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The plane ride from Hub City had been blissfully short. Felicity had left Oliver to his musings hoping the words she'd said to him after his disastrous lesson with Constantine's contact had helped. When they'd landed she'd offered him a ride back to the lair and he'd accepted with almost no protest.

She hadn't intended on staying. With Thea gone for the weekend and Digg most likely enjoying time with his family it should have been quiet.

"What's that?" Oliver asked only two steps out of the elevator, the tension in his voice ratcheting up.

"What's wh-" she began before catching the red flashing alarms that seemed to be coming from every one of her screens.

Felicity rushed up the steps with Oliver on her heels, fingers already moving over the keyboard as she frantically scanned what was in front of her.

"It's John. H.I.V.E is attacking A.R.G.U.S. I've got a location off his phone but I can't find Lyla or the mobile safe house."

A bolt of dread shot through her making her cold. Baby Sara had been with Lyla.

Oliver's face mirrored her own worry and for a second she forgot everything that had happened, stepping towards him to seek comfort or give it, or both, she wasn't sure.

Another alarm sounded making her jump and as she whirled to check she saw Oliver already moving towards his suit.

"Darhk's men have the A.R.G.U.S headquarters locked down. Oliver...Lyla doesn't have any backup...the baby."

He was already tugging his shirt over his head, bow and quiver at the ready next to him. "Nothing is going to happen to them, Felicity."

A dozen dark thoughts raced through her head as she made her way to his side. "But, Andy and Darhk...Oliver…"

She didn't want to say it, but she'd just witnessed him fail in his attempt to counter Darhk's magic. The idea of Oliver having to go up against him so soon was cruel in its timing.

His jaw tightened the way it did when he was fighting for control and it took everything within her not to go to him.

"We don't know if Darhk is there. But I'm not going to let John do this alone."

His determination settled her some. With a stiff nod she watched as he zipped the jacket and strapped on his quiver. "Okay. But I'm going with you."

Oliver to his credit only hesitated slightly as he turned towards the garage, not saying a word as she grabbed the keys to the van. "Besides, what are going to do when you get there, bring baby Sara back on your motorcycle? Lyla would skin you alive."

The tension rolled off of him as he straddled the bike, finally bringing his masked eyes up to meet hers. "Be careful." was all he said.

"You too." she replied, the pull to be close to him almost overwhelming her.

As if he knew exactly what she was struggling with he nodded towards the van and revved the Ducati before hitting the switch that would remotely open the garage door.

Never would she have imagined that ten minutes later she'd be tracking Digg's location as he raced through the streets of Star City on a motorcycle with his daughter strapped to his back.

Plowing the van into two of Darhk's ghosts had been instinctual, and immensely satisfying. But her heart was in her throat when she saw the small bundle staring wide eyed at everything around her as Digg unhooked the straps and slid the baby into her arms.

Felicity rushed Sara to the van, securing her as best she could before turning on Oliver's comms. The wait to hear him say Lyla was safe felt like forever.

"Let's go get your mommy." she said to the drowsy baby, who seemed no worse for wear despite everything she'd been through.

Oliver's bike had been left in an alleyway and it didn't take long for her to find what remained of the supposedly impenetrable mobile safe house the Diggle's had been using.

With a now sleeping Sara cradled to her chest Felicity carefully picked her way over the wet asphalt to peer in the back of the open truck.

"Oliver?" she called out, one hand gently patting the baby's back in hopes of keeping her asleep.

He appeared out of the shadows, reaching down to grasp her by the elbows and with little effort lifted both her and Sara up and into the truck.

Felicity barely had time to understand what was happening, only able to tighten her hold as he moved them quickly behind him, leaning out to survey the area before ducking back inside.

"Where's Digg? Is Sara okay?"

"She's fine. Sleeping like a...well yeah, that saying makes a lot of sense when you think about it. And I was apparently really wrong about the whole motorcycle thing." she said quickly, the dissipating adrenaline making her feel shaky.

Oliver just tilted his head, and even though she couldn't actually see because of his mask she knew he was doing that thing where his brows drew together in confusion.

"Digg?" he prompted.

"I think he went after Andy. I'm not sure how many more Ghosts are out there."

Sara made a noise, lifting her head and blinking as she took in her surroundings. When her eyes landed on Oliver a grin appeared and chubby little hands reached for the small, shiny explosives attached to the straps of his quiver.

Felicity had to shift her hold as Oliver reached out to grab the baby's hand, keeping her from touching anything she shouldn't.

"She is her parent's daughter, that's for sure." Felicity observed, then looked quickly to her right, "Is Lyla okay?"

Sara seemed content to feel the leather of Oliver's glove, repeatedly smacking his palm to hear the different sounds it made.

"She's knocked out, but I think she'll be fine."

There was something else, something he wasn't saying she could tell. But before she could ask her phone alerted causing her to tip baby Sara forward into Oliver's arms without thought.

"I tapped into Lyla's systems, Digg's found Andy." she said hurriedly.

Sara was now entertaining herself by patting the scruff on Oliver's face and the sight of the Green Arrow, of Oliver, holding a baby was enough to make her stomach flip.

With a hard swallow she forced herself to focus on what was important. "Get Lyla into the van. I'll take Sara to my mother, she'll be thrilled, and then I'll take Lyla back to the lair. You go find John. If Andy had anything to do with the attack here…"

They both knew how the guilt over Andy's role in Laurel's death was still eating Digg alive. Adding an attack on his family was something else entirely.

Oliver nodded and moved further into the work and living area of the safe house. Lyla was passed out on the floor causing Felicity to gasp and rush to her side. But other than a cut on the inside of her arm and some bruising she looked mostly okay.

"Darhk knocked her out." Oliver supplied, her head whipping up in shock and surprise.

"Darhk was here?"

"He's gone now."

"Oliver...is...are you…"

It was an unnecessary question since Oliver was right in front of her and appeared to be fine, but she knew what Darhk was capable of.

"Later." Oliver said in a clipped tone she couldn't decipher just then and she just sat back and watched as he moved around the space with Sara held easily in one arm.

He was packing her diaper bag she realized. When he reached down into the small playpen to grab the child's ever present stuffed yellow duckie her heart seized in her chest and she had to look away.

The pull to be with him, to be what they were was almost unbearable. She knew why they couldn't be. Not then. Not yet. Then she froze because usually her internal dialogue followed that up with 'Maybe not ever', but it didn't come.

"Ready?" Oliver asked, jerking her from her thoughts and she scrambled to her feet.

He handed her the diaper bag first, then Sara.

"Come on little one, Uncle Oliver is going to help your mommy and then he's going to go find your daddy." she said as Oliver lifted Lyla and headed for the exit.

"Dada?" Sara babbled.

"You'll see Daddy soon. But first you're going to go spend the night with Grammie Donna who will no doubt paint your little nails and get me in trouble again with your mommy."

Oliver turned at that, "Sara's not even two."

Felicity gave him an exasperated look, "It's my mother."

He shook his head and waited as she carefully lowered herself out the back of the truck, but she knew he was hyperaware of everything that could be hiding in the dark.

By the time Lyla and Sara were both secured in the van the adrenaline was once again flowing through her.

Oliver looked at her through the lowered window of the driver's side. He didn't have to say anything. They both knew the risks. It was just the two of them then, no backup and no room for failure.

"We'll be fine." she assured him.

He held her gaze for what felt like forever, "Be careful."

"You too," she whispered, the lump in her throat making it difficult to speak.

Without another word she raised the window and pulled away. But her eyes were locked on Oliver in the side mirror until the darkness took him from view.

A shaky exhale left her lips. She hoped that wasn't some sort of portent.

Oliver would find a way to defeat Darhk. He had to. There was no other choice.