Sebastian lent in, invading the reapers space he inhaled sharply, enjoying the alluring aroma the over powered reaper released. Infatuated, the demon brought his knee up slowly between the blonds legs, at this Ronald began struggling a new at the hand holding him, brows knitted together as the demons intentions became clear. "I shall claim you, as mine." Sebastian said, purring into the reapers ear. "S-stop!" Ronald said, eyes going wide.

Sebastian flipped the reaper in a smooth motion, chest pushed against the cold brick wall, the demon ran a hand down his back "Hmm..." stopping just before reaching too lowly. The blond took the momentary pause as merit to jerk out of Sebastian's grip, stumbling he tripped over a nearby pipe extruding from the wall.

His pant leg had torn slightly at the heel, becoming entangled on the rusty drain. Ronald looked up quickly, face fleshed red "Oh dear... You won't get far like that." Sebastian said, crouching over the younger man once more, before he had time to dislodge. Swiftly he grasp the others chin, dipping in for a brief stolen kiss "Blushing? You aren't a virgin are you?" the blond looked away, face going impossibly redder "...You are, how rare." the demon grew even more turned on.

Ronald punched Sebastian's side, grunting the demon caught his fist, as it flew to make contact a second time. It would take a lot more than that to stop a demon in heat, once they selected a mate. "You pervert, back off!"

Sebastian huffed, he was growing tired of the games, and he was also short on time, if he were to avoid a scolding from his lord. Roughly the raven slammed Ronald face down on the hard ground, the force was harsh sure to cause bruising to match the bloody lip that bloomed. "Enough!" Sebastian bellowed, suddenly his hands where everywhere at once, pushing the reapers shirt up, exposing succulent pale flesh.

Still trying to escape between the ravens body weight, Ronald stiffly scrambled a hand to his back side trying to stop the other from discarding his trousers. Catching the hand and pinning it to his back, Sebastian would have chuckled at the pointless trifles if his need for release wasn't so great. The demon began kissing the reapers back, free hand fondling his clothed cock.

"Hush now. I would prefer if you stopped this, it would be better for the both of us. It is your first time, after all." the raven uttered lowly between astonishingly gentle kisses, contrasting his otherwise rough treatment of the blond. "Never! Can you even hear yourself?!" he struggled "Let go! Otherwise, I'll file a report, that'll make you wish you hadn-" Sebastian cut the others words short, pushing his pants down beneath his round ass.

"Pity. Suppose you'll just have to learn the hard way, whom you belong to." removing a glove with his teeth, the raven ran a skilled hand down between Ronalds mounds. Rubbing a finger at his entrance he earned a surprised gasp from the reaper, before pushing the digit inside. He was so warm inside, and so tight, Sebastian's growing erection was painfully hard, it was so tempting to thrust in without doing this... However he would need his lover whole, and try to avoid wounding him off the back, given he would need to fuck him a great many times before the demon heat were to lift.

Given Sebastian was well over do for his heat, it may take even longer than average for his devilish sort. Slipping another finger in the reaper gasp, it was painful and pleasurable at once. Confused his hips pushed back onto Sebastian's skilled fingers, of their own accord. Giving a few shallow strokes Sebastian pulled out, Ronald realized what he'd been doing snapping his eyes open. When did he close them? He was about to start fighting again, however was frozen in fear as he heard the demon undoing his pants. He was nowhere near ready for that, even with the brief preparation, the blond knew that even without having seen Sebastian's impressive length. "Y-your n-not going to?!"

"This... May hurt a bit." his rapist said, managing to sound genuinely apologetic, through a lust husky voice. The hand that had been fingering him only a moment before yanked his bared ass to meet flesh, hard cock now rubbing against exposed flesh. The demon pushed in slowly. Earning a moaned cry of pain from the shivering reaper, it hurt so completely being filled in such a way he'd never experienced before. Inch by inch Sebastian moved forward, until seating himself completely inside the reaper.

"Ooohh..." Sebastian shamelessly moaned, Ronald's tight heat was glorious, he'd needed this so very much. The demon was nearly insane with lust as he began a slow sensuous pace, taking the reaper on the dark London alleyway. Moans slowly filled the air, echoing the cold walls around them, Ronald as much as he wanted to fight it wasn't sure if they were his assailants, or his own. The demon was skilled.

Black nails gripping his hips harder, Sebastian's gentle resolve was quickly falling away, as he rutted into the helpless reaper faster and harder, he was merciless. Choppy heated huffs from the demon above him, were all Ronald could focus on as he was pounded into and used. Each thrust hitting deeply, Ronald moaned when Sebastian shifted slightly, he'd found his prostate, hitting it with every thrust, the reaper through his fright and pain, was becoming aroused being the demons love toy. Ronald squeeze his eyes shut "No! This... This is wrong." he thought to himself, willing his growing erection away.

Noticing the reaper tensing, Sebastian released his iron grip on Ronald's hips... Experimentally reaching around to find the others cock, he gave him a few small pumps, and soon felt the other cum, jerkily releasing seed in his hand. "O-ah!" Sebastian smirked at his quickness, but kept silent, returning attention to thrusting ever harder into the reapers ass. The demon could carry on for a while longer before nearing his own release, Sebastian was known for his stamina by the few lovers lucky enough to have had him. Ronald clinched his fist trying to recover from his orgasm, hearing the others ragged breaths his mind was lost.

"BASSY!" an utterly inhuman sob came echoing in from the alley entrance. "W-W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" a mix of purely jealous, rage and sadness flooded the air from the red reaper. Sebastian sighed, why now? He regrettably pulled out, spell broken at the flamboyant reapers vulgarly loud bellows.

"You don't know the meaning of privacy do you?" Sebastian asked, realizing a moment too late the irony of that question. He had been screwing his lovers brains out, in the middle of an open alleyway, after all. "I can't believe this! He should be me!" Disgusted Sebastian stood up, tucking himself away. Ronald had almost forgotten to move, still hazy from his hard orgasm only a moment ago, he shakily pulled his pants up with a pained groan.

"At least one of us was able to find release." Sebastian however pained at the loss of contact, smirked at his disheveled lover. It was somewhat maddening to not be able to finish, however for the sake of the contract Sebastian needed to pull his desires screeching away, to return to his master. There was no time to deal with Grell. In this city where reapers are constantly required, he would find his marked one again. And soon. For now however, Sebastian painfully tucked tail and made way back to his lord, for the enviable scolding that awaited. Leaving behind sore, and heartbroken reapers.