The boys swore it wasn't them. They pleaded with the administrators of Lakewood High. They got lawyers. They found the charges Elwood City's police took them in for. It was a huge event. The boys were blamed for sabotaging the dance. They were off the team, they weren't going to walk at graduation, and the younger ones were expelled. It was huge news.

Maria was nervous. Would they catch her? Would they catch Molly and her friends? Molly had a plan for that. Maria came to school wearing all black. She dyed her hair red the night before. She added black streaks that morning. Her makeup was dark, her accessories metallic and spiked. She looked as if the event had gotten to her. It was what Molly wanted, and it worked. No one suspected her. They pitied her. Her shining moment was ruined by pranksters. Instead of pointing fingers, they kept their distance. Maria was free to get back to her old ways.

Everyone talked about the event. Many thought the boys weren't at fault. Many others thought they were. The school was in an uproar. Those who blamed the football team blamed all of the popular kids. They ruined the dance because they didn't get their way. It pissed people off. The popular group was seen as bad. If anything went wrong, everyone said it was them. It had to be them. They were privileged. They knew they could get away with it. Why wouldn't they vandalize the school?

This went on for the rest of the year. Molly and Maria hung out all summer. They wondered if this could continue. They hoped the summer months wouldn't erase progress. The popular kids had to learn not everything was perfect. Too good of a summer could ruin that.

Luckily the kids kept that in mind. They learned their lesson. They wouldn't act so uppity. They understood now that popularity wasn't everything. They even seemed to treat Molly and her group better. Maria quickly noticed. She stopped being punk/Goth because of mistreatment. She didn't care anymore. She wanted to dress the way Molly did, to act like they did. Being treated semi-nice by others was just a perk.

The other perk? No football games. The program was suspended. Too many of their players had too many problems. The coach was fired. He knew about the prank and never told anyone. The school system hated that. They decided to scrap the whole program until things got better. They warned other groups to learn from their mistake too. The cheerleaders acted better. No more fashion club either. Lakewood High became a judgement-free zone. Life got better. It came at a price, but that video was viral. The paint, heavy music, and raining blood got the world talking. And the best part? The ones who did it never got caught.