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If Lelouch had to describe the feeling: it would be addicting.

Reality seemed just beyond his finger tips. It was as if he was a spectator. Only allowed to watch from afar. At the same time, it felt as if he held all the universe in the palm of his hands. Rather than being a spectator, he was inside the cage - facing the battle head on.


"Lulu? Lelouch?"

Lelouch snapped his head around to see Shirley standing there, her hand now an inch away from his face.

"Oh," he replied sheepishly. "Yes?"

Shirley frowned. "You weren't listening, were you?" Shirley didn't wait for a response as she walked away. She was immediately back in front of him, holding a sheet of paper out as well as a pen.

"The school needs President and Vice President need to sign this form. Milly has already signed it," Shirley told him.

Lelouch cautiously took it, eying her wearily. He began to look over it and quickly realized what it was.

He picked up the pen and began to sign it. "Why do they need twenty-five pounds of fireworks?" He asked. He handed the paper and pen back to her.

Shirley sighed. "There's a festival coming up," she explained.

Lelouch laughed. "How long away is this festival?"

The student council room's doors flew open. "Two weeks!" Milky announced as she pranced in.


In Lelouch's life, two weeks was a long ways away.

He had important stuff to do but he could forget about all of it to spend time at the festival. Lelouch however wasn't going to enjoy this festival. With the world the way it was he could expect not only fireworks in the sky but buildings crumbling to the ground.


"Two weeks?" Lelouch asked. "And I'm only hearing about it now?"

Milly and Shirley sighed in unison.

"Actually, Lelouch," Milly began. "We've been planning this for two months now."

Lelouch sat up straight. "What?!" He looked over to Shirley to see her nodding her head. "When?!"

Milly tapped her chin. "You've just been too busy doing gambling and sleeping! Seriously Lelouch, you need to get batter schedule."

Terrorism had started to become more heated. Entire buildings would be destroyed, hundreds losing their lives.

Lelouch smiled sheepishly. "I can't help it, I guess."


In this world, as more people grew happy and successful; another group had to grow despair and poverty.


"You're not going gambling today, are you?" Shirley inquired.

Lelouch looked sideways, "No.."

Shirley folded her arms and sighed. "Lulu..."


The gambling squares and buildings had started to become more successful in the recent years. People had nothing more to lose as much has people had nothing much more to gain.


"You're going to get hurt one day," Milly added. Shirley nodded her head in agreement.


The emperor only cared about himself. He took what he wanted and left behind no scraps.


What the hell was wrong with the world today?

Lelouch knelt down by the girl's side, this strange girl who'd climbed out of the pod on the truck he'd just happened to fall into. Suzaku had died protecting her, and now, she'd died protecting him. Not that her protection had bought him more than a few seconds, as the soldiers in front of him stood there, that gloating grin on their faces, that superior attitude of the nobility and military, so much better than everyone else. Lelouch gritted his teeth, his arm close to where the girl lay, as he knelt by her side.

Suddenly she moved. Despite being shot in the head, despite the damage that had been done to her brain, she moved. Her arm leapt forward, and grabbed his wrist. Then the swirl of the day's events slowed down, and he heard in his ears a ticking sound, like some great celestial clock. The touch of her skin on his seemed to send lightning through his body, and slowly that ticking sound slowed, becoming thunderous as it tried to eek out just one more revolution, until everything seemed stopped, and he was adrift in some limbo state.

"Does your story end here? Is that the question you're thinking in the back of your mind?" came a voice in his head, the voice of the girl, and Lelouch stared at the infinite nothingness before him.

"What of your reason for living?" she asked, and Lelouch's mind went back to a single image, an image of his blind sister sitting in her chair.

"What would you do for the power to change this end? For the power to make the world you desire a reality?" she asked again, and Lelouch listened closely.

"I propose a deal. In exchange for the power I offer, you must agree to a contract, the only terms of which are that you use your power to fulfill my wish with the same determination you use to fulfill your own," suddenly the infinite voice seemed filled with people, people that looked like the girl, but then they vanished.

"Know that the power I offer, the Power of the King, is not to be taken lightly. It will change you, in ways that even I can only guess at. Fate will revolve around it, and your destiny will change. You will not be one of those who call themselves human, anymore, however. You will be alone. Such is the price of power," her voice echoed throughout the limbo, and Lelouch looked outward into it, and the infinity that stretched before him.

"What is your decision?" she asked, and Lelouch looked at her sternly as she came forward towards him out of that eternity.

"I accept the terms of your contract, and take the power into myself," he told her, and suddenly she passed into him, and he was back in the warehouse when he started, his hand hovering just beside the dead body of the girl, and in front of him, half a dozen soldiers, all holding guns at him. Giving her one glance, feeling the power buzzing inside him, Lelouch rose to his feet, facing the soldiers.

"The Power of the King," he said in a breathless tone, staring at them.

"Heh, so, you've said your goodbyes to the girl in this world, are you prepared to meet her again in the next now?" asked the leader of the soldiers, and Lelouch grinned at them, the look on his face causing them to pause for a moment, as he stood straight and tall, his full height bringing him almost to eye level with them.

"Tell me, you are so prepared to kill, but is it within you to die as easily?" he asked them, and the soldier gripped his gun harder, aiming it at Lelouch.

"What? Are you saying you think you can take my and I?" asked the soldier, and Lelouch let out a laugh.

"Take you? I, Lelouch Vi Britannia am every bit the equal to what you represent. Even should you fire, you will find me quite beyond you," he told them, and took a step forward. The soldier pulled his trigger, and a bullet flew through the air, straight and true, burying itself in Lelouch's chest, right into his heart, and his body telling him it was dead. However, before the soldier could gloat, before he could do anything, Lelouch rewound the clock, the seconds ticking forward reversed, and now he stood there before him, just as he pulled the trigger.

To this soldier, he seemed to dodge the first shot, easily stepping aside, and then another, and another, every step and motion bringing him closer, even as his body twisted in ways that truly seemed impossible. Finally, the soldier's clip ran dry, and only the hollow clicking of his gun echoed through the warehouse, as the kid walked right up to him, smirking. When the soldier reached behind him to pull out his rifle, the kid somehow caught him, using the motion to put the gun in his own hands, and then fire a single shot.

The other soldiers stood there, too stunned to move, as their leader looked down at his own chest, and the wound that was growing into a red puddle on his uniform. Before they could recover, Lelouch shot them as well, plugging each quickly, all with shots that seemed to find them no matter how they tried to dodge, so that, in the span of a single heartbeat, all six of the soldiers who had challenged a high school student, were dead at his feet, their blood leaking out onto the dirty floor, along with the bodies of a score of their previous victims.

Standing there, looking down at his handiwork, Lelouch moved his hand over his body, feeling only solid flesh, and untorn clothing where he'd been riddled with hundreds of bullets in the last few seconds. Every mistake though, every wasted motion, was rewound, and he was given a second chance. Looking down at the corpses, he realized what he was now. He was the Master of the Clock, able to do over things he had gotten wrong the first time. He felt at his power within himself, and knew he had limits, limits that were growing, but still, they would hamper him for some time to come.