Haris didn't really remember anything before Grandmother and Phoebe had found him—all he could remember was a huge shadow, yelling, and pain, so much pain, and then white, just white (heliedliedlied). He didn't really mind though, since it brought him to Grandmother and Phoebe, and to Val.

He glanced at Val, who sat beside him, her glowy red-and-yellow eyes focused down on the abandoned ruins below. He smiled at her, green eyes flashing with an unearthly light in the rising sun as he stood.

"Well? Shall we go?" he asked, turning his gaze to the ruins below.

The Mismagius looked up at him and snickered, smoothly starting down the steep incline, floating gracefully. Haris rolled his eyes.

"Sure, start without me, Val. Way to be impatient!" he laughed, following after his long-time partner and companion easily.

…He didn't really mind losing his memories of before (lieslieslies). He had Grandmother and Phoebe, and Val and the rest of his Pokémon.

And that was more than enough.