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The Alchemist and the Homunculus

Chapter 1: Hitomi the Alchemist

"Alchemy's so fascinating, isn't it big sister? You're so good at it!"

"You really mean it? Then, I'll keep working at it! Then, we'll finally be able to leave this stupid place and start over together!"

"Pinky promise, big sister?"

"Pinky promise."

"No, I don't want to be alone! Please, don't die! You're all I have left!"

"Don't worry. I swear I will bring you back, little brother. Then we can be together again. I don't care if it's Taboo! I will succeed!"

"Aghhh! No! Nooo! It hurts so much! What have I done? WHAT HAVE I DONE?!"

"Get out of here you piece of trash! You scum! You filthy sinner! I don't want you here! No one will ever adopt you now!"

"I'm so sorry little brother... I failed you... I just wanted was to see your smile again... That was all I wanted..."

Emerald green eyes burst open as a young woman of seventeen years shot straight up from her seat. She was panting heavily as she thought back to her nightmare. No, not a nightmare. She reminded herself. Memories.

"Damn it. I thought I was past having nightmares. Pathetic." She grumbled, tucking a strand of her long, ebony locks behind her ear and blowing her bangs out of her face. Luckily, it was tied at the very end with a grey band, so it never really got in her way too much (1). Her hair reached the midpoint of her back and despite her cowlick which never showed any sign of flattening was perfectly straight. That annoying cowlick was a part of her appearance she never really cared for.

The young woman glanced around her surroundings, finding herself sitting at a desk in the middle of Central's public library. There was a large, thick book open in front of her, having previously been used for a pillow and many eyes were on her thanks to the show she made of suddenly waking up from her nap.

The young woman was dressed in a burgandy sleeveless turtleneck and baggy grey fingerless gloves that nearly reached her elbows. Her bottom half was dressed in plain black pants while her feet were covered in knee-high black heeled boots.

"Hey you, girly." a scratchy voice interrupted her thoughts. The raven-haired girl looked up from her seat, coming face to face with a tall, blond man dressed in the standard blue Amestris military uniform.

"What?" She grumbled in annoyance.

The soldier before her smirked and crossed his arms. "You know, this is a library. Not a place for little girls to take naps. I suggest going home and getting into bed with your whittle teddy bear." He spoke in a mocking, condescending tone.

The young woman released a small growl as she stood up from her seat, glaring into the man's eyes. "I'm aware." She growled. "I work here."

"Oh so you're laying down on the job?" The soldier smirked. "This library's really downgraded on their employees. Geez, letting their staff lay down on the job and start crying over their nightmares."

"I got off four hours ago, for your information. And I wasn't having a nightmare." She snarled.

The smirk upon the soldier's face grew. "Oh yeah? Then why are you crying?"

She moved her hand up to her right cheek, gasping as she felt small tears dripping down it. As the soldier looked closer to her face, he noticed something unusual; tears were only steaming out of her right eye. Nothing emerged out of her left one, he couldn't even see any emotion in it. It was then that he noticed the faint scars around her left eye.

"What's wrong with your eye, girly?" He asked.

"Nothing! It's none of your business!" She stated as she grabbed her book and started walking away.

However, she didn't get far when the soldier grabbed her book right out of her hands.

"Hey! Give that back!" She exclaimed, reaching up to try and grab her book back from him. The soldier responded by pulling the book out of her reach and examining the title.

"A book on Alchemy, huh? So, you're an Alchemist, girly?" Questioned the soldier.

The young woman glared up at him, crossing her arms over her chest. "I have a name, you know. It's Hitomi. Try using it. Now give me back my book!"

The soldier released a small chuckle. "Fine. Here." He handed her back the book as Hitomi snatched it out of his hands and started walking away. "Hey! You may want to consider joining the military and becoming a State Alchemist. You'd get a lot more access to Alchemical research that way if that's what you're into." He called after her.

At that, Hitomi turned around to face him. "Thanks, but I think I'll pass. I'm not interested in becoming a dog of the military." Then, she turned her back to the blond soldier and walking towards the library's exit. She failed to notice a large smirk appearing upon his lips as he watched her leave.

As Hitomi pushed the large, library doors open with her book tucked under her arm, she was greeted with a orange twilight sky and a cool breeze, a stark contestant to the bustling streets of Central. But, as her eyes glanced towards the sidewalk, she saw two strange figures standing there.

One was a tall, large suit of armor decorated with multiple spikes and a red symbol on his shoulder. The other was a small blonde kid with his hair tied back in a braid dressed in a long, hooded red coat with a black version of the same symbol on his back and black clothing underneath.

Hitomi raised an eyebrow at the two strange figures. They looked strangely familiar somehow. Did she know them? Maybe seen them in the paper or something? As she walked down the steps, she started to listen in on their conversation.

"It's a shame that last lead was a dead end, huh, brother?" The figure in armor spoke in a voice that sounded a great deal like a small child which confused Hitomi greatly.

"You got that right, Al." The short boy replied with a groan. "I'm really not looking forward to another of Mustang's stupid lectures."

"Well, at least we exposed that crook, Yoki and gave the mine back to the people. And, we did buy tickets for Liore next week. Who knows? We might find something there, Ed. Have hope."

The blond boy, Ed grumbled in annoyance. "Yeah, or another dead end."

Ed and Al. Those names sounded so familiar. It was then that Hitomi remembered why they looked so familiar. They were in the newspaper a few days ago; the Elric brothers, the Fullmetal Alchemist.

"Hey!" Hitomi called, grabbing the brother's attention as she made her way to their side. "You guys are the Elric brothers, right?"

At that, the blond boy's annoyed face melted away to reveal a confident smirk. "That's right! I'm Edward Elric, The Fullmetal Alchemist!" Then, he pointed to the suit if armor who gave Hitomi a small wave. "And, this is my younger brother, Alphonse Elric."

Hitomi raised her eyebrow in surprise, having a hard time believing him. "Really? You're the Fullmetal Alchemist? Aren't you a little short to be a State Alchemist?"

As soon as the word "short" left her lips, Ed's expression shifted to one of anger.

"WHO'RE YOU CALLIN' SHORT?!" Edward exclaimed. He moved to attack her, but before he could, Al wrapped his arms around his brother's waist, holding him back.

"Brother, please calm down." Alphonse spoke calmly as though this had happened a million times before. "I'm sure she didn't mean anything."

Hitomi couldn't deny it; she actually found Ed's little tantrum funny and couldn't resist trying it again. "Calm down already, pipsqueak." She laughed.

"I'M NOT A PIPSQUEAK!" Growled Ed angrily.

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry." Replied Hitomi, holding her hand up in defense. "Geez, you need to work on that temper."

After that, the blond seemed to calm down and Al released his brother, relieved rage he didn't have to restrain him anymore. Edward resorted to pouting as Al's eyes rested on the book Hitomi was holding under her arm.

"Hey, is that a book on Alchemy?" Asked Alphonse with interest in his voice. Edward immediately immediately perked up at the mention of alchemy.

"Yeah, I'm pretty into it." Hitomi shrugged, trying to hide her happiness in finding people who shared a common interest.

"Well, I guess that's a redeeming quality after making fun of me!" Ed smiled. "You any good at it?"

Before Hitomi could reply, a nearby woman screamed, "Help! Thief! My purse!"

The three of them all simultaneously turned their heads, finding a man dressed in black clothing and a matching touque running down an alley with a purse tightly tucked under his arm.

Ed and Al responded immediately by jumping to their feet. "Oh no he doesn't! C'mon, Al! Let's go!"

"Right behind you, brother!" Al replied. Without a second thought, both boys ran after the purse snatcher as fast as their legs could carry them, leaving Hitomi behind.

"H-hey! Wait! What are you guys doing?!" Hitomi exclaimed, following Edward and Alphonse and moving as fast as her legs could carry her. She honestly had no idea why she was going after the two brothers, but some part of her pushed her forward. As though she had to be there with Ed and Al.

It wasn't too long before she caught up with the Elric brothers, having successfully managed to corner the purse snatcher in a nearby alley.

"Sorry, pal. Nowhere to run. Now why don't you give that nice lady her purse back?" Edward suggested with a small growl, lightly cracking his knuckles for emphasis.

However, Ed hadn't even taken a few steps before the purse snatcher clenched his fist and rushed towards the young teenager, ready to deliver a devastating blow.

"Ed! Look out!" Hitomi exclaimed, running up to the older Elric and shoving him out of the way and straight into Al's chest.

"Brother!" Al exclaimed as they were both knocked down.

"Hitomi?! What are you-" Edward and Alphonse pushed themselves up just in time to witness the purse snatcher delivering a devastating punch to Hitomi's cheek. The young woman was thrown backwards from the blow, causing something small and round to be knocked out of her skull.

Both Hitomi and the object hit the stone sidewalk, but the object rolled towards the Elric brothers, stopping near Ed's leg. The brothers looked down, gasping in surprise at what they saw the object was; a glass eye with a green iris.

"Wh-what the?!" Ed gasped, picking up the small object. He and his brother staring curiously along with a slight cringe.

"You know, that really hurt." Hitomi growled at the purse snatcher as she pushed herself up, her hand over her left eye. "I really hope you didn't destroy my glass eye. Those things are expensive." She then removed her hand, showing that her left eye was closed, trying to shield an empty eye socket.

The purse snatcher was so busy staring at Hitomi's face, that he was was completely unprepared when Hitomi clapped her hands and touched the stone sidewalk. The electric blue sparks of an alchemic reaction danced under her fingertips, causing the stone to shift and change shape.

In less than a second, the sidewalk had transformed into a stone fist and violently punched the purse snatcher in the gut, sending him flying into a nearby wall and the purse flying out of his hands. Without hardly any effort, Hitomi jumped up and grabbed the purse.

It took awhile for Ed and Al's shock to wear off, but as soon as it did, the brothers quickly moved to restrain the purse snatcher. Hitomi watched as she held the stolen purse, knelt down and picked up her glass eye. She then pulled a small cleaning cloth out of her pocket and cleaned her glass eye before effortlessly popping it back into her skull. She was so distracted, she barely noticed that Edward, Alphonse and the purse snatcher had been staring at her.

"What? You've never seen someone with a glass eye before?" Hitomi asked while the three others remained silent and continued staring. "Seriously, it's not that weird."

"Excellent work, Fullmetal. I can take it from here." An authoritative voice rang through the alley. The group turned to the sound of the voice, finding a tall, black-haired man dressed in the Amestris military uniform standing at the entrance to the alley. He was surrounded by a uniformed blonde woman and a number of soldiers.

"Took your time, didn't you Mustang?" Edward grumbled as a few soldiers apprehended the purse snatcher and took the purse back from Hitomi, handing it back to its owner who had stumbled onto the scene. "We could have finished this ourselves!"

"Sure you could, Elric." Laughed Mustang as he turned to Hitomi. "Nice to see you again, Miss Lieben. It's been awhile, what, two years?" Hitomi scoffed in annoyance.

Hitomi rolled her eyes while Ed and Al both gasped in surprise. "Wait, you guys know each other?!" Alphonse questioned curiously.

The young woman crossed her arms. "In a manner of speaking."

"Lieutenant Cornel Hughes found her on the streets after she was kicked out of Central's orphanage and took her to the hospital. Her eye was completely gone and she was trying to cover it up with an old rag so the doctors gave her a glass eye. She stayed with the Lieutenant Cornel during her recovery, but left as soon as she could. We haven't heard from her since." Explained Mustang.

"Wow, thanks for telling them my entire life story." Grumbled Hitomi in a sarcastic tone.

The Cornel released a small laugh. "My pleasure, Lieben." He replied as he turned back to talk with the rest of the soldiers, leaving Edward, Alphonse and Hitomi alone.

There was a strong silence between the three of them until Al spoke up. "Uhh, Hitomi?" He asked. Edward perked up in interest, wondering what his brother was getting at.

"Yeah?" Hitomi asked.

"Uh, well, you used Alchemy without a transmutation circle, and you lost your eye." The suit of armor stammered nervously.

Hitomi raised an eyebrow, "What about it?" The ebony-haired young woman questioned.

"You saw it didn't you? The truth?" Ed suddenly questioned after realizing what Al had been trying to ask her.

The ebony-haired young woman released a surprised gasp. She'd never told anyone about what she saw that night. "W-what? H-how did you know?"

Edward sighed as he pulled off his right glove and pulled up the sleeve of his jacket, revealing an automail arm. "Because me and my brother saw it too."

Hitomi found herself stunned and at a complete loss for words. Never, had she ever imagined that anyone had seen what she'd seen or done what she'd done, especially not the Elric brothers.

"You both...you did it too?" Hitomi whispered underneath her breath, as though she was trying to convince herself it was possible.

Just then, as Roy wrapped up his conversation with the other soldiers, he returned to the group of three. "Sorry to interrupt, but I need the three of you to accompany me back to Central Command."

"Huh? What for?" Asked Edward.

"To file a report on what happened here of course, Fullmetal." Mustang replied, turning towards the alley's exit. "Come on, I have other things to get to today."

None of the three felt like arguing, so the three of them silently followed the Cornel out of the dark alley all the way to Central Command along with the rest of the military's soldiers.

However, everyone failed to notice that someone still remained in the shadows of the alley who had witnessed everything. It was the same blond soldier who had previously met Hitomi in the library.

"Hitomi Lieben, huh?" A dark smirk spread across his face just as his body became coated in red sparks. As the sparks danced across his body, his appreance shifted to his true form; a lean, muscular young man with long, wispy black hair, violet-pupiled slitted eyes, and dressed in a black form-fitting bodysuit with a matching headband.

"Looks like I just found another worthy sacrifice for father." He chuckled darkly to himself, knowing that he, Envy the homunculus had gotten something useful out of this trip after all.

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(1): think Tifa Lockart's ponytail from Final Fantasy 7 only shorter.