Chapter 11: The Invitation

"Damian… Why'd you beat those boys up?" Osha asked, staring into my soul.

I scratched the back of my collar nervously, "Umm… Osha… Look, those were bad people okay? They've been trying to steal your money and I had to stop them."

"They're not bad people, big brother, they're all homeless. They don't have moms and dads so I like to help them. It's what mama would want me to do."

I sighed at her naïveness, "Osha… They lied to you. They're not really homeless, they just asked for money because… They're too lazy to work for it themselves and they felt the need to take it from someone smaller than them."

"But they walked me to school and made sure I got there safe."

My eyes widened at her statement, "Well… Now you've got me, okay? And… Please, don't be mad at me. They're not nice people."

She grinned at me in response, "I can't be mad at you big brother. I haven't seen you in forever. And if those boys are bad people I trust you. I just hope they don't try to hurt you."

I smiled, "Don't worry, Osha. They can't even touch me."

"Yeah, and that was so super cool how you fought them! Who taught you to do all that stuff, was it Travis?"

I gritted my teeth together before replying, "Umm… To be honest I don't really now, sis. I was just always good at fighting and they weren't that hard to beat."

"One does not just learn how to fight like you just did," a sudden unfamiliar voice cut me off.

Osha and I whirled around to face a Hitmonlee, and as I took a second to notice he was of no trouble to us I brought my paws to my side.

"Sorry, I just couldn't help but notice the squabble you had with those troublemakers. You definitely put them in their place. Perhaps you'd like to check into the upcoming P.F.T? Here's a flyer…" he handed me a slip of paper with information regarding a Pokemon Fighting Tournament of some sort, "If you're interested, try to be there first day of next month, early in the morning. Good luck to you, I have more flyers to pass out."

As we continued our walk, I stared down at the flyer which read:

Pokemon Fighting Tournament XI

You are invited to the annual PFT, located in Skyloud City on February 1st. Fight against some of the regions strongest fighters in hopes to win the grand prize of 1 million Poke! Are you up for the challenge?

Cost of participation: 500 Poke*

Cost of Admission: See Back of Flyer for Seating Prices

*When paying your participant fee, there are no refunds if you fail in the pretest or the tournament

I simply grinned at the piece of paper, "Cool."

"What is it, Damian?" Osha asked almost ecstatically.

I looked over to Osha, who was jumping up and down trying to see the paper, "It's a flyer for the PFT. Some fighting tournament or something. I guess it's coming up in a couple of weeks…"

"OOOOOH! Damian, you should sign up! You'll beat all their butts," Osha nearly exclaimed.

I chuckled, "You think so?"
"Uh-hunh, if you go to the kids version you can go sign up and fight. And I know you'll win."

I frowned, "You mean the youth division?"

"Yeah, the youth… thing…"

I shook my head at the thought. No way was I going to fight against a bunch of kids. I wanted to know how far this power of mine could really be taken. The only problem being, I'd have to make 500 Poke before this fight begins, so I supposed it was best to take things one step at a time.

But then the other problem, I'm not old enough to enter the adult division. You're considered an adult to them at 20 years old, or if you're over 15 and you've at least evolved once. And I don't even have that going for me.

I began to wonder if the king could possibly put a word in for me.

"I've seen one of the fights on TV before. Some of the Pokemon that go there are really strong, like you big brother."

I grinned confidently, "Well if they end up putting me in the youth division that's an easy 1 million Poke for ma. Then maybe we can move somewhere away from this war that's supposed to happen.:

"The war… Mama tells me it's gonna be bad. And I hear that Pokemon might die. You'll be coming with mama and me, right?"

I grinned at my sister, "Don't worry about me. I'm staying with you and ma the entire time. No one is going to hurt you or ma while I'm around."

"I'm not so much worried about mama. She's a good fighter. Can you beat mama in a battle?" Osha asked naively.
My eyes widened at the question, and I could only scratch my head as I wondered if I really could beat ma or not. I took down those other two guys with no energy left.

"I dunno, Osha. I'll just have to wait and see if ma will actually want to battle with me or not. I mean, I did learn almost everything from her," I replied.

"But mama's old. I think you could probly beat her."

I laughed, "Why are you so obsessed with me beating up our mom?"

"Because my mama is the strongest Pokemon I know. She's never lost a fight, and I want to see if someone can actually beat her."

With a chuckle I replied, "Well, I'll see what she says-"

"Ohh! That's my school, alright I'm gonna be late so I have to hurry! Love you, Damian. Have fun looking for jobs and stuff."

Osha pulled me forward for a hug and sprinted away from me before I could even utter another word.
"Have a good day at school," I muttered in confusion.

With an almost forced sigh, I whirled around and made my way towards town with high spirits and a confident grin.