I just wanted to say thanks for all the support the community has been giving me on Fanfiction. This is my take on a HTTYD Star Wars crossover as you are probably aware, this is just an intro and there will be updates, I hope you enjoy…

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"Apparently, the Separatists have hired numerous bounty hunters to capture a curtain Hiccup Horrendous Haddock," said Anakin Sky Walker as he looked through the records.

"Why would they hire so many bounty hunters to capture him?" Asoka asked.

"I don't know, but the Jedi counsel also wants to see him for reasons they have yet to tell me." Anakin said, "But if the Separatists want him so badly then the Republic also could use him."

"Let's hope you are right, I would hate for this to be a wild goose chase." Captain Rex said.


"Hey, Toothless, hand me the spare hydro spanner will you," I said. Toothless let out a few energetic beeps and whistles before handing me the hydro spanner. I have been on the run from bounty hunters ever since I turned sixteen. Besides my ship and my astromech, Toothless, I don't have much in the way money or supplies. "Thanks Toothless, run a diagnostic on the ship. She took quite a beating."

I started to load our supplies on board the ship. Food, fuel anything I can afford. I can't take any chances. I don't know when they will come… I only know they will.

I boot up the ships fusion reactor and close the ramp.

It's time to leave…

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