Chapter 14: And The Day is Saved Thanks To...The Demigods!

When Naruto landed onto the thankfully soft snow, he was greeted with his friends gazing at him with varying expressions of confusion as they. Even the horse was. There was a chariot attached to the supersonic horse, Arion if he remembered right.

He quickly got up and brushed the snow from his face and shirt. He joined Percy and Frank in the chariot with naught a word. There was silence and Naruto felt their stares on him. Again, even the horse.

He coughed slightly and felt his cheeks redden. "Family reunions, am I right?" He joked and laughed awkwardly. Their stares persisted.

He threw his hands up. "Let's just go! I'm sure me being thrown a few hundred miles into the air and landing face first in a pile of snow is not the weirdest thing to happen on this quest!"

With that they were off at supersonic speeds. Damn, he needs to get him a horse that could do that too.

It took a measly four hours to get to the top of the hill above the Caldecott tunnel when the horse shuddered to a stop like a car that had ran out of gas. Arion's chest heaved as it took in deep breathes, and Naruto had to give it to the horse for hauling as much as it just did. That had to be a record of some sort, right?

The three boys hopped off of the chariot onto wobbly legs. Side effect of travelling at supersonic speeds, but Naruto was used to chariot riding. Him and Jason used to ride them together. They even organized a whole event for it. He staggered to the top of the hill and his heart sank at what he saw. "'re gonna want to see this."

The other three climbed to the top as well, and all gasped. The battle has already begun, and it did not look like it was going well for the camp. The Twelfth Legion had arrayed themselves in the Fields of Mars, doing battle with the monstrous hordes and trying to protect the city itself, but were being pushed back slowly but surely. Scorpion placements were firing heavily into the monster, and Naruto saw good ol' Hannibal bulldozing his way through monster after monster, but anyone could tell they were outnumbered.

His eyes caught onto Reyna's airborne form. She was flying atop her Pegasus, Scipio, and they were maneuvering around the the giant, Polybotes. His heart thumped a little harder in his chest, as they just barely dodged an attack in time. The Lares had formed ranks against the ghastly shades in ancient armor, but Naruto knew they were not fit for combat of this level. Veteran demigods that resided within the city were out in full force, kitted out to the teeth, and had a shield wall pushing against the charge of wilde centaurs. He heard a screeching caw and looked up to see giant eagles engaging in aerial combat with two snake haired ladies store uniforms?

It was the legion itself taking the brunt of the attack, but their formation wouldn't hold for much longer. Each cohort seemed to be an island in a sea of enemies and for every monster hacked into dust, two more took its place. Siege towers manned by the Cyclopes' shot glowing green cannonballs into the city itself, pulverizing the forum, demolishing houses, and bringing nothing destruction. Naruto winced as one particularly lucky or accurate one hit the Senate house and the dome partially collapsed.

"We're too late," Hazel whispered as she gazed at the destruction.

Naruto refused to believe that. No, they had not come this far to just give up.

"No," He spoke up suddenly, voicing his thoughts. He turned to the trio, eyes flickering with fire. "They are still fighting. There is still a chance," he said with a sense of finality in his voice that brought the trio up short.

At that moment, the trio looked to him and felt encouraged. He was right. They still had a chance.

Naruto pointed to the gold eagle and the weapons. "We need to get these to them and fast. With the eagle they will rally and with the weapons, these monster will start getting chopped down to size."

"But how are we going to get them to them? Arion is gassed and we can't carry all of this." Hazed said.

He came up short for an answer. He grit his teeth and began to think. It was Percy who was the saving grace.

"Maybe we don't have to," he said. Percy turned to the hilltop and whisted as loud as he could. The shadows of the trees rippled and churned. A massive shadowy shape, the size of at least a SUV appeared and pounced on Percy.

Out of reflex more than anything, the other three back away and drew their weapons at the Hellhound.

On the back of the hound were a cyclops in a flannel and...wait. That was Ella!

The cyclops hopped down and gathered Percy in the tightest hug Naruto had seen. Percy patted the cyclops on his arm, either to tap out or his version of hugging back.


Wait what?

After a sincerely tearful reunion of two brothers, and the reassurance from Percy that the Hellhound, named Mrs. O'Leary(there was story there he just knew there was), words were exchanged, directions were given out, and they were all ready to execute plan 'Save The Day'.

Not the best title, but the plan was awesome. They'd get Mrs. O'Leary to pull the weapons with Percy on riding her into battle, Tyson charging in after them, Hazel on Arion, Frank in his Eagle form, and him...being thrown...yet again.

"Alright Tyson, you see those group of monsters right there? You're aiming right in the middle of all of them" Percy said, pointing a finger to the horde of monsters battling with the Fifth Cohort. Naruto could see them fighting as fierce as could be and his heart ached to join them in battle. He would. He would with a bang. He tightened his grip on the golden eagle.

So, the plan was to get Tyson to throw him as hard as he could into monsters surrounding the Fifth Cohort, where Naruto would land and cause enough of a distraction to let the rest of them charge in with the weapons, and get everyone to rally to the gold eagle.

Simple right?

He tried not to wriggle in the surprisingly soft grip of the Tyson, and focused on the energy within himself.

He felt Tyson cock his arm back, and Naruto readied himself.

"Fire, Tyson!" Percy yelled.

"See you soon, whiskers!"

Wait, whiskeRRRRRrrrrs…

Percy squinted as Naruto flew through the air. He'd be alright. Hopefully.

Hazel squinted as Naruto flailed through the air and sighed. For a child of Vulcan he sure does fly a lot.

Frank was busy fending off an excited Mrs. O'Leary

Naruto's face was being whipped by the air as he flew through it at high speeds. While flying through the air, he flexed his power, letting it rise to the surface. His skin gained a red glow, steam began to rise from his body. He let it grow and grow until he was shining red hot like a cannonball of his own. Heheheh, cannonball.

He began to decelerate and began his descent.

He hoped this worked.

Dakota took a swig of his kool-aid and ducked a swing from a monster. He popped up and spit the kool-aid still in his mouth right in its eyes. It screamed in disgust before turning to dust as he cut its head off. He shook his head a bit.

He hated wasting kool-aid like that. He took a quick swig to make up for it. He heard something screaming through the air. He looked and almost choked on his juice. There was a comet heading right towards them!

The fighting seemed to pause for all of 2 seconds. One to register what was coming straight towards them and another for it to hit the ground.

In a flash of red the world erupted

His power was expelled with the force of an exploding volcano, and any monster within the 100 feet was immediately disintegrated. The ground shook like an earthquake had happened, and everyone on the ground felt it.

The monsters became afraid, thinking it was god that came down to do battle.

Polybotes grew curious. He smelled demigod, but red wasn't the tell tale sign of the son of Neptune.

Reyna let a smile grow across her face. She knew that power. In any other situation she would be there alongside him, but she had a Giant to kill and a camp to protect. She urged Scipio and together they attacked.

During his descent, the others came barreling around, hollering their own war cries. A cyclops decked out with a SPQR bib, Percy riding a Hellhound who was pulling a cart full of weapons, Hazel on her horse, and Frank in his eagle form. So unfair that was.

They hit the monsters flank, and chaos ensued. Percy was the first to hit, Mrs. O'Leary taking a bit out of a cyclops and reducing him to dust. Percy hopped out, slashing wildy, and leaving dead monsters in his wake.

Tyson bulldozed into the Cyclops leader with all the force of a freight train. He hockey bodychecked the Cyclops into the ground and bellowed. "Bad Cyclops lady! General Tyson says go AWAY!"

He whacked her so hard with his club she turned to dust.

As the dynamic brother duo barreled in, Hazel was slicing monsters on the back of Arion faster than they could register they were even dead. Frank sliced at the eyes with his sharp talons, blinding monsters or downright killing them.

Frank landed in front of the stunned Fifth Cohort and transformed back into a human.

He pointed to the cart of imperial gold weapons, his centurion's badge and mural crown gleaming. "Fifth Cohort!" he called. "Come and get your Imperial gold weapons right here!"

Breaking free from their mayhem induced stupor, the campers rushed to grab weapons. They mobbed the chariot and Percy did his best to hand out equipment as fast as he could like an ice cream man dealing out lethal weaponry.

"C'mon you lot! Let's go, let's go!" Dakota beckoned as he took a swig of kool-aid from his flask. He smiled showing his red-stained teeth. "Our comrades need our help, and I'll be damned if we don't give it to em!"

Soon enough they were decked out in a missmatching collection of Imperial gold weapons and shields and the helmets. It looked like they had come from a flea market sale of Imperial gold weapons, but it couldn't be denied that they were armed and ready to do battle.

From the crater rose Naruto Uzumaki like a phoenix. Glowing red, hair a light, and power flaring for all to see and take heed. He, son of Vulcan and Kushina Uzumaki, one half of the praetors of Camp Jupiter, slayer of monsters, one third of the Monstrous Trio, member of the Fifth Cohort, and all around badass. He hefted the golden eagle into the sky and let it shine bright under the light of the sun.

"Friends, Romans, demigods; lend me your ears!" He boldly belted out as he climbed up from the crater.

Hmm, I wonder.

He channeled some of his power into the staff and to his pleasant surprise the eagle lit on fire and showed no signs of melting.


A utterly deafening cheer rose up from the throats of the campers as the gold eagle standard was hailed into the air.

"Follow the eagle!" Frank bellowed. "To battle!"

Naruto along with Percy and Mrs. O'Leary led the Fifth Cohort charge, forty or so mismatched campers all vying for blood and victory. They would defend their camp and leave naught but dust and dead monsters in their wake.

They charged towards the wild centaurs bullying down the Third Cohort like a sledgehammer. They crashed into the flank, and the Third Cohort saw the eagle standard and fount with a renewed vigor. The monsters were utterly decimated in the textbook example of the hammer and anvil. What was left was nothing but dust, hooves, and horns.

Naruto hurriedly rushed to the front of the campers and unsheathed his new katana and the golden eagle standard of the twelfth legion flying into the air.

He stabbed it into the ground, the blazing standard easily punching into the ground.

"Form ranks!" The centurions commanded. Their military training kicked in, overriding their battle high, and the two cohorts linked together. Shields locked, they formed up seamlessly.

Naruto looked for Frank and found him beckoned him forward. It was him and Frank in front of the formation and Percy and Mrs. O'Leary along with Tyson on each flank. He heard a horse nicker, and saw Hazel and Arion trot up next to Frank. They shared a brief look and Naruto hid a small smile at the interaction.

He pointed his katan forward and plucked the golden eagle standard from the ground. "Forward!"

As one, they all began to march forward to do battle with the earthborn.

Naruto nudged Frank a little, and Frank glanced at him. Naruto tilted his head towards the cohorts. "You want to do the honors?" He asked him.

Frank's eyes momentarily lit up before he reeled in his excitement and focused forward.

"Pila!" He shouted. Frank would be lying if a part of him believed that the campers wouldn't listen to one of his commands, but he looked back and saw the campers draw their pila. Their eyes focused on the enemy, but perfectly willing to follow his command.

Frank looked to Naruto and saw the pride clear as day on his face as he glanced at the two cohorts. He nudged him back. "Together?" he asked.

Naruto smiled wide, cheeks turning up. "Let's do it then."

Together they raised their weapons and pointed them forward.


At the unison command, a hundred spears flew through the air like a flock of pointy death that rained down upon the six-armed monsters. The campers drew sword and marched right into the thick of it.

It was at the base of the aqueduct where things were looking tough. The First and Second Cohorts were getting beaten from all sides from the remaining Earthborn, Karpoi grain spirits, and Polybotes himself. As a testament to their skill and strength, the two Cohorts had withstood the assault for as long as they did, but they couldn't hang in there for much longer.

Luckily they didn't have to.

Reyna knew that the two cohorts were getting close to breaking. They would fight to the last, but there was only so much they could take. From her position in the sky she could see that clearly. Her purple cloak flapped in the wind and her golden armor gleamed as a beacon for those on the ground to keep fighting. As long as she drew breath they would not surrender, but outnumbered there was only so much anyone could do.

She came around to jab at the giant once more, but what she saw made her pause in the air. She saw the Fifth and Third Cohorts marching to their aid, and almost breathed a sigh of relief. That's when she saw him.

Him in all his obnoxious fiery glory hoisting the golden eagle standard in the front of the formation. She was so stunned she almost became a victim to one of giant's swipes, but Scipio paid attention where she did not. She locked eyes first with Percy atop of the Hellhound. She gave him a nod in respect and he gave a huge smile as the hound howled loudly. Then she locked eyes with Naruto, and waved her javelin in the air and smiled. He raised the golden eagle into the air…

Was it on fire? Oh, she was going to have word with him after this about that. That was a priceless piece of camp history and greatly respected. If he burned it she'd find a way to burn him.

But back to the more important things.

"Romans," She cried loudly, voice echoing through the area. "Rally to the eagle! For Camp Jupiter!"

As one the First and Second Cohorts turned to look at the golden eagle standard, and an utterly deafening roar exploded from their mouths that it stunned the Polybotes himself. Demigods and monsters alike turned to the fiery figure of Naruto charging in with it raised in the air, Percy on a Hellhound, Hazel on a horse, and Frank...did that he just turn into a bald eagle?

"What is this?" Polybotes demanded to no one in particular. "This is not possible! You were supposed to die! What is this?"

Naruto felt a rush of power course through the staff of the standard, and it shined brightly. He raised the eagle high in the sky for all to see and yelled. "Twelfth Legion Fulminata!"

Thunder shook the valley. The eagle let loose a blinding flash of light and power, and a thousand tendrils of lighting were expelled from it with decimating force. The lightning, thick and winding like the branches of a tree, carved indiscriminate paths through monsters one after the other. With every monster it connected to, the lighting jumped from body to body like a chain, ignoring the campers entirely.

When the lightshow finally stopped, the First and Second Cohorts were stuck gaping at a single utterly gobsmacked Polybotes and several piles of ash.

The enemy's center had been gutted and charred into oblivion.

Naruto wished he had a camera for the look on Octavian's face as he glared at both him and Percy in outrage, but it was from his own troops the chant came. They started low.

"Rome. Rome. Rome."

They got higher.

"Rome! Rome! Rome!"

Octavian had no choice, but to join them.


Polybotes backed up uncertainly at the chanting campers and the eagle standard.

Naruto knew the fight was far from over though. The Fourth Cohort were still locked into combat with Cyclopes. Even the unstoppable juggernaut that was Hannibal the elephant was toting signs of wear and tear as he bashed and stamped to and from. His black kevlar vest was shredded to the point that all that was left of it said ant.

The veterans and lares were being pushed back on the eastern flank towards the city. The siege tower was still hurling cannonballs unimpeded. The giant eagles had lost the aerial battle and the gorgons were rallying the remaining centaurs and Earthborn.

Polybotes bellowed in outrage. This could not be! He would not be defeated on this day by a bunch of disgusting half-blood abominations! Basilisks fell from his hair, turning the grass into a sickly yellow with their poison. He would kill the spawn of Neptune if it was the last thing he did.

"Come forward, demigod! Face your end with dignity and fight me! I cannot die! Come so I may break you and wear your bones as necklace!" He challenged.

Percy hopped off of Mrs. O'Leary and went to face the giant. Naruto knew he would be of no help here. That giant was made for Neptune to fight, and he was a son of Vulcan. Percy had this well and handled.




He hoped.

So he decided to turn his attention to the fighting he could help with. He handed the still shining yet not on fire anymore golden eagle to Dakota who almost dropped his kool-aid flask in shock.

"Go on, Dakota. Take it. You're this cohorts senior Centurion, not me. The honor is yours," he said to him. This time he really did drop his flask in shock as he gripped the staff with both hands.

He looked at Naruto and straightened his spine. "I will do so with honor, fishcake."

Naruto groaned, but smiled along with Dakota. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I heard it once, I heard it a million times."

"Probably two million at this point."

He flipped him off before giving further direction to Frank and Hazel. "Frank, Hazel," he called getting their attention. Frank ahd shifted back into human form and Hazel was patting a jittery Arion on the side of his neck. He pointed to Percy charging the giant(couldn't blame him. It's what he would do honestly.) and then to the still pinned Fourth Cohort. "Percy has it within himself to face Polybotes alone. I know the rest of us can't even touch him, so we're going to hope he knows what he's doing."

"Wait, he needs a god's help to kill him. He can't do it alone!" Hazel argued.

Frank calmed her with a touch. "But we do have a god here, guys," he spoke. He gained confused looks. He groaned and shook his head in exasperation. "Terminus?"

He gota dual "Ooooh," and chuckled.

Naruto nodded his head. "You're right, so Percy has that well in hand then. We, on the other hand, are going get the Fourth Cohort unstuck from those Cyclopes."

It was then a horn was heard across the valley.

Another army appeared on the ridge—hundreds of warriors in black-and-gray camouflage, armed with spears and shields. Interspersed among their ranks were a dozen battle forklifts, their sharpened tines gleaming in the sunset and flaming bolts nocked in their crossbows.

"Amazons," Frank said. "Great."

Polybotes laughed. "You, see? Our reinforcements have arrived! Rome will fall today!"

The Amazons lowered their spears and charged down the hill. Their forklifts barreled into battle. The giant's army cheered, thinking along the same lines as Polybotes, until the Amazons changed course and headed straight for the monsters' intact eastern flank.

"Amazons, forward!" cried a girl atop the biggest forklift Naruto had ever seen really. She looked like an older version of Reyna. She was decked out in black combat armor with a golden belt hanging around her waist.

It was Hylla.

"It's Queen Hylla." Hazel announced happily. "She's alive."

The Amazon queen pointed forward and shouted, "To my sister's aid! Fell every monster in sight!"

A terrifying "Destroy!" came from the forklift driving Amazons as they charged through the valley.

Naruto smiled wide and opened his mouth to give the command, but paused at the flapping of wings.

Reyna landed her Scipio next the trio of Naruto, Frank, and Hazel and locked eyes with Naruto. He was sure he had never seen her eyes gleam like that before in his entire life. Well, except for maybe when she they would spar, but it did not compare to this. Her expression literally screamed: I could hug you right now. It also whispered: You have a lot of explaining to do.

He'd take it.

"Percy going to defeat the giant?" She asked them.

"Yup," Frank replied. "With the help of Terminus."


She nodded her head and turned back to the battle at hand.

"Romans! Advance!" She commanded. Scipio trotted a little and flared his wings in preparation to take off. She looked one last time at Naruto before heading off into the air towards her sister.

"Soooo," Hazel began. "She just take you thunder?"

"She just took my thunder, yes."

"Good, just making sure I had it right for the story I'm going to tell the cohort after all of this is over. Let's go, Arion!"

She galloped away before Naruto could turn on her.

He turned to Frank, who seemed to be thinking heavily about something.

"What're are you thinking about?" Naruto asked.

"What I want to turn into," Frank replied, thinking face still prevalent.

Naruto was about to reply, but a loud trumpeting from Hannibal cut through the air with authority.

Was that an Earthborn in the grip of his trunk? What was he-

They both winced as Hannibal nailed the Earthborn head first into the ground with a loud CRACK. It turned to dust soon after.

They turned to each other, one with a smile and the other with a look of trepidation.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?"

"I-I don't even know if I can turn into a-,"

"A. Freaking. Elephant. It can't be that hard."

"You try changing into a whole different animal then!"

"I can't. I shoot fire from my hands and stuff...Wait, that gives me a better idea."

"Am I going to like it?"

"You're going to love it."

In the next moment saw Naruto, fireballs flying from his hands, riding atop Frank as an elephant into the Cyclopes surrounding the Fourth Cohort. Hazel and Arion were cutting down centaurs and karpoi with each swing, Reyna was atop Scipio alongside her sister, forklift and pegasus driving off the dark shades of fallen warriors, and Dakota was, well…

"I got the power!" He sang as lighting was blasted from the golden eagle at any monster that dared to cross his path. "King Kong ain't got nothing on me! Haha, heard that in a movie once! Lightning blast! I also heard this one. You will not pass!"

Monsters were turned to ash at the hands of an overpowered kool-aid drinking Dakota.

Soon enough the battle began to wind down. Monsters were wiped out or ran off due to the overwhelming might of the union of campers and Amazons. As the last of the monsters were mopped up, Percy's friends moved to surround Polybotes.

"I will take you prisoner," the giant snarled. "I will keep you underwater and torture you everyday. The water will heal you, and every day I will bring you closer to death. I will have my way with you!"

"Great offer," Percy replied. "But I have a counter one. How about I kill you instead."

Polybotes bellowed in rage. He shook his head, and more basilisks flew from his hair.

"Get back!" Frank warned.

Fresh chaos spread through the ranks. Hazel spurred Arion and put herself between the basilisks and the campers. Frank changed form—shrinking into something lean and furry…a weasel? Percy thought Frank had lost his mind, but when Frank charged the basilisks, they absolutely freaked out. They slithered away with Frank chasing after them in hot weasely pursuit.

Polybotes pointed his trident and ran toward Percy. As the giant reached the Pomerian Line, Percy jumped aside like a bullfighter. Polybotes barreled across the city limits.

"THAT'S IT!" Terminus cried. "That's AGAINST THE RULES!"

Polybotes frowned, obviously confused that he was being told off by a statue. "What are you?" he growled. "Shut up!"

He pushed the statue over and turned back to Percy.

"Now I'm MAD!" Terminus shrieked. "I'm strangling you. Feel that? Those are my hands around your neck, you big bully. Get over here! I'm going to head-butt you so hard—"

"Enough!" The giant stepped on the statue and broke Terminus in three pieces—pedestal, body, and head.

"You DIDN'T!" shouted Terminus. "Percy Jackson, you've got yourself a deal! Let's kill this upstart."

The giant laughed so hard that he didn't realize Percy was charging until it was too late. Percy jumped up, vaulting off the giant's knee, and drove Riptide straight through one of the metal mouths on Polybotes's breastplate, sinking the Celestial bronze hilt-deep in his chest. The giant stumbled backward, tripping over Terminus's pedestal and crashing to the ground.

While he was trying to get up, clawing at the sword in his chest, Percy hefted the head of the statue.

"You'll never win!" the giant groaned. "You cannot defeat me alone."

"I'm not alone." Percy raised the stone head above the giant's face. "I'd like you to meet my friend Terminus. He's a god!"

Too late, awareness and fear dawned in the giant's face. Percy smashed the god's head as hard as he could into the Polybotes's nose, and the giant dissolved, crumbling into a steaming heap of seaweed, reptile skin, and poisonous muck.

Percy staggered away, completely exhausted.

"Ha!" said the head of Terminus. "That will teach him to obey the rules of Rome."

For a moment, the battlefield was silent except for a few fires burning, and a few retreating monsters screaming in panic.

A ragged circle of Romans and Amazons stood around Percy. Tyson, Ella, and Mrs. O'Leary were there. Frank and Hazel were grinning at him with pride. Arion was nibbling contentedly on a golden shield. Naruto walked up and clapped him on the back, making Percy stumble.

He started it low, fist pumping in front of him. "Percy. Percy."

Then the campers got into it.

"Percy! Percy!"

Then the Amazons joined as well.


Naruto reached for his hand and raised it into the air like a prize fighter who had just won the boxing match.

Several campers bum rushed him, and began to hoist Percy up into the air onto a shield. Then the mob of cheering Romans carried him around the Pomerian Line, carefully avoiding Terminus's borders, and cheringly escorted him back into Camp Jupiter.

Naruto laughed deeply as the astounded looking Percy was carried all the way back to camp. Honestly, he deserved it. He did just kill a whole giant.

"So, I see you made it back safely," A familiar voice rang out behind him as the mob disappeared into the camp. Probably to begin the feat if anything.

What was better than a meal after fighting for your life?

Naruto's smile didn't leave his face as he turned to the voice of his Praetor-in-arms.

"Yeah, I mean. Pfft, it wasn't anything that I couldn't handle really?" He bragged.

Reyna scoffed at his bravado. "Oh, please. I bet Percy and the rest did all of the work while you were complained about the cold."

"Hah! Jokes on you, I don't get cold," the first half of what she said registered to him. "Hey! I'll have you know they couldn't have completed that quest if it wasn't for me."

She rolled her eyes but a smile grew on her face. "Sure, Naruto. Whatever you say."

He looked behind her for her pegasus and saw none. "Where's Scipio?" he asked.

She shrugged. "I let the satyrs take care of him. They're tending to the wounded as we speak."

For a moment there was no noise, no one around due to everyone else leaving as a group, as they stood face to face with each other. There was something in the air. Something that Naruto couldn't really name, but felt it all the same. He wondered if she felt it too.

Maybe it was due to him still riding his battle high, or maybe it was the fact that all of what he tried to ignore suddenly came rushing back to him as she stood before him, coated in monster dust, hair a windswept mess, armor gleaming gold under the setting sun, and her eyes glittering with something he couldn't really identify.

In that moment he couldn't think of anything other than how beautiful she looked. His heart beat loudly in his ears, as he gulped and decided to take the plunge into uncharted territory.

"Reyna," he began softly. Her eyes focused onto his and his breath hitched a bit. He refocused and pushed forward. "I-I got something I want to tell you."

Reyna didn't say a word. She felt something in the air between the two of them, something she couldn't describe but had felt before. It was familiar but at the same time different in every way. His red hair glowed in the lowering sun like a rich sunset, his blue eyes so much like Jason's but they made her feel all kinds of different things, and the signs of battle left on the remnants of his armor. He cut an intimidating figure to anyone but her. She knew him after all. The way he was looking at her right now had butterflies annoyingly fluttering in her stomach.

In this moment she didn't think anybody could look that good, but…

"I-I have been thinking. Thinking about you and me," he continued. Reyna didn't move a muscle. Was he talking about what she thinks he was talking about?

He reached out and lightly grabbed her hand in his bigger one and held it there as he continued with his confession.

"I-You are amazing. You are nothing short of awesome, hehe. You are the greatest fighter this camp has seen and you bring out the best in everybody. You bring out the best in me," he said heavily. He took a deep breath before continuing. He couldn't think about what he had to say. He had to just say what he felt.

"You make me want to become better than I was the day before. You give me a reason to be strong. You, this camp, and everyone in it I want to protect with all that I have. You are one of my precious people, someone who means the world to me, and I...I…," He choked on the words. Not because he couldn't say them, but because he was afraid. Him? Afraid of confessing his feelings to the girl of his dreams? No way. He couldn't think about this!

He just had to do.

"I like you," He said and everything just began to spill out of his mouth. "I like you and I have liked you for a while, but I just denied it because I knew you were all about Jason. I don't blame you, and this is not me trying to take advantage of the situation with him being gone for however longer it may be. This is me living my truth from this point on. I choose never to back down from anything ever again, be it a monster or my feelings. So, this is all my cards on the table. I know I just got back and I know this is all sudden, but it felt right. In this moment. With you. I feel complete. I feel happier than I ever am, and I want that to be a permanent thing. I know that you may still be stuck on Jason. I know that in you there is a hope that he will come back and you two will pick up right where you left off, and I have no issue with that. I will move on and support the two you as a best friend should," he said. He couldn't discern what she was feeling from looking into her eyes. They were carefully blank, and he didn't know from what.

"All I am trying to make clear is for you to consider your own feelings and to decide. Whatever you may choose, I am not going to try anything until you decide. I do not want half of you, as the other half is still hung up on Jason. I am willing to give 100% of what I am to you on the next level should, but you have to too. I'll understand if you can't. I understand if you need time, and I am willing to wait, but not forever. You can call me selfish, you can call me all kinds of thing for doing this to you and making you decide, but I won't, I can't live thinking I missed a chance with the only girl that has been on my mind since I met her," He stepped back, and carefully looked at her face. "Regardless, I am by your side until the end of time, like we promised each other all those years ago. I just hope it will be as more than friends."

He let her hand drop and bit his lip nervously. Her silence was telling. Maybe she needed time to consider.

"I-I'll give you some space and time to digest all of...well it," he finished awkwardly. With a weak smile he turned around and headed to camp. Maybe some food will take his mind off of things. He couldn't say he wasn't feeling disappointed about the whole thing, but he did just drop the like bomb on her like that. Maybe he should've waited until after the feast?

He felt a hand grab his own, and he turned around bewildered.

And he turned right into a kiss.

Well, maybe he made the right call.





Jason felt a chill, and snapped awake. He wasn't sure what just happened, but he was sure that something big had just changed. He looked to the girl laying next to him, and felt a little bit more at ease with their situation. They were on their way to Camp Jupiter and he still wasn't quite sure how he was going to explain this one to Reyna or Naruto. Considering both of their personalities, he would probably be in for a beatdown…

...or twelve, but if it was what needed to happen then he would take his beatdowns like a true Grace ought to.

That didn't sound quite right, did it?

Regardless, he tried to mentally prepare himself for what he was about to face come tomorrow morning. He would stand by his decision, though. Piper had his heart, and he wasn't thinking of taking it back from her anytime soon.

He laid back down and smiled as she snuggled back up to him. Let tomorrow bring what it will while he enjoyed this right here with her.

And you never know, he thought to himself as he closed his eyes to go back to sleep, maybe it will be better than what he was imagining.





Hera sipped her glass of wine with an easy pace, savoring its flavor. They had done it. Percy and her grandson had done it. Oh, she knew they would. It was her grandson after all, and that Percy was a powerful demigod in his own right. The odds were a little stacked in their favor if she was being honest.

"My queen, are you sure you should be drinking right now?" she heard asked.

Hera sighed and took a sip of her wine with a shrug. Bacchus had really did a good job with this one. "I am queen of Olympus, Kushina. I do what I very well please, and do stop with that 'My queen' nonsense. We both know my power doesn't compel you to treat me any different than you would treat anyone else," she said.

Kushina snickered. "Oh, I know, but I just like doing it because of how it annoys you, dattebane."

Hera rolled her eyes and sipped some more of her wine. "It does not annoy me. I just dislike it."

"Sooo, annoyed?"


"All I'm hearing is yes, double yes, and nothing but yes."

" irk me."

"You love me."

Hera did not deign that with a response and sipped once more on her glass of wine. "I think that you'd like to know that Naruto was successful in his quest, and my plan worked. He is ready for the next step it would seem."

Kushina raised an eyebrow. "What's the next step?"

Hera sipped her wine. "For him to learn how to control the Kyuubi."

"And how are you going to do that?"

"The tried and true method of getting any demigod to do something that they don't wish to do. Convince them with my charm or stab at their sense of duty."

"'re just going to kidnap him like you did the other ones, aren't you?"


"But that doesn't explain how he's going to do it. It took me years of specialized training and I could barely go cloak version 2 without going berserk. Plus, there is no one in America that can control him should he go off the wall and lose himself."

"That's why they're coming to America instead. He's not meant for the Elemental Nations. Not yet."

"Who is coming over here then?"

"I am the Goddess of family, Kushina. Be they blood or otherwise. The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb after all, no?"

"What does that even mean? Why can't I teach him?"

"You're meant to still be dead, Kushina. Let's just say that he'll be in for quite the surprise when they show their faces. He might not have a direct role to play in the prophecy of seven, but that doesn't mean he is safe."

At this Hera paused in her sipping of her Wine, and stared into the glass. She looked at her own reflection in the drink before downing it all in one gulp.

"There is something huge on the horizon, Kushina. For both the Gods and the Nations, and Naruto is the bridge between the both of them. He is both ninja and demigod. It is in his blood to fight, and fight he shall. For both worlds."

"I don't like this. From the sounds of it he is going to need all the help he can get, Hera."

"He won't be alone," Hera snapped her fingers and a mirror appeared in her hands. She smiled a bit before handing it to Kushina who gasped at what was on it. "He has a reason to fight even harder now."

On the mirror was the kissing Reyna and Naruto.










Jiraiya sighed in relief as the boat finally docked.

"So, this is America?" A voice lazily asked from behind him.

"Yeah. It's where he is, and we're here to bring him home."

"What if he doesn't wish to come back," another voice added.

Jiraiya ran a hand through his shaggy hair. "He's not going to have much of a choice."

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