Previously on Primeval

The A.R.C was invaded by two creatures which threatened the team and the minister who was attempting to shut down the A.R.C facility and hand it over to the army. Whilst the team battled with creatures and politics Matt had confronted his other self about the vague message he had left him the day they saved the world from New Dawn. The alternative Matt told him that someone was using the anomalies and that the future he knew had just been delayed by a few years as this new meddling person was going to destroy the world again. After giving Matt a device which can open and close anomalies he disappeared into the waste land and Matt returned to the A.R.C to find that Lester had hit a Archaeornithomimus over the head with a bottle of scotch and a Minmi was munching away at his plant in his lab. Upon seeing the way the team handled the situation when the EMD's failed to work he allowed James Lester to continue to run the A.R.C and gave them full funding.