Harvey arrived to work at 8 that morning, having managed to get a good night sleep, despite the chaos that Hardman's return had brought to the firm. He stopped his tracks on his way to his office, when he spotted Donna's empty cubicle, outside of Louis' office. He thought she must be somewhere around, before he continued his walk, greeting Gretchen and taking the schedule for the day. He had asked her to push all client meetings, in an attempt to focus his whole attention on fighting off Hardman.

As he made his way to Louis' office an hour later, he noticed the still empty cubicle, with no red head in sight.

'Morning Louis' Harvey greeted, trying to focus on what he had come to say.

'What can I do for you Harvey?' Louis asked.

'I wanted us to agree on the approach we're taking to kick Hardman out' he said, the surprise on Louis' face not escaping him.

'Euhm- I thought you wouldn't want to work with me after' Louis started babbling.

'Louis, there's an attack on our firm, and now is the best time to put those conflicts aside for the moment' Harvey said wisely.

Louis nodded, unsure what to say, before Harvey spoke again.

'Just think of ways we can fight him, and we'll exchange ideas in an hour. Sounds good?' he asked then.

'Yes Harvey' Louis said apologetically.

'Where's Donna?' Harvey said, finally able to voice what he had wanted to ask from the start.

'I don't know, she texted me at 4 this morning, telling me that something came up and she's taking a day off' Louis explained.

Harvey's face was immediately filled with concern. She never took a day off, even when she was sick, finally agreeing to leave early because of his constant nagging. The only day she had taken off, the one they took together, was the one following his father's death.

'Did you call her?' Harvey asked.

'Of course I did, but she wouldn't pick up' Louis said helplessly.

'Shit' Harvey muttered under his breath.

'What is it Harvey?' Louis asked, now completely worried.

'Something is wrong I can tell. I'll try to call her' he said, turning around to walk out.

'Let me know will you?' Louis called out from his office, as Harvey nodded, picking up his phone from his pocket and calling the first number on speed dial.

She picked up, but didn't say a word, as his heart started beating fast.

'Donna, are you ok?' he asked immediately.

'Yeah' she said, her voice trembling. 'Jason got into a horrible accident' she continued her voice weak.

'Where are you now?' he asked her hastily.

'New York Presbyterian' she said.

'I'm coming' he quickly answered, hanging up before she had time to continue her 'you don't have to'.

Harvey walked fast towards Gretchen's cubicle.

'Gretchen, I'm going out. I'm not sure what time I'll be back' he said.

'Is everything ok sir?' she asked, but he was long gone, walking towards Louis' office.

'Louis. Donna's brother was in an accident, and she's at the hospital. I'm going to go there' he informed him in small sentences.

'I want to come!' Louis argued.

Harvey took a deep breath. He really was hoping Louis wouldn't act this way.

'Louis please. Someone needs to stay here and work on fighting off Hardman' Harvey argued.

'Why not you? Everyone agrees you're the better lawyer anyway' Louis insisted.

'Because I wouldn't be able to focus when I'm here. Not when she's there' he confessed.

Louis didn't seem to believe him.

'Louis. I need you to trust me. This is not an attempt to win Donna back. She's made up her mind, she's sticking with you. I saw it in her eyes. But I need to do this. Please' he said.

Louis nodded, Harvey's words seemingly convincing him.

'Do what you have to do Harvey' Louis said. 'And say hi to Donna from me' he added.

'Thanks Louis. You can reach me by phone if you need something' Harvey added, before leaving the firm.

He indicated the destination to Ray, but not before stopping at Donna's usual coffee place to get her all time favorite and two bagels. The sharp wind from what was being called the coldest winter in New York hit him in the face as he stepped out of the car.

He walked into the hospital, addressing the woman in the lobby.

'I'm looking for Donna Paulsen? Her brother was in an accident she came here hours ago..' he started.

'Just give me a second sir' the short woman said.

He glanced to the right to find her sitting on a waiting chair, her head in her hands.

'It's alright I found her' he whispered, embracing himself to walk towards her.

His only weakness had always been seeing her hurt or sad, and the sight of her looking so defeated at that moment made his heart wince in pain.

'Donna' he said softly, causing her to raise her eyes to him.

Her eyes were red, glassy, as if she hadn't cried yet. He wanted to hold her, tell her everything was going to be ok, but decided to sit next to her instead.

'Here, have this' he said handing her the cup of coffee. She took it silently, their fingers brushing lightly.

A few seconds later, she looked at him, a small smile on her mouth.

'Thanks Harvey' she said, as he carefully yet affectionately put a hand on her back, feeling how cold she was.

'What happened?' he asked then, watching her bite her lower lip.

'He was hit by a car' she started, her voice breaking. 'He was skate boarding and a car just hit him and ran away' she barely said, as Harvey's hand drew circles on her back.

'And he's been in the operation room for hours and I don't know what-' she said before she choked.

'Hey, hey' he said gently, pulling her to his side. His arm wrapped protectively around her shoulder, as she buried her face in the side of his neck.

'It's ok, let it out' he whispered. 'It's ok' he repeated.

Harvey always knew how Donna tried to be strong for everyone around. She'd done it for him with his dad, for her brother and mother when her dad lost all their money; it's what she did. But he also knew that she must've been crumbling inside, despite her strong appearance. He started feeling her tears on his neck and the lapel of his suit.

'Your suit' she rumbled between sobs.

'I don't care' he whispered, holding her closer.

After a few minutes, she pulled away, looking deep into his eyes.

'I'm sorry' she said, causing him to raise his right eyebrow in surprise.

'What are you apologizing for?' he asked, his thumbs reaching to wipe the tears on both sides of her cheeks.

'I look like shit' she stated, as if waiting for his feedback.

'No you don't' he said quickly. She tilted her head to the side with disbelief, a small smile on her face. He did the same before he spoke.

'Alright, maybe in your standard, you do. But you're still beautiful to me' he whispered then, his hands still holding her face.

He saw something in her eyes then, maybe surprise, caused by his words. He wondered then if she hadn't already known, how beautiful he thinks she is. Sure he didn't usually say it, but she must've known.

He let go of her face, finding it hard not to stare at her pulpy lips, before he turned around.

'And now you eat' he said, taking a bagel out of a brown bag.

'I'm not hungry Harvey' she said, her eyes pleading him not to push her.

'You have to eat' he insisted. 'Come on it's your favorite. Blueberry with light cream cheese' he said, trying to tempt her.

'Fine then, I'll eat it if you won't' he said with a forced pout, taking a bite full. 'This is delicious' he commented with a full mouth, throwing her a side glance, glad to see a small smile creeping up her face.

It's only a few seconds later that he noticed her eyeing the bagel, as she sat with both her hands under her, her mouth slightly open.

'You're unbelievable' he finally said, faking an eye roll and presenting the bagel in front of her. He noticed then her hidden hands, and how she didn't seem to be willing to move. He brought the bagel closer to her mouth, before she took a big bite, and then another.

'I'm done thank you' she said then, leaving a small bite untouched.

'Just finish it off Donna' he insisted.

'I'm full, you eat it' she argued.

'I hardly think a small bite would make a difference' he said, but she wouldn't budge.

He took the last piece and swallowed it quickly, throwing her a dark look.

He watched her as she removed a small amount of cream cheese from the side of her mouth with her tongue, before she started thinking about all the bad things that could happen to her brother.

'Don't go there' he warned her gently. 'He's going to be fine, and I'm going to sue the shit of whoever hit him. I'll go ask that nurse for updates ok?' he asked her as she nodded.

'Can you tell us anything about Jason Paulsen?' Harvey asked the nurse nearby.

'I'm sorry sir, you're going to have to wait for the Dr.' she said apologetically.

'We've been here for hours, please, if you can just get us an update' he insisted, trying to remain calm. He knew that lack of news might mean no good news, fully aware that the longer it stretched, the harder it would be for Donna to push away the dark thoughts.

'Here he is sir' she said then, looking at the end of the hall.

Harvey immediately walked to Donna, staying close by as she stood up, waiting for the doctor to talk to them.

'Ms. Paulsen, Mr..?' he asked.

'Harvey Specter' Harvey answered quickly.

'Since the person who hit your brother did not report, he had lost a lot of blood by the time someone saw him' he started, as Donna's legs started to slightly shake. Harvey's arm protectively went to her waist, holding her close. 'But he was very lucky and I was able to operate on his wounds to prevent them from any infection. He has sustained a big one in his head, and broken his arm and a couple of ribs. However, because of the time he was left unconscious, the oxygen couldn't reach his brain for a whole 20 minutes, and he's now currently still unconscious' he said meticulously.

'So he's in a coma?' Donna asked, her voice cracking, as she leaned on Harvey even more.

'This condition is not labeled as coma until he has exceeded the ten days. If he were to wake up, it should be within two to ten days' the doctor explained. 'Meanwhile try to talk to him, sometimes patients respond better if someone's present and let me know if I you need anything else. I'll let you see him in a few minutes' he continued.

'Thank you Dr' Harvey said, knowing that Donna was in no state to speak.

He turned around to face Donna, holding her by the arms as she started to cry again.

'Donna he'll be ok' he said softly.

'What if he won't? What if he doesn't wake up? Or wakes up and doesn't remember who he-' she said, unable to continue her sentence before she fell apart again.

He then did what he had tried to avoid doing for twelve years; he just held her. His arms went to her waist, bringing her close, as she instinctively wrapped her arms around him, one hand reaching for his neck while the other hugged his shoulder.

Her tears kept falling down her face and on his skin for a long time, as he spoke softly.

'It's okay' he said. "We're together." He didn't say you'll be okay, or I'm here. After all they'd been through over the last year, he knew that the most important thing was that they were together. She loved him for saying that.

When she finally had run out of tears, she took her head away from his neck, resting it on his shoulder for a few seconds, trying to remove the tears left on her cheeks. She took a deep breath, stepping away from him and trying to be as strong as possible.

'I'm ok' she repeated, as he looked at her affectionately. He had always admired her strength and resilience.

'You need to go back to the office Harvey. Hardman won't back off' she started reasoning.

'Donna, I'm not going anywhere, I'm not leaving you alone. Louis, Jessica, Mike and Rachel can handle it' he said stubbornly. His phone buzzed, Jessica's name flashing on his screen. 'Speaking of which, let me get this' he said with a small smile, sitting back on the chair.

'Morning Jessica' Harvey said.

'Morning Jessica? Where the hell are you Harvey' Jessica shouted, her anger clear. 'The firm is under attack and one of my named partners is missing, along with our most competent assistant. Don't get me wrong Harvey, I'm all team Darvey or whatever, but now is not the time' she continued, sarcasm and anger dripping from her words.

'Didn't Louis tell you?' Harvey asked, surprised by her 'Darvey' label and lack of knowledge of what was going on.

'Tell me what? He's been in a goddamn meeting for twenty minutes' she explained.

'Donna's brother got into an accident. I've been at the hospital with her since morning' he explained, as Donna threw him a guilty look.

'Oh' Jessica said, slightly calming down. 'I had no idea. How is he? How's Donna?' she asked then, slightly concerned.

'He just got out of the operation room…next phase is critical. Donna is strong' he said affectionately, returning her smile at his words.

'Look Jessica I'll make up for it tonight, I'll work late, don't worry. That son of a bitch isn't coming anywhere near PSL' he said.

'PSL, really? Do you have a pet name for it too?' Jessica asked, mocking him.

'Hey, I'm not the one making up creative names today' he teased, referring to her Darvey name.

'Oh if you think this name hasn't existed for the last twelve years, you're in the dark son' she said with all the wisdom she had, making him laugh.

'I'll talk to you later Jessica' he said before hanging up.

'Harvey seriously, you need to go. I feel like shit keeping you here when you're supposed to be working' Donna explained.

'Donna' he said in that tone he used when trying to make her understand. 'Me leaving here won't do a thing. I won't be at the top of my game anyway' he explained.

'Why not?' she asked then.

'Because I can't focus if I don't know for sure you're ok. I'm not leaving you alone' he whispered then. His words caught her by surprise. Maybe she had expected him to answer her questions like he usually did; with evasive answers.

He wondered for a second about Mitchell's whereabouts, secretly hoping they had ended things. Otherwise he would be an asshole for not showing up. He felt a wave of jealousy and resentment towards a man he didn't even know. He thought about asking her but decided against it; he didn't want to cause any awkwardness or pressure her.

She seemed to read his mind, as she often did, immediately offering an explanation.

'You won't have to stay all day. Mitchell should come around 5; he was out of New York for work, he'll be back by then' she said slowly. She swore she could see a hint of something in his eyes, but shrugged it off. She even expected him to mock it, roll his eyes, or say something impulsive. If she was being honest, she hadn't even thought about Mitchell , Harvey's presence enough to comfort her. If Mitchell hadn't called this morning, she probably would have forgotten to tell him.

She watched him swallow hard instead, clearly trying to control his words.

'Then I'll make sure we get lunch before that' he said quietly, forcing a small smile on his lips, as she found it hard to ignore the twist in her stomach.

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