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The force of Fire

Chapter 1


He had never felt such hatred as he did now for the being in front of him. His scorn for Kronos could not compare to what he felt now as he stared at the worthless cur before him…as he stared at Poseidon. It had been during the 'reward ceremony' after the battle against Kronos, he stood shakily alongside his fellow demigods, his body drained from the long and grueling war that had only just finished.


Around him he saw his fellow half-bloods waiting for the ceremony to finish, each of them with a different feeling clear on their face. Thalia was glaring at Hera with anger due to the statue collapsing on her during the battle, Nico was staring at the council warily, Grover was nervously chewing on a piece of tin, and Annabeth was staring at the ground while tears poured from her eyes, the daughter of Athena miserable due to him having stabbed Kronos in the Titan's weak spot, thus killing Luke as well. He had been able to find it due to his ADHD idly noting that Kronos had been frequently guarding his left side and had simply gone with his gut instinct about it.

After Kronos had been purged Annabeth had knelt down at Luke's side and began crying over the traitor, pleading with the piece of scum to not die and then, when she realized that nothing would save Luke, kissed the traitor and said that Luke would always have her heart.

Now he just wanted the ceremony to end so he could go find his mom and Paul, to make sure they were alright after the battle. "Before we begin the reward ceremony," Zeus declared loudly "I must ask if any council members wish to put forth a motion or suggestion.".

"I do," his father said, the sea god rising from the throne as the other gods, goddesses, and demigods turned towards the Earth Shaker "I put forth…that Perseus Jackson be killed now before he become too powerful.". That one sentence set off a flurry of yells and exclamations as the demigods roared in anger, as did a portion of the council, before Zeus slammed the master bolt onto the floor to gain everyone's attention.

"To a vote." Zeus declared "All those in favor of Poseidon's motion regarding Perseus Jackson?". At that question Poseidon and Zeus both raised their hands along with Hera, Ares, Athena, Artemis, and Hermes which gave the motion just enough votes to reach a majority.

"All opposed?" Zeus asked smugly as Hephaestus, Apollo, Dionysus, Aphrodite, and Demeter raised their hand, Hades and Hestia showing they wished to support him as well.

"It is decided then," Zeus declared happily "Perseus Jackson is to be sentenced to death tomorrow at dawn. For tonight he shall be held in a prison cell on Olympus should anyone wish to…say farewell.".

-End Flashback-

"Why?" he asked coldly, wanting an answer for why his father would betray him like this.

"I had to," the sea god sighed "Amphitrite was angry at he for having you in the first place…when she learned of how I had favored you she had given me an ultimatum. If you survived the war I was to see to it that you, your mother, and your step father were to die and in return she woul forgive what had happened.".

At the explanation he felt rage course through him, "So this is your excuse you miserable coward?" he growled "You plan to kill me and my family just to avoid getting the couch?! If you lay a hand on my mother or Paul I will do whatever I have to end you.".

At that statement Poseidon winced and looked down "It's already been done…all that's left is your execution.". Hearing those words he froze, Poseidon using his shock to escape, as the gods and goddesses that favored him walked inside, Hestia rushing forward and embracing him in a hug as his tears began to fall.

Looking up at Hades he began to ask if what Poseidon had said was true, if his mother and Paul really were dead, when the lord of the dead spoke up "It's true Percy…I'm sorry. I had them both sent straight to Elysium.".

Nodding weakly he looked down before hugging Hestia back, drawing comfort from his Aunt's embrace before he felt a firm hand on his shoulder, "Percy," Hephaestus spoke up softly "you don't have to remain a child of Poseidon. I can use my power to 'adopt' you, purging the Sea blood from your body and leaving my own in its place.".

"As much as I don't want to have any connection to that bastard what good would it do?" he asked sadly "I'm going to die tomorrow anyway.".

"Not…necessarily," Apollo spoke up "your fate isn't meant to end here, I can sense that much, and while we don't have the power to keep you safe if we keep you here…we do have the power to send you to a new world.".

"A new world?" he asked in confusion.

"There are several plains of existence," Demeter explained softly, the goddess of the harvest placing a maternal hand on his brow "and while our influence only exists in this one we can send you to a new world without any gods in it.".

"But I won't be able to see any of you again." He said sadly.

"Zeus plans to have Hermes capture your soul before you can be judged," Hades spoke up "and cast it into Tartarus…this is your best option. We can do the adoption and if we do I will give you my blessing of fire, as will Apollo and Hestia to maximize your fire gifts from Hephaestus so you have the best chance of surviving. Nico has also offered to let me take his minor ability to sense the location of gems while Thalia offered you the ability to control winds as well as great flying abilities.".

"Please Percy," Hestia pleaded "I don't want to see you die.".

Sighing he nodded, not wanting the peaceful goddess hurt any more than she already was before he asked "I know why most of them voted for my death…but why did Hermes and Artemis vote for it?".

"Hermes' mind is clouded by grief and anger at the death of Luke," Apollo spoke up sadly before said sadness turned into a scowl "and my sister believes that any male with too much power should be put down.".

"Now hold still," Hephaestus told him, the giant metal worker placed a hand on his head "this is going to be jarring.". The moment the smith finished talking he felt as if his veins were on fire as he opened his mouth to scream in pain only for no sound to come out. When it finally ended he collapsed to the floor, panting as he felt his entire body had changed, and he could feel his powers being vastly different. "Your boy was used to elemental gifts so you now have complete control over fire," Hephaestus explained "you have the ability to figure out technology just by touching it and have an instinctual knowledge on how to work machines or build your own.".

"My blessing will heighten your gift of fire and also rectify your unfortunate…aiming situation." Apollo explained before he felt a new power enter him, thankfully not painful like his 'adoption' had been.

"My blessing will heighten again your gift of fire and allow you to heal others." Hestia said as she added her blessing, leaving Hades to walk up.

"My blessing will once more heighten your gift of fire and you can blend into the shadows." The lord of the Dead explained as the now familiar surge of power entered him.

"And here are the gifts from Thalia and Nico." Demeter added as a slightly painful sensation entered his body, feeling like a weaker version of the adoption he had gone through.

"Good luck Percy…and may you find happiness and love in your new life." Aphrodite said as she kissed his forehead in a maternal fashion before the group of gods began chanting, his consciousness slipping in and out until he blacked out.

A steady beeping greeted him as he woke up, the feel of soft sheets on his skin as he looked around to find himself in a futuristic looking medical room, a pretty girl in a chair next to his bed as he lay back down…wondering what his new future would bring.