Haris grinned as he read about the newest member of the Hoenn Elite Four. Phoebe had finally managed it, gaining her place as the second in line and the Elite Four's Ghost Type specialist. She would be insufferable about it, poking fun at him, but he was glad for her.

It had been his older sister's dream for years, to become acknowledged as one of the strongest Trainers in Hoenn, to prove that a specialization in Ghost Types didn't cripple her strength. And she had proven it, had destroyed all those who came to challenge her for the position, had forcefully claimed it from the previous holder of the title.

Val snickered beside him as he shook his head at the line about Phoebe using Mega Evolution—it figured. She always had enjoyed such things, and her favored Banette was clearly her Mega Evolution partner.

Haris rolled his eyes at his partner, letting her song roll across him, dimming the sounds of the already muted songs around him. The warmthamusementmischief that rang across to him made him laugh, and Val snickered again.

Phoebe had finally managed to reach the pinnacle of her dream. Maybe it was time he start exploring what he wanted to do?

He had always liked the traveling of the Trainer's Journey…