Kate started reading that weekend. Her friend wasn't interested. She gave Kate the book. Kate decided to deliver it to Molly before the next meetings. She looked up her office number. It wasn't far from the forum room. Kate found it easily. The door was open. Kate stepped inside.

Molly looked up. She was on the phone. Kate waited. Molly finished a moment later. She gestured for Kate to sit. Kate took a seat. The chair was comfortable. It was custom-purple fabric with turquoise paint. The whole office was customized. Kate loved it. She blushed when she saw Molly. Her hair was pulled back. Kate was surprised.

Molly laughed, "I get that reaction a lot. So, what do you need? Do you have a question about the book?" she asked. Kate handed her a copy, "My friend decided she wasn't interested. I was just delivering this to you, but I have started reading myself. I think I'm going to enjoy the piece."

"In a few weeks, we'll be reading a well-known play set during the AIDS epidemic. Have you ever heard of Angels in America?" Molly questioned. Kate shook her head. Molly nodded, "A common response for younger students like you, and I'll tell you now that it's a strange read. But the characters should be relatable to you, and their experiences are good to read about. We'll have some speakers coming later in the school year to discuss the AIDS epidemic. You should research the time period to see what people went through."

"I will," Kate nodded. Molly smiled, "I'm just happy to know I've still got it. Ever since high school, I've had this ability to read people. I could sense you were a lesbian when I first saw you, and I'm guessing you've never told anyone," Molly said. Kate meekly nodded. Molly sighed, "Well, I'm not going to make you come out or anything, but I'll be here for you. I like coaching people along, and I don't mind helping you. My advice is that you need to tell your brother. Arthur is the most understanding guy I've ever met. We dated briefly in high school, and I have to say, he honestly didn't mind that I broke up with him to date a cheerleader from our rival high school," Molly smirked. "I regret letting him go because he was so understanding, but he still makes an awesome best friend. He's your brother too, so don't give that up."

"I've thought of telling him. I think he knows already, but I am a little afraid of telling him. It's hard to talk about here. Elwood City doesn't seem very open, but I know he's accepting. I just need to suck it up and tell them," Kate nodded, smiling softly, "Yeah, I'll tell him. Thanks," Kate said, standing up. Molly nodded, "No problem."

Their meeting ended. Kate headed back to her dorm. She decided to video chat with Arthur. Her roommates were out. Kate was glad to be alone. She sent the alert. Arthur answered a few minutes later. He looked happy to see her. He asked about college. They kept up the small talk-weather, being away from home, classes-then Kate felt the pause. She had to tell him.

"I…I wanted to talk to you about something important. Do you have a minute?" Kate asked. Arthur looked up. Kate turned around. Her heart sank. Her roommates were back. They had friends and pizza. Kate looked back, "I'll try again some other time."

"Hey, I'll be in Metropolis for business next week. I'll stay a little longer and spend the weekend hanging out with you. Can you come home for those two days?" Arthur asked. Kate nodded. She liked that idea. It was a date-Kate and Arthur would hang out and she'd tell him then. It was perfect. It was still a long way away, almost a whole week. Kate could wait that long. She felt like she'd already waited a lifetime. A few more days wouldn't matter.

Besides, she had a crush to focus on, a crush on Molly. Kate couldn't be happier.