The lights in Titans Tower stayed on through the late hours of the night. Usually the Titans would be resting when the clock showed 4:49 A.M. But this was a special occasion, Cyborg has just been enlisted as a member of the Justice League. It played out like he always wanted it to. Superman and Wonder Woman talking to him about his expertise on the computer and the field.

Robin poured out another glass of punch for himself. It's been a while since he's felt this happy. Ever since Tokyo, it's like the Titans came back the same, but the world changed. He looked around the living room, Raven and Cyborg talking, oddly. Raven's never been the talkie type. Starfire participating with Beast Boy in a pin the tail on the donkey. Though, Beast Boy just got -accidentally pricked with the pin, he didn't hold a grudge.

Raven's grown more since Tokyo. She's been visiting Azerath, talking to Arella. It wasn't until yesterday she revealed she wanted to resurrect the once bubbling land.

Beast Boy's been taken on numerous missions with the "D.O.O.M Patrol". The Chef has been more welcoming to Beast Boy's ways of doing business. Even letting him take command on multiple adventures. Robin knew that eventually, Beast Boy be leaving the Titans, too.

Starfire's father had fallen ill this past year. He and Starfire have visited Tamaran to check it on Galfore, ruler of the planet. He's been looking worse and worse with every visit. Galfore talked to Starfire many times in private without Robin present. He didn't know whether to ask what was the subject matter.

For now, the Titans are together. Robin just doesn't know how long.

"So, when are you joining the JLA?" Raven asks. She put her drink down on the table, seeing a cup on top of her book. Her face reddened. "Who put their soda on top of my first edition!" Raven barked. Beast Boy stopped checking the spot where he got pricked and sheepishly raised his hand, signaling "my bad." Cyborg got Raven's attention. "In about a month, they're in the middle of helping Hal Jordon with Parallax." He answered. "Yo, BB, you got anything other than this generic Rock music?" He asks.

Robin smiled. They were comfortable with each other alright.

The sirens went off. The team turned their heads to the mainframe computer, showing a truck driving down the Jump City turnpike. Robin burst into action, running down to the garage, paying no mind to his other teammates. Robin got into his motorcycle and floored it, leaving tire marks on the garage floor.

He raced down the cold roads, dodging cars from the left and the right, until finally catching up to the truck. The police radio played in his helmet. "Please be advised, wreck less driver is armed and dangerous." Robin got a first hand look at that face, as gunshots hit the pavement. The passenger threw down spikes, meant to pop tires, only it wasn't meant for Robin's vehicle.

The spikes hit two cars and sent them flying, one over the road and the other directed at Robin himself. He ditched his motorcycle before certain death and tumbled on the cold pavement, unable to continue the chase. He looked at his burning motorcycle, noting he has more. He began to lose consciousness, his vision blurring of red and blue speeding down the highway.