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Chapter 1 - Cursed

After the celebration had ended, everyone was heading off for bed except Mal. She walked over and sat down on the steps with her mind reeling with confusion and fear. I can't believe this is happening. She thought as she looked up at the moon in the deep blue night sky. She let out a deep sigh and began singing to herself

"A million thoughts in my head
Should I let my heart keep listening
I can't decide
What's wrong, what's right
Which way should I go

If only I knew what my heart was telling me
Don't know what I'm feeling
Is this just a dream?
Ah oh, yeah
If only I could read the signs in front of me
I could find the way to who I'm meant to be
Ah oh, if only
If only."

"Beautiful song can I get an encore?" Mal whirled around in a panic and let out a sigh of relief when she saw that it was Ben. "Are you okay?" he asked gazing at her with concern. Mal didn't say anything as he moved closer to her. "Mal, what's wrong?" He asked placing an arm around which caused Mal to shake and flinch as she moved away from him. "Mal, what's going on? Talk to me." Ben said as he stared worriedly into her green eyes. "It's okay now; your mom can't get to you anymore remember? You're free now. Free to be who you want to be."

He began to move closer to her as Mal tried to back away. "Ben stay back." She said firmly. "Please, just stay back." "What's going on?" He asked in confusion. "I'm just trying to help. What's wrong?" "It's nothing." She said shaking her head. "Just please stay away from me." I can't risk hurting you. She thought as she moved past him to go inside. She felt a tear about to run down her cheek and whipped it away with the sleeve of her dress.

She opened up the door and began heading up the stairs to her dorm whipping away all the makeup that Evie had done. She let out a soft shaky sigh as she quietly opened the door and silently prayed that Evie was asleep. She quietly made her way into the room and as she did so, she noticed that the nearby lamp on the desk on Evie's side of the room was on. "Mal?" Mal flinched as she heard Evie's voice and quietly closed the door behind her. "What's wrong? You look like a mess." Mal didn't say anything as she walked over to her side of the room and grabbed her mom's spell book from the bed. She tried to control her frantic breathing as she began to wiz through it with her heart pounding a million miles in her chest.

"Mal, Mal what is it?" Evie asked worried. Panicked and trembling, she got up from the desk and tried to walk over to her, but Mal noticed her out of the corner of her eye and backed away terrified. "Stay back E." She said softly as her voice trembled with fear. "I don't want to hurt you." "That's ridiculous M." Evie said shaking her head in disbelief. "There's no way you could hurt me, we're friends remember?" Mal didn't reply and her body trembled as she drew in a sharp breath just as there came a slight knock at the door. "Mal? it's Ben. I'm with Jay and Carlos can we come in?" Mal's body trembled in fear again as Evie walked over to the door and opened it to let the three boys in.

"Mal, what's going on?" Carlos asked in a timid voice as he held Dude in his arms. "We're finally free. Our parents can't harm us anymore." "You may be free Carlos." Mal finally spoke up in a terrified voice as she looked up at them. "I'm not." "What are you talking about?" Jay asked as his silver eyes scanned over her. "Your not evil anymore, your good now." Mal shook her head. "I want to be good," She said as her voice trembled in worry. "But that's not possible."

Lizard-Maleficent: Villains, the time has come for our vengeance!"

Cruella: "Did you hear something?"

Evil Queen: "I didn't hear anything."

Jafar: "Neither did I."

Lizard Maleficent: "You will all pay for this!"

Cruella: "Oh, it's only just a tiny Maleficent." (She smirks and laughs evilly as she picks up Maleficent's tiny lizard body) "Nothing to worry about."

Evil Queen: "Oh good. for a second there I thought someone was threatening us."

Lizard-Maleficent: "You knuckleheads! I will destroy you all!" (Her eyes glow bright green as she looks toward the camera) "Enjoy the rest of the chapter."

"It is possible," Ben said gently as his eyes filled with worry and concern. "You are good Mal. I've seen it, so has everyone else here. You stopped your mom from destroying all of us. That makes you good not evil." He tried to move toward her to comfort her, but Mal cried out, "Ben please, Stay back!" She began to panic and her breathing became sharp and raged as she tried to keep her breathing under control. "Mal, just calm down." Jay said softly. "We're just here to help. Everything's okay."

"I said stay back!" She finally yelled out and suddenly the entire building began to shake like an earthquake with shimmering glowing supernatural electric green light. The same color as her eyes, and Mal's frantic breathing only became worse as Ben reached out and touched her shoulder, but the moment he did so, the worry and concern in his eyes were now replaced by pain and agony. "No." Mal's voice trembled as she watched the love of her life suddenly fall to his knees panting and groaning.

"Ben?" Carlos's voice squeaked in horror as the three remaining kids watched in horror, as the newley crowned king slumped forward to the floor not moving or breathing, and Mal's eyes lit up in complete terror. "This can't be happening." She muttered as tears began to fall down her cheeks. The building stopped shaking just as an alarm rang out throughout the school and the Fairy Godmother appeared in the room with her brown eyes lit up in worry as she saw Ben's body. "What happened here children?" She asked in a concerned caring voice.

None of the kids said a word just as several parents now rushed in including Beast and Belle, which made Mal nervous with worry. "What happened here?!" Beast roared angrily as his eyes fell on his son's unconcious body before turning to Mal and the other three descendants. "You!" He roared visciously as hs eyes fell on Mal who was trembling in absolute terror. "You did this didn't you? You hurt my son!" Belle put her hand on her husband's shoulder to try and calm him. "Easy dear." She said softly. "Calm down?!" Beast roared in anger. "Maleficent's brat hurt our son!"

Mal felt a pang in her heart as she looked down at Ben's body then up at Evie, Jay and Carlos. "These children need to be banned from Auradon permentatly." Piped up Audrey's grandmother Queen Leah, in an angry yet terrified voice. "Before They kill us all especially that one." She said with her eyes narrowing streight at Mal. "That Child is the most dangerous one out of all of them." "Everyone calm down now." Fairy Godmother said calmly holding her hands up to silence everyone as angry murmurs rose through the entire room.

Mal at this point still trembling in fear closed her mom's spellbook and clutched it tightly to her chest. "Queen Leah, your right." She said softly. "Mal, what are you talking about?" Evie asked placing a hand on her friend's shoulder. "I can't be around anyone without hurting them." She replied softly drawing in a shaky breath. Her voice began to break as she broke down in sobs and muttered, "I'm cursed."

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