazed that Chiho could think of using singing to practice on her own, she still frowned, feeling slightly troubled.

"Why…is it the workout song from the radio?" "Ah, Suzuno-san knows this song as well?"

Chiho, who finished singing, looked towards Suzuno with surprise. "MHK airs when I wake up. Seems like there is a summer special."

"I like that song quite a bit. This song energises people without thinking too much, and I feel the radio matches this training very well."

"Is that so? I never listened to it properly." "A new morning huh…"

Hearing Maou say this even though he was still pulled along, Emi glanced at his side profile. "Does the song end here?"

"There's still a second verse, you know? Let me think about it…"

After Chiho thought about it for a while, she started to sing loudly once again.

Coincidentally, as Chiho has already did 2 hours to voice training, her voice echoed around the whole gymnasium beautifully.

Underneath the new mornig, a shining green field. Stretch out your limbs refreshingly, step on this ground with force. Follow the radio, on this land, stretch out your healthy limbs, steady, one, two, three.

Chiho's cheery singing voice to sing the second verse of the radio workout.

"I see, it's not bad."

"That's right! Even though my friends all say that it's outdated or they feel embarrassed singing it…"

Chiho seemed to be very happy because she was praised by Maou.

Seeing her expression, the hearts of Emi, Suzuno, Maou and Ashiya became heavy.

Chiho was happy purely because she obtained a new power.

Not wanting Chiho to be involved in the troublesome matters of Ente Isla, this is only common understanding between Maou and Emi, however this unwritten rule is now faced with a challenge.

Furthermore, to them, letting Sariel to help with Chiho's training wasn't something which was supposed to happen.

However, for things to turn out like this, is also the path which Maou and Emi had chosen, the feelings of gratefulness and regret towards Chiho who wanted to be their strength, continued to conflict within their hearts, causing much doubt within their hearts.

The night they met Farfarello and Illuon, even Sariel joined the discussion at the Demon Fortress.

Even if it's Ashiya, he would still get a shock at the unexpected late night visitors, but under Maou's orders, he still prepared tea for all of them with a straight face.

Even though he prepared iced brewed tea for Maou and Chiho, but he had served the rest, including Urushihara, hot tea, from this action which surpassed the level of annoying, even the aesthetics of a General can be felt.

"Ah, how tasty."

Even if Chiho felt happy because she drank cooling iced tea, but a stuffy atmosphere because of the heat and the density of people still persisted. After all, in this six tatami room, besides two demons, an archangel and fallen angel, there was still a Hero, Inquisitor and high school girl squeezed within.

Just from this lineup, it wouldn't be strange even if they decided the history of the universe here.

In fact, the long limbed Ashiya could only stand in the kitchen, and was unable to sit on the tatami.

Partly to sort out the situation, Maou explained the events which occurred in front of Hatagaya station to Ashiya and Urushihara in a simple manner.

And the most surprising thing amongst that, is after all, that youth known as Illuon, he is actually an existence born from a 'Sephira' different from Alas=Ramus.

And Illuon, who is like this, not only is he working together with the demon Farfarello, he was even ordered around by the other party like a subordinate, further confusing everyone.

Until now, other than 'Yesod', there were no other Sephira which had anything to do with the matters surrounding Ente Isla.

To forcefully make a connection, the shop manager of the beach house Ooguroya, Ooguro Amane, had mentioned 'Understanding', however, even if Amane is a mysterious person, she isn't a person who would act sneakily around Maou and the others.

Therefore, some people present did suggest that perhaps, Alas=Ramus had gotten it wrong.

"But it's not possible for Alas=Ramus to be mistaken about such an important thing. She even let the holy sword disappear on her own will, you know?"

On one hand, it was already late, Emi said this as he hugged Alas=Ramus, who had entered the land of dreams.

"The holy sword could even snap the Durandal, no matter how shallow the slice is, that sword cannot be stopped barehanded unless it's that kind of existence."

"That's true. Even though it's not easy to belive, but if Illuon is the 'Geburah' sephira, then many matters from that battle earlier can be explained…ow ow ow…"

Suzuno pressed down on her elbow, sprained when she was thrown back by Illuon, and started to explain,

"The corresponding number for 'Geburah' is '5', jewel is 'Ruby', mineral is 'Iron', colour is red, planet is the star of the king of the flames of war. In charge of the power of god, guardian angel is Kamael. In addition, even though his hair is mostly black, the same colour as the mineral he is in charge of, a little red hair is mixed within, the characteristics is the same as Alas=Ramus's hair."

Alas=Ramus, born from 'Yesod', in charge of silver and purple, also has silver hair with some purple hair.

"Since there is a precedent of Alas=Ramus, then it's not so strange for the other 'Sephira' to also have human personalities. Like this, Illuon should be considered the first appearance of another sample. The problem is…"

"that he's actually listening to the orders of a demon?"

"That is correct."

Suzuno, who still used polite language towards Sariel, nodded with a dignified look on her face, then she turned paled like she had discovered something very important.

"Wa, wait a moment…does Sariel-sama know about Alas=Ramus…"


Even though everyone temporarily forgot because he joined too naturally, but basically, Sariel is an enemy eyeing Emi's holy sworld.

Even though Sariel received added shock before when he saw Kisaki carrying a small girl, but logically, at that time, he still didn't know that the young girl is Alas=Ramu, who was born from the 'Yesod' sephira.

Maou and Emi glared fiercely at Sariel's face, but only puffed up his gaunt cheeks and sighed softly,

"I know about it. Earlier, Gabriel did come to the store to complain about the failure in retrieving Emilia's holy sword. I heard that the young girl who I misunderstood to be my goddess's child has already fused with Emilia's holy sword?"

Whether it was Suzuno, who accepted Sariel's confession or anyone else present, no one had told Sariel anything about Alas=Ramus.

"Honestly, as long as she is not the child of my goddess, then anything else wouldn't make a different. I'm alright as long as I have my goddess…hot! Wh, what's up with this tea! Even though it's this season, what is the person who brewed the tea thinking!"

Sariel listlessly said things which didn't resemble what one of the members of Heaven eyeing Emi's holy sword would say, and drank the tea Ashiya served without thinking, then got shock because of the temperature of the tea.

"Other than Kisaki-san, you really don't care about anything else."

Seeing Sariel who did not even sense the heat of the cup in his hands, and his appearance so refreshing that it made people think that it was miserable, Chiho couldn't help but voice this opinion.

Even though it was not known how ernest Sariel is, but perhaps it was judged that since they need to talk about Illuon, they cannot keep hiding the issue of Alas=Ramus from Sariel, therefore Maou, Emi and Suzuno put down their guard and sat down once again.

In order to reaffirm the situation, Suzuno started to say,

"Assuming that Alas=Ramus and Illuon that the same kind of existances, then Illuon should be born from the 'Geburah' sephira or fragment. But…"

"…At least when I headed here from Heaven, I did not hear anything strange happening to 'Geburah'.

Sariel, looking downwards, continued with what Suzuno wanted to say.

Even though Alas=Ramus is a special case created from the splitting of the 'Yesod' fragments, it cannot be hastily concluded that Illuon also met a similar situation.

"However, if Heaven actually played a part in this, then things will be much simpler."

Maou said nonchalantly.

"That's true, talking about those angels…"

Chiho subconsciously looked at Urushihara and Sariel one after another-


"What is it."

"Ah, er, erhm, it's nothing, I'm sorry."

Then she frantically shifted her gaze elsewhere.

"Ashiya can understand what Sasaki-san wishes to express. Because till now, those people calling themselves angels are definitely up to no good."

Even though he is facing Urushihara and Sariel directly, Ashiya still mercllessly judged so.

"Sigh, I think no matter how we rebuke, it shouldn't have much persuasive power."

"Hey, Lucifer!"

"Keep quiet first. Anyway, even though I don't know the current Heaven very well, but with regards to that angel Kamael, I find it hard to believe that he has something to do with this incident."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

Before answering Emi's question, Urushihara first glanced at Suzuno.

"Kamael…refers to the 'absolute justice of God' right?"

"That's right."

Urushihara nodded and Sariel did not deny it as well.

"The guardian angel of 'Geburah' is Kamael. That guy isn't like Gabriel or Raguel, he's a conservative and upright person. Just like the absolute justice he represents, as long as the incident does not involve Heaven's Threat, forget about using 'Geburah', even the fact if he would act at all is uncertain. Even though on the contrary, as long as he acts, uncomparable repurcussions will occur, but he himself should know this well."

"I also agree with Lucifer's opinion. Basically, the guardian angels, don't leave Heaven that easily."

"Then why would that youth Illuon, work together with Farfarello?"

Ashiya's question, represented the enquires of everyone present. Whether it was the fallen angel or archangel, they could only fall silent when faced with this question. In short, that means they don't know as well.

"Erhm, Ashiya-san."

"Is something wrong?"

Once Chiho spoke, Ashiya turned his head showing a warm expression and answered, totally different from how he treated Urushihara and the others.

"That is, even though it doesn't seem to be a question which should be asked now…but doesn't Ashiya-san wish to return to the Demon World or Ente Isla?"

From the current situation, Chiho's question could have stepped on an incredible landmine.

In reality, Emi and Suzuno were already shaken by Chiho's sudden question, but Chiho herself haboured a certain belief-

Ashiya did not think that meeting up with the Malebranche in Ente Isla is a good thing.

"Honestly speaking, of course I really wish to go back. But…"

Ashiya showed a different from normal stern expression, crossed his arms in anger and said,

"Not only did those guys go against the orders of Demon King-sama, causing chaos to the citizens of the Demon World, they even ignored everything, coming out to take over the foundations I set in the Eastern Continent, just thinking that I have to be known as the Demon Army together with these dirty flies makes me very unhappy. Even though this might not be something which should be told to Sasaki -san, but even if the fact that they were instigated by humans were ignored, Demon King-sama and I still feel restless about this. More so for…"

Ashiya took out the demonic magic block which Farfarello passed to Maou from the fridge, and looked at the object unhappily. Considering that it was still summer, he wrapped it in clingfilm beforehand for refridgeration.

"malicious demonic magic like this, even if you asked me, I do not wish to use it as well."

"I, I see."

Even though the reason was a bit different from what she expected, Ashiya, like Maou, was unhappy with the actions of the Malebranche after all.

With this, it can be confirmed that Maou and Ashiya will not answer to Farfarello's invitation.

"…it caused me to break out in cold sweat."

"Yeah, seriously."

Emi and Suzuno looked at each other and sighed, then they turned and looked towards the tea cups in front of them.


"Ah, hey! I drank from that already…"

Even though Suzuno, in a well behaved manner, drank the steaming hot tea, Emi, after using her handkerchief to wipe the sweat of her forehead, snatched Maou's cold tea beside her and drained it.

"If I get heatstroke, Alas=Ramus might be in danger too, you know?"

After draining the tea in the cup in one gulp, Emi roughly pushed the cup back to Maou.

"Ugh, that's not what I meant…"


"Y, yes?"

Chiho, who sat on Maou's other side, showed a stiff smile to Ashiya standing in the kitchen, and for unknown reasons, Ashiya straightened his posture.

"Please serve Yusa-san a cup of cold tea as well, thank you."

"I, I understand."

This time it was Ashiya and Maou's turn to break out in cold sweat.

"What, what's wrong…?"

Seeing the conversation between the three people, Emi, the culprit of this incident tilted her head in confusion and asked.

"I think other than Emilia, everyone present should know the reason."

Urushihara replied in what seemed like a fed up manner, causing Emi to frown even further.

In this period of time, for unknown reasons, Ashiya kept peeking at Chiho's situation while preparing new tea cups for Emi and Maou and keeping the cup which Emi had drunk from.

"Wh, what exactly is going on?"

"It's best that you don't know."

Even though Chiho still maintained her smiling face, but Emi felt that behind Chiho's smiling face, she saw an unmeasureable aura.

"A, anyway, since we know that you guys don't plan to response to Barbaricca's invitation, then something has been gained from this as well."

"That's true."

Even though Emi, who didn't understand the situation, tried to pull the topic back on track, but it feels that Chiho's tone of voice has become even stiffer compared to before.

Anyway, with regards to Chiho's issue, Emi did say it correctly, but even if Maou and the others did not have that intention, whether Farfarello was willing to give up was another matter.

"…Sigh, however, I might be too rash at that time."

As it feels that Chiho might become very scary if they dragged on even more, Maou drank a mouthful of the cold tea from the new cup, and continued on from Emi's words.

"I subsconciously protected Chi-chan just now. As long as Farfarello is not an idiot, he should know that Chi-chan has something to do with us. And that she is different from Emi and Suzuno…"

"In other words, he might have already discovered that I have no fighting ability?"

"He might capture you as a hostage, I would do that if it was me."

After Chiho filled in Maou's sentence, Sariel said this directly without any regard of his own past, causing everyone else besides Urushihara to tense up.

Sariel nonchalantly bore everyone's accusing stares.

"But it's effective right? In reality, I acted because I thought it was so."

Sariel had kidnapped the powerless Chiho before in an attempt to obtain Emi's holy sword. Even though it's hateful, but coming from his mouth, it was very persuasive.

"But thinking about it carefully, why is Chiho able to break into Farfarello's barrier without doing anything?"

Emi asked Chiho and Chiho shook her head and replied,

"I don't know as well. When I came to my senses, I discovered that Maou-san and the others are in front of me."

"Even though this is just my deduction…but it may have something to do with Illuon being able to leave Sariel-sama's barrier easily. Whether it is Illuon or Chiho-dono's ring, their source has something to do with the sephira of the Tree of Life right?"

""Actually doing something so troublesome…""

After hearing Suzuno's rather reasonable deduction, Maou and Emi mumbled the same words simultaneously.


"What's up."

Even if Maou and Emi couldn't help but glare at each other, they seemed to know that now wasn't the time to quarrel, and just as the two of them shifted their gaze away from each other, unable to express their feelings this time as well, preparing to drink their tea-


Unexpectedly, both their cups were already empty, and the fact that both of them wanted to pass the moment by using the same method at the same time caused the both of them to feel even more awkward.

"Maou-sama, please pass the cup to me."

Seeing the situation, Ashiya helped Maou refill his tea, then placed the teapot filled with cold tea on the kotasu, as if he is hinting to Emi 'if you want to drink, then pour it yourself'.

"But if so, then what should we do?"

"What do you mean?"

"What else, of course I'm referring to Chiho-dono's matters."

Suzuno shifted her gaze to Chiho, but for unknown reasons, Chiho was currently looking at Maou and Emi unhappily.

"The situation right now is very serious. Since Farfarello already sees Chiho-dono as someone 'related to us', then what should we do about Chiho-dono?"

"Wouldn't it be enough as long as you and I take turns to protect her?"

Even if she glared at Ashiya unhappily, Emi still unreservedly picked up the teapot and poured a cup of cold tea while answering Suzuno's question in a simple manner, however Suzuno shook her head and said,

"Because that cannot be done, that is why I asked."

"Eh, why?"

This time it was Chiho's turn to ask questions. From Chiho's standpoint, with the current situation, she would not be so insensible to reject being protected by both of them.

Maou and the others have not obtained their original power level s as demons. If so, then Emi and Suzuno being in charge of protecting Chiho would be considered a natural development…

"Emilia, how much leave can you take from your work. If you plan to thoroughly ensure Chiho-dono's safety, then there should be at least two people fighting at the same time, or else we might be the one to lose."

"Because that person called Illuon is around right."

Suzuno nodded to acknowledge Sariel's explanation.

"That's right. From the current situation, Illuon should have equal or even stronger abilities compared to Farfarello. Even so, he still obediently follows Farfarello's orders. And that barrier isn't based on demonic magic, but a dimensional phase shifting barrier expanded using a spell. Faced with an enemy like Illuon, it won't be enough with just Emilia or me. And Alas=Ramus is in that kind of state…"

Just considering power, Illuon is unreasonably tough.

Thinking carefully, as long as Alas=Ramus is serious, she can also exert a power which easily overcame Gabriel.

Even if she didn't rely on the power of the holy sword, Emi still has the fighting techniques which Alberto taught her and rich combat spell experience, but if you ask her if she can fight against the personification of a sephira and a Malebranche chief while protecting a non-combatant, it couldn't be considered completely safe.

"The worst thing is, when it is time to cross swords with Illuon directly, perhaps Alas=Ramus might even hinder you."

Earlier, Alas=Ramus went against the will of the wielder, Emi, and chose to make the holy sword disappear.

Even though it was a bit too much to say 'hinder', but at least this time, they couldn't rely on the holy sword.

Since it has already merged with Alas=Ramus, then 'Evolving Holy Sword, One Wing' was no longer the property of Emi, but an existence with a personality.

"But based on this, in the worst case situation, we might be totally helpless right?"

Maou said softly.

"Is it difficult to enter that barrier from outside?"

Sariel crossed his arms and answered Maou's question,

"Honestly, this depends on the mood of the caster. When I set that barrier at the Metropolian Building, compared to defending against external attacks, I focused on large scale dimensional shift and causing other people to be unable to sense what is happening inside the barrier, therefore the boundaries will be weaker. At that time, didn't you enter it easily?"

"Hm…that is true."

When Maou headed to the Metropolian Building to rescue Chiho, who was kidnapped by Sariel and Suzuno, he barged in with clear knowledge that the enemy is there

Clearly, compared to the barrier Emi and the others encountered, the key to bypassing Sariel's barrier lies in detecting if there is something there.

The important point lies in understanding that phenomenon as a concept, even if the characteristics of the spell itself is astonishing, it is still unable to break away from its own principles.

"But after I disappeared, all of you spent quite some time to break that barrier right? If only Chi-chan was pulled into the barrier, wouldn't it be the end then?"


The Demon Fortress was enveloped in a heavy atmosphere.

"Oh my! You got to the crux of the problem…sor, sorry."

Even Urushihara's laid back tone, was unable to assuage the current atmosphere, in fact the atmosphere became heavier because of this.

"Then, at times like this…"

At this moment, Ashiya pointed towards Chiho like he did so in order to assuage the atmosphere.

"then the original arrangements should be followed, to allow Chiho-san to learn self-defence spells."

"May I know what you mean by that?"

Not expecting Ashiya to suggest this, Chiho could only return a question in surprise.

"As long as the person Illuon doesn't get any orders, he wouldn't act on his own even if Emilia has the holy sword pressed against Farfarello's neck right?"

"That's right…"

After getting Emi's agreement, Ashiya continued to speak,

"Illuon does not actively see us as enemies. In other words, if we treat Illuon as one of Farfarello's weapons, then things would be a lot easier."

"Treat Illuon as a weapon?"

"Hey, putting it that way, don't you mean that Alas=Ramus is the same…"

Even though Emi angrily wanted to rebuke Ashiya's thesis, Maou stopped her.

"Keep quiet. That isn't what Ashiya meant."


After confirming that Emi had stopped finding issues with him, Ashiya continued to explain,

"Firstly, Illuon will not act alone. According to my deduction, even if he could be commanded from a distance, Farfarello will not let him out of his sight."

"Why? Illuon has a will of his own as well. As long as he is specifically commanded, he should be able to finish the mission alone. Even if Farfarello did not watch from the side…"

Faced with Suzuno's question, Ashiya smiled scornfully,

"All of you should be unable to understand, to us, becoming a normal person is as hard to bear as humans walking naked on the street. Even though I feel sorry to Sasaki-san for saying this."

"…But so what?"

Even though Suzuno felt unhappy about Ashiya's way of speaking, only making up to Chiho even though he was ridiculing humans, Ashiya still continued to speak,

"Even though Farfarello has degraded into a human body, he still upheld Demon King-sama's orders of 'not hurting innocent Japanese citizens'. It's difficult to imagine a man as devoted to the mission as him would allow a strong weapon like a 'Sephira' to act without any supervision."

"Even though the example you raised is infuriating, it's not as if I don't understand."

Emi nodded in agreement.

"On the contrary, only acting after receiving orders even if the person issuing orders is in life threatening danger is not a problem which can be explained by weak adaptability. If Illuon, like this, acted alone, once he is faced with a sudden situation, it's difficult to guarantee that he wouldn't do something out of Farfarello's expectations. From this point, it can be further confirmed that Illuon will not leave Farfarello's sphere of action."

"I, I see."

As expected of the demon who conquered Ente Isla the longest as its commander.

"There's still an important point I hope everyone can pay special attention to, Farfarello became a chief after we invaded Ente Isla. In other words, amongst the Malebranche chiefs, he is the type which is more lacking in actual battle experience. In a direct battle, I think he wouldn't be a match for Emilia. No matter how high performing the automatic weapon is, they wouldn't be able to make their own decisions once there is no user."

"The important point is to ignore Illuon, and just defeat Farfarello?"

"No, with that, there will be no meaning in letting Sasaki-san learn spells."

Ashiya shook his head to deny Emi's question.

"Ah, that's true. After all, Ashiya-san just mentioned that it would be better for me to learn the spells first."

Ashiya's methodical explain caused Chiho to almost forget the original argument he had mentioned.

"If we just kill off Farfarello, then the enemy will definitely invoke a second wave of attack. This will only cause things to drag on, and the problem cannot be solved."

"What is that supposed to mean? If just killing a new chief will cause the enemy to invoke a second wave of attacks, then when Ciriatto and more than one thousand Malebranches lost, the other party should have come charging much earlier right?"



Ashiya directly denied what Emi reflexively replied.

"If Farfarello was killed, this means that Illuon is left here alone. Even though his origin in unclear, he is still a personification of a Sephira. If a Sephira, of which a fragment can cause the Hero to overwhelm and defeat an archangel stays in Japan, then Barbariccia would not ignore this. In other words…"

Ashiya surveyed everyone gathered in the room and said,

"In order to avoid future troubles, it is still best to reason with Illuon and Farfarello and convince them to return."

"If we can do that, we wouldn't have to work so hard. Firstly, if Farfarello returns, this means that he is leaving with information on Chiho-dono. This can cause him to really bring a second group of troops over."

Suzuno pointed out an obvious flaw in Ashiya's conclusion, but Ashiya was unfazed.

"That's why we need to let Chiho-san learn spells soon. Crestia Bell, are you still unable to see it?"


"…I see, that's your plan huh."

It looks like Maou figured out before Suzuno what Ashiya wanted to convey.

"But this is considered a gamble right? Do you think they will accept it just like that?"

"We have to make him accept. But rather than challenging the worst way to handle this, wouldn't it be better to try the optimal way of handling things and decide later. The important thing is…"

Besides Maou, who caught on early, in order to let the rest understand, Ashiya looked at Chiho and said,

"As long as we let them understand that Demon King-sama is currently fulfilling his ambitions in Japan successfully, and that Sasaki-san is an unreplaceable part of the plan, it will be fine. Because the Malebrache in the Eastern Continent are still loyal to Demon King-sama, as long as Farfarello is able to return willingly, then the chances of Barbariccia interfering with us will decrease."

"In other words, you plan to have Chiho…join the demon forces?"

Emi asked in a dangerous tone.

If Chiho was recognized as a comrade of the Demon King, then it would truly unguaranteed that the matter will end.

Once this incident is leaked to the human society of Ente Isla, next time it might be the humans of Ente Isla who see Chiho as an enemy.

"If things go out of hand, then how do you plan to handle it? Even though all of you don't even know how much time you have left!"

Emi's words caused Chiho to look up, but before that, Ashiya had already announced in a resolute manner,

"Uncoincidentally, I have never chosen the way of life of staying in one spot because they don't know what the future will bring, things will work out anyway. In addition…"

Ashiya looked at Emi and Suzuno in turn,

"Who do you think the humans of Ente Isla trust more, the words of the Malebranche who invaded the Eastern Continent, or the words of the Hero and an official of the Doctrinal Correction Council. As long as both of you are able to properly protect Sasaki-san, it should be easy to prevent the human forces from treating Chiho-san with animosity right?"

This sentence from Ashiya caused Emi and Suzuno to be at a loss of words.

Suzuno's final goal, is to overhaul the social order of the church, obtain proper appraisal for the achievements of Hero Emilia, and through Emilia, guide the world after the retreat of the Demon Army.

As long as this goal can be achieved, then protecting Chiho, a person from another world, from the hands of Ente Isla, would be an easy thing to do.

Once Urushihara saw Emi and Suzuno's states in which they had to accept Ashiya's explanation-

"Those two people, might be unexpectedly, the gullible type."

Said this in a volume such that it could not be heard by others.

Anyway, Ashiya was right, even if they continue discussing this repeatedly because they don't know what will happen next, there would be no meaning in that.

The things which they should do right now, is that no matter how slim the chances looked, they would have to act step by step in order to break past the current situation.

"Everything will work out huh…once a demon says that, then it's really the end."

Emi's mumble, decided everything.

"Alright. If so, then we'll officially begin Chiho -dono's spell training tomorrow. But if that causes Chiho-dono to be in danger in the end, I will not let all of you off."

And Suzuno also reluctantly nodded in agreement.

"I don't know what all of you are planning, but do your best. I'm going back."

Sariel, who had been observing the situation's development until now, stood up and said.

"Even though things seem to have become troublesome, but as long as my goddess isn't in danger, then it has nothing to do with me. I don't plan to hinder all of you, do your best everyone."

As Maou and the others did not expect anything from Sariel from the start, no one planned to stop him.

"Excuse me!"

However someone stopped Sariel, who was putting on his shoes at the porch.


"Erhm…Sariel-san, please. Can you help us?"

That person is Chiho.

"Wait wait, Chiho?"

"…Are you serious about that?"

Faced with Chiho's unexpected request, not only did Emi's expression change drastically, even Sariel turned back towards Chiho in surprise.

"Why do I have to help all of you? We're originally enemies, and this incident has nothing to do with me."

"But the light from Sariel-san's eyes did stop Illuon's movements right."

"So what? Because Sephira contains holy magic, so 'Evil Eye of the Fallen' is effective against them, but even if I have that ability, I am not obliged to help all of you right."

"I know. I don't plan to ask you to fight, but just to help me during the period I am learning spells."

"Chiho, what are you saying. Just leave things like that to me and Bell…"

"Even though situations may occur in the short term, but depending on the actions of the demons, it might take a long time. Since we don't know how long it will take for this whole incident to come to an end, I can't keep letting Yusa-san take leave all the time."

Emi was shocked because Chiho suddenly focused on normal daily living.

"What are you saying. Now isn't the time to say things like that…"

"Now is the time to say such things. Even if we can overcome this obstacle successfully, if Yusa-san is unable to get next month's salary, or is fired because she took too much leave, then it would really be too unfair for you."

"Chiho-dono, you're thinking too much. With my savings, there won't be much problem even if one or two more people live with me, and even if Emilia is really fired, with her ability, she would definitely be able to find another job…"

"If her friends from her next workplace also get dragged into the commotion of Ente Isla, then it would truly go out of hand right."


Suzuno remembered what Maou said to her when they were buying the television, and fell silent because of this.

Expanding human relations even more than necessary was not a good move for Emi and the others now. Right now, Maou and Emi's human relations are all gathered in the same place, and steady relations are maintained in a relatively small area.

If they expanded their activity range and left signs, perhaps the 'enemy' would be able to obtain a chance to slip in.

"B, but even so…"

Emi looked at Sariel unhappily. Even though she only remembered now, Emi had been treated disrespectfully by Sariel, causing a huge blow to her pride.

Just on this, Emi did not want to consider the choice of leave Chiho to Sariel at all.

Of course, Chiho, who was there at that time, could understand very well how much mistrust Emi had for Sariel.

"Since Sariel-san also has a job, I can't always ask you to take care of me. But as long as you are able to help fill in the empty spots from Yusa-san and Suzuno-san…"

Because of this, so Chiho decided to take out a precious secret weapon.

"Even though I cannot guarantee that it can be done immediately. But if Sariel-san is willing to help us, I will find chances for you and Kisaki-san to reconcile."

"Hey, it should be charged right! We're starting, Bell! Hurry and go to the opposite side, step on it."



Therefore, things turned out like this.

Even without considering reconciliation, whether Sariel and Kisaki were even on friendly terms to start with is up for discussion, however at that time, Sariel emitted off his full power of holy magic as bright as the sun that even Ashiya, who was able to lecture like a smart general for once, almost fainted instantly.

"After that, you have been training in this sweltering gymnasium from morning?"

Emi, who came here after work and saw the situation of the training, said this to Maou with a look of irritation on her face, however because the training method was reasonable, she could not complain about it.

"If I didn't ask them to rest occasionally like just now, Chi-chan would just continue working hard."

"But…from this, there might be a chance to successfully cast the spell right? After all, Chiho's ability to activate holy magic is really good."

"Sariel already said that we can't praise her, else Chi-chan might just try to research spells on her own."

"That is the correct judgement. Sigh, even though I don't feel that things would be so simple."

"Chi nee-chan is amazing!"

Alas=Ramus probably understood this by instinct, she only stared at the training Chiho without looking away.



"…do you have any clue on how to have them reconcile?"

"…Who knows."

In some way, this could be an even more unsettling problem compared to Farfarello and Illuon.

Even though they just have to make Kisaki reconcile with Sariel, the original relationship between the two people is just Sariel, with an onesided crush on Kisaki, not hiding his own motives at all and running to MgRonalds at every meal and spending a lot of money just to see Kisaki.

"But Kisaki-san did not forget to treat Sariel like a customer."

Maou thought that the definition of having the two reconcile, should refer to Sariel being able to enter and leave MgRonalds freely.

If it's just that standard of reconciliation, then it would be possible to make it happen, but I'm not sure if Sariel would just leave it at that.

Even if he is earnestly being a coach on the surface, if Chiho is unable to provide the 'reconcilation' that Sariel had imagined, then no one knew what he might do.

"And at times like this, Rika doesn't look that reliable."

"Why did you suddenly mention Suzuki Rika."

"Even though it's not to the point of picking up the pieces, as a reference, I wanted to ask her on the important points on letting a guy and girl reconcile. She rather likes this kind of gossipy things. But you see, it's because of that guy."

Emi used her gaze to point towards Ashiya's back as he watched Chiho training.

Even if she didn't know the true identities of Emi and the others, Emi's colleague Suzuki Rika still interacted with Maou, Ashiya, Chiho and Suzuno, and right now, she was in a passionate unrequited love with Ashiya.

"She seems to have 'become unable to understand herself' anymore, so we better stay away from feminine topics like unrequited love right now."

Emi's other colleague, Shimizu Maki, once she had the chance, she would try to pry the reason for causing Rika 'to not understand herself', and Rika would also repeatedly change the topic, this has already become a daily occurrence at Emi's workplace.

"…Do you think that this is alright?"

"What do you mean?"


Maou also used his gaze to point towards Ashiya's back, and Emi shrugged her shoulders, replying,

"I heard from Bell. You seemed to have expressed your opinion in a very exaggerated manner about the relationships we have built.

Emi looked up and glared at Maou.

"It wasn't that exaggerated. But I might have mentioned that it was arrogant for both of you to want to tear Ashiya and Suzuki Rika apart even though you shelved your own issues away."

"It's already exaggerated enough like this. Even though you don't know how our side feels."

"Because I have never chosen a way of life which is considerate to the Hero."

Maou shrugged as if to avoid Emi's intense stare.

After Emi looked up and glanced at Maou, she suddenly shifted her gaze away.

"…Me too."


Emi rested her chin on her knees, speaking softly as she watched Chiho panting from Sariel's coaching,

"I also have ' become unable to understand myself' anymore, so I have no right to meddle in the feelings of others."


Today's Emi seemed especially honest, causing Maou to not know how to react.

"Become unable to understand yourself huh…"

Therefore he could only try to vaguely pass over it by repeating Emi's worlds, and looked towards the situation of Chiho and the others to redirect his attention.

"Hm~since she is able to activate to this extent, then logically it should be close…"

At that moment, Sariel, who seemed to be thinking about something, shouted to Suzuno,

"Let's try another method. Bell, this time, you'll be the one to transmit! If she can grasp the feeling of receiving, she might use that feeling to push it back."

"I understand."

Once Chiho saw Suzuno raise her hand from the other end of the gymnasium, she tried to focus her consciousness.

"Even so, what should I send."

Suzuno, who received the instruction, thought about it for a while.

"Using the feeling to push it back huh…if so, compared to simply listening to the voice, a proper conversation would be better."

Suzuno spoke to herself, and it was Suzuno's turn to call Chiho's mobile phone this time.

"Beisdes having content which Chiho-dono can understand, it would need to create feelings which are concrete and sufficient to transmit her will, and those feelings need to be strong enough to be able to pass through the return path on this side when she pushes it back…"

In order for Suzuno to also be able to receive the message Chiho sent, it would be better to pick questions which can open up her mental state.


"What's wrong, call quickly Bell! The radio workout song is about to finish!"

The content which Suzuno had decided is so troubling that she wasn't able to answer Sariel immediately.

"Ah…ah hm."

Suzuno moved the phone next to her ear, even though there was no need to, she couldn't change her behaviour of clearing her throat prior to asking a troubling question.

Suzuno focused her attention to Chiho and Chiho's phone within her range of sight, and carried out the Mental Transmission in which she wasn't even sure what she was so embarrassed about. Anyway, it was lucky that Maou and the others were not standing at Suzuno's side of the building.

"Does Chiho-dono want to enter a marriage with the Demon King…no, want to marry the Demon King…"

The shyness caused Suzuno to avoid the direct way of saying it, but actually caused the meaning to become more direct, and after that the message she sent caused a very obvious effect.



In the next instant, a strong feeling bashed into Suzuno's brain through the mobile phone waves like a wolf's howl.

The feelings emcompassed within the electric waves and the exploding volume produced an impact enough to cause a concussion, causing Suzuno to black out momentarily and drop her phone.

"Hey, Bell?"

Emi noticed something strange with Suzuno's situation and couldn't help but get up approach her in concern.

As for Chiho, she was blushing furiously for reasons unknown, and her cheeks have inflated like balloons, but she only seemed to be a little breathless with quickened breathing.

"H, hey, Emi, is Suzuno alright?"

Suzuno's reaction was so abnormal that even Maou was worried.

They just saw her squat on the floor, with her head in her hands, hitting the floor of the gymnasium with force, and she even occasionally tapped her own body and mobile phone, and groaned while holding her head in one hand.

"I, I understand, yes, yes yes yes yes, it, it, it, it, it's my fault! Pl, please calm down a little…"


"Ah uuuuu…."

Having just discovered Suzuno's painful writhing, this time it was Chiho's turn to drop her phone, slumping to the ground.

Maou frantically ran over, grabbing Chiho and calling out with force,

"H, hey, Chi-chan, are you alright…"

Once she met Maou's gaze, Chiho's already widened eyes widened to the extreme.

"Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, Maou, Maou, Maou, Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, Maou, ou, ou, ou, ou, ou, Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, Maou-san…"

Chiho, who became totally panicked, repeatedly called out the 'Ma' character.


As for Suzuno, it was like she was successfully hit with those 'Ma' words, and rolled in pain on the floor in synchronization with Chiho's voice.

"W, what is going on? What exactly happened?"

"Bell! Bell, hang in there!"

After a long time, Suzuno and Chiho were still unable to regain their composure.


At this moment, Sariel appeared beside Maou and pressed his hand against Chiho's forehead-

"Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma…fu…"

Following that, Chiho slumped into Maou's arms like she lost consciousness.

At this instant, Suzuno, being supported by Emi, seemed to have been released and stood up after exhaling deeply.

[Image of fainted Chiho]

"Looks like Bell seemed to have knocked on an abnormal heart's door."

Sariel surveyed Chiho in surprise.

Chiho, who they thought had lost consciousness, immediately opened her eyes slightly. Even though her expression still seemed a little dazed, but once she saw Maou's face she averted her face straight away and stared at Suzuno angrily at an angle which could not be seen by others.

"It looks like she was surmounted the biggest obstacle. Just now, Bell should have properly received Sasaki Chiho's Mental Transmission right?"


To this sentence, Chiho was more surprised than anyone else.

As if to verify this sentence-

"It was really loud."

Suzuno filled in tiredly.

After 7pm, as the opening hours of the gymnasium has passed, the training was finished for the day.

Even so, not knowing when Farfarello and Illuon will attack, the group would definitely hope to maintain the group activity for as much as possible, so they went home in the order of the person who lived closest to the Sports Hub.

"Are you alright, Chi-chan."

"I, I'm fine!"

Even though it was a coincidence, Chiho still managed to cast a spell for the first time and became bone tired because of that, but for unknown reasons, she strangely kept some distance from Maou and since they left the Sports Hub, she had been hiding behind Emi.

At the beginning, Suzuno was shaky on her feet, but right now, she could already walk on her own.

"Then, training at the same time tomorrow, that's fine right?"

Sariel, standing in front of his apartment, confirmed the plan tomorrow with Chiho.

"Ah, okay, but I have to work from evening tomorrow, so I can't practice too long."

"Then the Demon King and the others?"

"Hm…I also start work from afternoon, so I will have Ashiya and Urushihara come over."

"I also wish to ask Bell…is that okay?"

As Emi also had a job, before she got off work, she could only ask Suzuno for help.

Even though Suzuno was still a little dizzy from the direct attack to the brain by Chiho's unrestrained scream, she still nodded to indicate she had no problem with it.

"Then, I'll just book the timing from 1pm to 4pm, everyone has no issues…"

Just as the sun set and the stars started to shine in the sky, Sariel, who had unknowningly became the leader, for reasons unknown, just froze there.

"Hm? Hey, Sariel, what's wrong…"

Maou followed Sariel's gaze without thinking too much-



Chiho and Emi, who turned around at the same time as Maou, sucked in a breath because they saw a certain person standing there.

"Oh my, it's you people. Why is everyone gathered here for?"

That person wore a suit and carried a shoulder bag filled to the brim with files and work supplies. Because she was wearing heels, she even looked taller than Maou.

With beautiful long black hair like the night sky which swayed in the wind, the shop manager of Hatagaya MgRonalds store, Kisaki Mayumi stood there with a look of surprise on her face.

"W, why is Kisaki-san here…"

Maou and Chiho could not hide how shaken they were as they did not expect to meet Kisaki here.

On the other hand, Emi and Suzuno looked at each other as they had confirmed that seeing Kisaki here earlier was not a coincidence.

"There's a few people I have never seen before, are they your friends?"

Kisaki looked at Urushihara and Ashiya's face, and asked Maou this.

As Urushihara rarely went out, and Ashiya only went to MgRonalds a few times when Maou first started his job, so it wasn't strange for Kisaki to not remember them, but once she saw the man standing in between Ashiya and Urushihara, Kisaki's originally cordial expression instantly became dangerous.

"…Why are you here? Mitsuki Sarue."

"A, ah…ugh, that…"

"Th, th, this, this is because, that…"

Chiho and Maou stuttered on the spot because they couldn't think of a good excuse.

"Don't tell me you're causing trouble with MgRonalds customers or the employees of my store…"

Kisaki looked at Emi, Suzuno and Chiho, and at the same time, stepped between Maou and the others and interrogated Sariel. Maou and Chiho could not think of any ways to stop her.

After all, the two of them had seen the instant where Kisaki banned Sariel from MgRonalds.

With this, forget about having the two reconcile, they caused Sariel to invite unneeded suspicion, and it might cause Kisaki to adopt a colder attitude to him.

If things really turned out like that, it was unknown what kind of attitude Sariel will adopt…

"I, I live in this apartment block."


Unexpectedly, the sentence said tentatively by Sariel caused the situation to change.

"You live here?"

"Yeah, that…"

The excited and arrogant attitude Sariel adopted during the training disappeared without a trace. From Sariel in the past who who carry a rose bouquet and eat MgRonalds meals with large mouthfuls, it was difficult to imagine that he would become this weak now.

"Since when?"

Kisaki suddenly changed the topic to an unexpected direction. Eve if he felt surprised, Sariel still replied honestly,

"Since the opening of Sentucky at Hatagaya…"

"Actually staying at such a good apartment from the start."

Maou mumbled unhappily to himself, but his words were not heard by others.

"Mitsuki Sarue."

"Y, yes!"

Suddenly being addressed by Kisaki caused Sariel's tone to change drastically.

"Let me ask you one thing. At that time, that store was already empty right?"


Kisaki asked yet another unexpected question. Even though Sariel tried to read Kisaki's intention-

"So what was it?"

He straighted his posture because of Kisaki's question.

"T, the impression I had was that there seemed to be a restaurant when I moved here. Even though it didn't look that old, but less than a month after I came here, it closed down…"

Kisaki's eyebrow seemed to twitch once because of this answer-


Then she sighed. The emotions emcompassed within her tone was not anger, or surprise, but because she had been enlightened about something.

"I knew it was something like that."

"That…may I know what this is about?"

This question did not come from Sariel, but from Maou.

"Ever since the renovation of MdCafe, rather than saying that Kisaki-san is different from before, it's more like you're more motivated compared to before…"

Not only did Kisaki, who had never showed any fatigue, say 'how tiring', she even brewed coffee for the regular customer Hot Coffee-san using non-standard operating procedures, and-

"My goal, is to become that barman!"

The sentence talked about the dream of wanting to become a professional of the service industry, the barman.

And this Kisaki was actually investigating the empty store which used to be a restaurant.

It wasn't difficult to make a conclusion from these clues.

"Before, I had said something like it would be difficult to want to be a barman at MgRonalds right."


Not only is Kisaki Maou's goal for being successful in MgRonalds, she was also a person he highly respected, therefore seeing Kisaki's suspicious behavior, Maou couldn't help but ask loudly,

"Don't tell me…Kisaki-san plans to quit MgRonalds, wah!"

Maou's question, which he asked after a lot of troubled thinking, was only partially asked before it was cut off by a tap to the head by a file folder.

"Idiot, you're thinking too much."

"Ugh, even if it's just a file folder, getting hit by the corner still hurts a lot…"

The Demon King, who didn't even fear the Hero's holy sword, actually became teary eyed because of the corner of the shop manager's file folder.

Seeing Maou like this, Kisaki sighed in astonishment.

"Sigh…you're correct. I was acting strangely these few days, and I'm sorry to the employees for that. Because the things which MgRonalds has barely managed to do increased, so a past dream surfaced in a very strange manner."


Maou looked towards Kisaki while massaging his hurting head.

"That's right. Especially Chi-chan, it's better for you to know a bit. Even adults will also describe their dreams for the future."

Kisaki said with a smile.

"Amongst the employees of my batch who were accepted in Tokyo, my results can be considered to be one of the best."

Kisaki suddenly said something which is clearly from the past even without special emphasis. Her gaze was not directed at Sariel, or Maou, but the 'Store for Rent' sign which was hung in front of the store in a rather lonely manner.

"But, recently, I occasionally had a thought-With my own power, what standard can I fight until."

"Does that mean even though it's not now, you're considering about becoming independent in the future?"

"Yeah, something like that."

Kisaki curtly replied Emi's rather roundabout question, but because she replied a little too curtly, it caused Maou to get a shock.

"Of course, it's only at the standard of vaguely thinking 'it would be good if it's like this. No concrete actions are being done yet."

"I think that just coming to see the shop, is already considered very concrete…"

"That standard is only like browsing a work magazine, then starting to dream about what the first month salary should be used on without starting work yet, it can oly be considered a game."




Maou, Emi and Chiho groaned like something hit the nail on the head. Seeing the honest behaviours of these young people, Kisaki smiled and said,

"But this is can also be considered a type of effective motivation. It's nothing to feel bad about."

Kisaki approached the windows near the store and looked within the store bathed in the evening sun.

"I've continuously built the business, and received much praise from my same batch colleagues, but I don't feel that I have done anything too different from the rest of them. At least for the operations for in front of Hatagaya station to be able to maintain the standard higher than last year, it isn't from my efforts alone."

"It, it's not like that! Even though I often hear bad things about other shop managers, or which store is lacking motivated employees and so on, but these topics have nothing to do with us right? In addition, there are practically no troublesome customers in the store, those are Kisaki-san's achievements!"

Chiho said agitatedly, but Kisaki shook her head without looking back and replied,

"Even though I feel happy about what you said, but unfortunately this is not an effort of me alone. I have worked for one and a half years in that store, and even though as a shop manager, staying at the same store for this long is abnormal, the reason why I am able to build the current structure in that store, is only because a certain existence, over a period of time longer than my stay, had already built a firm foundation, do you know what it is?"

Kisaki looked at Sariel's eyes reflected on the windows and asked without moving.

"…Is it the previous shop manager?"

Sariel's answer caused Kisaki to frown,

"Even though you kept calling me by the embrassing term of goddess goddess, and repeatedly took actions resembling a stalker, you don't understand me at all."

Sariel felt disheartened because of Kisaki's stern answer.

"Maa-kun, to have described it to this point, you should know already right. What's the model answer?"

"It's the company known as MgRonalds…also known as the brand."

Maou replied without hesitation, Kisaki also nodded in agreement,

"I am an employee of MgRonalds, I am proud of this, and the things which MgRonalds has allowed me to learn and the benefits they have given me cannot be measured. Because of this, even if I really can climb to the top of MgRonalds one day, I am only copying the traces left by many people on this road beforehand. And some results I have achieved in that store, is because from the start, a system known as MgRonalds has existed."

"Is that so?"

Faced with Emi's small question, Kisaki did not confirm or deny it, and only showed a deeper smile.

"You're…..Yusa-san right. When Yusa-san goes home after work, would you use a lint roller to clean up the shoulder portion of your dress?"

"Eh? N, no, I wouldn't go to that extent at all…"

Emi subconsciously looked at her own shoulder and shook her head in reply.

"Then when you wash your hands, would you wash your hands with soap up to your elbow, then use a brush to brush your nails and disinfect?"

"I, I will use soap…"

"Right? Normally, just using soap to wash hands is enough. After all, Japan's soap is of good quality."

After saying this, Kisaki slowly spread out her hands with beautiful skin such that it wouldn't be a problem even if she became a hand model under the sun.

"What I spoke about just now is the traditional method which MgRonalds has spread to the various branches over the years. If this habit is to be cultivated to all employees outside MgRonalds, it cannot be done with normal educational methods. Just on this alone, at that store, I won't be able to achieve anything by myself."

It was only until now did Kisaki shift her gaze away from the empty store for the first time and looked back at Maou and the others.

"Of course, many things I wish to do can only be achieved in MgRonalds. For a while before, I got carried away and decided to brew coffee matching the preferences of the regular customers, and even though I managed to barely scrape by, but it is really very tiring. And this time, I almost got involved in a strange store front, making me understand how lacking I am in terms of ability. It looks like the next time I wish to discuss about dreams, I will need to wait for some time."

"Y, you have done that before?"

Unbelivably, the day Kisaki say something disheartening for the first time, she actually did something so superhuman on the second floor. Partly because it wasn't that long after the reopening, there should logically be a lot of customers. Even if she only targeted regular customers, there should still be a lot of people, and she actually remembered everyone's preferences, and brewed coffee based on that…

"T, then the coffee Kisaki-san brewed for us…"

"Ah, I'm sorry, I feel that it was a sly move as well. Because I at least wanted to increase the diginity as a shop manager."

Kisaki winked like she had pulled a prank.

"The reason for brewing today's coffee treat. Letting all of you drink it isn't for fun okay. Maa-kun likes coffee which is not too hot and has a stronger bitter taste, and for Chi-chan, it would be adding a combination of a lot of milk and no sugar right?"

As long as they met the target sales for the day, Kisaki would definitely treat all the employees to one cup of white gold roasted coffee, but she always seemed to take a long time, and used the simpler method of making MgRonalds coffee to gather the preferences of all the employees.


This time, Maou and Chiho could only be speechless.

"But even so, please don't think that the 'MgRonalds Barista' lecture is meaningless okay? Just being able to understand the products you're handling would bring you towards a world of new knowledge and techniques. No matter what kind of dream, it can only be reached by accumulating these small steps."

After saying this, Kisaki continued to speak like she was teasing her own words,

"I am living a stable life at MgRonalds now. As long as I can have you exemplary employees continuously building the profits, I might be able to make it big one day. However…"

Kisaki gripped the shoulder bag hanging off her shoulder.

"As a human, one would always want to take a little step…for their own history, this dream will always sleep in the corner of the heart. Not small things like adding details to a map someone else drew, as long as there is chance, I also wish to try to draw a whole new map on my own."

Kisaki said smoothly, and showed a pure gaze like a girl.

The capable shop manager whom Maou and Chiho looked up to was currently talking about a future dream and even girls Chiho's age would not constantly say.

Wanting to become an expert in various fields of services, a barman.

That is Kisaki's dream.

The unexpected responsibility of management the MdCafe business in front of Hatagaya Station had sparked new life into her dream.

Because she is capable, Kisaki would not be satisfied with her current situation and dreamt of a farlasting future. Because of these special characteristics, Kisaki obtained the qualifications and way of living to work for her future dreams.

"Even though the views towards the dream may change, depending on the person's caliber and their prioritisations, it is still possible to find a new dream. However, whether things can progress smoothly or not is another matter."

Kisaki shrugged, and pointed to the empty shop at Sariel's apartment.

"The outer appearance of this store looked rather stylish before right?"

"It seems…to be so."

Sariel answered as he searched his memories, and Kisaki also nodded in reply.

"I felt that the rent is too cheap for these facilities, it looks like there is some hidden reason."

Kisaki said unhappily, from her words, other than inspecting the store, Kisaki should have visited the property agent beforehand.

"But why is that? Since it is opened on the ground floor of an apartment, then residents should be able to patronize the shop, and there aren't any other restuarants nearby to compete with it…if they catered the outer appearance to match the apartment, it should be able to attract customers…"

At this moment, Ashiya, who had been silent all this time, rebutted Maou's questions,

"…Even though it is like that when phrased in a nice way, but thinking about it carefully, aren't all these bad points?"

"Why do you think so?"

Kisaki spoke respectfully because she did not know Ashiya well, Ashiya spoke hesitantly as he looked towards Sariel's apartment,

"From its appearance, this apartment should be quite new. No matter how close it is, it would not be possible for the residents to go to the same restaurant everyday. Once they are tired of it, the customers will not come anymore. Moreover, since it is located at Hatagaya, on average, the rent shouldn't be that cheap. This means that this cost will reflect on the price. For example, if the price of one cup of coffee is 500 yen, in these times, to sell at that price, other than the product quality, there has to be other value addedness. However…"

Ashiya surveyed his surroundings and continued on,

"Even though our large group has been standing here from the start, we are not blocking any pedestrians. Since there isn't any cross intersection in front, and only a straight two way road, then the cars passing by would only concentrate on passing through, and even with high traffic volume, positive effect on the customer numbers can't be expected. In addition, as long as they drive forward some more, they would be able to reach the administrative road with many businesses and different types of stores."

This time, Ashiya looked up towards the residential portion of the apartment.

"This place is quite some distance from the station and shopping street, and there are no other shops nearby. To phrase it nicely, there are no competitors, but since there aren't any other stores, this means that everyone will not have a need to come to this place, which would lead to no customers coming to this café. Even if they plan to target commuters, there's only residential areas nearby, therefore only the residents nearby will notice this store, the range to gather customers is too small. And the final nail in the coffin, should be the convenience store opening next door."

Kisaki listened to Ashiya's explanation in amazement.

"There aren't many family sized apartments nearby, and basically are rented to singles, and is also quite some distance from the residential areas with terrance houses. If the spending options nearby are only the café and

convenience store, it's obvious what the singles living in the apartment would choose. It is already common for products like annual fortune guides and Moonbucks to be sold in convenience stores. Considering the lifestyle of the singles in the apartment, they shouldn't have much visitors normally, even if they do, most of their activity should take place at home. Just based on this point, the café would definitely be unable to win against the convenience store next door…it's probably like this."

(T/N: Moonbucks is the parody of Starbucks. And yes, they do sell Starbucks branded coffee in convenience stores.)

Ashiya analyzed everything at great lengths, but once he realized that it was Kisaki he was speaking to, he still jitterly consulted her opinion.

Kisaki closed her eyes halfway through, and rested her hand on her well sculpted chin, after that, she did not turn to Ashiya, but said while looking towards Maou,

"You have a brilliant tactician."

"I, I'm flattered."

Even though he was complimented directly, Ashiya still bent his lanky body and bowed.

"My opinions are exactly the same, for this store, only its appearances and facilities are good. But as a food and beverage shop, this place doesn't have any conditions to attract customers. Considering the characteristics of this location, it is most suited to be a hair salon or beauty salon. Just knowing this is already a good result."

Kisaki said this as she nodded with a smile.

"Then, I'm sorry for holding all of you back with this boring issue. I'm going to the store later, are all of you going back now?"

"Ah, yes, we have already ended our activities here."

After Maou replied with a nod, Kisaki tured towards Emi and the others.

"Is that so. My apologies for having Yusa-san and the others discuss about dreams with me. To express my gratitude, I'll treat everyone to MdCafe's specially brewed Café au Lait. If you are in the area, please patronize our store."

After saying this, Kisaki naturally prepared to leave.


However, a hesitant weak voice was heard from behind her.

Kisaki accurately heard the voice which was almost overwhelmed by the sound of her high heels.

"…I was thinking why you look so dispirited lately, it looks like the reason shouldn't be because of the poor business of your store right?"

Kisaki did not turn around, but her sentence-

"N, no…uh…erhm…"

Was definitely directed the owner of the weak pleading voice Sariel. Sariel probably knew that even if he told Kisaki the real reason, Kisaki will only feel even more disappointed at at him, so he started to stutter, but of course, this did not go unnoticed by Kisaki.

"From what I heard, it seems to be because I banned you from entering MgRonalds."


Even Emi and Suzuno who did not have any direct relationship with MgRonalds or Sentucky were able to understand the situation from the snippets of information from Chiho. That means Kisaki should have known about it from the beginning.

"I never expected that your mental state is the same as a normal person. I originally thought that if it was you, you would be here the next day as usual bringing red roses matched with sweltering looking african daises in a surprise attack."

"If, if it was done to that extent, wouldn't that be a stalker…"

Sariel stepped onto the mine jitterly, and Kisaki shrugged her shoulders, saying,

"If I didn't have the capacity to laugh it off, everything which you have done till now would have already been considered stalker level. Even though I don't know where you heard about my age, but in this day and age, giving red roses matching one's age is already considered sexual harassment."

"Y, you done those kind of things before?"

"That's too much, who acts that way anyway."

"Uwah, how embarrassing. Because people like you are around, that's why our rating keeps dropping."

Faced with Chiho, Maou and Urushihara's direct reproach, Sariel should only keep quiet.

"Until now, I still believe that banning you from entering MgRonalds is the correct judgemet. It is your fault for adopting a strange attitude once you see a female, however…"

Kisaki showed a stony face, turning around slightly to face Sariel.

"During this time, it feels like I have been using your feelings of admiration to belittle Sentucky, and that makes me feel bad. If a business competitor cannot be beaten based on business alone, it is shameful to a barman."


Kisaki sighed exaggeratedly, turned her back to Sariel once again and said,

"Rather than seeing you getting peed on by a dog with a depressed look on your face, it would be better for you to cause trouble in my shop, at least it will look livelier that way. From tomorrow onwards, you can come to MgRonalds if you want to."

At this time, the change in Sariel's expression was difficult to describe.

Everyone present seemed to see the inner scenery of Sariel's mind, it was like the joy of a penguin chick which had opened its eyes to experience life after being shone on by the sunlight through the clouds after braving the harsh artic winters.


Kisaki did not forget to warn him sternly.

"Don't send roses anymore. If planting wants to be done in the shop, application must be made to relevant authority, it should be the same at your side too, having to apply every single time is really troublesome. And I won't say it again, if you dare to cause trouble to the store's employees and customers, then at that time, I would really ban you from entering the store for good. At that time, even if I have to take legal action, I will not hesitate to do so."

After saying this in one go, Kisaki headed towards the night of Hatagaya with swift steps, without waiting for Sariel's reply.

"…Is, is this what is meant by everything is alright as long as there is results?"

"Pro, probably."

Unexpectedly being able to solve one problem in a surprising way, shocked Emi and Maou a lot.

"Hm…? Sa, Sariel-sama?"

"Sariel-sa, Sariel-san, please get a hold of yourself! He, he's floating!"

A smile resembling pottery showed on Sariel's face as he watched Kisaki leave in a dazed manner, perhaps because of the immense happiness in his heart, his body even started to glow subconsciously, and he started to float upwards.

Luckily, there were not many pedestrians on this street, but it seems like it would be quite some time before Sariel recovers his awareness and corrects his floating situation, both in his mind and Physics.

Saturday weekend.

The day of the MgRonalds Barista lecture, the day was so clear it was irritating.

These few days when Kisaki allowed Sariel to enter MgRonalds freely, at least in Maou's eyes, Chiho's techniques did not improve significantly.

Even though Maou and Emi did not attend all the training sessions, at least from Ashiya and Suzuno's reports, it did appear to be so.

Ever since that night, Farfarello and Illuon did not appear again, and the current situation looked like a long term battle.

9am in the morning, the sun which had not fully risen was currently shining the last rays of the summer, causing Maou, arranged to meet up with Chiho in front of Sasazuka Station, to grow intolerant of the temperature, he was currently waiting for Chiho, who seemed strangely excited for the lecture today.

Even though it is the summer holidays, the diligent students were still unexpectedly busy. Other than handling club activities for the school and work, they still spent their remaining time on training.

Even though finishing all her assignments in the middle of July did match Chiho's style, Maou still felt guilty for involving her in a situation far removed from normality, and decided to reward her for the work she put in after the end of the lecture.

At tis time, the mobile phone in Maou's pocket started to vibrate.

"What is it? How rare, don't tell me she's late?"

In order to participate in the lecture, in a rare occasion, Maou brought a bag filled with note taking stationery. Just as Maou took out the mobile phone within his bag and was about to answer the call-

"(Maou-san, I am behind you.)"


Maou jumped up because a voice suddenly appeared in his mind.

"Ah, s, sorry, giving you a shock."

Chiho, wearing a blue green one piece dress and carrying a large shoulder bag, was standing behind Maou in a position assumed when talking over a phone.

"Are you alright? I only wanted to surprise you a bit…sorry."

Even if he recognized Chiho, Maou's heartbeat rate could not settle down and Chiho bowed her head in apology in a very apologetic manner.

"N, no, it's alright, even though it's alright, but what was that just now?"

Maou blinked as he realized that Chiho's hand was not holding a mobile phone.

"Yeah, it's Mental Transmission."

"Y, you already learnt it?"

Uneven breathing or tiredness caused by the activation of holy magic could not be felt from Chiho at all. And the voice which gave Maou a shock did transmit into his brain directly.

"Not yet actually. I think Maou-san's phone did ring a bit just now."

"Yeah, it rang."

Maou stared at his phone which was still opened and browsed through the call logs.

"No caller ID? I had the impression that I put in settings to reject calls without caller ID…"

Maou, who intended to search for Chiho's call records, even though he didn't find it, he discovered the words 'No caller ID' in the records.

"Just on my own power, I won't be able to cast spells without using an amplifier. Even though I don't have to specially hold anything, if the other person doesn't have a mobile phone, they won't be able to transmit messages to me."

"To us, who are able to use spells normally, your method is actually harder to do…"

"Suzuno-san and Sariel-san said so as well."

Chiho said with a wry smile.

"It's like using holy magic to call right? Isn't this something on the level of making calls free of charge?"

"I am unable to understand the concept of connecting directly to the other person's brain no matter what. But because I know that I am communicate as long as I transmit a specific number and frequency to the phone, I tried to memorise Suzuno-san's phone number…and then I seemed to have succeeded."

"Then you succeeded huh."

Even though Chiho said it nonchalantly, but even Emi who used her mobile phone directly for mental transmission with Emeralda, did not think of using it that way.

Basically, something like an amplifier should be placed near the hands of the caster. Actually not needing to equip one and directly using the other person's amplifier, what is going on.

"…Even if I wanted to imitate you, the upper limit of our demonic magic is really too low."

Until now, Maou still did not know how Emi and Suzuno replenished their holy magic.

Even though Urushihara seemed to have discovered it by chance-

"Even if you know, we won't be able to do anything about them."

He only said this and did not tell Maou the truth.

Since Chiho, Emi and the others used the same way to replenish, then she might have seen it somewhere today.

"A, anyway, Chi-chan being able to ask us for help is a good thing. What is the range of your mental transmission?"

"From yesterday's training, I should be able to do it within a radius of 100m."

"A 100m radius huh. Even though it's considered really good for a beginner, I'm not sure if that is considered wide or narrow, Illuon's barrer can cut off mobile phone signals after all. The spell itself would not be affected too much by the condition of the electronic waves, so it would be better not to think about the theoretical maximum distance."

Maou said with a rather stern expression.

"Sigh, we'll be together all the time today anyway, there no need to be too concerned."


Maou naturally said 'together all the time', causing Chiho to suck in a breath lightly.

"It, it's been a long time. T, to be with Maou-san for a long period of time, just the two of us…"

Chiho saying this seriously made Maou reminiscence a bit.

"Ah…then again, the incident at Shinjuku underground…it's only been slightly less than 3 months since then, that's rather unbelievable."

The conversation between them ended just like that.


Even though she could understand, Chiho still had to sigh.

"Then let's go."

After saying this, Maou took out the tickets he had bought ad walked towards the ticket gantry.

"…Alright. Ah, please wait a moment, I haven't bought the ticket yet."

Chiho, who pouted with some regret frantically walked to the ticket machine, and after buying a ticket for one stop, the two of them walked through the gantry.

Behind a certain pillar, three pairs of eyes were looking at this Demon King and high school girl.

"Why must I do something as sneaky as following someone's date."

"It can't be helped. Even if Chiho-dono learnt Mental Transmission, the Demon King doesn't have any fighting powress at all."

"For the safety of the employees of my goddess, I am prepared to sacrifice everything."

"Your attitude changed too quickly. Don't tell me you don't have to work today?"

"You can saying anything you want. The goddess said so before right, no matter how old a person is, they should continue advancing for the sake of new dreams! Of course, in order to avoid looking bad in front of the goddess, I will definitely not skip work! So I did properly apply for leave!"

The owners of these three pairs of eyes are Emi, Suzuno and Sariel.

Of course, they have already decided from the start to follow from behind to ensure Maou and Chiho's safety.

Unexpectedly, Sariel seemed to really care about Chiho's safety.

Emi and the others thought that after Sariel obtained Kisaki's forgiveness, he would not carry on his promise to train Chiho, unexpectedly he actually became more motivated compared to before.

Sariel's attitude to Maou and Emi right now was so friendly it felt gross, and before Chiho learnt how to activate holy magic in a stable manner with an amplifier, all fees for renting the training area was paid by him.

Even today, once Sariel knew that Maou was participating in the MgRonalds lecture with Chiho, even though no one asked him, he also tagged along early in the morning like now.

"Sigh, as long as you don't get in the way…let's go, be careful not to lose them."

The three people chased Maou and the others through the gantry and discussed quietly while sneaking glances at Maou and Chiho waiting at the front of the platform waiting for the train headed in the direction of Shinjuku.

"Actually saying 'no matter how old a person is'…it means that all of you are 'humans' then?"

In other to verify the truth behind the information from Gabriel, Emi took the chance to ask Sariel directly about it.

Even though some time back, it would be impossible for Sariel to act friendly towards Emi even if a miracle occurs, unexpectedly this situation came about because of the MgRonalds shop manager, it seems like reality was even more bizarre than novels.

"Did Gabriel let things slip?"

Sariel confirmed this without hesitation. Not only that, he even deduced that Emi thought this way because of Gabriel.

"Then all of you are really…"

"Yeah, that's right. At least I don't think that I am an abnormal existence. Even though we're angels, but we're just humans with abilities exceeding the normal people of Ente Isla, whether it is lifespan, intelligence, physical strength, holy magic capacity, appearance and divine leadership caliber."

"Ahh…sounds of cracking can be heard in my belief…"

Suzuno groaned from behind the two of them.

"Even though the way you're saying it is irritating…then let me ask you a question."

"What is it? The lady I like? My goddess."

"I know. But didn't she ask you not to call her that anymore? This would tire a person out, stop fooling around already."

Emi used a towel to wipe the sweat off her forehead and asked,

"What is the social structure of Heaven like?"

"That is really a flippant question. If I have to explain, it will take long enough for us to take the train to Keiō-hachiōji station and come back."

Sariel tilted his head and mentioned the terminal station in the opposite direction from Shinjuku. But it was really difficult to judge if it was considered long or short.

"Then…please tell me about the Heavenly Troops."


Suzuno helped Emi asked in a soft voice.

"The weapons they used are very crudely made, and cannot match up to Sariel-sama's giant scythe or Gabriel's Durandal. The Heavenly Troops, which are not strictly classified as archangels or angels, what kind of people are they?"

In Suzuno's battle at Yoyogi Docodemo Tower, she had broken the weapons of the Heavenly Troops, and the shards were still being kept in her room.

The weapons of the Heavenly Troops are crudely made, obviously made from poorly crafted metal such that Suzuno was able to break them with just one kick, they really didn't resemble the weapons used by those who called themselves angels.

"Ah, because the members of the Heavenly Troops used to be normal people of Ente Isla. So it was probably crafted by them or they have been carrying it on them already I guess?"


Faced with this unexpected answer, Emi let out a shocked gasp.

"The members of the Heavenly Troops, are the humans of Ente Isla?"

"That's right."

Sariel's straight answer caused the two people great shock.

"In the Bible or myths, there should be a lot of cases where humans are summoned by angels. A lot of these are true you know."

"B, but amongst the well known inquisitors in the church, even though there are people who are raised to Saints by the church, no one has been summoned by Heaven…"

At that moment, the train heading for Shinjuku pulled into the station, the three of them then shifted the location of their discussion to the air conditioned train department.

"We also have the right to choose. What is the use of choosing old men and women who are constantly engaged in power struggles, gaining unnecessary knowledge and only concerned with increasing their reputation? Letting those people join will only cause more harm, so we always choose from the ordinary citizens."

"Ordinary citizens…"

"Such as war orphans, or slaves mistreated by large nations, those chosen from these people are Heavenly Troops. They run various errands or Heaven, and are very convenient and important talents. These people are originally very devoted, and were freed from Hell by the people of Heaven, so they will definitely not betray us, if all of you want to ascend of Heaven, leading a secular life would give you a higher chance."

Sariel's explanation can only be described as explicit, and even denied everything which made up the Church.

"Of course, it's not like we don't need the Church at all. After all, when cultivating the habit of belief in people, there is no other organisation who does it beter than the Church."

Even though Suzuno could logically and rationally differentiate the religious and political functions of the Church, she still could not help but feel troubled when hearing these words.

"Of course, it's not just like that, any talents useful to Heaven will still be summoned even if they have some problems. Even though there aren't many examples, but Olba Meyer's goal should be this."

"Don't say an idiot, what Olba is doing is helping a tryrant harm its victims, and bringing upon new tragedy on Ente Isla. If even that kind of person can be recognized and summoned the Heaven, then there really will be a need to destroy Heaven as well."

Seeing Emi's stony face, Sariel shrugged his shoulders and replied,

"Seriously, you're really scary…"

The train which travelled across a bridge as it left Sasazuka, finally slowly returned underground. Once it entered the tunnel, Shinjuku immediately appeared in front of them.

"But…..between those like Gabriel, First Generation, and Raguel and I 'Second Generation', there is a huge gap in the amount of information. I also feel unhappy at the First Generation who are unwilling to publicise this information."

"What do you mean by First Generation and Second Generation?"

"Eh? Both of you didn't notice? The angels who have appeared in front of you until now, there should be two types right."


Suzuno clapped her hands once like she discovered something, and looked at the eyes of Sariel standing beside her.

"The angels whose eyes are purple and those whose eyes are red…"

"That's right. Red eyes are the First Generation, purple eyes are the Second Generation. Not including the people of the Heavenly Troops, most angels can be classified into these two types."

"In other words, Lucifer is Second Genration? But his status is the same as Gabriel?"

"Hm…about Lucifer, actually I don't know much about him. Even though it seems like his living attitude is already bad since before."

Sariel said while shaking his head.

"Ever since I was aware, Lucifer was not in Heaven already. But amongst the Second Generation, I am also considered a veteran, so I am not sure what happened with the Second Generation before that."

"Then generally, what is the difference between the First and Second Generation? Is it like having First Generation parents?"

Sariel nodded vigorously to answer Suzuno's question.

"Yeah, it looks like there is a need to explain, talking about boundary between the First and Second Generation…"

At that moment, the train passed through the switch point of the underground track of Shinjuku, causing the train to shake once.

"We're here."

Even if they are concerned with what Sariel wanted to say next, they couldn't lose Maou and Chiho.

The three people moved towards the door in the train compartment with not that many people.

At this point in time, whether it was Emi or Suzuno, they did not know how to interpret the truth which Sariel announced at the same time as the announcement that Shinjuku is the terminal station.

"Those born before the 'Calamity of the Great Demon King Satan' is the First Generation, afterwards is the Second Generation, at least that is what I heard."

In the spacious conference room, ten new coffee machines were set up.

Including Maou and Chiho, there were about 100 employees and workers who gathered at the MgRonalds main company building in the direction of Shinjuku-Nishiguchi to take part in the 'MgRonalds Barista' lecture.

He never expected that other than himself, there would be so many workers who gathered here in order to polish their MdCafe skills, causing Maou to feel a little touched.

"Thank you everyone for taking the time from your busy schedule to take part in the MgRonalds Barista lecture. As for the lecture, please confirm that the number on the application form and the table is the same. Then check if the materials distributed are missing anything…"

An employee at MgRonald's Department of Product Management, as the Master of Ceremony, was currently reminding everyone to check the things required for the lecture.

"Then first, everyone please watch a 20 minute DVD introducing the various operations of MdCafe. After that, we hope to start the actual lecture directly."

The conference room started to darken, and the video, edited to become teaching material, projected on the large screen in the middle of the venue.

"Using this normal method is proceed is not bad, and it's easy to understand too."

Maou watched the DVD attentively and copied notes as he thought about the editing differences between the educational movie and television programmes.

"…What is this?"

However someone suddenly spoke to him from the side, causing him to turn to the side in fright.

When he came to his senses, Maou discovered that he was the only person left in the conference room. Because Chiho, who sat some distance away because of the order of registration, also disappeared. From an unknown time, the armoured Illuon was already sitting next to him.

"…Farfarello isn't here. Even though he is watching from a nearby building, but I am the only one here."

As if he wanted to calm down the frantic Maou, Illuon explained this expressionlessly.

"T, that guy is loitering around somewhere within this barrier?"

"He asked me to find a chance to kidnap you, but there is really too many people nearby, so there hasn't been any opportunities."

[Image of Maou]

The youth said honestly and casually.

Even now, the screen was still playing the educational video.

This surreal situation, made Maou want to laugh out loud.

"Farfarello also asked me to confirm that you are making preparations for conquering the world. What is this video? Does it have something to do with conquering the world?"

An overseas MgRonalds employee was shown on screen, and was making MdCafe food items with facilities larger than the store in front of Hatagaya Station.

Basically, MdCafe started in Australia, and was spread to the main company in America, as for Japan, they only started to incorporate this operation type recently.

A large built Anglo-Saxon man where it was difficult to imagine him as an employee of MgRonalds, was currently using the milk bubbles from Café au Lait to create pictures of hearts and leaves, even though this image is very interesting, it still commanded much respect.

"Of course it's related. Everything I am doing now, is necessary for conquering the world."

"Oh, I see."

"…You're really an honest person."

Illuon's respectful answer, made it difficult for Maou to get into the swing of things.

"Farfarello said that using weapons are terror to conquer the world is the correct way. Don't tell me this video is teaching people how to make substances to increase firepower?"

Besides this, Illuon seemed to be more talkative than imagined. It looks like Farfarello really is not nearby.

"Hm, about that. To put it directly, it probably can be explained that way. Do you know what is manufacturing? Manufacturing is interconnecting various things and binding them together tightly. As long as a good cup of coffee is made, it can increase productivity and boost morale, so it cannot be considered unrelated to making good quality weapons and firepower."

"Manufacturing huh…I don't know that very well."

Illuon looked really confused.

"I don't know it well to, which is why I am learning here."


Illuon asked back in confusion. It looks like even though the youth knew what is conquering the world, he didn't know the meaning of 'learning'. Maou actually wanted to explain-

"…Because it is too simple, it actually becomes more difficult to explain."

But after some mumbling, he discovered that the video was showing the scene of South American coffee fields which he had not seen before.

"Ah, that's right. Learning is an action taken in order to know what one does not know in the past."

"So right now you are learning…the thing called manufacturing? Does it have anything to do with conquering the world?"

Even though he looked like he still didn't understand that well, like Alas=Ramus, Illuon still tried to use the word he just learned to ask questions.

"That's right, our Demon Army doesn't understand how a 'country' rules 'citizens'. In order to learn this, I stayed in this country to prepare for the conquering of the world. And this is part of that."

At this time, the screen showed the corporate visions of Japan's MgRonalds for MdCafe in the future.

"This is all for the sake of my next step…the dream of conquering the world in a new way."

"New, dream."

Illuon slowly repeated this like he was chewing on the meaning behind Maou's words.

"It seems really interesting."

After saying this, Illuon suddenly disappeared in front of Maou.

In front of Maou, the scene was restored to a large group of students watching the screen, attending the lecture.

Maou observed Chiho a bit, it seems like she did not discover the strange situation which just occurred, and Chiho herself did not show any signs of being transferred into Illuon's barrier.

"H, hey."

"Hm? What is it?"

Maou looked back because someone suddenly tapped his shoulder from behind, then he saw a male employee from another branch store sitting behind him looking in his direction with a pale face.

"H, have you been sitting here all this time?"

Ah, no wonder, even though Chiho did not realise it, to the man who has been sitting behind the whole time, Maou, who was trapped inside Illuon's barrier, probably looked like he disappeared like a spirit and suddenly reappeared.

After thinking for a while, Maou answered softly,

"Ah, about that, I dropped my pen just now, then I searched for it for a long time."

"…Ah, is, is that so, that makes sense. Yeah, sorry for asking you such a strange question."

Even if that male employee still looked a little unconvinced, he did not continue asking about it.

"Sigh, even if I get suspected, it would be like this at most."

Maou mumbled in a volume unheard by others, then focused his attention on the lecture's DVD.

"Ah! Is it those people?"

"It's finally over, I was getting impatient waiting."

"Going outside again…sigh."

The Hero, inquisitor and archangel, these three people went to the Moonbucks near the MgRonalds Tokyo main company and awkwardly started a three hour tea session, waiting for Maou and Chiho. In the time period where the sunlight is the strongest, a large group of people suddenly walked out of the MgRonalds building.

From the way these people were all wearing casual clothes, it can be confirmed that they were not full time employees, but the workers attending the lecture.

"Where is the Demon King and Chiho-dono?"

"It's really hard to see them from here…"

As there was a crowd of close to a few hundred people, it was not that easy to find Maou or Chiho.

When group scattered into smaller groups and left-

"It should be that person right?"

Sariel noticed one guy staying at the front of the porch alone. Even though that guy looked like Maou, he was looking around frequently, holding a mobile phone is his ear.

Seeing this, Emi and Suzuno started to panic a bit.

Maou's expression obviously did not look like he was searching for a lost comrade.

It cannot be-

"Demon King!"

Emi made up her mind and ran up, rushing to the side of the panicked Maou.

"Ah, E, Emi!"

Even though Maou was shocked at Emi's suddenly appearance, he still asked before Emi started her questioning,

"Have you seen Chi-chan?"

As expected.

Emi's heart was filled with regret.

"Did Chiho-dono disappear?"

"Seriously, what were you doing."

"B, both of you are here as well?"

Seeing Sariel and Suzuno appear one after another, even Maou got a shock.

"When did both of you separate?"

"Not ten minutes ago. When we just left the conference room, we were still together!"

"Did she go to the washroom or something?"

"Ahh…damn it! I was too careless! This is completely my mistake! If I questioned that guy properly at that time…"

Even though it looked like Maou regretted it deeply, there would still be time to lay the blame later.

"Now isn't the time to say things like this right! Since you and us did not sense it, then Chiho could have been kidnapped by Illuon's barrier. From how Chiho did not use Mental Transmission, perhaps they made her lose consciousness."

Even though he thought Emi's analysis is very convincing, Maou was still busy panicking.

"Damn…now what…what can be done!"

"Calm down! What's the use in being anxious!"

Emi shook Maou's shoulders to make him come to his senses, but Maou was completely unable to calm down.

What happened in the conference room. From the fact that Maou said 'I was too careless', could it be possible that he already discovered that Illuon was nearby?"

"He spoke to me…"

"What did you say?"

Emi, who did not expect the two of them to have made contact already, could not help but widen her eyes.

"Demon King, what is this! That's not like you at all, that guy is an enemy now, you know?"

Maou grabbed his head in chagrin.

"…Because he looked similar, I got careless. After I talked to him, he disappeared."

"Similar? Who is he similar to?"

Maou frowned, looked at Emi's eyes and said,

"Alas=Ramus…he showed an expression of wanting to know more about the world…Illuon is not like us, he shouldn't be used by others."

"It seems really interesting."

Illuon's expression as he said this, was like the smile when Alas=Ramus experienced new things.

Even though he had no evidence, after Maou saw that smile, he believed that Illuon was like Alas=Ramus, the same existence born from Sephira.

When he first saw Illuon's face, Maou already felt that he resembled Alas=Ramus.

"Even so, Illuon is being used by demons now. Even though forgetting this is your mistake, whether this thinking is wrong or not, isn't it determined by your actions from now on?"


Emi looked at Maou sincerely.

Until now, Emi had not encouraged Maou directly like this, causing him to calm down because of this.

"Yeah….you're right."

Maou adjusted his breathing, starting to analyse the situation.

"By right, the lecture ended 9 minutes ago. Even if Illuon took Chi-chan away, as long as he didn't run through a 'Gate', he should still be somewhere around Shinjuku-Nishiguchi."

"I see. Then let me give you a hand."

Unexpectedly, it was Sariel who confirmed Maou's analysis.

"Sasaki Chiho should still be wearing the ring with the 'Yesod' fragment on her hand right. Then as long as it's not too far away, with my power, I would be able to find them."

"H, how?"

"Emilia, have you forgotten?"

The corners of Sariel's mouth lifted as he smiled.

"How do you think I found your location when I first attacked you. Even though I did get information from Olba beforehand, let me show you my comparable GPS searching ability. If the other party is holy magic or a Sephira fragment, it will be easy for me."

Sariel looked up at the sky to search for something, and frowned because of the glaring sun in the sky.

"Found it."

Maou and the others also looked towards where Sariel was staring at. After using a hand to block the sun's glare, the group discovered a white sphere suspended in the azure blue sky.

"Using an amplifier to cast spells from long diatance is not an easy thing to do. As long as she is trained, Sasaki Chiho should have a chance to become an outstanding warlock. However…"

Sariel looked at the day moon and said boldly,

"she won't match up to me."

A purple beam instantly shot out from Sariel's eyes.

Then for unknown reasons, the day moon in front of Maou and the others actually quickly became the same colour as Sariel's eyes and started to glow.

"H, hey, what are you doing? Don't do something so obvious…"

Forget about Shinjuku, actually changing the colour of the moon which can be seen all over the world, there should be a limit even with messing around. Even though it was logical for Emi to be anxious, Sariel replied nonchalantly,

"It's not like I really changed the colour of the moon. And actually, only the people around Shinjuku will feel that it has changed."

"W, what…then I can relax …"

"It's best that you can relax!"

Seeing Emi being relieved at such a strange reason, Maou could not help but rebut her.

Even though very few people will look up to notice the day moon, it was difficult to guarantee that no one would do it in the wide area of Shinjuku.

Maou was worried that if someone took a picture and uploaded it to the internet, it might just cause a commotion.

"It would be treated as a shocking footage special on television at most. After all, the moon on this Earth can't turn purple in the day. Even if it's deemed suspicious by people, it would only be this standard at most."

Even though what Sariel said felt like déjà vu, Maou did not feel relieved at all.

"Alright, quiet down a little. I'm going to search nearby now."

Sariel used his hand to block off the moon in the sky and started to concentrate.

Even though Maou, Emi and the others were concerned about Chiho's whereabouts, they were more worried about someone passing by and seeing this scene.

If there was someone who really shot light out of his eyes and used his hand to block off the sky, regardless of whether the witness understood the situation, they would probably choose to call the police.

Not knowing if Sariel was aware of how suspicious he looked, he softly said the keywords to executing the spell,

"Lunar Sky Mirror."

After saying the name of the spell, Sariel zoned out for two, three seconds, then stopped the spell.

"Oh my, it's unexpectedly close."

"Re, really?"

Sariel calmly nodded to reply the agitated Maou, and raised a finger to point to a certain building.

"How coincidental…a barrier was set up on that roof."


Suzuno looked towards that building and sucked in a breath.

"So irritating. I really want to ask them to not plagarise my methods."

That place is a venue closely tied to the four people present-

The roof of the Tokyo Metropolian Builidng.

"What now. It looks like the demon from earlier is there, if we go in, most likely there will be a fight. Even if a dimensional phase shifting barrier prevents people from entering, I can't protect the building. Even though the four of us at full power will find a way to handle the brat called Illuon, it would end up causing a large amount of damage."

"Anything is alright, since Chi-chan and Farfarello are there, then we have to go."

"Do you have any plans?"

Just as Emi felt uneasy because she remembered that Maou had commenced an attack without any plan before, he suddenly said something expected,

"…Emi, Suzuno, I'm sorry, please help me."


"W, what?"

Not expecting Maou to make this suggestion, no, request, Emi and Suzuno were surprised.

"Just like what Ashiya said, if we don't convince Farfarello to make him go back, it would only cause Chiho to be exposed to more danger. In order to prevent things from becoming this way, I need your power."

After saying this, Maou once again did something unexpected by Emi and the others. "Please."

Maou bowed his head.

The King of Demons, to protect a young girl, actually bowed to the Hero and inquisitor. "…You seriously…"

Emi stared at the top of Maou's head, sighed, and said, "aren't thinking about the situation and feelings on our end." But her tone was unexpectedly kind.

"Since I'm the Demon King, there shouldn't be anyone else who is more stubborn and reckless than me." "Don't be so exaggerated."

Suzuno could not help but smile at both of their exaggerated words.

"You should have a success strategy right. The 'optimal' strategy which all of you were talking about." "I have. But I have to repeat this again, this method requires your power."

Maou said with a lowered head.

Emi and Suzuno looked at each other.

"It looks like there's no time to think about it." "Since it's Chiho-dono's crisis, it can't be helped." "I will remember this debt owed."

Maou lifted his hea d and turned to Sariel.

"Are you able to, like before, create another layer of barrier over Illuon's barrier?" "I can, but what do you plan to do?"

"Please do your best to create a slightly bigger barrier, I will be responsible for thinking of something." After Maou said this, he took a black orb from his bag and squeezed it hard.

"What do you plan to do?"

Farfarello asked the young girl in front of him.

Not only did the girl known as Sasaki Chiho not reject Illuon's request, she even listened and followed.

Rather than that, the reason why Illuon was able to easily carry out the complex mission of abducting the girl without alerting the Demon King was mainly because of the cooperation of the victim Sasaki Chiho.

"I don't wish to get injured or lose consciousness because I resisted."

"I see, looks like contrary to your appearance, you have courage and insight."

"I did go through many terrifying experiences after all."

Chiho showed a wry smile after saying this, it looks like she is braver than normal humans.

If not, when she was grabbed by the thin arm of Illuon as he jumped from the the MgRonalds company building to the Shinjuku Metropolian roof in one go, she was probably be frantically making a lot of noise.

"Then, how about this?"

Farfarello, dressed as an outdated salaryman, used his hand to touch Illuon's armour.

Illuon's armour suddenly changed into black smoke and dissipated, pouncing towards Farfarello's body.


Chiho could not help but use her eyes to shield her eyes.

The slim salaryman, suddenly became a demon exuding dangerous atmosphere.

Farfarello had bat like wings and a huge sharp claw extending from his four limbs, however his face bore closer resemblance to a human than imagined.

Even though Chiho covered her face on reflex, she still peeked through her fingers.

"Ah, so you did wear proper clothes underneath the armour."

Chiho felt a sense of relief because Illuon did wear inner wear made from hemp, moving her hands away from her face and pressing her chest lightly,

"…You're concerned about that huh. Seeing my appearance, don't you feel anything at all?"

Even though he transformed into a form of a demon which did not exist in Japan, because the other party was instead worried about whether Illuon wore clothes underneath, Farfarello momentarily lost his standing.

However even if Chiho did see Farfarello's true form in person, she still did not look frightened at all.

"Erhm, I'm sorry, I thought that you would undergo a more extreme transformation."


Seeing Farfarello's instantly frowning face, Chiho said rather frantically,

"Er, erhm, it's definitely not as if you're not scary at all! It, it's more like it's already considered very cool and scary okay? B, but, erhm, I think it's because I have already seen Ma…Satan-san and Alsiel-san's true forms, so I have gotten used to it a bit already."

Not only was Chiho unafraid, she even tried to put in a good word for Farfarello, causing this demon to lose even more standing.

"…Forget it, honestly, this is the first time I felt the urge to kill you."

"Ah, s, sorry."

It was not know if Chiho understood the situation, but anyway, she honestly apologized first.

"But…you said that you have seen the noble form of Demon King Satan-sama? Where, and under what situation did you see it?"

"Eh? Ah, there's here, and a place 20 minutes walk from the place we met before."

"Did you pay respects to Demon King-sama's contenance from a close distance?"

"Uh…it's about the distance between us right now."


Even if he seemed expressionless on the surface, Farfarello actually felt very shocked within.

He had heard that the Demon King had returned back to his original state before, but he never expected that a normal looking young girl to actually witness it from close by, it was difficult for him to believe.

For normal people, just getting close to Demon King Satan's demonic magic, would cause them to faint from coming into contact with the Demon King's dark power.

"Don't tell me…you're Emeralda Etuva?"


Being misidentified so badly like this, Chiho widened her eyes in shock.

"I heard that the strongest human warlock supporting Hero Emilia, is a female with small build. Don't tell me you're using the name Sasaki Chiho and living here."

"N, no, it's not like that! Even though I know Emeralda-san, you are mistaken."

Even though there should be a limit to mistaking a person's identity, Farfarello had not fought directly with Emi and the others during the Hero age, so it was not strange for him to misunderstand.

"Even so, since you were able to avoid being exposed to Demon King-sama's magic due to knowing Emilia and Emeralda, this means that you are not a warrior. Are you one of Demon King-sama's shackles in this country after all?"

With things as they are, it looks like Farfarello would not believe no matter what was said now.

Even though she just started training in spells, she was suddenly mistaken to be a hero protecting the peace of the world.

"But…talking about shackles, it might be like that. Because I am around, Satan-san and Yusa…Emilia-san, met with so much trouble."



"It's Farfarello!"

"S, sorry!"

Getting someone's name wrong is a very rude thing to do.

"Maou-san…Satan-san really has not given up on the dream of conquering the world. Satan-san only plans to learn something in Japan, then apply it on conquering the world…"

"That's learning right!"

For unknown reasons, Illuon chipped in cheerfully.

"R, right…anyway, he wants to study hard, then complete something. Even though he needs to work because he's always short on money, spending his free time, but even so, he is always thinking about the citizens of the Demon World. About this, you must trust him."

Not only was the young girl not afraid, she looked straight at the demon with an earnest gaze.

Farfarello had thought that humans would be afraid of demons, and would definitely not talk with demons seriously, therefore this is the first time he saw Chiho's gaze.

"…I hope so as well, but…"

"So…please tell me. Why does the Demon Army want to invade Ente Isla?"

Farfarello opened his mouth like he looked down on the question and answered,

"A stupid question, other than Ente Isla, where else can be conquered…"

"So, what must all of you have to conquer Ente Isla?"


"Farfarelao said so before, as long as more demons die, the Demon World would be able to survive longer, does it have anything to do with this incident?"

"…My name is Farfar-e-lo!"

Farfarello's shoulders sagged in depression.

"Even if you know this, what can you do?"

"That's obvious."

Chiho straightened up resolutely and proclaimed loudly,

"From there, I am going to find the reason for being unable to advance smoothly and help Satan-san achieve his dreams!"


When Maou reached the ground floor of the Metropolian building, his mobile phone suddenly rang, as this call did not display any incoming call, Maou was clear this is Chiho's Mental Transmission.

"It looks like she's alright! Let's go! Emi! Suzuno! Go teach Farfarello a lesson…"

"Wait, Demon King!"

"Wait a moment!"

"…what is it…"

Even if got off on a wrong foot, Maou still followed Emi and Suzuno, starting at the screen of his own mobile phone.

The screen of the three phones, showed the words 'no incoming caller ID'.

The three people first looked at each other, then pressed the call button of their own mobile phone, moving the phone to their ear.

"(…help Satan-san achieve his dreams!)"

Within the mobile phones of the three people, Chiho's determined voice was heard.


Farfarello could not help but ask because he could not understand what Chiho wanted to express.

"Recently, Satan-san frequently said that his past methods were wrong. However, he doesn't seem to know what he should do…if it's within my ability, then I wish to try my best to help him. Even if I'm weak and can't fight, but there will definitely be areas I can help in!"

"…Aren't you human?"

"I am human!"

"Then why do you want to help us demons…"

To Chiho, who unquestionably saw Maou and Emi as important existances, this question was something completely unnecessary.

"This has nothing to do with being a demon or human!"

"(This has nothing to do with being a demon or human!)"

Chiho's thoughts did not go through the phone receiver, sounding in the heads of the three people directly.

"…Hey, Chi-chan has already learnt Mental Trasmission for multiple recipients…"

"How is that possible. It's more complicated than one on one after all, basically, she barely succeeded connecting with me for a few seconds yesterday."

Suzuno shook her head in a troubled manner to refute Maou's suspicions.

"Then, this is subsconsciously done by Chiho?"

"It looks like that's the only possibility…"

Emi and Suzuno both felt very shocked.

And Chiho was still transmitting her own thoughts.

"(Since it is possible now…then it should be able to continue on in future!)"

"Since it is possible now…then it should be able to continue on in future! A way of conquering the world which allows the Demon King and Hero co-exist!"

"…Is it my poor understanding of Japanese? I completely do not understand what you are saying."

"Satan-san will definitely conquer the world successfully. Until now, he has been working hard everyday to achieve this goal. But this goal right now is not the same kind of world conquest as thought by 'Demon King Satan' before coming to Japan…coming to this world."

"Then what kind of world conquest is it?"

Being asked this question, underneath the sunlight of the summer, Chiho showed a gratifying smile.

"Of course it is Demon King and Hero…demon and human, everyone working together for the sake of tomorrow's food, that kind of world conquest!"


Farfarello was startled by Chiho's whimsical description. Even if Farfarello felt anxious from having spent so much time on Chiho, it was not known if Chiho understood this, she only continued speaking fearlessly,

"It has already been achieved now. If so, it definitely will be able to continue in future!"

"Idiot. Humans and demons definitely cannot co-exist…"

"It is possible now!"

Unexpectedly, a mere high school girl, can interrupt the words of a Malebranche chief with just her tone.

Farfarello, who quietened, looked down at her in surprise.

"The Demon King and Hero, the ones who should be incompatible like fire and water, have done it. They could even bring along a child, the three of them going out to have fun. If so, why is it so impossible for normal humans and demons to be unable to do so."

Of course, Chiho knew this is limited to the efforts of the individual person, but even so-

"Even if you said it cannot be done, I will still prove you wrong."

Chiho said directly.

"Even though Maou-san and Yusa-san seem to feel bad because I was dragged into the issues of Ente Isla, they really aren't obliged to think that way. Because…"

Chiho gave a smile which could only be described as fearless and declared in an imposing manner,

"Because I am very motivated, and plan to drag Maou -san and the others into my issues! No matter if it's Satan-san, Emilia-san, Crestia Bell-san, Alsiel-san or Lucifer-san, I hope they would always keep me and Alas=Ramus company, eating together, quarrel together, and be able to say goodbye to each other at night, I wish to help in a world conquest where these things can be done!"

Chiho looked at Farfarello directly.

"(be able to say goodbye to each other at night, I wish to help in a world conquest where these things can be done!)"


The three of them could not help but move the phone away from their ear.

And they could not look at each other's faces as well, because right now, all of them were blushing heavily. "Chi…Chiho…"

Emi, who could not stand the silence, spoke.

"She's really an amazing child…who really…how should I say it…exceeded our expectations…" "My…beliefs, started to rebuild again in a strange manner."

"…Seriously…can't hold a candle to her…seriously…"

The Hero, Inquisitor and Demon King, expressed their opinions in different ways.

"…What's wrong. Are we taking action or not, from this, it looks like Sasaki Chiho is safe and unharmed." "So you're around!"

Sariel looked at the three people from the side with a complex expression on his face. Even though Maou rebuked him aggressively, it did not sound that imposing. "…Please, set up the barrier."

Maou looked at the Metropolian building with a red face.

"In order to fulfill the dream, there needs to be matching ability and persuasive power…Emi, Suzuno." "I, I think that even if I go up now, it feels like I can't face Chiho directly."

"I think I might start worshipping her." "…Alright, just go! I'm leaving it to you!"

After saying this, Maou started to slump in front of the two people. "It's rare to see someone give orders in such a pathetic pose."

Sariel showed a wry smile, and started to set the barrier on the Tokyo Centre from the day moon.

"So I hope you can tell me. Why does Satan-san have to sacrifice large numbers of demons and humans in a rush to conquer the world…as long as I know this, I feel that I'll be able to advance this from another direction."

Farfarello, the chief of Malebranche, actually moved his gaze away because he could not stand the charisma and gaze of a young girl.

Farfarello could not understand the concept Chiho wanted to express. Or rather, he could not imagine the world which Chiho considered.

And he also did not feel that one powerless human girl, would be able to do such a thing.

Even so, why was he overwhelmed by this girl's aura.

"…That is because…"

Then, just as he could not dissuade Chiho, and was about to open his mouth-

"Farfarello! The barrier!"

Illuon suddenly looked the sky.

Chiho and Farfarello also looked over, following the boy's gaze, and discovered a purple glowing moon hanging in the self-constructed sky.

"Have they come…it's earlier than expected. How did they find this place…"

In order to avoid Chiho's gaze, Farfarello also looked at the sky like Illuon, and the beings he saw were people he did not expect.

"Th, that is…"

"Maou-san! Yusa-san! Suzuno-san!"

Chiho saw the same people as Farfarello and shouted.

This place caused Chiho to remember the Prince who wore his underwear and brought a broom.

And this time, this person, more like a man who is King rather than a Prince, was currently being grabbed at the collar and the belt of his pants by the two ladies, was currently flying over in the sky in a crouching position.

Even if he seemed to be hanging in the sky by his neck, Maou still stared at Farfarello determinedly, and in his hands, he was holding a black orb.

That was the demonic magic block condensed by Farfarello.

Even though Chiho accepted Illuon's invite in order to get her questions answered, but from Maou's point of view, it would definitely look like Farfarello easily kidnapped Chiho.

Could it be that the demons would be fighting each other here next.

Chiho, who was worried that this would happen, could not help but shout at Maou,

"It's not like this! It's my fault! Farfarellao-san didn't do anything to me at all!"

"Forget it, you can call me whatever you want."

It looks like Chiho could not call out Farfarello's name correctly no matter what, and it seems like the person himself has already given up.

Emi and Suzuno, carrying Maou, guarded against Farfarello's attack while putting Maou on the roof, then the two of them also landed.

"Yosh…ah…the collar is loose again. I'll get scolded by Ashiya now."

Maou, who got thrown, landed nimbly, and after looking at the loosened T-shirt collar sadly, he turned towards Chiho and Farfarello.

"…Are you alright."

"Y, yeah…e,erhm…?"

Maou looked towards Farfarello who was avoiding Chiho's gaze. After seeing the large build of the demon, Maou finally regained his calm.

"Even though Chi-chan seems to plan to protect you, but the fact that you kidnapped Chi-chan is undisputable right?"

Maou said coldy to the large Malebranche.

"What do you plan to do?"

"I'm very sorry…no matter what, I wish to hear from a third party about what happened to Demon King-sama in this country…"

Even though he actually heard the terrifying ambition of a human girl in the end, Chiho and Farfarello did not know that Maou and the others actually heard everything clearly.

"Then Chi-chan? Why did Chi-chan say that you're also at fault?"

"T, that is, because I wanted to know why Maou-san has to conquer Ente Isla…it feels like even if I ask Maou-san and Ashiya-san, all of you won't tell me…"

"Sigh…is that so."

In the Mental Transmission the three people heard, this question did not appear. So it probably happened after Maou and the others hung up because of embarrassment.

Maou scratched his head, and stared at Chiho and Farfarello straight on.

"Both of you."

Saying this, Maou used his thumb to point at his own chest.

"Things like this, ask the person himself! I am right here! I won't run or hide!"

"Alright…I'm sorry."

Chiho apologized in a depressed manner.

"Chi-chan…sigh, even though I have many things to say to you…but anyway…"

Maou felt a little restless because he remembered the Mental Transmission just now, he walked up to Chiho, and used his fist to lightly knock Chiho's head.


"The lecture, I'll leave it first."


Chiho touched the spot where she was knocked, and walked up to Emi and Suzuno.

After Maou glanced sideways and confirmed that Emi and Suzuno also knocked Chiho once, he turned towards Farfarello again.

"So, from what you heard from Chiho, what do you feel about me?"

"…Honestly, it's hard to judge. Even though I heard unexpected words, I still don't think that this country has the thing which can support Demon King-sama's rulership sufficiently."

"It's not like that. Satan is studying manufacturing, you know."

"But the way you're saying it, it's like my notes were sloppily copied."

Maou gave a wry smile at Illuon's childish way of speaking, and then, for unknown reasons, put his hand in his pocket and took out his wallet.

"Then let me tell you. This country…this world is filled with things which could solve the crisis of the Demon World. And this thing does to require blood, or lives as exchange. It is…this."

Maou took out a piece of paper from the wallet bought from the 100 yen store.

Then he slowly unfolded the wrinkled piece of paper.

"….Go buy a wallet so there is no need to fold notes. You're already an adult, how pathetic."

Emi, who had been saved by the wrinkled paper used by the Demon King mumbled unhappily.

"Do you know what this is? Let me say this first, the humans in Ente Isla also naturally own this."

In Farfarello's eyes, this is just a thin piece of paper with a human's head and complicated pictures printed on it.

"This is…"

"Once we have this, there would be any need to argue with others about this."

After saying this, Maou threw the black orb which was shifted to his underarm when he took out his wallet, the concentrated demonic magic ball and threw it.

"You mean, this piece of paper possesses the ability to surpass demonic magic?"

"Not 'possess', but 'everyone can possess'."

Maou raised the 1000 yen bill with the portrait of the accomplished Japanese Hideyo Noguchi printed on it high in the air.

"Our will, can change the situation of the world. This can change into the commodity of the Demon World, which has been slowly losing demonic magic because of peace…money! As long as we change our views, we can change the world and mainfestations. This is what I learnt in this world."

"Money huh…I know this refers to the people or metal plates humans use when doing business. But faced with power, this thing is useless."

"It is rather useless now. But, I am going to start constructing it next. In this way, a world in which even the Hero who plans to kill me will be willing to help me can be built! Negative energy can still be created even without killing anyone!"

"Hey, can you don't make it sound like I am willing to help you because I was tempted by money?"

Even if she couldn't help but voice her protest, Emi still walked up behind Maou and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Because there is a reward, there is a willingness to act, even though this is the basic principle of human society, it still feels difficult to accept."

Saying this, Suzuno also placed a hand on Maou's other shoulder. Just as Chiho started to wonder about what was going to happen-


Maou called Chiho as his back faced her.

"Sing, Emi and Suzuno do not have the spare energy to protect you, activate your holy magic properly and protect yourself."

With just this sentence, Chiho understood everything.

Chiho wiped away the tears in the corner of her eyes from the scolding, and adjusted her breathing to calm herself down.

"You better do a 1000 yen's worth of work."

"Even though isn't as much as my hourly pay, but it can't be helped, I'll help you." "We're starting. Even though it's a bit different from what was arranged, but don't die."

While speaking, Emi and Suzuno started injecting large amounts of holy magic into him from both this shoulders. "W, what are you doing!"

Farfarello got a shock from this.

The two humans were currently pouring holy magic into Satan's body without holding back. With this, would the Demon King who has weakened into a human become purified?

"Don't move!"

Even if he showed a pained expression, Maou himself still stopped Farfarello.

"Heh, heh heh, no, no need to be afraid…just watch, you will definitely get a huge shock." "Is, is it alright?"

Even though Maou looked confident, in reality, Maou did not tell Emi or Suzuno the reason for doing so.

Maou only promised the two that it will definitely work out, and asked them to inject as much holy magic as they could manage into Maou's body in front of Farfarello.

As they thought that this method will not harm Chiho, the two of them agreed reluctantly, but no matter what, it still looked like they were harming Maou."


After a short while, Maou, whose body contained the injected holy magic-

"….Ugh." "W, wait?"

"H, hey?"

His eyes rolled up and he actually fainted.

Even though Emi, Suzuno and Farfarello did not know what Maou wanted to do-

"A new morning has come! A morning of hope!" Chiho suddenly started to sing.

When singing the radio workout theme, Chiho started to activate the holy magic in her body. The disoriented Maou knelt on the ground without any energy.

Emi frantically supported him from the side. "Open up your hearts from happiness."

Immediately after that, the changes started to occur suddenly. "Looking at the sky!"

Like he had been punched, Maou's body bent into a '' shape. "Yah!"


Emi and Suzuno, who had supported Maou so he would not fall, were thrown back. A black glow suddenly emitted from Maou's body.

"With the sound of the radio, open up the healthy chest."

The light grew larger, and started to dye Maou Sadao's body black. "Th, this is…don't tell me?"

Even though Farfarello used his hands to cover his eyes to block out the emitted black glow, he was not willing to look away.

"Embrace the gentle and light wind, ready, one!" What appeared first was the beast like feet. "Two!"

Then the large body. "Three!"

The right horn smashed by the Hero and the intact left horn.

"Oh my~ so close, I momentarily lost consciousness."

But this mumble, spoilt the atmosphere which had been overwhelming its witnesses.

"H, ho, how can this be?"

The person who was shocked the most was Emi.

After all, who would think that injecting a demon with holy magic, would cause the birth of the Demon King.

Suzuno also sat on the ground because of the unexpected development and could only stare at the visage of Demon King Satan.

"All of you don't have to be so afraid…Chi-chan should have known beforehand right?"

"R, roughly…"

It seems like even if the activation of holy magic was learnt, it was still difficult to withstand Satan's demonic magic with a flesh and blood body.

Even so, Chiho still strongly smiled to Satan, and she had also immediately discerned Satan's thoughts.

Before the commotion at Tokyo Tower, Chiho had produced demonic magic in response to absorbing too much holy magic, causing the symptoms of demonic magic poisoning.

So if this phenomenon occurred on the 'Human Maou Sadao".

The answer is the Demon King in front of them wearing the UNIXLO T-shirt stretched to its exteme and denim jeans.

"So tight."

Only one person seemed to enjoy the change in situation-Illuon showed a small smile as he looked up at Satan's face.

"De, Demon King-sama…"

Farfarello subconsciously knelt down on one knee.

Farfarello, who only became a chief after the dispersion of the Demon Army, had not meet Satan directly before. However once the Demon King appeared in front of the young demon like this, Farfarello started to fault himself for actually habouring such stupid suspiscions against the Demon King, and was filled with regret.

Demon King Satan was still alive. And right now he is hiding a strong power far exceeding Farfarello, making preparations to rule the world.

And he even made former enemies his comrades.

"So, aren't you satisfied with this?"

The voice from high above, caused Farfarello to submit down to his soul, and he knelt down totally.

"This is all because of my shallow thinking. It is a huge offence to suspect the thoughts of Demon King Satan-sama, I am willing to accept any punishment."

Silence befell the scene.

Even though Farfarello was already mentally prepared to die anytime.

"No one said anything about punishing you."

Demon King Satan said easily,

"Didn't I say so from the start? I have my considerations, don't do stupid things, go back quickly. Tell Barbariccia and the others to withdraw from the Eastern Continent. Like you said, I have obtained new power in this new world, and preparing for world conquest, letting you know this is enough."

"…I don't deserve this..."

"Then again, even if I said this, Barbariccia would probably not accept it. When you go back, remember to tell him that I found 'true' new Demon Army and four Great Demon Generals, let me introduce them to you."




Satan suddenly mentioned existances which Chiho, Emi and Suzuno had not heard before.

"You remember Alsiel and Lucifer right. Besides them, there's still the Hero Emilia. She is a battle expert, and might even be stronger than me."


"This is the Inquisitor Cresita Bell. From the External Relations Missionary department of the Church, a scholar official who knows about all the events of Ente Isla."

"W, what!"

"They, former enemies, have already joined forces with me, in addition, I have a secretary who is key to me capturing human hearts, MgRonalds Barista Sasaki Chiho. These people, are the four Great Generals for the new Demon Army I created."

""Five people!""

Emi and Suzuno could not help but shout simultaneously.

"Wrong, that's not it! W, why do I have to be a Great General, stop with that nonsense!"

"I was thinking what you were planning to say! This is defamation! Correct, retract, commit Seppeku, apologise!"

After rebuking with all their might, Emi and Suzuno protested fully to Maou with all their might.

"Basically, what is a MgRonalds Barista! How can you make Chiho face more danger…"

"You said Mgron Ald Ballista…?"



Hero, Inquisitor and MgRonalds Barista, even though Satan made them sound like they were names of equal rank, Farfarello unexpectedly accepted it, not only that-"

"Mgr on Ald Ballista…King's Bishop Bow. That young girl is a bowman?"

"W, why has it become like this?"

Even though it was just a certification for having a certain understanding for MgRonald's products, why was it misunderstood to such a strange name, Emi did not know the reason for this.

"But, I'm a Great General huh…"

Ignoring her surroundings, Chiho was originally hiding her pain, was now strangely happily carrying out the activation and showing a smile like she was dreaming.

"Hey! Chiho-dono, what are you feeling happy about!"

Even though Suzuno could not help but rebuke, she actually knew the reason much better than Emi did.

"Mgr on Ald…Bishop in the King's service…seriously, what is that guy's thinking like."

Satan listened to Suzuno's mumbling in satisfaction, then said arrogantly to Farfarello,

"One day, the new Demon Army I lead will conquer the Demon World and the World once again. These people are not our enemies, remember this!"


"Forget it! We are your enemies!"

Emi's tragic cry was not heard by Farfarello.


After confirming that Farfarello was convinced, Maou nodded once and said,

"Let me return this to you."

Maou picked up the demonic magic orb on the ground, grabbing it with his nails and injecting his will.


Following the shout Satan let out, his body was instantly covered in black flames.

"De, Demon King-sama?"

Farfarello panicked at the situation, but in the next moment-

"….Take it."

In a blink of an eye, Demon King Satan who had huge power, build and aura, had changed back into a human youth, and the T-shirt he wore, not only the collar, the whole shirt was loose.

"This would probably replenish it a bit. Whether you want to eat it or distribute it when you get back, it's up to you."

After Maou Sadao said this, he tossed the demonic orb to Farfarello.

Even thought the demonic magic orb looked like a normal metal ball, the demonic magic contained within was all the demonic magic produced by Satan through holy magic.

"B, but Demon King-sama…"

Satan changed back to the form which could only hold a little demonic magic. Even though Farfarello did not think it was a good idea to forgo demonic magic when considering the conquest later on-

"You saw it too right. As long as I want to, I can change back whenever I want, in addition…"

Maou gave a wry smile, and turned to the angered Emi and Suzuno with a pale face.

"These guys are really scary, I think it would be better to lay low for the time being."

Farfarello looked at the female lineup behind Maou in term, and could only remain speechless.


After that, those scary people approached Maou with tones and auras which resemble the Demon King more than the Demon King himself.

"Demon King! Correct this! Five people can't be considering the Four Great Kings!"

"Does it matter, who cares if they are the Four Kings or Eight Princes, it's not that much difference."

"Do you plan to add more members? What Eight Princes! Then again, this is not an issue of numbers…"

"The new culture brought back by the new Four Kings and Demon King-sama…this time the morale of the citizens of the Demon World would probably increase greatly."

"Didn't I say it's not like that!"

Emi and Suzuno's tragic cries, Farfarello's strong realization, Chiho, who became light headed because of the holy magic activation, Satan's placating voice, crossed the skies of Shinjuku.

"Amazing, so amazing!"

Seeing the situation of Maou and the rest which was messed up in so many ways, only Illuon clapped his hands in awe, feeling happy. Then-

"…What are all of you doing, if you don't need it, I'm taking down the barrier."

Sariel, who came over to take a look because no fight occurred, sagged his shoulders tiredly after seeing the quarrel which lacked any tension from the people of the foreign world,

"Like, I, said! I can say it as many times as you want! In order to avoid increasing the number of enemies, it would be easier to make them think that all of you are comrades!"

Maou Sadao's cries reverberated through Shinjuku under the setting sun.

After waiting for Maou to revert back to his human sate, Emi and Suzuno, who are enraged for being Great Generals without being asked, made him sit in the Seiza position on the roof of the Metropolian building under the sun and lectured him continuously.

The things which Maou told Farfarello, caused a huge impact in everyone's hearts, it was to the point that even the lecture for Chiho deciding on her own to ask information from Farfarello was thrown to the back of everyone's minds.

And one of the points which especially made Emi angry was that even Chiho had become a Great General.

If Farfarello, who went back using Illuon's 'gate', reported to Barbariccia about this, at that time, Chiho will surpass being a related person, and become an existence closely tied to Ente Isla.

Besides the possibility of a faction which saw Chiho as an 'enemy' appearing, the group did not reach their original goal at all, therefore on the way home, Emi kept picking trouble with Maou unhappily.

And the rebuke which Maou gave was the shout just now.

"As long as she becomes a Great General, then normal people wouldn't dare to lay their hands on her right? After all, the human Knight Alliance can't even go against Barbariccia, who isn't a Great General right?"

"This isn't the problem! With this, Chiho might even be seen as an enemy but the people of Ente Isla! And if the other demons are ignored and Chiho becomes a Great General, won't Chiho become a target of jealously and get attacked?"

"The people under me aren't so sinister!"

"If there are bright and cheerful demons, then what are things coming to!"

"Where are your eyes! Are you saying that my personality is sinister? The humans clearly don't trust what we say, if they just choose the parts advantageous to them and see Chi-chan as a bad person, then that's called sinister right!"

"If you're not sinister, then you're just a muscle head who doesn't think of anything! No matter how you justify it, the fact that you caused Chiho to face a danger unlike before doesn't change! You idiot demon!"

"What did you say!"

"What! Do you want to fight?"

"Seriously…it's noisy!"

During the walk from the Metropolian Building to the Keiō New Line Terminal Station, Maou and Emi scolded each other non-stop, and Suzuno, who couldn't take it shouted loudly,

"The incident has already passed, it's no use to argue. We, who are unable to make Farfarello and Illuon stay here and solve the issue, have lost!"

"Suzu-nee chan, don't get angry!"

Alas=Ramus, who was carried by Suzuno patted Suzuno's head, and Suzuno immaturally threw her hand off.

Before Illuon and Farfarello returned together, Alas=Ramus ignored Emi's will again and jumped out from Emi's back.


"Alas=Ramus…long time no see."


From their conversation, Illuon is an existence close to Alas=Ramus after all.

"Illuon, is everyone still alright?"

"I'm sorry, I don't know. But I am well."


Just knowing this, Alas=Ramus's expression became cheerful.

"Next time, let's play again okay?"


The short meeting of the children born from the Sephira came to an end like this.

Until Illuon opened the gate and left Japan together with Farfarello, Alas=Ramus kept staring at them to send them off.

After that, Emi started to argue with Maou, therefore it fell to Suzuno to take care of Alas=Ramus.

"Basically we let Illuon go home without even asking about his history…looks like as long as it is related to Chiho-dono, all of you really forget to think."

"…Suzuno-san, did you call me?"

Chiho was walking next to Suzuno with light steps, since before she has been in dream like state.

"I didn't call you, Chiho-dono, let me say this first, don't forget that I'm going to lecture you once we get back."


"…Seriously, why is everyone like this!"

Chiho had been acting airy since she left the Metropolian Building, it wasn't known if she even heard Suzuno's words.

"Suzu nee-chan, don't get angry!"

"Alas=Ramus, that's not the way to say it! At least I will have to be calm and see the situation logically, or else these people really won't think about anything…"

Suzuno complained to Alas=Ramus with a serious look on her face.

"Calm, see the situation logically?"

"….That's right, it's no use even if I told Alas=Ramus about all this."

Even if she did not understand Suzuno's words, Alas=Ramus still made an effort to repeat them, but she still would not know the things she did not know after all. Not only that-

"Oh my, does it matter. After all, I succeeded at reconciling with my Goddess this time. All is at peace." "Can no one bring some balance to my heart-!"

"Ahmm, Suzu nee-chan, don't scare people."

Even though he was standing on the ground, Sariel, who was walking on air, made a conclusion which became a final blow, this finally broke the limit of Suzuno's patience, causing her to run in an exaggerated manner while carrying Alas=Ramus.

"She really has it hard huh."

"Whose fault do you think it is!"

Watching Suzuno's back as she ran away crying, Maou said this in a self-absorbed manner.

"But, even though I shouldn't be saying this, why did you give your demonic magic to Farfarello?"

"What. If I kept the demonic magic which can restore me to the Demon King anytime, would you let me off?" "That is why I said that I shouldn't be saying this!"

Maou's casual answer caused Emi to start quarreling with him.

"…Sigh, if I was in your position, if I, who is restored as the Demon King, suddenly started to conquer Japan with Farfarello, then you would have a reason to kill me, perhaps that would be more to your liking."

"H, how can I look forward to having that kind of thing happen?"

"That kind of thing refers to me starting to conquer Japan? Or finding a reason to kill me?" "…Are you that determined to pick out my language errors and angering me?"

"This is payback for you lecturing me non-stop one sidedly just now."

Maou intentionally smiled in an exaggerated manner, showing his teeth. As for Emi, she gritted her teeth and looked away.

"Sigh, to be serious, it should be because of Chi-chan."

The two people looked towards Chiho, who was behind them and seemed to be walking on air.

"After that kind of straightforward declaration, I'm not so stupid as to leave any factors which could lead to a quarrel with you. Ah, there's still this, let me give you your pay before I forget."

Before Emi would digest what Maou said in her brain, Maou opened up the wrinkled 1000 yen bill in front of her, dispelling Emi's mood.

"What, you don't want it?" "I don't."


Emi rejected the 1000 yen bill without hesitation, causing Maou to almost respect her.

"If I accept your money, then my relationship with you would really become like doing business. This time, I only helped you to save Chiho. Don't misunderstand."

"I, I didn't think that much…if, if you really don't want it, then I'll kept it okay? Is that fine?"

With a lack of spine such that it made it difficult to imagine that he had been boldly describing the future of the Demon World earlier, he kept the 1000 yen bill.

"Oh yes, the thing about us hearing Chiho's Mental Transmission just now, we have to keep it a secret from her. "Ah? Why?"

As the coin pouch was too full, Maou was unable to put the 1000 yen bill back smoothly, and that bill became more pitiful looking.

"….I think she also did not wish for us to know, and…"


Emi started to stutter, she squinted her eyes which shone under the evening sun in displeasure, and only move her gaze to look at Maou and Chiho respectively.

"…it feels…that I would accept it just like that, it's irritating.

"Ah? What did you say?"

Emi seemed to only mumble softly to herself, so it was immediately drowned by the noise of the vehicles driving around Nishi-Shinjuku, and could not reach Maou's ears at all.

"….it's nothing. Anyway just don't tell Chiho! Understand?"

"O, okay…even though I'm don't really understand…"

Even though Emi's attitude reverted to that of before, she seemed to be unable to let go of some things, Maou, who nodded honestly even though he didn't quite understand-

"Ah, that's right, Chi-chan, Chi-chan."

turned around like he suddenly thought of something.

"…yes…eh, ah, yes!"

After being called by Maou, Chiho, whose mind wandered, subconsciously straightened her body.

"Sigh, the lecture can wait till later, I wish to take a slight detour, do you want to come along?"

"A detour?"

"Where do you want to go?"

At this stage, Chiho cannot be put into more danger. Depending on the location, Emi was mentally prepared to forcefully follow.

"Right, let me tell you as well. Chi-chan, I heard that your birthday is coming up. When is your birthday?"

Chiho and Emi's expressions froze.


"Ah, erhm…yeah, it's September, 10th September."

Chiho answered honestly.

"Oh my, even though I thought about it before, but even if I, as the Demon King, suddenly thinks about what present to give, I won't be able to prepare anything which Chi-chan likes, I think if it's like this, it would be faster to take the chance to ask the person herself what she likes, and it will be more reliable as well."

Maou's words were too frank even by the standards of being frank, from Emi's point of view, it was difficult even to have the Demon King understand the concept of birthday celebrations.

"Even though till now, I still do not know what Chi-chan likes, but it feels like your taste isn't like Emi's girly standards."

"Y, you, whose girly!"

"It's girly right. At your age, actually still using a Rilakkuma wallet."

"It, it's better than your wallet bought at a 100 yen store right! And basically, my true age is only one year difference from Chiho."

"Ah~anyway I think you also know that I can't buy anything too expensive, but do you want anything similar?"

These words were too direct even by the standards of being direct, it was not as if he was confirming a MgRonalds order.

Chiho looked at Maou's face for a while. "Perhaps I have already received it." And said this while smiling.

"Is that so…uh, eh? Did I give you anything?"

"I did receive it you know, and it might be the most important thing to me now." "Hm? Is, is it? Hm?"

As Maou himself did not have any impression, he tilted his neck and thought. "Eh? What is it exactly?"

Maou, who looked like he could not think of an answer, tilted his head upwards in dissatisfaction, Chiho only showed a mysterious smile and walked with small steps.

"Seriously…should I say that all of you are half hearted, or that the both of them are too relaxed." "Eh? Does Emi know the answer?"

"….I don't want to know." "W, what is it!"

"Heh heh heh, it's a secret before you figured it out."

Chiho pressed a finger to her lips, looks like she did not plan to announce the answer. "Ah, that's right1 I remember that Yusa-san has an autumn birthday as well right?" "Me?"

Chiho suddenly shifted the topic onto Emi, causing her to blink in confusion. "Is that so?"

"It feels like I heard Suzuno-san mention it before…"


Emi looked at Maou unhappily and nodded reluctantly.

"Even though my birthday is in the early autumn of the Western Contitnent, but I don't know when is it in Japan, and it makes no difference what my birthday is like anyway."

"Eh~it's a rare chance, let's exchange gifts!"

Chiho pulled at Emi's arms, then started to dream about the happy plans.

"S, stop that, it's troubling."

Faced with Chiho's invitation filled with the air of a high school girl, Emi rejected it tactfully while blushing.

"Even if we aren't doing this, I have a lot of things I wish to thank you for. And Maou-san also got helped by Yusa-san a lot after all, if he doesn't pay it back once in awhile, he might really get killed yes?"

"Chiho, I say…"

Emi felt troubled because she did not know how serious Chiho was.

"…That's true. Thinking about it calmly, I did end up owing a lot of favours."

"Don't take it so seriously. Then again, I don't want to see you thinking that the most, please stop with that nonsense."

If Maou really got affected by Chiho's instigation and bought Rilakkuma products for Emi, Emi might just start hating Rilakkuma at once.

"But, you probably don't wish to receive anything from me right?"

"Of course, so stop thinking about it…"

"Then how about this."


Maou suddenly punched this palm, causing Emi to get a bad feeling.

"Didn't I name you as a Great General just now?"

"If you are willing to cancel that as a gift, it's not as if I won't consider it."

"That can't be done in front of Farfarello. So Emi, for the reason of watching what I do, come along with me!"

Time, stopped.


Emi and Chiho said simultaneously with stiff voices.

"You're troubled about whether you should treat me as an enemy like before right? If so, you can see in detail if I am your enemy or not from now on. Because you're a Great General, you can kill me from behind anytime. Of course, I don't plan on being killed by you so easily, but if you're still dissatisfied with what I have done after this, then at that time, let's fight with our identities as Demon King and Hero. What do you think?"

"What do I think huh…"

"Let's start anew. I will use my actions to prove to you and I am not the Demon King that you envisioned. And Chi-chan also said that she wants to know my motive for conquering the world. I will tell you from the beginning, if you're still not satisfied, we can fight then. So-"

Maou, with a very proud smile like he had thought of a perfect idea, said to Emi,

"Hero Emilia, if you wish to feel a bit more refreshed, then follow me. I will show you a new world in the process of conquering the world."

Chiho and Emi froze.

As for Sariel, who watched this frozen time from an outsider's point of view-

"Hm, looks like you can really speak when you need to."

actually felt respect for Maou's words.



"Eh? Eh? Eh?"

Emi's face turned red at a rapid pace like kindling doused in gasoline.

Suzuno, who reached the terminal station earlier, was feeling confused because of the disappearance of Alas=Ramus from her arms, and at the same time, Emi's hands were already holding the 'Evolving Holy Sword, One Wing' which contained unmatched power.

"H, hey, Emi? Th, this is a public place!"

"Heavenly Fang!"

Emi aimed for Maou and executed the holy sword skill seriously.

Under the attack of the merciless wind, Maou Sadao's light body, unlike that of Satan, hit a tree on the sidewalk, and fell into the bushes next to the road.

"Dddooo yyyooouuu kkknooow wwwhaatt yyyoouu aaarree sssayyiinngg?"

Even though Emi herself is the one who did not know what she was saying, Maou was even more confused about the situation.

"Idiot! You idiot! That's enough! You're my enemy! Definitely my enemy! Being so troubled it, I'm an idiot as well! T, try to say strange things again next time! This has nothing to do with Alas=Ramus and Chiho! At that time, I, I will definitely take your head! Y, you…"

Emi teared up, and containing various feelings, she said while blushing furiously,

"you dense person!"

Then with a speed exceeding Suzuno's previous one, she ran away without hesitation.

"W, what is this…"

Maou, who climbed out of the bushes, got a shock because he did not understsand the situation, at this time, a shadow fell upon Maou's face.

"Chi, Chi-chan, give me a hand…"

Chiho, with her back to the evening sun and facing Maou did not grab the hand Maou stretched out, but grabbed his collar.


"Maou-san, treat me to cake." "Eh?"

"Aren't you celebrating my birthday? Then treat me to cake. Right now!" "Eh? Ah, erhm, why does Chi-chan look a little angry…"

"I don't know!"

"Er, erhm, Chi-chan, I can walk on my own, please let go of my collar, erhm…." [Image of embarrassed Emi]

The Demon King was pulled by a high school girl in this way to go back the way they came.

Once he thought that Maou would be bought to some high end western dessert store in Shinjuku, Sariel, who was left behind, showed a wry smile.

"Harmonious feelings are a good thing. Then, I'll go eat dinner as well. First challenge for MdCafe!" "What is going on…."

Maou looked up at the evening sky as he was pulled along by Chiho.

Even though he did not know why Emi's face became so red, and why Chiho was angry. But-

"If she is able to show that kind of expression normally, she would become a little cuter." Once Maou thought of the blushing Emi with her moist eyes, he smiled to himself.

"Did you say anything?" "Nothing it all."

Even though he did not know the reason, Maou knew he could not continue to stoke Chiho's anger, so he gave up on thinking about it.

Then again, when Chiho looked back, her ears were a little red.

"Even though it's a bit different from what I imagined…but something like a dream isn't always a bed of roses and it's not that easy to find as well."

Maou, who was pulled along, said this softly as he stared at the red evening sun of Tokyo.

Kisaki, who was wrapped up in her dream, and only avoided a problematic store in the nick of time.

If Sariel wanted to advance his relationship with Kisaki to what he hoped, should also meet a lot of difficulties in the future.

Even though Alas=Ramus had the rare chance to met a comrade, they could only spend a very short time together.

Ashiya would probably sigh because he gave up demonic magic, as for Urushihara, he always looked dissatisfied.

Suzuno, Chiho and Emi, in order to change the current situation which they did not meet their expectations to what they dreamed of, moved forward as they hit walls.

And then Maou was also the same…

"Sigh, just 3 hours of practice shouldn't be enough to catch up to Kisaki-san I guess."

Even though the MgRonalds Barista lecture was very meaningful, in order to learn enough knowledge to be on par with Kisaki's skills who aimed to be a barman, then a new step towards a new topic needs to be taken.

Even if the step was so small that he did not sense it, Maou and the people around him were still one step closer to their dream compared to yesterday.

Even though Tokyo was still very hot in the evening, the colour of the sky started to show signs of autumn.

"Depending on how it's viewed, red isn't that bad after all huh."

Maou raised his head at the red sky and thought this.

"Then I'll eat the cake with a lot of strawberries on top."

"In, in this season, strawberries are expensive right? Erhm, it, it's best not to choose something not too expensive…"

In the end, regardless of Demon King, Hero, Demon, Angel or Human, everyone's hearts, goals, and even the way back home were like this, dispersed and slightly different.

Volume 6 Final Chapter

Besides Kisaki, the wall at the corner of the counter had two new 'MgRonald Barista' certficates, showing that there are other employees who are knowledgable in MdCafe menu items.

Even though the certification explaination was mostly written in English for reasons unknown, on the red background of the image representing MgRonalds, the words in white and gold indicated that the person has already attended the appointed lecture, and framing it up made it look very presentable.

The names printed on it, are of course 'SADAO MAOU' and 'CHIHO SASAKI'.

"Such a rare chance, why don't we treat Yusa-san and the others for a taste test to see how much your skill has improved?"

Kisaki carried out her promise to invite Emi and the others to MdCafe to drink Café au Lait, but since Maou and Chiho were at work that day by coincidence, she ended up suggesting this.

"Just what I wanted!"

"Even though…I'm not that confident yet…"

"Is, is that alright?"

Maou's eyes shone because of Kisaki's challenge, but it was Chiho was seemed a bit intimidated.

As for Emi and Suzuno, who came here together, they felt rather bad because of Kisaki's suggestion.

"Since it was agreed to treat both of you, and Maou should also wish to avenge his defeat from this morning."

"Defeat from this morning?"

"Ashiya-san and Urushihara-san seemed to have come this morning."

Chiho answered Emi's question with a wry smile.

"Even though Kisaki-san and Maou-san brewed the same type of coffee for them to taste and compare…"

"Even Urushihara could tell them apart, so frustrating."

Seeing Maou's appearance of heartfelt regret, Kisaki answered with a wry smile,

"Your coffee does create a sense of safety from a thorough understanding of MgRonalds coffee beans, isn't that something to be proud of?"

"But Ashiya and Urushihara said that Kisaki-san's coffee is tastier…"

"That is because Ashiya-san looks very tired, so I brewed something more bitter and heavier tasting in order for him to relax. As for Urushihara-san, he looks like the type who doesn't usually drink coffee, so in order to reduce the stimulus, I adjusted the concentration to resemble that of American coffee standards.


Even though Maou's room mates were not regular customers, Kisaki still guessed both their preferences at once, this time Maou did not have anything to say.

"But I am rather sly as well. After all, I did this to make them see the ability of the superior of their room mate so that the both of them can be rest assured."

"It seems like before tasting, the victory has already been decided."

Suzuno's tone contained ridicule, casuing Maou to be more motivated.

"Just you wait!"

"Maou-san, don't be so worked up, just brew it calmly."

After Kisaki, Maou and Chiho brewed their coffee, they poured their coffee into the small cups used for espresso, and placed them in front of Emi and Suzuno.

Emi and Suzuno compared the three cups of coffee in front of them and took a sip from every cup.

"…From the left, it should be Chiho-dono, Manager-dono and Sadao-san right?"

"I also feel that the middle cup should be brewed by the Manager, but…the remaining two cups feels like there isn't that much of a difference."


"We can't win after all."

Maou groaned, and Chiho also showed a wry smile. Like what Emi and Suzuno said, the middle cup is the coffee which Kisaki brewed.

"Even so, not letting customers feel that there is a big difference in the quality is also commendable. This means that your skills have improved. Yusa-san, Kamazuki-san, my apologies, in the end the two of you had to entertain our sideshow. Please relax, even though we need to go back to work, we'll serve you our proper meals later."

With Kisaki's prompting, Maou could only reluctantly go back to work, as for Chiho, before she left, she did not forget to bow to the both of them.

Emi looked at the three employees from afar while shifting her gaze to the three cups in front of her.

"If I have to be honest, it should be considered delicious, how infuriating."

"Even though Alsiel is the same, but these guys are really unexpectedly capable."

Suzuno gave a wry smile at Emi's roundabout words.

"So, what kind of wind blew to make you suddenly want to come to MgRonalds."

After Suzuno invited Emi to go out, and asked her to come along to see Maou and Chiho's performance at work, even though Emi played along and drank the coffee, she still did not know the reason for Suzuno inviting her out.

"Didn't I say so at the beginning? I only wanted to see the Demon King and Chiho-dono's performance at work."

"You were serious?"

"Yes, of course I am serious. Especially…"

Suzuno picked up the cup in the middle.

"I wanted to see their performance while working under Kisaki."

"….What is that supposed to mean?"

Emi glanced sideways to see the three of them serve the customers, and asked Suzuno at the same time.

"In the end, nothing was made clear right? With regards to why the Demon King wants to conquer the world."


The topic Suzuno started suddenly, caused Emi to become quiet.

"What is it. Your face is a little red, do you want to sit somewhere where the sun isn't that strong."

"I, I'm alright!"

Emi remembered the events when they returned from the Metropolian building, and touched her cheeks on reflex when pointed out by Suzuno.

Everytime she reacalled the events that day, an indescribable strange feeling would start to cause a commotion in her heart.

"Even though there's not much to confirm with things the way they are now, but it looks like the Demon King really respects Manager Kisaki from the bottom of his heart. The fact that everyone has someone they can't raise their head to, it seems like it's not a complete lie."

"So, what do you want to say?"

Suzuno, whose words missed a point, after glancing and Maou and the rest, pulled something out from her sleeve and placed it on the table.

"That is…the fragement of the sword belonging to the Heavenly Troops which was broken by you right?"

And it was a small metal piece done with unpolished crafting skills.

"The members of the Heavenly Troops are the citizens of Ente Isla, and even angels seem to only be humans."


"Everyone has someone they can't raise their head to. From what I know, only one species would say these words."

Having an inkling of what Suzuno wanted to express, Emi sucked in a breath.

"Bell…are you…"

"Even if we know this, the Demon King, Alsiel and Lucifer are still our enemies. But…as people who sees them living in Japan, we need to think about the meaning this represents."

Angels, who logically should be supernatural beings, are actually humans.

If so.

Only one answer could solve the question which came out of Suzuno's well shaped mouth. For Emi, no, for all the citizens of Ente Isla who were invaded by the Demon Army, this answer would be the same as 'Devil's Temptation'.

However, even so, Yusa Emi and Kamazuki Suzuno are already unablet o avoid the answer to this question.

"What is known as the 'Demon'…what do you think it is?"


Vol 6 Afterword

I feel that in this world, there should be a number of people who feel that coffee is essential in their daily work. Even though I said this, Wagahara himself is also a coffee person, when I spiritedly work at the desk, there is always a cup of coffee by my side.

But I do not have any philosophy like 'coffee is only acceptable like this!', whether it's instant coffee, or canned coffee, my stand is that it's enough as long as I can taste the matching taste at that time when I drink coffee, but I will never forget the touching moment when I meet coffee which matches my perferences totally.

The reason I have thought of this story, one of the turning points was when I was at a certain store and drank delicious coffee which made one think of 'black like the devil, boiling like Hell itself, pure as an angel, as sweet as love', famous words said by politician Talleyrand-Périgord during the French Revolution. Even though devils and angels are mentioned, but because the person who said this is Talleyrand and not Wagahara, there isn't any special meaning in this.

What is regretful is if I want to go to that store, I would need to take a two hour drive via expressway, so I have no choice and can only continue working…

Alright, even though I think I do not need to explain to readers who specially picked up this book again…but after two years of publishing 'Hataraku Maou-sama', a decision was actually made to have it animated.

When I received the notice from the editor in charge, I really almost spit out my coffee.

Two years ago, 029-sensei, who I am indebted to, gifted lifelike images to the word manuscript of the first volume, one year ago, I troubled Hiiragi Akio-sensei and Mishima-sensei to draw the manga of this series, everytime a different creator brings out a new charm to the series with a new viewpoint, it really benefited me a lot.

The animation this time, gave me another chance to re-evaluate the world I created, and rediscover the charms within.

I hope to bring these experiences back to the original work, and add new charm to the series, in order to payback the readers who have always been supporting this series.

Regardless of it becoming an anime or other projects, the theme this time is still describing the Demon King, who leads a thrifty life, the Hero and high school girl, a story of life advancing a stage.

However, even if training is done in an actual bathhouse, the power of spells will not awaken, I hope everyone can understand this.

Then, let's meet in the next volume!