For Blades - See I told you I would write more.

Cathy was excited. Today was a very important day. Today, at 11:37 PM, she was going to execute the final stage of the Plan.

The final stage was very important to her. In fact, she felt as if it were going to be the most important thing she had ever done. She felt as if her entire life had been spent preparing for it. She felt as if it were the entire reason for her existence. And the reason she felt these things is because they were entirely true.

She stood in a tiny hotel bathroom, brushing her hair. She didn't want to look disheveled for the most important event of her life. Not that she ever wanted to look disheveled, but today she was especially careful about her appearance. It didn't really matter, of course; the aim was to have nobody notice her. Still, she wanted to look good for her memories, and for the stories she would tell later to her friends. Assuming she would ever have friends.

In truth, Cathy was very lonely. She had no friends, no family. There was a small group of people she liked, people who had assisted her with the early stages, but even they were more of acquaintances. Friendship had never really been important to her before, what with the Plan taking up all of her time. It was only now that she realized that she would need to have something in her life after it was all over.

Oh well. She'd cross the "having-a-social-life" bridge later. For now, her life was all about the Plan.

She looked up at herself in the mirror with a sudden determination. Tonight, she was going to sneak into that attic and set right the wrongs of over a decade ago. She was going to remove the thing that should never have been in the first place. She was going to do her part to improve the world.

She was not Cathy Dollanganger.

She was Cathy Doppelganger.