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Daisy hadn't meant to spill the last bit of flour, truly, she hadn't. She had just been wiping her rolling pin down with flour as the dough was particularly sticky and she must've nudged the bag with her elbow because the next thing she knew, a thick cloud of white powder was floating through the air and covering everything within its reach.

Mrs. Patmore will be so angry! Daisy thought anxiously as dropped to her knees and scrambled to wipe away the remnants of her disaster. Unfortunately, she wasn't quite quick enough.

"Daisy? What are you doing down there? If the bread baked itself, I'd spend a lot of time relaxing meself but it hasn't in the time I've been here and I don't expect it to start now! So do get up and finish rolling it out!"

Daisy stood hesitantly and Mrs. Patmore gaped at her white streaked apron and hands.

"Oh for heaven's sake, don't tell me you spilled all the rest of our flour." Mrs. Patmore sighed, wiping her hands on her apron exasperatedly.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Patmore. I must've bumped it while I was rolling out the dough but I can't remember touching it-"

"Oh, do try to keep your head in the kitchens instead of wandering about, would you?! What are we to do now without any flour?" Mrs. Patmore asked Daisy, shaking her head in irritation.

"We've still got a bag left in the store cupboard, but..." Daisy trailed off, knowing Mrs. Patmore ceaseless tirade against the store cupboard key being kept from her grasp.

Mrs. Patmore's eyes narrowed dangerously as she responded.

"Well then, I suppose you'll have to ask Mrs. Hu- Mrs. Carson. Go on, be quick about it!"

Daisy left hastily, relieved to have escaped the full heat of Mrs. Patmore's scalding tongue. She hurried to the now Mrs. Carson's sitting room, only to find the door already ajar. Curiously, she peeked in the crack and saw the housekeeper, pacing determinedly across her sitting room as Mr. Carson, seated in a chair near the fire, looked on.

"Now Elsie-"

"Don't you 'now Elsie' me, Charles Carson! This is a serious matter!"

Mr. Carson hid a small chuckle at his wife's impression of him. "Certainly I agree with you, but what are we to do about it? His lordship has chosen to invite his distant cousins to Downton and we must accommodate them all."

"We cannot manage them all without at least another housemaid and I'm not sure if the young lady has a ladies' maid, so we might have to provide for her as well," Mrs. Carson said exasperatedly. "If we are really are to serve all of them, then you must speak to his lordship about hiring extra help."

"I will in the morning." Mr. Carson replied, standing and throwing on his jacket. Mrs. Carson made a noncommittal noise that sounded vaguely like a humph and turned her back to him. In two long strides, Mr. Carson had crossed the room and put his arms around his wife, spinning her back around to face him.

"I will speak to him, Elsie," he told her softly. "And I do hope that will help me regain my lovely wife's favor."

"Flatterer." She said, but nonetheless pressed her lips to his gently. Embarrassed to be spying on such a private moment, Daisy almost withdrew from the door, but before she could Mrs. Carson pulled back and shooed her husband away. Daisy quickly poked her whole head in before Mr. Carson could reach the door, hoping to disguise her peeking.

"Mrs. Hugh- Sorry, I mean Mrs. Carson, we've used up all the flour in the kitchens."

"Ah, I'll open the store cupboard then. You may tell Mrs. Patmore that she can take whatever else she needs while it is open." The housekeeper replied, reaching for her keys and stepping swiftly past her husband and into the corridor, Daisy trailing behind her.

After they had gotten another bag of flour to replace the first and Mrs. Patmore's rant about housekeepers maintaining the store cupboard had finally ended, Daisy slid the pan of bread into the oven carefully and gave a contented sigh.

"What are you smiling about?" Mrs. Patmore asked, still simmering with annoyance about the store cupboard key.

"Oh nothing, just well, it must be awfully nice to have someone who cares so much about you that they'd do anything to make you happy." Daisy said dreamily.

"Oh good heavens, what has brought this on? It's a bleeding miracle we get anything done around here, what with your head seeming to have a permanent residence up in the clouds! Now go on and wipe the table down then we'll have to start on dinner." Mrs. Patmore said, shaking her head peevishly.

"Yes, Mrs. Patmore!" Daisy said as she rushed to the table.

Standing just off to the side of the door and unseen by either the cook or her assistant, a small smile spread across Mrs. Carson's face.

"Yes, it is quite nice," she said softly. "Quite nice indeed."

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