Chapter 2 The Change

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Feng Lan/ Prince point of view

I´m so warm.. Why..? What is this.. S-she said that.. ugh.. I mumbled to myself trying not to collapse. I could barley think. It can´t be that bad can it? It felt as if I was almost on fire. No time to think about that though. As I could hear Lolidragon open the door with her father behind her.

"Y-you alright there Prince?.." She said with a nervous and kind of shocked voice. I could understand that though, as I probably looked pretty sick at the moment. I turned my head sideways to look at her, but my sight was too blurry to see clearly. I could only see her standing there confused, as I passed out on the floor.

Third point of view

"What just happened?.. Is Prince alright?" Lolidragon looked at her dad with a worried look. She didn't know if Prince would be okay. She did care about him after all. Prince was important to everyone. Losing him would be a lost for everybody.

"By the looks of it.. No. We should put her on the bed" Lolidragons father said worried as well.

Lolidragon nodded in agreement. At this point she didn't care, even if it was her bed after all.

Lolidragons and her father had been waiting for about 2 hours when Lolidragons father decided to leave to go and do some work. Lolidragon went out of the room as well to leave Prince to some privatise. Prince had seemed to get better now after all she/he didn't sweat as much as she/he had before.

Feng Lan/ Prince point of view

I woke up in sweat, but feeling a lot better, but it was still something weird about it. When I reached my hands up in the air I saw something strange.. My arms seemed stronger than normal. They didn't exactly look like they usually do. I decided to get up, as I wasn't sick anymore, at least I didn't feel sick at the moment. I was still a bit shaken, but ok all in all. I found myself in Lolidragons room. I guess I passed out, I thought as I shrugged. Something was still a bit odd though. I hope I hadn't turned into Prince in real life now. I seemed to be a lot taller as well. I was basically begging not to be him in real life now. I just don´t want this to be true.. Still in doubt I checked the mirror. Of course.. There I was, but as Prince. No doubt anymore, every movement I did, he did. Not wanting to panic too much I kept calm and walked out of the room.

I found Lolidragon standing in the corridor looking at me worried but glad to see me up again.

"Prince! You alright?"

"Yeah.. I feel a lot better now. But when will this glitch me fixed? As you can probably see.. It happened to me too.. All of me." I said looking worried as I scratched my head thinking. I was hoping this was all a dream. I mean, she or her father must know what to do. Right? If not, please tell me this isn't true.

"We´ll try to fix it as soon as possible. I talked to my father while you were passed out. We were really worried about you, you know! At least you´re up walking again and not passed out on a bed. We are trying to figure out the problem at this moment as we are talking. Just go home, explain the situation to you brother and parents." She said while seeming to think of what to say.

I suppose she was right though. At least I was standing and I seemed to be okay. Still.. Why me? I´m so different in real life and Second Life… Is it any motive behind this or? My questions seemed to just be pilling up about this.

Then I heard Lolidragon say something.

"Hello? Prince? Are you there? Knock knock, someone home?"

"Oh yeah, I suppose you are right. I was just lost in my thoughts for a second there."

"Yes I could see that."

"Yeah… I´ll see you later though, you´re right Lolidragon. I should just go home for now."

"Okay, see you later Prince! I´ll tell you in game if we got any new information about the situation."

I left in annoyance. Not too sure if its lucky for me that my parents are not on their honeymoon at the moment. They are actually home for once. Not for too long though I am guessing.

Lolidragon point of view

As I said we were going to fix it soon to prince, I could just feel guilt coming in. I mean I usually don´t feel guilty for anything, I´ve stolen so much before. But Prince, he is my friend. It´s just so hard to lie about something like that to him. The truth is after all, that we´ve no idea about what to do.. I hope we will figure it out.. Meanwhile I suppose I´ll just come up with excuses, even though I feel really bad about it. I guess I will just see what happens from now on..

Feng Lan/ Prince point of view

When I finally went off the bus and on my way to the apartment I could feel a bad feeling just running through my whole body. Did I really have to enter like this? I don´t know if I dare to..

I then finally, after standing there for about 3-4 minutes in the cold weather I decided to open it. Slowly but surely unlocking the door. Please be in bed, I begged mumbling for myself.

I sneaked myself inside the hallway. No one in sight! This is my chance, I thought happily. I was still on my way to sneak into my room, after taking my shoes off. Which by the way had gotten too small. Curse this! I said a little loud.

My brother then came in, with a look that could be resembled with a question mark. He just stood there for a few seconds before opening his mouth. He is by the way not the smartest guy when it comes to recognize people.

"Hello, and what´re you doing here? Who are you? Unlocking a stranger's door? Especially this late at night." He said pissed off at me looking tired.

"Don´t you remember me? Take a closer look." I took my hood off, sending him a pissed off don´t you remember me stare.

"You´re that Prince guy, right?! What are you doing in my house? Don´t you get that I don´t like you?! You killed me, and my parents in that fighting arena in Second Life! And now you even dare to show up at my house? You bastard!" He said angrily not seeming so tired anymore, but looking rather insulted.

"Look.. I´m sorry but.. Ah whatever, what is the point of even telling you? You won´t even get it, stupid brother." I mumble to him.

"Brother? What are you on about?" Suddenly Yang Min´s insulted and angry look turned into a confused one.

"Can´t you see it? I´m your sister Feng Lan. I just happened to catch a glitch in the Second Life´s system. And by the way I am sorry about killing you, mum and dad, but it had to be done. It was a competition after all. Sorry that I didn't tell you I am Prince earlier, no one really knows except Ling Bin, Lolidragon and her father." I said hoping not to come off as too careless or cold, which I probably did.

"Woah sis, you really did well in that game, didn't you? I´m still a little angry about what you did, but proud as well." He said while laughing and smiling at me, while taking his hand over my shoulder.

"Heh, thanks" I said awkwardly. I just really wanted to go to bed now, hoping it´d fix itself by tomorrow morning.

After listening to my brother talking about Second Life for a while just blabbering. I heard a noise. It seemed to be two people walking. Oh no, it couldn't be? I thought..

They then came in, my mother and father looking at Yang Min and me tiredly. Not seeming to catch exactly who I am right away, but then they said something.

"Hello? What are you doing here this late? Why are you having guests this late at night, Yang Min?" My mum said.

"He´s not a gu.." He said while being interrupted by my father.

"I know who this is! It´s that IDIOT Prince from Second life! The one that slaughtered us in that area, dear!" My father said passionately.

"Oh you´re right! How dare you step a foot into this house, after all you´ve done to us?!" My mother says staring at me sending me a very threatening look.

"Look I just.." I said carefully.

"No no, let me explain it to them si.." He interrupted himself. As both my dad and mum were staring at him in wonder.

"You see, this is Xiao Lan. She is Prince in Second life, and just happened to catch a glitch in the Second life´s system. So she turned into her Second Life character. I just found out myself." He tried to be serious as he said this, but laughed when he said that he had just figured it out. Him being serious about anything really surprised me to be honest, but I appreciated it.

My mother and father just stood there in shock not too sure about how to react or what to say.

"Okay, well we will talk about this later. Go to bed for now." My mum said tiredly, still a little shocked.

I finally walked into my room. It had been such a long and stressful day after all. So I was happy to go to bed. I took my blue pyjamas as well as my gaming headset on and was ready for bed.

As I logged on Second Life I found myself in our castle. I was sitting by our oak table right next to everyone from Odd Squad. The room was quiet and I was meet by my teammates faces looking straight at me.

"Oh hey everyone!" I said a little surprised, to having logged on with everyone here like this.

"Hello Prince!" Doll said with a cute voice, smiling.

"Hi Prince." Lolidragon said awkwardly while scratching her head.

"Hey Prince, we need to talk together about the Second Life glitch. That has been happening lately. It just happened to Gui at his work today." Wolf-gege said in a serious voice.

"Oh I see, so that´s why everyone is here." I said understandingly.

He nodded.

Everyone else from Odd Squad was just quiet. Which was really unusual for them, especially Gui. The atmosphere was really serious.

"What happened?" I asked, even though I kind of knew what he was going to say.

"Gui turned into his Second Life character in real life. It has been happening to a few people lately. It seems to be more and more as the days go past though. We are trying to figure out why. The owners of Second Life have yet to come with a solution or reason as of to why it has been happening."

"By the way Prince, has anything like this happened to you in real life? Some people only get a few changes done to them in real life." Yulian asked.

"Umm, nope." I said pretending nothing weird had been happening lately. Which was far from the truth.

"You sure? Not even a little change? It can just be a little change you know. A lot of people have noticed that their eyes or hair colour has changed. Then gradually everything." Yulian said looking suspiciously at me.

"No really, I haven´t noticed anything. " I said, looking the other way.

"Okay, well me and wolf are going out to train. We´ll see you all later." She said smiling.

Third person point of view

Prince left the table and went on his way to the kitchen. He got some meatbuns and sat down ready to eat. Gui then walked in, screaming in excitement that he got to talk to his dear Prince.

"Your highness!" He said with his widest smile ready to "attack" hug Prince.

Prince avoided his hug hitting him a little and replied with: "What do you want?"

"Is something wrong your highness? You seem a little down today!" Gui said suddenly seeming a little sad.

"Yeah I´m fine. Are you fine though Gui? As you´ve changed into your Second Life character in real life." Prince said while eating his meatbun. He was wondering about it. After all he hadn't gotten to see what happened after leaving class.

"Yes I am fine. But I was wondering Prince.. Do you want to meet me in real life? I know you have said you don´t want to meet up and for me not to try and guess your identity! But I just really want to see his highness in real life as well!" Gui said in excitement, hoping Prince would finally say yes to meet up with him.

Prince sat quietly for a while. Not even touching his meatbuns, just thinking. Should he really meet up with Gui? It was a really slim chance he´d be back to normal in real life by tomorrow morning anyway. If he meet up with Gui maybe it would be nice? The last time he went out with him as Xiao Lan they did have a great time after all. He didn't see a reason as of to why it wouldn't be okay anymore.

"Alright, I will meet up with you Gui. When would you like to meet?" Prince said.

"Is 1pm okay with his highness? We can meet at the cafe outside XXX University. If you know where that is." Gui asked happily.

"I know where it is, it should be alright." Prince answered thinking it was Saturday tomorrow after all. He didn't really have any plans except explaining the situation to his parents..

"I´ll see you then Prince!" Gui said as he walked out of the kitchen telling everyone in the castle he finally going to meet Prince in reality. Gui just couldn't wait. It was like a dream come true to him.

He was meet with a lot of surprised faces as he told them it. It was known Prince didn't want to meet anyone in reality after all.

Finishing up his meatbuns, Prince decided to logg off Second Life. He hadn't heard anything about the glitch from Lolidragon so he assumed nothing was changed. He still hoped it wouldn't take them too long to figure out what the problem was though. It was 9am already now, and Prince decided it was time to face his parents. Explaining the situation to them, and that didn't seem like an easy task..

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