Cathy lay in her uncomfortable hotel bed and thought about her victim. On the outside, they were entirely identical. They had the same eyes, hair, and everything else. They could have been twins. And yet, they were complete opposites.

At least, that was what Cathy liked to believe. In reality, they had more similarities than she was comfortable with. Both of them had a strange fixation on shoulders. Both of them had spent some nights staring at their ceilings, wondering how Abraham Lincoln kept his hat from blowing off his head when he gave speeches in windy areas. Most curious of all, both despised the word "celery."

But those were all meaningless similarities. There were nothing substantial in common between them. There couldn't have been. Besides, they had plenty of differences as well. Although both hated the word "celery," they were in stark opposition about the quality of the vegetable itself. Cathy Dollanganger thought it was merely "alright," whereas Cathy Doppelganger thought it was firmly in "okay" territory. Differences such as these were just a fraction of the reason it was plain that the other Cathy was an abomination. Just the thought of her made our Cathy shudder. It was quite good that she wouldn't be alive much longer.

Cathy looked at the time. 6:30 AM. She had a lot of time to kill. The Plan was essentially completed; all she needed was to find the attic by 11:37 PM and set right the world. She lay down on her bed and closed her eyes. For the first time in her life, she had nothing to do.

It was an odd feeling. She almost wished she had something to occupy her time. Maybe this was boredom. Or maybe she was just unaccustomed to having no task to fulfill. She was still a bit tired, so it wouldn't have been impossible for her to fall back asleep. But what would be the point? Usually, as Cathy slept, the next phase would be revealed to her. But now that the Plan was almost complete, how would she dream? Would she dream like a normal person? Would she dream at all?

Eventually, Cathy decided not to sleep. She would just have to wait until it was time to pay Other Cathy a visit. Until then, she would just have to be bored.