Robin found himself lying face down in the dirt. He groaned loudly, feeling all control of his body slip. His mind raced with confusion. "Why did Slade leave me here?" He wondered, as he grabbed one his broken ribs that surprisingly didn't break the skin. Robin felt the alleyway spinning, when attempting to stand on his legs, only to tumble back down. "Where am I?" He asked himself. A spotlight switch was hit, it's sound echoed through the area, the light beamed down on one man, standing rows above Robin. "This Robin, is where you began." With a snap of his fingers, Slade opened Robin's eyes to see the tent where the "Flying Grayson's" performed when Robin was a very young boy. "Imagine losing your parents in front of hundreds of bystanders." Robin panicked, the memories flooding back to him. He held his head tightly, as if it would stop him from remembering.

Freshly dropped blood marked the site where his parents took that faithful fall. The tent smelled of fire, but nothing was burning. "What do you want?!" He asks, shrieking. Slade looked down to Robin, his eyes expressionless. "Richard 'Dick' Grayson, you know exactly what I want." He glared at his adversary. "A chance at...greatness." Slade's stance was perfectly straight, like a dictator pushing his will down on to his subjects.

Robin pulled himself together, he jumped onto the platform, confused, but not caring. He withdrew his staff at Slade taking a swing with all his might, only for to be halted. The sound of crackling vines rang through the boy wonders ears, he gasped in pain. Before he could respond, Robin was thrown back onto the dirt ground, where he could feel his ribs explode and his back gave out. Robin suppressed a scream of agony. "You are slow. Why?" Slade commented. Briefly amused by his rival's ultra sluggish performance, stealing his staff.

"When I came to Jump City, I was a B grade rival to the Batman. Even though I was stronger, faster, more experienced." Slade shared his backstory with the semi-crippled vigilante. "De- Deathstroke." Robin spat out, willing himself to his shaking two feet. If he could see through the metal mask, Robin be witnessing Slade smile. "Yes, so the monkey finally gets out of the maze." He continues patronizes. "I've waited for you to put together the piece. Guess I overestimated you." Grabbing the tent tightly, Robin stood slanted, he reached into his arsenal on his waist and threw his smoke bomb. Robin lost air, his throat tightened, his feet lifted off the ground. When the smoke clear, Slade stared at him with his demented eyes. "Where could you go?" He asks genuinely. Slade dropped Robin to his feet like a throw pillow.

"Deception will get you nowhere." He placed his metal bottom boot on Robin's now broken rib cage. He yelled in agony. "You will join me. We will destroy the Red Hood. There is no second option." He puts point blank to Robin, who was still struggling against his captor. "I thought you two were friendly." Robin retorted, hearing another bone snap. "Yes. Now, he has what I want and what I will will destroy him when I have it." Slade lightens his weight, letting the boy get a breath. "Never!" Robin attempted to bellow, but only whimpered through his teeth. He couldn't speak, he felt like he was going to faint. Slade seemed unaffected by Robin's defiances. "You will change." He promised.

At this point Robin felt his rib pierce his skin, he was in searing pain. He closed his eyes and hoped for a quick end. He then felt a load come off his chest. He opened his eyes to see Slade hunched over in the ruins of the wooden stands, Batgirl stands over him. "Sorry, but this one's mine." She quips before kicking down on Slade's chest sending him down two rows.

When he regrouped, Slade threw a jab, then attempted to lift the lighter female, Batgirl jumped back, giving him a swift kick in the metal mask. Slade stumbled backwards, but suffocated her with his constant close presence. Slade threw Batgirl next to Robin's near unconscious body. "Always good to see an offspring of the Batman." Slade cracked his knuckles, ready for the bout. Batgirl slipped her fingers into Robin's utility belt, finding his Wing-Dings, she pierced Slade's skin with two and cut the spotlight with the third, landing squarely on top of the missionary. The dirt was lit on fire, which connected to the tent, Batgirl responded to this by draping Robin over her shoulder and running for the exit.

When they cleared the black smoke, Batgirl laid Robin gently down on the grass, his breathing labored. He grabbed her wrist tightly. "Falcone..-" he breathed. "Dead. Red Hood killed him before I showed." Batgirl stated. "He's killing off his workers." She looked at his body, all bumpy and looked painful.

She was about to take Robin back home, when Slade emerged from the flames, only suffering minor burns. Before Batgirl could turn her head, Slade snuck up on the adversary, delivering a sharp plunge to her spine with Robin's staff.. She cried in pain, Robin, with little energy looked on. "No!" He screamed. "Batgirl!" He taunted, despite him being in no position to talk. He felt his vision slip into blackness, unable to gather himself, he quit. He tried not to, but his body shut down. He succumbed to the pain. He couldn't help Slade, he wouldn't, he'd die first.