Harry's parents vanished as the stone tumbled from his fingers and onto the moist mulch of the forest. He took a staggering step forwards on very shaky legs, and then abruptly stopped. Harry placed a pale, cold hand over his racing heart and steadied himself with a few deep breaths. He had to, no he need to do this. It was almost the him, the snake, and then Voldemort himself.

Hermione and Ron would take care of the snake, and Kingsley or someone else could take care of a mortal Voldemort. As for Harry, he knew what was required of him. That fateful Halloween, when Voldemort murdered Lily and James Potter, he had unknowingly created a seventh Horcrux. By killing Harry tonight, Voldemort would seal his own fate. Now that Harry had braced himself, he took strong, purposeful steps to his end. The roots and rocks that lined the forest floor gave him no trouble as he neared the unmistakable crowd of jeering Death Eaters with Voldemort and Nagini standing starkly in the centre.

He finally stood before the man, if he could be called that, that had ruined so many lifes. Nagini hissed at the presence of the other Horcrux, and Harry dimly realised that blood still coated the viper's fangs. Harry paid no mind to the voices around him. he heard none of Voldemort and his followers taunts or Hagrid's hoarse yelling. Why should he care? He took another step forward , and all was silent. images flashed in his minds eye.

Images of his parents, Sirius, Remus, Nymphadora, Dumbledore, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Fred, George, Molly, Arthur, of Hogwarts. That was when Harry realised he wasn't afraid. He knew that he'd probably die anyways, the prophecy pretty much said so, but he thought that he'd be shacking with fear. However, Harry didn't have it in him to be afraid. It was as Dumbledore had said: to the well organised mind, death was just the next greatest adventure. He took a deep , calm breath and thought of what awaited him after death.

He heard the sound of the killing curse being cast and saw the bright emerald light that he saw frequently in his dreams. He felt nothing as it hit him and his body flew back from the force of the curse, lying limply on the cold dirt. His glasses lay broken beside him. That's when the sky cried , then bled, then died , and the world was left in the dark.