So, I decided to rewrite this story since I love it so much but the writing of the original is atrocious (I don't understand how anyone read that. God Bless them). I'm leaving the original posted, since some elements will change. I can't imagine many people want to go read that horrible thing, but if you're nostalgic like me fear not, it shall remain.

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Chapter 1

Six o'clock in the morning is quite possibly the worst hour of the day. It signals the end of blissful sleep and the start of a new day. A new day means struggling with school and homework and relationships and, if you're the right type of person, it could mean you're also trying to save the world on a daily basis.

Odd Dellarobbia hates mornings. He'd sleep the whole day away if he could. Honestly, if not for his roommate, Ulrich Stern, he probably would. It was Ulrich who remembered to set the alarm every night, Ulrich who woke up to the alarm, and Ulrich who then woke him up because he never woke up to the alarm.

This morning though, instead of a broody teenager shoving him around, a wet tongue licked his face repeatedly.

"G'way Kiwi," Odd mumbled in his sleep, pushing his dog away. Dogs weren't allowed in the boarding school dormitories, but that didn't really stop Odd. He couldn't just leave his poor little doggie all alone at home, now could he?

Kiwi started barking, and that woke Odd up enough to hear the horrible alarm still going off. For some unknown reason, Ulrich's alarm was like a red alert sound on a sinking submachine. Or at least that's what Odd always thought of it as. He personally hated the sound, but Ulrich didn't care what Odd thought. It didn't wake Odd up as it was, but it was the only sound that woke him up.

"Ulrich, the alarm," Odd said, burrowing into his pillow.

There was no movement from the other side of the room. The alarm kept blaring.

Kiwi kept barking.

"Shh, Kiwi," Odd said. He was more awake now, but he didn't want to be. "You have to be quiet."

Kiwi didn't stop, and neither did the alarm.

But more surprisingly, there still was no movement on the other side of the room.

Odd finally looked up and turned a glare towards his roommate, but there was no roommate to glare at. He blinked and glanced around the small room, but no Ulrich jumped out.

Sighing loudly, Odd dragged himself out of bed and over to the alarm, finally turning the horrid thing off. Kiwi stopped barking now that the alarm was off, and blissful silence returned to the room.

Odd rubbed his eyes and glanced at the time. Pausing, he narrowed his eyes and looked closer at the digital numbers. "6:24?!"

He dropped the alarm clock and scrambled around the room, trying to get ready in time for breakfast. The food he scooped out for Kiwi half-missed the bowl, little kibbles scattering over the floor. His shoes were untied and his hair wasn't gelled into a perfect point, instead consisting of several pieces falling over. His books were shoved into his bag and he barely remembered to grab his phone and his key before running out of the room and down to the cafeteria.

In all this, Ulrich never appeared.

All through breakfast and all through their morning classes, Ulrich never appeared. The teachers called for him during attendance, looking up to Odd and their other friends for an explanation when he didn't claim to be there. No one knew where he was.

Odd and his three friends, Jeremy Belpois, Aeilita Stones, and Yumi Ishiyama checked the nurse's office at lunch, but he wasn't there and hadn't checked in there either. After that they went back to Odd's room to try and look for clues.

His shoes were gone, as was a heavier jacket of his that he hardly ever wore.

But his phone and his room key were on his desk still.

Aeilita happened to glance at Odd's desk while they were searching. On top of the normal clutter was a folded piece of paper. Tilting her head, she picked it up and unfolded it.

Written in Ulrich's familiar scrawl were two words.

I'm sorry.

That was it. No explanations. No details. Not even a signature. He didn't even have the decency to say good-bye.

The four friends gave Ulrich a chance to come back before reporting it. Teachers noticed first though. Jim tried to randomly pop into the dorm room to find him, but he never did. After two days the school was forced to call the police and open an investigation. Ulrich's parents were called.

There were reports of teens at two train stations and three bus stations getting on a train around the time Ulrich had gone missing that matched his description. The leads didn't get the police very far though, only to the respective towns that each transport vehicle had gone to.

There was no motive for Ulrich leaving that anyone could think of. No signs of him wanting to leave.

He was just gone, gone without a trace.


Hood pulled over his head and sunglasses covering his eyes, Ulrich was easily missed in any crowd. Street cameras couldn't pick him out individually, and he knew how to avoid most of them.

The walk was long. He took side-streets, keeping to the shadows as much as possible, and didn't stop walking until he was three towns away from Kadic academy. By now, the planned decoys had all boarded trains and buses, laying a false trail for the police to follow. But once they were on the trains and buses, their brown wigs and brown contacts would come off, and they would disappear in the next town.

The temperature was brisk, colder than Ulrich would have liked. He kept his hands shoved in his pockets, but he could still barely feel the tips of his fingers. His feet were sore from all the walking.

His heart, though, was crying.

He'd never thought he'd have to leave. He'd always thought that Kadic was the last stop, that the fight would end there. That's what he'd always been told. He couldn't believe they'd been wrong. He couldn't believe he'd been forced to run.

He couldn't believe he actually had.

Orders were orders though, and he knew he was protecting more than just himself by leaving everyone behind.

That's why he didn't look back. It's why he kept going forward, even when his feet ached and he could feel blisters forming. If he looked back, he might go back.

Late afternoon, he made it to his first destination, a town three cities away. He hadn't stopped, and he hadn't eaten. His stomach rumbled, and his body sagged with exhaustion. But he bought the bus ticket he'd been ordered to buy, and he boarded the bus he'd been ordered to board.

The bus drove another eight hours, pulling into the destined stop around midnight. He only slept a little on the bus, just enough to get him where he needed to go.

A basement apartment, half hidden in the ghetto of an old city. The people inside were waiting for him, though no light spilled out from the windows. They'd been covered inside to hide the fact that anyone was living there.

He knocked once, waited, then three times, waited, and then twice more. The door was opened slowly, then all at once. A hand shot forward and dragged him by the shirt collar inside before slamming the door.

"Ulrich!" Thin, muscular arms wrapped around him and a head buried itself in his chest.

"Geez, can't you even let me get my bearings, Mellie?" Ulrich asked.

The girl let go of him and stepped back, putting her hands on her hips. She had medium-length strawberry-blonde hair, brown eyes, and freckles practically covering her face. Her nose was as straight as a ruler, giving her a much stricter appearance than her personality.

"Well it's been a rather stressful day waiting for you to get here," Mellie said.

Ulrich raised a brow and then glanced around the apartment. The inside of the place was much nicer than the outside would lead people to believe. Clean white walls, simple recessed lights, and stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. The dark brown carpet led seamlessly into the dark wood floor of the kitchen, and the table, chairs, and cabinets had a lighter, natural wood look. The living room, right next to the kitchen, had beige furniture, a flatscreen tv, and a desk with a computer on it.

Off of the living room was a hallway with four doors, one of which was opening as a black haired teen came through, rubbing his eyes and blinking at Ulrich.

Ulrich smiled and shook his head. "It's not that late, Jake," he said.

"Speak for yourself," Jake mumbled, leaning against his doorway. "Some of us were up early."

Jake had messy black hair, round green eyes, olive skin, and a hawk-nose.

"I was up early yesterday. And then I didn't sleep last night because I had to run away," Ulrich said.

"So can we go to bed?" Jake asked.

Mellie rolled her eyes. "Four years and you think he would have changed."

Ulrich laughed. "Don't you know the saying? Things never change." The smile slipped off his face.

All this time, and he was still stuck following orders. He'd been forced into this when he was six, and now, nine years later, he was still being forced to do things. It didn't matter if he understood what was happening now. That just made him feel more trapped, because if he knew the reasons behind his orders then he knew there was no way around them.

So if they told him to get out of Kadic as soon as he could, then that's what he did.