"It's spitting its poison! Duck!" Ariane shouted as we dodged the Varterral's attack once more. The ground was littered with pools of venom, burning the vegetation slowly. The Varterral's legs were stomping where Alfred was attempting to nip at its underbelly. Finn was concentrating on his firestorm spell while we tried to keep it busy.

Ariane jumped at it before it swung its leg in a mighty show of swiftness. It caught her dead in the chest and she was sent skidding. I shouted a battle cry before I launched and stabbed my sword into its gut. It cried out before kicking me as well. Alfred managed to snag back my sword and gave it to me before we had to get out its landing area.

We were all tired from our travels and the Varterral was not giving in anyway. I panted, feeling the exhaustion in my bones.

Then Finn let out a cry as the sigil underneath was complete. I saw massive flaming rocks aimed at the Varterral. It looked up for a second before being pelted by the flaming rocks. It screamed in pain before being buried. Ariane got near us, limping and holding her gut. Finn gave her a potion, his magic already run out.

"It seems we can continue." Ariane threw the potion bottle and shattered it on the ground. "Well, it looks like you might have a smudge on your robes." She chuckled. Finn looked at the bottom was near eaten away by the venom.

"Ah they're just robes." Finn chuckled.

"A far cry from the mage that I met in the Circle that fainted by a few droplets of blood." Ariane teased, poking his chest.

"Considering all we lived through, I would say that messy robes are the least of my worries. Maybe leather might work better?" Finn wondered. Ariane laughed.

"Why don't you stop flirting so we can get on with it?" I said. They both grew two shades of red before Alfred barked and followed me. We left the Dragonbone Wastes and entered Drake's Fall. From what Talen had encountered, there used to be a great Tevinter Ruin here though he doesn't know what it was used for. We went through the ruins before going down the last set of stairs.

Alfred ran ahead, barking excitedly. There was one lone figure in front of a massive mirror. My heart wrenched painfully in my chest.

"Morrigan." I breathed out. She stood up fully. Alfred's tongue lagging out as she petted him.

"Tis been a while…Grey Warden." Morrigan said softly. I frowned when she didn't say my name.

"Thief! Where is the tome!?" Ariane shouted.

"Tis not far. I had made a camp right outside the Dragonbone Wastes, past the Pilgrim's Path onward toward Denerim, near a cave that glows with raw lyrium. Tis not hard to find. You will find the tome there. I have no use for it anymore." Morrigan said softly. Ariane looked at me confused.

"Morrigan. I have spent the last few years searching for you." I stated.

"I know. I apologize that I needed to steal from your people but I needed it to activate this eluvian. Tis of old forgotten magic. I had to use this to get away from mother. She was not what she said and I do believe that she was not human either but she is not a demon. I do not know what she is. I suspect you have questions. Go on and ask. I shall answer to the best of my ability." Morrigan said. I shook my head.

"I don't need answers Morrigan." I walked up to where she was. "All this time I have spent making sure that this country would one day not need me so that I may go on my search to find you. I spent days, years, hoping and praying for a sign that I might find you again and here you are."

"You…" Morrigan chuckled softly. "And you said that love was a foolish sentiment."

"It was, it still is and I'm a fool for believing so…but you made me that fool Morrigan." I said, my voice deep with emotion.

"You do not even know what I am planning o-of what I will do in the future." Morrigan's brows furrowed. It was amazing how much emotion she never showed others but could easily break when around me. It was one of the things that made me feel special.

"I don't care. I love you Morrigan and I wish to remain with you, here or anywhere. As long as I remain with you, then you can whisk me away to where you deem fit." I stood in front of her. It was her body that attracted me to her but it was her mind that made me stay. Those golden eyes that pierced with an icy glare and yet can look so warm.

I had lost my home when I found her and though to seek it in another but that was not the right choice. Nia reminded me too much of the past and my feelings shifted to this rare wildflower that I began to see in a new light.

Morrigan was my home and no one could replace that.

All the nightmares, all the haunted visions, everything that has plagued me has vanished now that I have seen her again.

"Then let us be off my love. This mirror will only work this one time. Tis time to meet our son." Morrigan said softly as I took her hand in my own. The lump in my throat grew as I said the words.

"Our son." My voice broke and her eyes grew misty as well. I kissed those soft lips of hers and Alfred barked once more.

"Eren…" I looked back at Finn and Ariane. I nodded at them.

"Take care, both of you and thank you." I held onto Morrigan's hand, Alfred shaking his tail furiously. She touched the grand mirror and it glowed.

All three of us stepped through.

It was time to go home.

And now Eren's journey has come to a close. Since we have not gotten any sort of adventure dealing with the Hero of Ferelden besides that one letter from them, this might be the last time I will write about Eren...

Thank you all that have stayed with me as I wrote this! This is the end! :D For now. Talen and Derek will come back in my DAI story :3 I hope to see you all there!