Hiruzen Sarutobi, the legendary 'God of Shinobi'. The man to survive and win all the 'world' wars that unfortunately plagued their lands. He uses the word "world" as light as he could, due to the fact that he was one of the few people that knew of what lied beyond their, small in comparison, island.

Few people knew of this life changing fact, and he would love for it to stay that way. But he knew that nothing ever went 100 percent according to plan.

Like ever.

The reason he was thinking such thoughts? Well, it might've had something to do with bald, muscular man, with a curly beard that was the same color as a fire jutsu from an Uchiha, it seemed to glow like a live flame as well. The man stood an unusual height of 6"8' and had the most sun kissed skin any woman, and some men, would die to have. His skin almost looked…bronze, and his amber eyes just seemed to roar with a sense of power behind them.

The silence that belonged to the room was broken periodically due to the whirring, clicking, and clanking noises the man's mechanical, prosthetic leg made. The blacksmiths apron the man wore looked to be stained with grease stains and motor oil of so many different shades of black and brown that Sarutobi couldn't exactly make out the design that was underneath it all.


Sarutobi puffed some more of his pipe in an effort to ease his trained mental state. He resisted the urge to rub his temples and come off as more an old man to his visitor. He heard a shifting to the left of him, and spared a glance to the child that lay asleep on his couch. His red hair fell around his face like a bloody curtain and acted as a secondary cushion for his small head. As the child shifted around in his sleep, the white shirt with a red spiral on the chest of it crinkled and rode up, as did the loose navy blue shorts. His feet were currently bare, due to Sarutobi insisting that he keep them off when sleeping.

Hiruzen turned his eyes back toward the man, and spoke around his pipe. A talent he had mastered due to the want of being able to keep smoking and not going through the tedious task of relighting it, or risk the paperwork on his desk catching fire.

…on second thought…

No, Hiruzen shook the thoughts from his head. That wouldn't work anyways. He had tried it before, and the damn papers didn't even come out scorched. After that he gave in and succumbed to the will of the paperwork as his predecessors had before him.

Done with his trip down memory lane, Hiruzen addressed the matter the man in front of him posed," So, you wish to take Naruto away to this…Camp Jupiter and have him help with the prophesy that was dropped into your gods' laps unceremoniously?" He asked with a curious look on his face as puff of smoke came out of his pipe.

The man nodded his bald head, and the welder goggles that he had on the top of them threatened to fall down. He spoke in a deep rough voice that almost sounded as if he smoked too much tobacco through the years, but still had an understandable tone to it," Yes I do Hiruzen. With the prophecy now revealed, it has all of Olympus paranoid. Damn irritating if you ask me," he grumbled," I hardly get time to myself to work on some of my projects," He complained.

Hiruzen raised an eyebrow at this, he didn't seem worried," You don't seem as worried as the other are at this prophecy? Why is that?"

The burly man ended his grumbling and answered the question," Because I have no reason to. If what is to come is to come I know I will be prepared," He answered as he leaned back in the chair that made audible noises at the effort it took to hold up his weight," And I have something the others do not," He added with a smile on his face, as he looked over to the sleeping child.

Hiruzen noticed his look and his brow creased into a scowl," You wish to use Naruto, your son, as a weapon? As a failsafe in case things go bad?" Hiruzen has done some downright despicable things that he was going to take to the grave with him, but using a child for one's own personal gains, just to throw him away afterwards was something he would never condone. At that moment the image of his treacherous student flashed through his mind, but it was immediately dispelled due to years of practice.

The room temperature seemed to increase to Hiruzen in a flash. The heat just seemed to skyrocket, and due to it being a rather cool night, all chills Hiruzen might've had were vaporized on the spot. He looked onwards at the literally steaming man, and felt a chill run down his spine at the look he was being given. Now, if he was any other man he would've immediately crumbled into a sweating mess, but he hadn't gotten to live as long as he was, or get where he was due to being a weak willed worm. No, the only thing the heat did was make Hiruzen sit up a little higher in his chair, and take his hat off of his head and lay it down on his desk.

The Third Hokage looked the man's literally flaming gaze straight on and did not flinch as images of his own death by volcano and lava flashed through his head. He returned the look with a frigid one, as he stood by his accusation. From what he knew, these "gods" were as selfish, or more so, than some of the worst shinobi. He would not let Naruto be carted off into something like that. He would fight to his last breath against this" god" if it meant getting the time for Naruto to escape somewhere safe. He promised on his soul to the dying Kushina Uzumaki that he would take care of her baby boy, and that was what he intended to do.

As the stare down continued, the heat continued with it. In an effort to keep his skin from blistering sue to the heat, Hiruzen let loose some of his own formidable power. His body gained a dark blue hue to it, and the two warring energies clashed in the middle of the room. All while this was going on, the two elder did not notice the child begin to stir due to the high power levels.

The two adults noticed that their little battle was waking the child, and it would not be good for him to wake up right now, so they cut their powers off abruptly. It had an immediate effect, as the child stopped stirring, rolled over once more, and lied still again.

A sigh of relief escaped both of the men's lips, at the now resting fully child. The man, though, was still angry at the accusation against his person.

"How dare you, Hiruzen?" He asked dangerously. He did not get a reaction from his old friend, as he was as stoic as a brick wall at the moment. He continued on undeterred," You have known me for more than 20 years, and if you would assume that I would do something as…deplorable as that then I fear that your old age is getting to you more than I thought," He told him," I am not your old student. I am here for one reason, and one reason only and that is to help my son."

Sarutobi was still emotionless, as he listened to the word that were being spoken to him. He smiled a small smile, and spoke up," I assure you old friend that I am not growing senile any time soon. These old bones can still go a few rounds with the best of them, as you well know. I just wanted to make sure that your intentions were for the benefit of Naruto, and not your own," He said as he leaned back and relaxed," I have read up on what we have on the other "gods", and I assumed that all of you were the same in regards with dealing with humans, and their children. If I have offended you then I am sorry," He apologized sincerely.

The bearded man's eyes dimmed back down to their amber coloring, as he relaxed too," Yes, yes, apology accepted Hiruzen. I could see how you would get that idea, and you are not completely wrong in your assumptions. There are those that would commit such heinous acts, but I assure you that I am not one of them," his hand briefly rubbed his mechanical knee," I have felt what it was like to have your parents absolutely want nothing more than to leave you in a ditch to rot away and die," he spat," How they would only want me around because I am the one that forges THEIR weaponry and armor," He sighed sadly at the trip down memory lane," but I have gotten over it slightly, and don't really care anymore."

Hiruzen nodded his head solemnly. He had read up on the mythology of Hephaestus, and it was one of the saddest one he had ever read. To have your own mother toss you off of the cliff, crippling you and disfiguring you for life was something he couldn't begin to comprehend. This was one of the facts that pushed him to make his next move.

He puffed some more on his lightly scorched pipe," I want you to know that whatever comes your way. Whatever enemies you may face, you can count on me to lend you all of my power," Sarutobi promised and nearly laughed at the shocked look he was given.

Hephaestus laughed off the shock," You do not want to fight some of the enemies me and my kin have to fight Hiruzen. They are on a whole different level, and give us gods a hard time," He informed before laughing lightly," but the sentiment still means a lot."

Hiruzen smiled," Yes well, I'll have you know that we have our fair share of powerful people too. I trust you fully with what Naruto's safety, but I need you to promise me that you will make sure he grows up to be just like his father was, is. And someone his mother would be proud of. I want you to make him a capable young man when he grows up," He requested.

Hephaestus smiled a rare smile," There is only so much I can do if I don't want Zeus to catch me Hiruzen, but I can feel the potential, the drive, the fire in him, and all I have to do is feed it. The rest will be up to him," He told him.

Hiruzen nodded," Then you have my permission," He said.

Hephaestus nodded his thanks and clunked over to his son. His usual stoic gaze turned warm, as he looked down on his own flesh and blood. He knew he was meant for great things. If his mother was any indication, his attitude would surely bring a new flare to things. He also knew his other children would be welcoming to the new addition to the family, but there was still the question of which camp to take him to. Hephaestus cringed, as he got a slight headache at thinking of the other camp. The pain went away quickly, as he repressed the switch from Greek to Roman. He knew his two aspects weren't that different from each other like the others' were, but his Roman personality was stiffer and less creative when creating things. It was so boring and dull, which was the reason he stayed mostly in his Greek persona.

He ran his giant calloused hand through the familiar red hair that he had fell in love with, and the image of one of his beautiful wives flashed through his mind. Out of all of his wives, she was the one who had the most hold in his iron heart. Everything about her was just amazing that he was instantly star struck.

But that was a tale for another time.

He pushed some of his godly power through his hand, and saw the golden light. Without a word he waved a good-bye to his oldest friend and only friend who wasn't a Cyclops, and flashed out of the office.

He reappeared in one of his many estates that he had built throughout the world with Naruto cradled in his giant arms. Another smile graced his face as he felt his son snuggle into his arms. His children always seemed to melt his heart whenever he visited, and Naruto was no different it seemed.

Hephaestus had pre prepared this house for Naruto, and he would see it when he awoke. If Hephaestus's assumption were right then Naruto would be able to get everything started on his own. What some people didn't know was that Hephaestus's logic and knowledge was second only to Athena's, and all of his children were smarter than the average child. One needed it when working with such complicate machines.

Hephaestus staggered into the room he had prepared for Naruto, and lowered him into his bed. He tucked his son in with a warm, kind look in his stone hard eyes. He, unlike some of the others, paid very close attention to the children he did have, and sometime helped them out more than what was "recommended" by Zeus, but he could care less about those rules. If his own family was to neglect him and isolate him from the "family" then why should he abide by their rules?

He felt within himself his fire pit flare up, and he knew he had to go, or less his project be ruined. So, without a word he teleported away with his godly power to his personal forge, where he personal worked alone. As he appeared in the molten chamber, which was on the inside of a volcano mind you, he breathed in a refreshing breath of soot, smoke, oil, and different types of metals.

This was his personal holy grounds. Others had their gardens, or monuments, but he had no such thing. As a result his workplace was his version of one. It was by itself, barely a soul knew of it, and most importantly he was alone. Just like he wanted to be.

Now being there, he saw the pit flash golden and he rushed over to pull the item he had burning out of the flames. He willed his metal working gloves onto his hands, and grasped the tongs to be able to pull the item out of the golden flames.

Many did not know, but his godly powers also had a tiny fire affinity, and it turned out that, when he really focused, he could turn them gold. As a result he created his own personal blacksmithing pit to work on the more important pieces of work. Pieces like Athena's shield, Zeus thunderbolt, Ares's giant ass sword, and other things.

His thoughts shifted over to the unusual weapon that had come onto him when he first laid eyes on his son. The weapon was unusual in the sense that he had never made something like it before. Yes, he knew of the weapon, as what kind of weapon making god would he be if he didn't know of every creatable weapon in existence. It was to be a hard project, but he wouldn't have it any other way. So, with a grunt, the god got to work on his latest project. It wouldn't be good for him to become careless in his creating of weapons.