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Previously on Descendants – "MALICE!" She roared ferociously as the pupils in her eyes now became splinted like that of a serpent. whips of electric green energy flowed throughout her body and began spreading like wildfire.

"You will pay for this!" She growled angrily. She could feel herself starting to transform and as she looked down at herself she couldn't believe what was actually happening. She was transforming alright. Transforming into that of a dragon just like her mother. She was giving into the overwhelming darkness that was slowly starting to overtake her. No! She shook her head as she quickly tried to fight against it, but the feeling of losing control was slowly spreading all over her body bathing her in white hot fire that was slowly burning her alive.

"Aww, did my sweet baby sis just lose the love of her life?" There was the taunting voice of her brother again, haunting her from a distant as she looked around hoping to catch a glimpse of him. "Or should I say, the only love of your life?" Mal growled in annoyance and then flicked her gaze toward Ben's now unconscious form and tried to race over toward him, but a violent stab of pain in her chest nearly forced her to her knees. "Ahhh!" Grabbing at her chest with one hand she could immediately feel the dark green star pulsing in time with the rhythm of each heartbeat.

"Aww, poor little Malora." Just then the form of her psychotic twin now stood directly in front of her, but she couldn't do anything at this point to stop him as the force of the curse wouldn't allow her. "If only mom could see you right now. I wonder just what it would be that she would say? Perhaps she would tell you that she was right all along, and that falling in love is for the weak?" Mal shook her head firmly as she tried to take a step toward Ben but another violent stab of pain shot through her chest, this time forcing her to her knees as she struggled to take a breath now.

Is this how it's going to end? Mal thought horrified. After everything I've done to try and be good to rid myself of my mother's evil genes, it was all for nothing? Was there ever really a hope for me to truly be good?

"I'm so sorry Ben." she muttered to herself in sorrow as she looked up now in her brother's direction to see him raise his arm high up into the air. "So long dear baby sis. It was fun while it lasted wouldn't you agree?" A surge of power now flowed into Malice's hand toward Mal, but a surge of power flew within her as well at the same time, and the next thing she was consciously aware was her eyes shimmering and glowing emerald green and an evil smile spreading across her face as she grabbed ahold of her brother's wrist to stop him from attacking her. Malice's eyes narrowed as he noticed the look in his twin's eyes and smiled an evil smile that mirrored Mal's. "Glad to see you back on our side sis." He replied.


Chapter 6 - Don't You Want To Be Evil like Me?

A newfound sense of greed now began to slowly build up within Mal's body the more she could feel the power of the curse overtaking her. She could feel the overwhelming urge to hurt others, and she enjoyed that feeling. It was the feeling of being on top and in control. Her green eyes flared intensenly even now as she drew herself toward the unconscious form of her boyfriend Ben, who was now the new king of Auradon. Something within her was telling her to get rid of him, and for a minute she wasn't sure if it was her own inner evil voice nagging at her or the power of her mother's curse, but either way, the will to become evil was proving to be too much for her to handle. Too much to fight against. She raised her hand which was now surging with electric green energy, with an evil smile spreading across her face as her eyes continued to flare with deep intensity. "So long Benny-Boo." She replied with malicious greed laced in her voice. "It was fun while it lasted." She let out a small evil laugh and was about to attack, when a sudden shrill like voice snapped Mal's attention away from the unconscious king. "MAL! STOP!"

Mal's green eyes flared as she now turned her attention away from Ben to see none other then Evie standing before her with Ben's body as the only separation between the two girls. Evie's brown eyes were not only full of fear, but also full of great concern, and seemed to almost be blinking back tears as she looked at Mal. "Don't do this." She begged softly. "Please. You know you don't want to hurt Ben. You love him remember? You even said it yourself to your mother that love is not weak." Mal's eyes now started to flash almost as if she could feel the power of the curse starting to break, but the power of evil still held it's strong hold onto her much to Evie's dismay. "Save it for someone who cares." Was all the daughter of Maleficent would say next just as she turned her focus of attention back onto Ben, but just then a horrible stinging pain flared up within her chest causing her to gasp as she lost her focus of power on Ben. Evie watched as Ben's body fell back to the floor just as he began to stir.

"What? What's going on?" Ben's blue eyes fluttered open as he slowly lifted his head up to look around and noticed Evie, Mal, and of course the sight of Mal's twin brother, who Ben hadn't had a chance to meet yet. "Evie? What's going on?" He asked as he now slowly rose to her feet and walked over toward her. "I'll explain later." Evie replied as she reached into her bag and pulled out her magical mirror opened it and shone it brightly into Mal's face. "Sorry about this Mal." She murmured softly and cried out, "Magic Mirror shine you're bright light!"

A surge of bright light surged right into Mal's eyes causing her to cry out in pain as she let out an evil hiss almost like a snake. "Jay!" Evie called out over her shoulder much to Ben's shock and dismay. "You handle Malice! I've got Mal!" The next thing she and Ben heard were sounds of grunting sounds followed by fists flying. "What on earth is going on?" Ben asked, but Evie remained silent as she focused all her attention toward Mal. She had to figure out someway to break the spell, but just what would do it? Would a single kiss from Ben be enough? Evie shook her head and dismissed the idea the moment it had entered her mind. "That may have worked for Ariel and Eric, but this is a different case." She found herself muttering to herself now. "What am I going to do now? How can I help Mal?"

Mal continued to hiss like a snake as she tried to get away from the power of Evie's magic mirror but now she couldn't even find the strength within herself to even be able to use her magic. She felt her eyes starting to flicker as images of memories began to fill up inside her mind. From being on the Isle with her mother, to arriving in Auradon, and then finally to Ben and falling in love with him. She gave out a final cry of emotion as she fell to her knees holding her chest with one hand and breathing heavily. Evie let out a deep sigh and closed up her magic mirror as Ben turned to look at her. "Is she okay?" He asked softly. Evie held a finger to her mouth for a moment as she looked over at Mal to see her slightly shaking. "Mal? Are you okay?"

There were no responses from Mal's trembling form as the only sounds that could be heard next were sounds of quiet sobs. "I'm so sorry." She finally said in a soft tone as Evie went over and placed a hand on her shoulder. "It's okay. It wasn't you." Mal lifted her face up to look up at Evie and just as the moment she saw Ben's face, she immediately got to her feet and threw her arms around his neck. "Are you okay?" She asked as Ben smiled. "Are you kidding? I should be asking you that." Ben replied. "What on earth happened?" Mal was about to answer, but then she turned her attention to her brother.

Malice's green eyes flared up the moment he saw his sister had returned back to normal and an intense surge of anger flared up within him. "It's over Malice." Mal said softly placing a hand on her twin's shoulder. "Why did you do it?" Malice asked. Mal's eyes narrowed in confusion for a moment. "What are you talking about?"

"You're the one who did this!…You're the one who put a spell on mom!" Malice shouted pushing Mal's hand away and walking knew her brother was enraged. The person who was raised just as evil as him decided to not just turn on him but on their mother as well. "Malice, I had to!" Mal cried out.

"No you didn't! Mal that was our mother!" he hissed. His anger seemed to be getting the better of him, as some of the untouched objects from the heated battle now began to shake and fly across the room. "Malice, I had to protect these innocent people!" Mal cried out as tears now began to sting in her eyes again. "Don't you think it hurt me to see our mother turn into a lizard! It did! But I had to do it! So DON'T make it seem like I wanted to put that spell on her" said Mal, she had an angry look but tears were also forming in her eyes. Malice turned around to look at Mal who was visibly upset and stopped the items that were shaking. For the first time in his life, he began to feel a slight hint of an emotion he didn't even realize he was capable of feeling. Guilt.

He had wanted to hurt his sister for all that she and the rest of them had done to their mother, and for making a mockery of all Villain kind, but now as Malice looked over at his sister and could see tears running down her cheeks, a stab of pain began to flare up inside his chest. Feeling himself falling to his knees, he then looked over at Mal and could see his twin in the same position. Her skin was pale and dark green lines as thick as vines had started to flow through her. "What's happening?!" Ben cried out as he caught Mal's trembling form in his hands. "What's going on with her?!"

Malice knew that if he didn't do anything to save his sister that the curse would overtake her again and possibly kill her. Using the last bit of strength he could muster, and with a surge of green and black energy swirling around his hand, he weakly lifted his hand toward Mal. "What are you doing?" Ben asked still in obvious confusion about the entire incident. "I'll explain everything later." Malice replied weakly as he winced from the pain in his chest. Ben nodded and continued to hold on to Mal's body as she let out quiet groans of agony. "Hang in there sis." Malice found himself now whispering to himself. Just as he found himself drifting in and out of consciousness, and as he tried to keep control over his magic in order to heal his sister, he soon found himself giving way to the overwhelming darkness that was consuming him.

Whispers of quiet moans uttered from Malice followed quickly in suit from his sister, who wasn't even fully aware of what had happened. Malice opened his eyes and looked around to find himself now lying in a warm bed with his sister lying in another bed beside his. Finding himself no longer in pain, Malice slowly rose to a sitting position and looked over at Mal to see her skin now longer pale. Her green eyes shone with happiness as she too rose to a sitting position and the twins looked at each other. "I knew there had to be some form a good heart lodged deep in there somewhere." She said softly but Malice didn't seem to be in the least bit interested as he turned his attention away from his sister with a scoff. "Yeah well if you would've died then everyone here would've missed you." Mal laughed lightly and said, "Yeah? I bet you would even miss me too right big brother?" Malice didn't even look over at his sister, but a smile was slowly spreading across his face. Just then there were barking sounds followed by the furry sight of brown colored dog, which jumped onto Mal's bed wagging it's tail happily. "Glad to see you too Dude." She replied with a smile as she rubbed the dog's fur. Just then there was the sight of Carlos, followed by Jay, and Evie. "Glad to see your alright." Evie said softly. "You were both out of it for two days."

"Yeah, lucky for you, Fairy Godmother was able to use the power of her wand to finish up Malice's healing spell." Carlos said with a nod of gratitude toward Malice. Mal looked down at her chest and a smile lit up on her face the moment she knew that the curse was gone. "I thought you wanted to get rid of me for what I had done to mom." She said as everyone in the room now all turned to her brother to which Malice replied, "What can I say, guess not all villains have black and white hearts." There was an eruption of laughter from the others in the room as for a moment all in Auradon seemed well and slowly would be getting back to normal.

However, not all was right and normal among those still residing in the Isle of the Lost. In fact things were down-right miserable, well at least as miserable as they could ever be anyway, and as the eyes of one of the residing Villains watched the happy scene unfolding from a mystical globe in Maleficent's chambers, her brown eyes were set on only one person. Her son. A cackling laughter rang out followed by bolts of lightning that rained down over the Isle. She was tired of being the pitiful villain who only doted on furs and coats. Now the time was for the world to know just how manipulative, sly, cunning, and powerful Cruella De Vill really could be. First she needed to assert her dominance over Maleficent, Jafar, and Evil Queen.

THE END...At least for now, I will maybe go back and fix the ending to make it slightly better, but I think for now this is a good fit. Stay tuned cause there will be a sequel to this story coming soon. Hope you enjoyed reading and as always please review!