Chapter 3 The Unexpected meet up

Xiao Lan/Prince point of view

I woke up feeling rested and well, but I had this bad feeling deep down in my gut. What had I really agreed to? To meet Gui in real life as Prince would be so odd. It would of course make him stop bothering me about it, but what if he asks to meet me more and more? He is not interested in me, Feng Lan after all. As I was sitting down I put my hand on my forehead, why did everything always have to screw up? I hadn't even talked to Zhuo-gege about the situation yet, and here I was meeting Gui in real life as Prince. I felt horrible for lying to Gui about the whole situation, but it was too much on my hands.

"This stresses me out! God damn it!" I said a little loud after thinking for a while as I threw my mobile charger on the floor.

My brother then came bursting in.

"What´s up sis?" He stared at me, and looked weirdly at my now destroyed mobile charger.

"Nothing.. " I lied.

"Well anyway, it´s breakfast now. Mum made some toasts for us." He said with an emotionless voice.

Wow, mum really made breakfast? She must really want to talk to me then, as she never makes it. I am usually the one making breakfast, even if they are here or not. I thought wondering.

"You coming, sis..?"

"Yeah yeah, just let me get dressed first."

My brother just stood there in the door, waiting for me. Staring at me as I was about to get ready.

"Can you get out?" I said ready to attack the shit out of him for still being here when I was going to change.

"Why does it matter? You´re not a girl anymore."

"I´M STILL A GIRL ON THE INSIDE, SO GET THE FUCK OUT." I said in anger ready to kick him to death. Too bad this wasn't Second Life. For some odd reason I had gotten more aggressive.

"Whatever sis, it´s not a big deal that I see you change clothes when you look like that." He said like he didn't care about what I had just said.

He then left, not bothering to argue with me.

I went through my closet trying to find some clothes that would fit me and look okay. All I could find was a pair of dark-blue jeans and a grey jumper with a hoodie and a white T-shirt that used to be way to big on me, but now fits luckily. I put them on, and went on my way to the kitchen. I was meet by my parents and brother being very awake, just staring at me in disbelief.

"So I didn't just imagine what I saw last night." My mum said in a calm, but at the same time stunned voice.

"Nope.." I said awkwardly as I sat down.

As I looked at the food I felt disgusted. The bread was burnt and looked like it was ready to give me a food poison. So I didn't touch it, still I was glad my mother at least tried to make some breakfast. As I was sitting there staring at the food, I saw that my mother and father were still looking at me in wonder. My brother Yang Min just didn't seem to care about it anymore or that the food was burnt for that matter. He just ate his toasts carelessly.

"You know I thought it was something similar about Prince and you in game, but I would never have thought it was actually you." My father said, as he ate the burnt toast.

"I thought so too, dear!" My mother spurted out.

"Do you know why you are like Prince in real life now, Xiao Lan?" My father said, as he looked at my now short white hair.

"No I don´t, the owners of Second Life don´t know either, but they´re working on it. It´s an unknown glitch, that has been happening to a few players lately." I said as I stared at the wall on the side behind my father. I just wanted this conversation to be over. It was so awkward talking about this with them, especially like this. They were rarely home anyway. Why did they suddenly "care" about me so much?

It got quiet, and no one said a word for almost a minute.

My dad then said:

"I see, well me and your mother are going on a honeymoon later today. So we will see you two when we get back. I hope it´s fixed by then."

"Me too. But I have to go, I have something to attend to" I said quietly as I left my chair.

"See you sis." My brother said looking at me worryingly, which was odd for him. He is usually not that worried about me.

I arrived at the café Gui and I had planned to meet at an hour early. I wasn´t usually early for things, but today I was. I wanted to avoid staying in that house any longer than necessarily, as it has been pretty awkward considering the situation. It was also a plus showing Gui that I can actually be on time for things for once. I usually get lost in Second Life on my way to anywhere, so I´m almost always late for meetings or other things.

As I sat at the café table I just looked trough the window, looking at the people walking past. They seemed so calm, compared to me at least. It was as if they had no worries in the whole world. I had too much at the moment, I thought. Who knew Second Life would bring with it this many worries and responsibilities.. I then saw Gui, half an hour early, which was so typical of him to be. He looked so happy as he walked along the pavement on his way to see me, Prince. It looked as if his biggest dream was about to come true. I still had this bad feeling though, now that I am meeting him as Prince. Am I not just really lying to him? For not being honest about who I am? Still to tell him the truth is just not an option, at least not at the moment. I´ve no idea how long this will be going on either.

As he walked into the café he spotted me right away. He had the widest smile on his face. I have never seen him this happy about anything before. He got ready to hug me, but I backed off. I didn't hit him though, considering this was real life and not Second Life. I must admit I really wanted to though! He is so annoying at times.

"Prince! You´re really here!" He screamed so the whole café could hear him. So of course now everyone was staring at me in confusion.

"Hey Gui, keep it down please. I don´t want any crazy fan girls in real life as well running after me. It´s nice to meet you in real life though." I said quietly with an annoyed voice. It´s not like I didn't except him going crazy about seeing me, but it was still annoying and it caused unwanted attention. Which was the last thing I wanted at the moment. I already had enough of that in Second Life.

"Okay your highness!" He screamed out again.

I then rolled my eyes. To have an IQ of 200, he really doesn't know how act in a public place.

He then got more serious and quiet, as he saw my reaction.

"Is something wrong your highness? You still seem a little down, just like you did in game. I am just so happy to finally see you in real life, Prince! You look exactly the same!"

"No nothing is wrong, I am fine." I said mumbling.

I then see Zhuo-gege in the corner of my eye, looking like he always does in real life with blond short hair and a light blue long sleeved shirt on. He was on his way into the café.

As he entered the café he spotted me right away just as Gui did, and stared in shock at me. He didn't even try to hide the fact that he was staring at me. Even though I had tried to hide my appearance by looking the other way and taking my jumpers hoodie more up on my face, it was no escaping he just had to spot me. Damn! What would he do now that he saw me here in real life as Prince with Gui? It was known all over the central continent about how much they hated the look of each other. And not to forget about how they fought about me all the time. This was the last thing I needed at the moment. He knows me as Xiao Lan as well. I just didn't know what to do, especially as Gui was here at the moment too.

He continued to stand there staring at Gui and especially me, for almost a minute straight. His facial expression was confused, angry and shocked at the same time. It was hard to tell what he was thinking. But to be honest I just wanted to get out of this situation as fast as possible, but that didn't seem to happen.

"Hey, what are you doing here Ling bin?" Gui said as he sent Zhuo-gege a threatening look.

"Not a lot, I was just thinking I´d sit down and eat lunch. You don´t mind me joining you and Prince do you?" Zhuo-gege said as he sent Gui a fake smile.

"It´s fine Ling Bin, you can join us." I said as I interrupted Gui as he was about to open his mouth and speak. It was obvious he didn't want him to join us, but I thought it might be a little easier on my part. It was awkward enough for me. Plus Gui was really starting to get on my nerves, I don´t know why, but he just was. So I didn't want to end up raging at him either.

Third point of view

"Alright then." Gui said as he mumbled quietly for himself about how Ling Bin was so annoying for ruining it for him. But Ling Bin didn´t hear it.

"Should we order, Xia.. ?" Zhuo-gege said as he interrupted himself and then said: "Should we order Prince? What would you like?"

This got Guis attention. Why did he say Xia, as he interrupted himself? Gui thought confused. Maybe Prince´s name was something with Xia? That was not normal for the start of a guys name though. It was something strange about this whole situation. How come Ling Bin had known Prince for over 8 years, while he had not gotten the chance before now? It couldn't be that Prince had gotten the glitch as well, and that is why he agreed to meet up? This was just all confusing to Gui, even though he was smart. He wasn´t sure as of to why Ling Bin almost misnamed Prince. He had some clues, but was still not completely sure.

"Some noodles with beef and veggies." Prince then answered, as his stomach started to rumble.

"I´ll take the same." Gui said mumbling still a little lost in the whole situation.

"Alright, I´ll go order it." Ling Bin said. He was so happy that he had finally gotten to see Xiao Lan again. He didn't see her at school yesterday, and all he had gotten from her friends Jing and Yun was that she left early. He could see why though, as she had become Prince in real life. Ling Bin couldn't feel anything but sorry for her. Still it kind of annoyed him that she had not told him earlier, and had agreed to meet up with Gui. He decided he´d talk to her about it later on though. Especially with Gui being here and all. He couldn't stand his face, but it was better to sit there with them than let poor Xiao Lan be alone with that perverted homo.

"Did you know Wicked would come, Prince?" Gui said quietly as Ling Bin went to order the food.

"No I didn´t, I had no idea he would even be here." Prince answered honestly.

Gui in his mind was thinking there´d have to be a reason for this, it´s not like Wicked would have just showed up like this, without a reason is there? He decided he´d ask him when he comes back.

It was like Ling Bin being there ruined the whole meet up with Prince for Gui. He just couldn't talk to Prince like he normally would in Second Life because Wicked was so close to them. Why did he have to ruin it for him? All he wanted to do was to have a nice time with Prince alone, Gui thought.

After an awkward silence between the two of them for a few minutes, Ling Bin finally came back. He had brought some water for all 3 of them.

"The food will be ready in 20minutes." Ling Bin said.

"Awesome, I´m really hungry for some noodles!" Prince said happily.

"You´re really handsome when you smile your highness!" Gui said now happy as well.

As Gui said this to Prince Ling Bin sent Gui a death glare.

"You wanna go Gui? Stop acting like that around Prince, its inappropriate. You two just meet in reality 10minutes ago. While I´ve known Prince for 8 years." Ling Bin said as he stood up facing Gui.

"You´re not even suppose to be here Wicked. What are you complaining about? It was only suppose to be Prince and me, and then you come and ruin it all for us! What does you knowing him for 8 years even have to do with it? " Gui said as he stood up face to face with Wicked.

"You don´t even know who Prince really is, so you´re not the one to talk." Ling Bin said threatening.

"What is that suppose to mean? I know who Prince is very well." Gui said angrily.

Prince/Feng Lan point of view

"Stop it guys! Why can´t we just sit down and wait for the food, then enjoy it together? I´d like to enjoy this day, no fights." I said in an angry voice rising up and standing in the middle of them, blocking them from each other.

They had already caused so much disturbing in the café as it is. It was like they had a drama show in the middle of the café. All the eyes were on them, just staring at them waiting for the next move.

Both Gui and Zhuo-gege now sent each other another threatening glare as they both sat down.

I just don´t understand why they have to fight so much. Maybe it is my fault? For not choosing whom of them I want? I just want them to not fight anymore, especially not here. Who knows what kind of trouble they could get in if they do? This is not Second Life after all. This is real..

The few minutes we had to wait for the food seemed like hours in the quiet atmosphere around the table. Gui and Zhuo-gege just couldn't stop sending each other angry glares. Then the food finally arrived, it smelled like heaven. Just as soon as I got it I started shoving it in. But Gui and Zhuo-gege didn't seem to enjoy it what so ever. They had barley touched their food.

"Come on eat, you two!" I said trying to act all happy as I ate, even though really I was annoyed with them. Only positive thing right now was the food.

They continued to stare at each other..

"I´m leaving." I said now fucking pissed not even finishing my food.

"Then I´m leaving too your highness." Gui said.

"No, you´re not going anywhere with Prince, Gui." Zhuo-gege said, as he was about to punch Gui, before I stopped him.

"THAT´S FUCKING ENOUGH. IF YOU TWO WANT TO DISCUSS SOMETHING WITH ME, JUST DO IT. DON'T TAKE IT OUT ON EACH OTHER. I am leaving without any of you, don´t follow me." I said in anger and sadness.

I then left the café, putting some money on the table for my meal.

Third point of view

"YOU FUCKING HOMOSEXUAL MORON. YOU JUST MADE XIAO LAN LEAVE." Ling Bin said in anger without thinking.

"Xiao Lan?" Gui said confused.

"Ah shit…" Ling Bin said realising his mistake.

"What exactly do you mean by "Xiao Lan"?" Gui said suspiciously at him.

"Nothing, I gotta go Gui. Here is some money for the food. Bye." Ling Bin said.

What just happened?.. Gui thought to himself..

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