Edward's POV

Collin and Brady joined Seth and Leah. They enjoyed being shapeshifters and they wanted to be around Vampires so they could continue phasing. Between Garrett and Felix, they had them beefed up and trained for combat. They were a force to be reckoned with, and of course, Aro loved it.

Paul and Sam knew of two other tribes that had shapeshifters as well. One was Bear and the other Eagle. They also had some who never wanted to give it up and came to live with us.

Emmett's favorite food became his in-law. Evelyn found her Soul Guardian in a Bear. Ethan found his Soul Guardian in a Eagle. Oh, did I have my turn laughing at Emmett when he gained his Bear-in-law. Hey, fair is fair.

They broke the myth that one had to be of the Vampire and Human world to bare children. The supernatural world has some form of Soul Guardian in every race, and they can mix. Each Spirit has someone to complete them, no matter in what form they come.

In point of fact, Leah found that she and Felix were able to have children. Their first was a boy, followed by a girl. During birth something went wrong, and they couldn't have any more children. They were happy just to have their son and daughter, which were a very interesting breed; but they had no gifts. Their daughter imprinted on Alec and bore him two sons before she also had something go wrong and could have no more, either.

The Volturi were in heaven having children running around the Castle. Seth and Jane found a woman who was willing to bare three pregnancies in exchange for immortality. The Leaders agreed and Seth and Jane had two sons and one daughter. Yes, they had a gift which later Anthony would acquire.

It turned out as Annamarie grew older so did her bond with Cody. It turned out to be the Soul Guardian connection. They just grew into it rather than being thrust into it, with an overwhelming need like us. We believed it was because they were never separated from each other since before birth. The need to complete didn't hit with full power until she turn 20.

Anthony and Aiden meet their Soul Guardians in the form of two humans. They were twins and two of the gentlest souls you could ask for. Our family was full of unique gifts, but that's another story!

Eleazar and Carmen decided to live with us, and built or bought a home wherever we moved, as did Tanya and Charlie. We even had a few homes built around their home in Alaska. Carlisle, Jasper, Eleazar, and Charlie became the leaders much like Aro and his Brothers.

Carlisle's compassion.

Jasper's empathy and strategic battle skills.

Eleazar's ability to see gifts.

Charlie's ability to detect lies and render a fair judgment.

As for Emmett, Alice, Bella, and I, we worked in the background. The less of our abilities others knew, the safer we were. We also wanted to give our children the best childhood we could for the short time they will have.

Cody grew in strength and his ability to fight, thanks to Jasper and the others. He stayed in the background and encouraged Anna to enjoy these moments in life. He stayed true to his word and never interfered with our rules or her up bring. Not that she didn't try to use him to get out of trouble. One try and she learned fast that it wasn't going to work, ever.

Carlisle learned there was a time to be compassionate, and a time to be unsympathetic. Too many times we had to stop someone from building an army of Vampires. They couldn't live. They would never stop trying, and having to worry about our family as well as the human race, he learned we had to kill them.

After we left Volterra, we let Annamarie explain the whole story to Carlisle in her special way, and tell him everything about the gifts. He was amazed, and agreed to never write it down or tell anyone. That is when he learned that compassion is not always forgiving, and hoping someone will change. Sometimes compassion is making the harder choice. Everyone has to learn to pay the consequences for the choices they make. Without them we can't learn what is right and what is wrong. The sooner the supernatural world learned the consequences of their actions to the human world, the safer our world would become. That maybe, just maybe, God used what had already been created - us, Vampires - to protect His human world from dangers that they could never stand a chance against. Who can fight us better than us, for surely evil had created evil. God gave us all free will. To choose right over wrong. He never gives us more than we can bare. He provides us with help. We just need to turn to him.

Life goes on whether we are in it or not, so there never is THE END.

Thanks to the help of the Editor and Collaborator - AHealingRenaissance. You will find reading easier and more enjoyable. Due to a request, there is a Charlie and Volturi Outtake that we are working on. Will post as soon as they are done.

Just a brief reminder of abilities:

Carlisle Cullen 38

Abilities: Control, Compassion, Leadership/ Perception: he is cleverer than others and is able to put things together in his mind that no one else could

Esmé Cullen 35

Abilities: Nurturer: Extra strong in Mother and Family Instincts; by knowing what another needs emotionally, physically (Love, forgiveness, understanding, etc…) in that given moment

Edward Anthony Masen Cullen 24

Abilities: Mind Reader, Speed, Higher IQ than any other Vampire. Later can read Bella's mind at will and read not only what you are thinking at the moment but read all your past memories (like Aro but without touch)

Isabella (Bella) Marie Swan Cullen 23

Abilities: Shield: Physical and Mental. Later she will be able to read Edward's minds at will and others if she is touching Edward

Emmett James Cullen 20

Abilities: Extra Strength and Extra Common Sense: assess people, ease with developing relationships, and can sense when to diffuse a difficult situations by using his charm and wit (He is Esmé's son)

Rosalie Ann Swan Cullen 19

Abilities: Beauty and Visibility of herself or others by blocking herself or others out in their minds (she is Bella's sister so they would have some mind abilities that link)

Jasper Lee Whitlock Cullen 19

Abilities: Sense Emotions and Controls them in another or in large groups

Alice Lillian McCarthy Cullen 18

Abilities: See the Future

Emmett's and Rose's Children

Evelyn Lee May Cullen:

Beauty and draws those with a good/kind hearts to her and can show anyone the beauty within them, but those who do not have good intentions are repelled

Ethan Jasper Logan Cullen: (EJ)

Extra strength physically and mentally; with little effort, using his mind, he can squeeze someone's mind and body to dust.

Edward and Bella's Children

Annamarie Carmé (Car – May: as in Carlisle and Esmé) Cullen:

Relay her thoughts anywhere within 400 feet and can broadcast a person's thoughts to relay to others w/vocal & visual images without touching, can only shield her mind and can break through any other kind of shield

Anthony Masen Cullen:

Can absorb another's' ability permanently and, at will, neutralize another's ability temporarily or permanently without touching, can only shield his mind and can break through any other kind of shield

Aiden Edward Cullen:

Removing memories and revealing past memories of anyone without touching including some human memories that Vampires sometimes lose in the transformation, can only shield his mind and can break through any other kind of shield

Le Petités = Little ones

Ma Petité = My little one

Notre Petité = Our little one

Ma Petité Chérie = My little Sweetheart

1. Bambini Babies

2. Tesoro! (teh-SOH-roh)

Call those you really cherish, tesoro; you'll be referring to them as "treasure."

3. Cuore Mio! (COOWOH-reh MEE-oh)

"My heart!" is an emphatic way to address loved ones that have stolen yours.

4. Tesoro Mio (teh-SOH-roh MEE-oh)

"My treasure"