Chapter I: Amongst a Peasant

Running. That seems to be all I do anymore.

I'd say hiding as well but that'd be kind of inaccurate. But all I knew at that moment was that I'd better pick up the freaking pace or I was gonna be caught!

I gasped for breath as I noticed my pursuers gaining on me.

"I swear this is the last time I ever try to steal from royalty," I cursed myself.

I swore under my breath as I noticed the three Bisharp right on my tail. With a flash of movement I whirled around and fired a mighty aura sphere to the one in the middle. Following this maneuver I managed to avoid a swing from one of the Bisharps' blades pressed my forepaws into the ground and pushed myself with all my fighting type strength to unleash a devastating kick upon my second opponent.

I concluded my assault by firing another aura sphere towards the ground, enveloping us all in a massive cloud of smoke. I closed my eyes to rely on my aura vision to get me through the smoke untouched by the now dazed enemy.

After running for what felt like an hour I halted myself and rested my back against a tree. With what I assumed was a mix of a gasp and a chuckle I said to myself, "Man… That was almost too close."

I let my body fall against the tree and felt the mysterious rucksack under my forearm. After taking a moment to catch my breath I began to unravel it. Tugging at the soft, velvet rope constricting the sack and removing it to unveil whatever treasure I had just acquired.

'Ohh man, what could it be?! Is it a gold nugget? Some kind of family treasure? Prince Zorua's crown? Or maybe…'

"A… Ball?" I wondered inquisitively.

There was no doubt about it, the longer I held it in my paws, the lower my jaw dropped.

"All of that… for a damn ball?" I snarled under deep breaths.

Using my childish ambition I thought there had to be something else to this ball! Maybe the treasure is just inside? Nope. Or maybe it's made of some kind of super rubber that can't be broken?

My idiocy was only proven as I pressed the ball don with all my might and it popped with little effort under my weight.

I could only leer at the ball in total confusion. Why would they go through so much trouble to save a stupid ball?


My ears perked up as I could hear a sudden voice that anyone would be familiar with, and the worst part was that there was no stopping anything. I was too exhausted to even move.

"You broke my new ball…" the Prince Zorua seemed to be alone, at least that was as far as my aura vision could tell.

I aimed my paw outward at him, ready to use any energy I have left to knock him out with an aura sphere. He flinched at my motion and I could only see the fear in his eyes. He wasn't here to fight me, that was for sure.

But his aura… It's not fear… It's curiosity. Why? Is he wondering why I broke his ball maybe?

"Well… you're rich, just buy a new one," I snapped.

"But I didn't buy it… That ball had sentimental value to me. Why go out of your way to destroy it?"

'Am I really gonna tell him my real reasoning for it?'

I sighed and let my paw rest at the ground, "Look, Prince. I'm sorry for breaking your ball. I'll pay ya back whenever I can and-"

My speech was rudely interrupted by an incredibly painful blow to the left side of my skull. A follow up attack was made as I noticed I could no longer breathe. A crushing kick to my gut had rendered me breathless.

I could feel my hands being tethered behind my back and thus my legs hovering above the ground as I be carried off. To my possible doom.

Later That Day

I coughed and spat as I opened my eyes only to find myself in what appeared to be awaiting for me for the longest time. Prison. A prison for thieves and other criminal or juvenile Pokemon like myself.

Only this was no ordinary prison, it was clearly the king's dungeon. I would know consider as how I've been in the traditional prisons only to be released three days later due to my young age and how I "don't know any better".

But this is King Zoroark's dungeon, which means whatever I say or do there's nothing stopping him. He's the law here. So if he wants to have me tortured for hours upon hours, there's no wrong doing. But all I have to do is hope that maybe this situation will turn out better.

After all… my big brother, Travis, always said, "No matter how bad things look, there's always light at the end of the tunnel."

But that was where my situation became grimmer. The thought of me rotting in a dungeon with no life lived. It broke me inside. And I promised my brother after he died I would get myself together and stop stealing. Did I?

No. And now that I thought more about it this was going to happen anyways. It was bound too. And at that moment I began to think of mistake I'd ever made. And it was obviously far too late to go back.

But my thoughts were soon interrupted as I could hear the cell doors being opened. And all I could do at that point was lay back down and close my eyes. Praying that maybe I had some hope after all.