This is not my only fanfiction idea for Adoption. So expect more of my ideas. Also, Fellow Authors, Pleaseā€¦, Pretty Please, Listen to this music: watch?v=gOmJLk1lu08, also listen to this music: watch?v=u7DdPhDA-0Q, let them inspire you to do crossovers like this.

The first part of this plot of this planned story is mainly prequels for the rest of the plot; the first prequel, I know around this time this set at is 1993 (I don't know what year Steven was born, but I'm saying he might have been born in 2002), Dr. John Hammond invites Greg, Rose, Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst to come to Jurassic Park, he knows Greg because he knew Greg's late aunt and uncle. Pearl at first is suspicious about this. But Rose and Garnet convince her to come along. Of course, Rose, Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst disguise themselves as humans. You know how the rest goes until they get to the island. Just think of the shocked faces of not just the humans when they see the Brachiosaurus, but also the shocked faces of the four gems, who have probably never seen a living creature as big as some gem fusions they've seen before. A while later, after going though the tour, and the dinosaurs escape, Rose finds herself alone with the T-Rex, Rexy. She finds that Rexy has been injured by something(anyone of you can figure out the cause). Rose decides to do the right thing and heal her. After healing up Rexy, Rexy decides not to attack Rose, Rexy now shows Rose respect by not attacking her and leaves.