a/n-this is for darkangelsnapelover's 'School Days' collab series. for more info, see her profile. for more entries, see the community 'arthur collab projects'. this piece is rated t for adult content/situations. character death warning. rape warning (no details, just mentioned a lot). oc-usage (and I made up alex's last name because he doesn't have one). all 4 chapters will be posted at once because I'm shit at posting and this is short anyway:/


Principal Marcus looked up with concern. He'd just gotten a report. It was from Lakewood High's counsellors. All five had pregnant females. They were facing an epidemic of sorts, an epidemic of babies. The administrators had to decide what to do about it. They met up. So far they hadn't said anything. They were too shocked. How could this happen at Lakewood High? How could this happen in Elwood City? They were stunned. But they had to take care of business.

"What are the circumstances for each pregnancy? Are they all from consensual sex with those their age?" Principal Marcus asked. One of the counsellors, Mrs. Montana shook her head, "All are from strange encounters, and all were a shock. Look at the names there. Sue Ellen Armstrong was about to head to China as a member of our foreign exchange student program. Now she's stuck here because she's pregnant. She'd be a disgrace if we sent her out. Jenna Morgan, leading student athlete-same thing."

Another counsellor, Mr. Thompson, nodded, "I have another student, Prunella Deegan, who has suffered a nervous breakdown. Her friend, Marina, told me her story in an attempt to get help. Her mother doesn't seem to believe this could happen to her daughter, but Marina says that Prunella was drugged and raped at a party she didn't even attend. She was kidnapped off the street and taken to the party."

The principal shook his head. How could this happen? Who would kidnap a teen to rape her? Who would intentionally get her pregnant? He tossed down the file, "We have to put a stop to this immediately. There is nothing we can do in this stupid room sitting on our asses twiddling our thumbs! Come on, give me some leads!"

"I've spoken with a detective," Mrs. Montana said. "He says he can't help unless we let the police in here, but we fear that could make things worse. That's why we're together, to vote on what we should do. I say we should handle this privately without the police here, but it's up to you all."

They voted. A majority voted with Mrs. Montana. The police wouldn't be allowed on school grounds, at least not yet.

Molly looked up from Binky's locker. She was trying to talk to him. She was acting paranoid. Binky eyed her. He noticed her clutching her stomach. He wondered if she'd gained weight. He kept the thought to himself. He closed his locker. He grabbed Molly's arm. She protested until she saw the empty classroom. Then she sighed with relief. They walked inside. Binky sat on the front desk. Molly remained standing.

"I've needed to talk to you for so long," Molly cried, "but I had no idea how to say what I needed to say. You and I have been dating for years, and I…I didn't want to disappoint you, but I swear to you with all my heart that I never meant for this to happen. I…I was raped," she whimpered.

Binky was stunned. When was she raped? How could this have happened? He wanted to hear her story. She was sobbing. Binky went to her. He comforted her. He noticed that yes, she had gained weight. It was only in one place, her stomach. Binky went pale. He figured it out: she was pregnant. They hadn't done anything yet. The baby had to belong to her rapist.

"Have you told anyone who can help with this like a police officer?" Binky asked. Molly shook her head frantically, "No, no, I can't tell anyone what happened. Binky, it was…it was terrible. I was walking home, and some guys came up and grabbed me. They took me to some house, but they kept my head covered. It sounded like…it sounded like they were playing a game with us. They wanted to see how many baby mamas they could get. They already have so many!" she sobbed. "I'm not the only one, but I can't tell anyone, Binky. I just can't."

Binky disagreed, "You have to tell someone. You have to stand strong, and I'll be right here with you. And maybe if we come forward, the others will come forward. Someone had to have seen them. Come on, Molly, we have to act!" he pleaded.

Molly shrank away. She fled the classroom. Binky held back tears. He loved his girlfriend. He wanted to be with her forever no matter what. He hated to see her suffer like this. But he knew there was nothing he could do.

Muffy's parents knew. She tried to hide it with baggy sweatshirts. They knew. Ed wasn't stupid. Millicent wasn't either. Both knew she was acting weird, gaining weight. They wouldn't know about the appointment, the diagnosis. Only Muffy knew and she hated it.

She heard about a guy. He just wanted money. Then he'd take care of it, whatever that meant. Muffy drove to the place. It was sketch. Needles littered the yard. Blood-stained gauze filled the outside trash. Muffy wanted to leave. She tried to get back into her car. She was spotted. A tattoo-covered guy heckled her. He wanted her in there. He said he could fix everything.

She knew not to believe him. She sped away.