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Summary: What if your soul lived in another and theirs lived in you? How would it affect your life until you meet? How would it change your life once you meet; "You are my soul without you I don't exist".

Carlisle Cullen 38

Abilities: Control, Compassion, Leadership and Perception: He is cleverer than others and able to put things together in his mind that no one else can.

Esmé Cullen 35

Abilities: Nurturer: Extra strong in Maternal and Family Instincts; by knowing what another needs emotionally, physically (Love, forgiveness, understanding, etc…) in that given moment

Edward Anthony Masen Cullen 24

Abilities: Mind Reader, Speed, Higher IQ than any other Vampire. Later read Bella's mind at will and read not only what you are thinking at the moment but read all your past memories (like Aro but without touch)

Isabella (Bella) Marie Swan Cullen 23

Abilities: Shield: Physical and Mental. Later she will be able to read Edward's minds at will and others if she is touching Edward

Emmett James Cullen 20

Abilities: Extra Strength and Heightened Common Sense: He can assess people, easily develops relationships, and can sense when to diffuse difficult situations by using his charm and wit (He is Esmé's son)

Rosalie Ann Swan Cullen 19

Abilities: Beauty and Invisibility: She can block the minds of others from seeing her or anyone else she chooses; (she is Bella's sister so they would have some mind abilities that link)

Jasper Lee Whitlock Cullen 19

Abilities: High Empathy: He can control emotions in a single person or large groups.

Alice Lillian McCarthy Cullen 18

Abilities: Sees the Future: She can foresee the future and guide a person's actions to ensure the outcome.



Carlisle has known Esmé since she was 26 years old and she was married, so he kept his distance. He also knew she was unhappy in her marriage and didn't truly love her husband, Edison. Edison was mean and hateful to Esmé, but in front of others he would show only his loving side.

Esmé was pregnant and knew she was due anytime, but her husband assured her going for a walk would help with the uncomfortable feelings she was having. If she hadn't listened and went walking, they would have made it in time to the hospital, before she gave birth. The baby would be alive and after leaving the hospital, she wouldn't have agreed with her husband's suggestion to stop at the cliffs for her to find closure. No matter where she was, at home or here at the cliffs, he would have been angry with her, but she felt it was safer here. She just didn't realize his anger was to the point he wanted her dead, otherwise he wouldn't have pushed her over the edge as she was saying good bye to her son.

Esmé knew she did not jump off the cliff, but now she's back at the hospital and this time she knows she's dying. She overhears the Nurses and Doctors talking about her, saying; "poor thing was so lost after her baby died that she jumped". She knows the truth, but will never be able to wake to tell them.

Carlisle also knew she didn't jump. Yes, it's her nature to feel unnecessarily guilty, but she would never harm herself or others. He knows Edison pushed her, but he cannot prove it, without explaining what he saw and how he got her to the hospital so fast.

Seeing her broken on the rocks tore at him; he let out a cry of pain from within himself. He swore, if she lives through this, he would take her away. She will never go back to Edison again, whether she accepts him for what he is and wants to change or just stay with him as she is. It's her choice and always will be her choice.

Realizing she will never awaken to give her a choice, he tells the other Doctors she has died. He takes her to the morgue and switches her body for a Jane Doe. He then takes her home, where he and Edward can take care of her.

Esmé hears Carlisle's voice. She met him once when she was 26, but for the last 4 years she has been aware of a presence watching her. Whenever she felt safe she knew her protector was around. Like now, she could even hear him whisper in her ear that she would be okay and he was sorry for not giving her a choice and the pain that was to come. He told her how much he loved her and would never fail her again and that she would always be his and he would always be hers; even if she chooses not to be with him.

She doesn't know why, but she agrees with what he's saying, and there's a pull she feels whenever he's near. It makes her feel safe and loved; those feelings are how she knew when her protector was close and now she knows it was him.

She all of sudden felt a wave of warmth flow over her, then fire combined with pain, beyond anything she could have ever imaged. While all of this was happening, she could hear Carlisle explaining what was occurring to her and how sorry he was, but he couldn't let her die, he loved her too much.

He knew she was his soulmate. He knew he would die inside when she was gone, but he had to stay strong for Edward his son; who has been with him for 17 years; ten as a Vampire. He could not let Edward lose another parent.

Carlisle reflecting back to Edward and his parents; they were dying of the Spanish Influenza in 1918. Both parents had died, but not before his mother had begged him to save her son like only he could. He knew, at that moment, she knew what he was.

This was confirmed even more when he learned of Edward's ability to read minds. His mother's mind must have been as in-tuned as Edward's human mind was at the time; which always made him wonder what her ability would have been, as a Vampire.

Carlisle now reflecting back to what happened to Esmé before the cliffs: He has known and watched over her for the last four years. He's watched her grow with child and wished it was his. He loves her so much that it hurts to breathe when he is not near her to protect her.

When she left the house that afternoon with her husband, he thought they were going out for a walk she was due anytime, so he left to go to work instead of following them. Thinking he would see her later at the hospital. He would but not how he had hoped.

When Edison brought in his unconscious wife, Esmé, and holding a dead baby in his arms, Carlisle almost lost it then.

She was at the hospital for three days, when they decided to send her home. Carlisle could see how depressed she was and it worried him. Before he knew what was happening, Edison came in and took her, saying it was time to go home. Little did Carlisle know that she would be back that night and that she would be his for all eternity.

{Flash back on how Edison did it} Edison had convinced her that the baby died on the way to the hospital during birth and they told him not to let her see their dead son; that it would be bad for her. Of course, this went perfect with his plans.

He had somehow got a hold of a dead baby, so when they were out on their walk, he could switch them, if everything went as planned.

He would then take the live baby home, before taking her to the hospital. With this delay he had hoped she would not make it to the hospital because of the blood loss or if she did, she would not be leaving it alive; he had no plans on Esmé ever coming home. He needed that baby to pay his debt. {Flash back end}

She wasn't supposed to survive; he had to fix it permanently this time. When they released her, he took her to the cliffs, telling her to take time to find closure; so while she was in deep thought, he came up behind her and pushed.

It was an hour later after Esmé had been checked out and Carlisle was on his way home that he heard the scream and he knew whose scream it was. Quickly rushing, he began praying he would get to her in time and then get her to the hospital.

A day later Edward goes to the funeral for Carlisle, to do for him as Carlisle had done for him. To show Carlisle his love for him and to take care of him, as he did for Edward; knowing his ability to read minds he could give Carlisle something to pass onto Esmé, when she wakes from her change.

Even though Carlisle tried blocking Edward, he still knew of Carlisle's torment and depression, for leaving her the first time she went into labor and the second time for not following them home from the hospital; the day she was pushed off the cliffs. Two days that could have been avoided if he had just been there. Edward feared losing him to these "what ifs". Until Esmé woke to tell him herself, he will just think Edward was telling him to ease his pain. Edward also wanted it to be them telling each other how they feel, about each other.

Reading Esmé's thoughts lifted a great burden off of Edward. She truly loves Carlisle and is his soulmate and has a pure mind filled with nothing but love. He will be so happy to learn how she has felt about him the last four years.

Now while Edward was attending the funeral, he couldn't believe what he was hearing, from Edison's thoughts. It shocked and enraged Edward to the core. It's not that Edward didn't believe Carlisle or what he saw in his mind but the visual of Edison pushing herand then to see that the baby was alive and that he was planning on selling his own blood for a debt he made! All this because Edison is in heavy debt and owes a lot of money to the wrong kind of people

When Edward hears this, he forms a plan and prays it all works out. He loves Carlisle as a father and knows what he has sacrificed for him; he has to do this for him. Now he can assure Carlisle that Edison would have destroyed Esmé, one way or another. She's destined to be with Carlisle, he can now let go of the "what ifs" and give himself peace of mind that he made the right choice in changing her.

Edward had the opportunity to make a choice and to bring happiness into both their lives, with the chance to raise a son together. He knows Carlisle and to him, that is his son now. That's how he sees Edward and it comforts Edward to know that even in death, his parents found a new father for him, in his time of need so he would never feel unloved or be without a home.

Now as Edward reflect back and remember how he had made his choice; Carlisle was able to save Edward, who was only 17 at the time, from the Spanish Influenza. He nursed him and never left his side, till he was ready to go home.

Having no other relatives Edward had no idea where home would be. Carlisle sensing this immediately calmed him and asked him to come home with him.

Once home, Carlisle told Edward all about himself and what his mother begged Carlisle to do, because she knew what he was. He talked about how he has been lonely for a while and the talks he had with both of my parents, before they could no longer form words. Seeing their love for Edward and how they raised him, made him long for a son too, one just like Edward. Then, seeing how Edward respected and returned their love. It was easy to make and keep that promise to his parents.

How keeping the secret was a matter of life and death, for both of them. Carlisle had said he would only turn Edward, if he chooses that path, even if he was dying; it had to be his choice. He told Edward to think about this and that there was no rush.

Three days later Edward was well enough to go out; they found themselves at Edward's old home. They went thru his belongs, documents for the future, and how to keep the house as an investment.

While there, Edward had come to the conclusion that he wanted to be a Doctor like Carlisle and then be changed. He would then be at an age that he could be whatever he wanted to be and no one would question his actions.

He could pass as Carlisle's younger brother, from another marriage and other times as a son from a teenage pregnancy, where the mother didn't survive. However, unknown to them at the time, they would find Esmé, 17 years later, who would lovingly accept and fit the mother role.

Edwards thoughts are now back to the task at hand. Since the baby is listed as dead, Edward steals the baby and anything belonging to the baby. He then searches for anything of value, emotionally or monetary that belongs to Esmé. Edward was able to pick out those things because Esmé thought about them and what they meant to her. Edward was able to get it all and out before the baby woke or being heard.

Edward had gone back the next morning to hear what would happen to Edison. When next morning came so did the men; they came for either their money or the baby as their payment for Edison's debt, only to find there is no money or baby.

Edison was pleading for his life, claiming the baby was stolen from his crib. They do not believe him and three days later, there is a third grave in the cemetery for this family, but only one is truly dead.