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So many secrets were to be kept this day. No one spoke of Lucy's hysterical breakdown. No one spoke of Acnologia's recklessness. Grandeeney never spoke of Lucy's unnatural healing power. After those events, they stayed one more night. This was a bad idea- if you put all the dragons in a room together you know fights would happen. Many appreciated each other, many hated each other, and many loved each other. All the dragons could agree on one thing, though- they all hated Acnologia. Rash, impulsive, and with all the power in his hand, he was a little brat. The only one that might have been able to win in a fight against him was Igneel, though, so they said and did nothing.

Lucy, exhausted, heaved herself upwards, off of the grass. Powerful was how she felt. She never stood up to anyone like that before. She always took orders like a good little soldier, doubting nothing. She remembered nothing after getting hit by her 'dad' the second time- but she knew she was alive. She felt aching in her body, but no scratches or bruises adorned her body. Wonder filled her mind.

Lucy walked over to where all the others were conversing. They turned their heads, smiles or smirks on their faces.

Sting screamed," Lucy!" He ran up to her and gave her a hug. A shocked look crossed her face.

"How'd you stand up to Acnologia like that?!" Natsu inquired. The proud look was coming back, but she tried to mask it with a humble expression.

"And that was so cool, how you were all up in the ai-," Gajeel elbowed Sting so he couldn't finish his sentence.

"I'm sorry- but I don't really remember what happened after Daddy hit me the second time..."

Shock crossed Natsu and Sting's faces as Rogue and Gajeel stared at them with intensity. Wendy hung on Rogue's leg.

"Oh...W-Well Acnologia snapped out of it and Grandeeney healed you," Gajeel covered up.

Lucy got a strange feeling from that sentence- it didn't feel real, but there was no reason not to believe it.

Sonixphy landed next to Lucy. The ground shook so much that Natsu fell onto the ground.

"Hello, Lucy. I would like to talk to you if you don't mind- privately."

"Why? Did I do something wrong?"

Sonixphy laughed," No, child. Actually, you seem to be the star tonight." A joyous look crossed Lucy's face.

Lucy climbed on Sonixphy's back. "Wait!" Gajeel exclaimed. Lucy tilted her head.

"Are we Dragon apprentices, or whatever you call us, ever going to meet again?"

"I'm sure Fate will allow it." With that cryptic response, Sonixphy soared through the air into the forest nearby.

After a minute, Sonixphy landed accompanied by Lucy.

"Lucy," Sonixphy smiled warmly," I have an awful task I must ask you."

Lucy was sure she could handle anything! Lucy urged her to continue.

"I need you to...I need you to leave Acnologia."

Lucy's smile fell from her face. How could she ask this of her? She didn't even know her that well! She just knew her name from the boys!

"I know it is an awful thing to ask, but it's better for you. I even asked the other dragons and they said they could come with you."

"B-But," Lucy broke into tears,"H-He's the only one I have..." Miserable whimpers came from Lucy- because this fact was true.

Sonixphy nuzzled her, scared of hurting the poor child," Lucy...He hit you. A lot. He's unstable."

Lucy shook her head back and forth," No...N-no."

"Lucy...Lucy. We need you to go to Magnolia. Acnologia will never find you there."

"E-Exactly! He won't find me!"

"Lucy. Do you really want him to hurt you?"

"N-No...But he'll change! I know he will!"

"No, Lucy..." Sonixphy whispered," He won't. He's been like this for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Tears flew down Lucy's pale face. Her eyes were wide and shook.

"No...NO!" Lucy stumbled away from Sonixphy. She knew everything that Sonizphy was saying was true- and that's why it hurt.

Sonixphy gently gripped Lucy with her claws. Lucy threw a tantrum in her claws.

"Let me go! Let me go! Let me! Let..." Her words gently faded into sobs.

"It's ok, it's ok."

Lucy fell asleep. It was now dusk. Sonixphy flew back to the boys and explained the situation.

"All your dragons believe it's time to venture into the real world- except Wendy. She will leave when she is your age. We will split you into groups tomorrow when we head out."

Shocked gasps and eyes fell upon Sonixphy. It seemed like Lucy had been crying- and why was she asleep?

Questions upon questions were bombarded against Sonixphy. Tears were shed and anger released itself inside themselves. But it was decided at the end of the day...They were to venture together tomorrow. They couldn't fight their dragons.

Sapphire eyes glowed in the dark at the situation. He would always find her- no matter where she ran to. Even if she was in a different dimension, he would find her.