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The Force of Fire

Chapter 6


Standing beside Marris and Padme, Percy watched as Qui-Gon spoke to captain Panaka along with the gangly Gungan named Jar Jar back by the ship. Overhearing Qui-Gon ordering the captain to keep an eye on the apprentice named Obi-Wan to ensure the man didn't send any messages to the Jedi council, the Nabooian captain was just getting the Jedi Master to take the Gungan with them so he wouldn't break anything on the ship. Having already had to fix three things broken by said Gungan, Percy didn't blame Panaka at all.

"Let's move." Qui-Gon nodded to the trio as Panaka walked back inside, the Jedi Master having approved them coming with him to search for parts due to Percy actually having money that would work on the outer rim as well as keeping Percy and his family away from the eyes of the man's uppity apprentice. A little demigod magic making the trip much easier as Percy kept the desert heat from the group, something Qui-Gon and Jar Jar both thought was simply a technique of the force.

"Now Marris, be sure to stay close to me." Percy instructed as they entered town, the locals all eyeing them up, likely wondering if they were worth mugging.

"Okay Daddy." Marris smiled happily as she held hands with Percy and Padme, thrilled at the outing with them and the now dubbed 'Uncle Qui-Gon'.

"Anything I should be aware of?" Qui-Gon asked as they walked, looking for ship or part merchants as they went.

"Republic credits are worthless out here," Percy informed the man instantly "and these people love to gamble. If you don't have the funds to get what you need then finding a bet, you can win is your best options."

"Or a mind trick if necessary." Qui-Gon admitted softly.

"A what?" Percy frowned confused, still not fully aware of what the force could do.

"The Force has the ability to influence the weak minded." Qui-Gon explained, "I only use it in direst situations though, preferring to avoid affecting the minds of others if it can be at all avoided."

"Then let's split up." Percy nodded, understanding Qui-Gon's hesitance but agreeing that it might be necessary "I'll go with Padme and Maris, you go with Jar Jar." Qui-Gon's annoyed expression was rather entertaining as Percy smiled and took his family one way while Jar Jar waved happily, oblivious to Qui-Gon's annoyance.


Forcing his breaths to be slow and steady, Obi-Wan meditated in his cabin aboard the Nubian cruiser. He'd been rather displeased to learn that his Master had gone ahead to the Tatooine settlement without him, and had taken the dark force using family with him. Ever since, he'd known Panaka was keeping an eye on him, watching him.

His master was wise but too trusting, his gentle soul letting him be deceived by this 'Percy' person who was apparently held in high esteem by the Naboo government. The Force was dangerous and only the Jedi used it without abusing their power. That this person was forming attachments, letting rage guide him, and amassing personal political power, were all signs to prove Obi-Wan right. He might not be able to contact the council now but the second he got back he would inform them of the danger pressed. The law was on their side so they could have the child taken away thankfully, even if this 'Percy' was beyond hope his daughter might yet be able to be taught the proper way.

As he considered the matter, Obi-Wan decided the most logical members of the council to bring this to first would be masters Windu, Kolar, Gallia, and Ki-Adi-Mundi. They were the most likely to see reason when it came to this issue, to not be swayed or fooled by this dark force user, and strong enough to stop him should he fight back. Wanting to be ready himself, Obi-Wan got up, looking for a spacious area he could train in his forms or hone his connection to the force.


Grinning, Percy continued on his path to where he sensed Qui-Gon, the man's force signature easy to find now that he'd shown Percy how to do so. On a hover trolley being drug along was an excellent find he'd found in a junk shop, the owner not even realizing what he had. "Is that the place daddy?" Marris asked as she pointed to a large shop where he sensed Qui-Gon waiting.

"Yes, it is Princess. Do you sense Uncle Qui-Gon in there?" he asked with a small smile at the bouncing exuberance of his little girl. Stepping inside they saw Jar Jar standing in the corner for what looked like 'time out', the Gungan pouting pitifully.

"Excuse me." he looked to the small boy, around his daughter's age, that was sitting on the counter "Did another man come here earlier? Long brown hair, robes, a beard?"

"He's in the back with Watto right now." The kid nodded, studying them curiously.

"Thanks." Percy nodded and, seeing the kid looking at his daughter curiously, smiled "Would you we willing to show Marris here around the shop?" he asked, his daughter looking excited at learning stuff and getting to make a new friend at the same time.

"Sure!" the kid beamed at them as he jumped down from the counter "I'm Anakin." He told Marris before the two small children ran off through the shop, the now named Anakin telling Marris about the various ship and droid parts there and showing a terrifyingly impressive knowledge of said technology for his age.

Eventually, Qui-Gon returned from the back, looking decidedly irritated as a Trydarian flapped behind him, "Let's go." Qui-Gon scowled, gesturing for Jar Jar to come as the kids hurried back over.

"By Ani!" Marris waved to her new friend as she grabbed Percy's hand again, the group following the displeased Jedi Master away to find out what happened.

"I assume things didn't go well?" Percy asked once they were out of earshot of the Trydarian he assumed had irritated his new companion.

"Turns out that Trydarians are immune to the Jedi mind trick." Qui-Gon pinched the bridge of his nose "And he also doesn't accept republic credits. I…what is that?" he blinked in confusion at the device on the trolley Percy was pulling around.

"A kiln to make artificial Kyber crystals, I found it in a shop and the owner didn't even realize what it was." Percy grinned proudly at his find, "I'm going to use it to make Marris her own sabers to train with."

"You are aware that all artificial Kyber crystals form red blades yes?" Qui-Gon raised a questioning eyebrow.

Percy wasn't sure why that mattered but Marris did gasp excitedly, "That sounds so pretty!" his little girl squealed happily, which was enough reason for Percy to know he'd made the right choice in getting the Kiln.

"Regardless," Qui-Gon gave a small indulgent sigh as he got back on track, "we still need those parts. And Watto claimed to be the only person around who would have them, the force confirming he wasn't lying."

"So, we need to gamble." Percy nodded before getting an idea, "Or sell the ship we came here in to get a new functioning one. The Trade Federation would be looking for that model of ship anyway."

"Possibly even tracking it if they thought to do so while they controlled the Hangar." Padme frowned, the idea having not occurred to them in their frantic rush to escape.

"I'll contact the Captain to have him start searching the ship." Qui-Gon nodded seriously, "And to discuss the thought of selling the cruiser for a new ship."

"That Watto is a greedy fellow yes?" Percy steepled his fingers as he contemplated the issue "I'm sure he has working ships or knows of several merchants. If he already has the parts to fix a high-end Nubian cruiser, we could deal with him again. Either sell him the ship itself, use him as a middleman to purchase a ship from someone else with the Cruiser as his payment, or have him provide the parts and we split the proceeds from selling it."

"It would also allow us to acquire a ship with actual armaments." Qui-Gon nodded, seemingly pleased by this plan.

"Hey Ani!" hearing Maris happily call out, Percy saw her waving to her friend from Watto's shop, the small boy happily hurrying over, the two chatting away. Feeling a twinge, Percy looked up and around, a sense of danger tingling at his gut, both the Force and instincts honed by years of Demigod life screaming that there was danger coming.

"Is something wrong?" Padme asked, easily noticing his change in posture.

"There's something wrong, something dangerous coming." Percy told her, Qui-Gon turning to him seriously.

"So, you already know about the sandstorm?" Anakin looked up at them, "I was hoping to find you to make sure you had a place to stay. Sandstorms around here are really dangerous."

"We have a ship on the outskirts we can go back to." Qui-Gon promised the earnest boy only for the child to shake his head vehemently.

"You'll never make it in time! Come on, you can stay at my place!" Anakin smiled as he took Marris' hand and started pulling her along, the rest of them following easily enough, sensing no malice or lie from the child.

"Be ready Qui-Gon." Percy whispered as they walked, ignoring the various assessing stares or judgmental glares from other locals "I know what I sensed wasn't a sandstorm."