"Come on Jowan, after traveling me with all that time, you could at least learn how to walk."

"Hey you're not wearing pounds upon pounds of armor!"

"You said it was light as a feather because of your abilities!"


"Exactly, so no complaining." I rubbed my face as I looked out toward the distance of the beginnings of the Korcari Wilds near the ruined city of Lothering. The sky looked grey with a sort of miasma surrounding the ground. It was black and cracked, vegetation was dry, the trees graying with no leaves. I sighed. I had my work cut out for me. I felt movement on my left side and I immediately took out a small dagger and held it up to what was there.

"Wah! Talen!" Jowan shouted, my dagger on his neck. I groaned and rolled my eyes. I put my dagger away.

"What did I tell you on walking on my left side? I can't hear on that side very well." I growled.

"Sorry…" Jowan said. I shook my head and rubbed at the small nub that was my ear. The scars of the Archdemon's flames took a part of my face and some of my neck before traveling down toward half of my body. It was a price I was willing to pay to protect Leliana.

"Do you think this is going to work?" Jowan asked.

"There's only one way to know. Go and find one and then we'll see." Jowan nodded and took out his shield and mace.

The taint, the corruption that lived inside of Darkspawn that covered the earth and slowly kills everything it touches. That same taint that lives inside of me. I feel it coursing through my veins. It grew stronger when I drank that potion in Soldier's Peak. There is a sort of darkness that permeates from my blood, something I can control, that same feeling when I stand next to Jowan. He drank the potion as well. The power over darkspawn blood and the power over blood, our own and others.

Together they create a combination I cannot tell the world.

I knelt down and put my hand on the cracked, black, dry earth. I closed my eyes and concentrated. The same darkness that calls inside my blood is calling from inside this earth. There is a way to extract it. I had time to go through my theory, write it all down, and locked it away. Only Jowan knows as well because we are the only ones that we can do it.

There is power in blood but I will never use this against my fellow people. Blood magic is frowned upon in nearly every society except Tevinter. Why can't Thedas realize that by shunning and locking away magic, they close so many doors of opportunity?

Magic isn't evil. It's a gift from the Maker to be able to touch his first world, his first children. It's what I tell my apprentices back in the Circle. Is a hammer evil? Is a knife evil? Is a needle evil? No. It's a tool just like magic and, as a tool is, it could be used to help.

I heard that small whisper in the back of my head and stood up. Jowan had a darkspawn trailing right behind him. Its eyes are glossed over. Blood magic controlling minds.

Jowan is not a bad man, he is only a weak man but weakness is no excuse to have him turned into Tranquil. If only they could see like I could the strength that was inside of him.

"Here. Are you sure about this Talen?" Jowan's lines on his forehead furrowed with worry.

"Like I said, there's only one way to find out if this can work. We're the only ones that can probably do this." I said, taking out my dagger and placing it over my palm. I looked at Jowan and he nodded at me. I sank the blade into my palm. I felt the power inside it. I took out a portion and bathed the earth in it. I closed my eyes and focused on my power. The taint inside of the earth, the taint inside of my blood, intermingling.

Blight magic. I gathered it all inside the blood covered earth and raised it out. The blood lifted itself out of the ground. The ground wasn't black anymore. It was still dry and cracked but the taint was carried out of it. The blood that hovered was dark, twisting, as if I raised tar straight out of the ground. I looked at the darkspawn and I forced that black ichor inside of it.

The screams it gave out were unholy as it accepted the taint back into it. Its skin became blotchy and fell in some places, it coughed out some ichor, and Jowan raised his hand. A dark energy floated inside the darkspawn. It fell silent and fell over.

"That should keep it asleep for now." Jowan said. I nodded and looked for the well inside of me.

I remember how the Enchanters always tried to explain away magic. They put in big words and tried to make us fear it, that we couldn't control it.

They never teach the feeling of the well inside of you, that it can be as natural as breathing, the pull from the fade through your own body.

And I made it into fire to burn the body of the darkspawn.

As I watched the fire, I remembered my earliest memory of a warm body, grabbing my hands and putting them near the hearth.

'Fire doesn't only destroy. It gives life as well. Where would we be without the fire warming our home? The fire that cooks our meals? The wildfires that cleans our fields? Remember this da'len.'

"Talen…the corruption is gone!" Jowan said, feeling his hands through the dirt. It was unlike the rest of the ground. I nodded.

"Then the theory I proposed was correct. I'll make sure to send it to Weisshaupt. They might not like the whole blood magic part but we can clean the earth like this. Come on. Let's get out of here and get some rest. We'll start purifying more tomorrow." I explained heading back toward Enasalin.

"Right." Jowan nodded. "Still this is something extraordinary. Did you get the idea from the notes we were able to recover in Soldier's Peak?"

"Somewhat. I kinda thought about it on a whim while going through the notes and I noticed a correlation. If we can learn to control Blight magic, it'll be a boon to the magical community."

"I doubt they'll accept that." Jowan chuckled bitterly.

"They at least gave out my new specialized creation Surgery magic." I shrugged.

"Only to the first Enchanters in each Circle, and that's to prevent anyone from learning it."

"Tch, stupid Chantry." I mumbled.

"Are they really going to take it away from you?" Jowan asked softly. I looked down. I killed the Archdemon but no one knows the truth besides the few that remained on top of Fort Drakon. I gave up the recognition in order to make the Circle free but Eren's protection can only last so long.

Something will eventually give. I know that at least.

We neared Enasalin, the place that was promised to the Dalish after the Blight, the sun already setting as we spent most of our time in the Blighted lands.

"Welcome friends." Nerion said. The few guards were around in the forest nodded at us before continuing on their way. I was surprised when Eren gave them the land but I'm guessing that he wanted relations between the elves and his kingdom to be better than before. That is also the reason why the Arl of Denerim is an elf as well.

"Aneth era Nerion." I nodded.

"How goes your progress?" Nerion asked.

"We're still working on it." I shrugged as he led us to our encampment. Jowan got stares from everyone. Lanaya came up and nodded at him. He looked at me with a 'Please help me' look. I shrugged. The only way they accepted him is if he taught them his Arcane Warrior magic. It was theirs technically. They only lost it. Of course they're going to want to relearn it. The Knight Enchanter magic holds nothing to the real thing. "Go ahead Jowan, we'll talk later."

"Fine, fine…" Jowan mumbled following Lanaya out to her tent. Nerion left as soon as I reached my tent, handing me a few letters that found their way here. A short and courteous one from Eren, Derek talking about his farms, and one from Leliana.

Leliana…she was away in Valence right now. The Temple of Sacred Ashes did much to ease her heart after the Blight but she grew…weary. I let her go so she can find her true calling.

I know that she will come back to me eventually.

It's odd how we came together. I was only a newly harrowed mage that got kicked out of the circle because of Jowan.

Traveling with Duncan, Daveth, and Derek toward Ostagar to combat the Blight and, along the way, we found Eren. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would find myself traveling with them. To Lothering where I found Leliana and I found Nia.

I insulted Leliana when we first met. Granted, I just got through learning that our efforts were in vain and that Loghain branded us traitors but I shouldn't have been so rude.

She was beautiful then and she was beautiful now.

Just like the Andraste's Grace that I found for her. She blooms in adversity.

But even with all the things that we've gone through, life makes us head into several different paths.

I am the Grey Warden Talen. I am a blood mage and I will do whatever it takes to make people see us differently.

Hello there my readers and welcome to the companion piece to Days of Our Past! Those who are new, please read Days of Our Lives to understand this! Anywho, this doesn't follow my SI from the previous stories and doesn't follow a set timeline either. It follows Talen, Derek, and Eren after the Blight and their adventures during that time. The few quests that weren't covered, Witch Hunt, Shale's personal quest, and the Golems of Amgarrak will be touched upon here! I will drop minor tidbits of extra info on Talen, Derek, and Eren after their personal chapters.

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